teaching the olsen twins 2

teaching the olsen twins 2

It was early yet and I wanted the Olsen’s to see exactly what could be in store for them so I decided that Sally would have to suffer a bit more. It was time to show them exactly what the shock bracelets would do so I released Sally, as I undone the last restraint she pushed me, leapt out of the chair and bolted for the door, as she crossed the threshold the bracelet activated sending a jolt of power through her, she screamed in agony and dropped to the floor.

“Sally, Sally, Sally” I said shaking my head, “There is no escape, only I have the codes to remove the bracelets and the further you move down the corridor the more pain you will feel, now crawl back here and kiss my feet in apology!”

Moaning with pain Sally slowly crawled back in the room, as she did I took off my boots and socks and awaited her. She reached we her eyes wide in pain with tears streaming down her face. She quickly pecked my feet and looked away.

“Sally you know that’s not good enough so you’ll now have to be punished further”

“Nooooooo. pleeeease, no more, I can’t take any more” she cried.

“Sally, you forgot to address me as master again, I’m afraid that means you have another choice, the choice is ass or pussy, you have 10 seconds”

“Oh God!, she yelled… alright …ass” she moaned.

Ass what!” I demanded.

“Ass… Master” she groaned.

“Go over there grab the bar and remember if you let go of it for any reason I’ll have to punish you even more”


There was a bar at the side of the room about 3 foot high, Sally went over and grabbed the bar whimpering as she did. This put her in a great position, her abused tits where swinging free and her ass and pussy would be easily accessible. The thought of the Olsen twins watching this and realising that I could do the same to them made my cock twitch. I decided that my clothes would be just in the way now so I stripped off. As I did I thought about the best way I could punish Sally, I not only wanted her punished, I wanted her humiliated and broken.

As I thought about this Chris started to thrash about, the prick was distracting me from the task in hand! I moved over to him and brutally removed the tape from his mouth. He started screaming obscenities at me and his eyes where filled with hate.

“You bastard! Let us go! You can’t do this! You can’t.. eurgh….”

I’d had enough of his bitching and punched him in the stomach. This prick was going to have to learn as well. I left him retching and went to the press, inside I had a huge 12” strap on dildo, this monster was 5” around, and I went back to Chris and held it in front of him.
“Chris, you’re in look, I’m not going to do Sally in the ass, you are!”

He looked at me is disbelief and said “No fucking way!” This guy was starting to piss me off!

“O.K. I said if that’s the way you want it, “Sally I called over to her stand up turn and face me.”

She did as ordered, a look of fear on her face as she saw the dildo.

“I’m giving you another choice, now you can have my dick or this dildo in your ass”

“Your dick” she said in a dead voice.

“Great,” I said, “stand over there in front of that mirror and strip”.

Sally hurried to comply, not knowing that she was stripping in front of her young charges.

I picked up my cattle prod from the press and then moved over to Chris and set his bracelet on a medium pain setting. He groaned as the pain went through his body.

“Chris I’m gonna release you now, when I do walk over to the bars and put your hands on them, the slower you are the greater the pain, and remember the cattle prod”

I released him and he moved over to the bar and put his hands on the bars, as he did I handcuffed him in place and then turned off the bracelet. I then picked up the strap on dildo and threw it over to Sally. She was now naked and trying to keep her pussy covered.

“Move your hand Sally, let me see your pussy”

She complied reluctantly allowing me to see her pussy; I was pleased to see that she was completely shaved! Her pussy lips where puffy and wet and it was clearly embarrassing her.

“Put on the strap on Sally and smear this all over it” I said throwing over a tube of muscle liniment.

Sally complied but she looked a little puzzled.

“Now go over to Chris and fuck him in the ass!”

Sally looked shocked, and Chris started yelling and trying to break free.

“Chris, shut up or you’ll regret it,” I snarled.

I handed sally the riding crop I’d used on her earlier.

“Sally, whip Chris until he shuts up, if you don’t you can change places with him, and I’ll use the whip and the dildo on you”.

Sally walked slowly over to Chris

”I’m sorry Chris I’ve no choice, please be quite”

“Sally! Don’t you fucking dare, don’t come near me, your used to taking it in the ass let him fuck you!” Chris yelled.

Smack! the first stoke hit.

Fuck! You fucking bitch! I’ll make you pay for this”

Smack! Smack, Smack.

Sally was really starting to lay it on, Chris insults driving her to even greater fury, slowly Chris was silent but sally was still laying them in!

“Enough Sally!” I said, “He’s ready, gag him then fuck him”

Sally dropped the whip and used some of the masking tape to gag Chris again. She tried to get the dildo in Chris’s ass slowly she managed to get the dildo in but she stopped after about 5”. The pain on Chris’s face as he screamed into the gag was clearly visible and Sally seemed reluctant to force him further. I went over to pres and got out the bamboo cane and approached Sally from behind.

Thwack! Sally screamed lunged forward and buried the dildos full length into Chris ass, I gave her a full dozen strokes, Sally lunged forward every time hammering Chris’s ass.

“Now Sally fuck him hard and fuck him fast or I’ll give you 50 strokes”.

“B..b..b.but, he’s bleeding!”, she sobbed.

“Good that’ll give you some lubrication, now fuck him or I’ll do the same thing to you after I administer my 50 strikes”.

With tears in her eyes, she began slowly withdrawing and the slowly thrusting.

Thwack! After one stroke she was plunging the dildo in and out of Chris’s ass, blood running down his legs and splattering on her thighs. I left them so for about 3 minutes, knowing that the twins could see all this easily. Then I got some KY jelly and lubed up.

I quickly got up behind Sally and told her to stop for a few seconds. She moaned as she realised what I was about to do, I spread her legs with mine, and slowly forced my way in through the puckered rosette of her ass. She took my pretty easy so I guess what Chris said about her liking it in the ass was true, I started plunging into her ass and each time I plunged forward she plunged into Chris, While I fucked her in the ass I reached under her and stroked her pussy surprised to find that she was starting to get wet! I was soon cuming in her ass, unloading my spunk deep in her colon.

I stayed there for a while playing with her pussy as my dick softened and then realised I had to piss. I then realised that I had the perfect receptacle for my urine right where I was, so I pissed in her ass, Sally moaned and wriggled trying to escape as she realised what I was doing but she couldn’t escape, I finished slowly pulled out and told her to hold it in or she’d be sorry.

I went over to the press found a butt plug and corked Sally as she was there full of my piss.

I lie back in the chair and looked at my dick; covered with spunk and shit and urine and realised it was time to see how far I had control over Sally.

“Sally un-strap the dildo, leave it in Chris’s ass then come over here and stand in front of me!”

Sally complied, walking a bit awkwardly with her guts full of piss and the butt plug in her ass.

I looked up at Sally’s tear ravaged face, or makeup ruined, her eyes red. Her tits still slowed slight traces of the abuse they had received and blood from Chris’s ass splattered her thighs.

“Sally would you like to clean up? Get a nice warm shower, go to the toilet and get rid of the butt plug? Would you like that?”

“Yes master” she whispered.

“O.K. you can clean up after you clean me up” I said pointing at my dick “Lick it clean and don’t forget the balls”

A look of disgust passed fleetingly across her face, then a look of resignation. She knelt in front of me and started to lick me clean. I leaned back a grin on my face, Sally was broken she would do anything I asked, Chris had been punished and would no longer annoy me.

The twins would have seen it all, and would be at a fever pitch of fear and would realise what I could do to them. Now it was time to teach the Olsen twins!

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