teaching the olsen twins

teaching the olsen twins

I drove the black limo right up to the door as I had every day for the past two weeks, I got out and held the door as my clients came out, the main characters form the T.V show “Two of a Kind”. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen followed by Christopher Sieber and Sally Wheeler.

As I held the door Sally Wheeler turned to me and said. ‘Tidy that uniform you look like a slob! , I’ll be reporting you to your agency!
Little did she know but that stuck up bitch would pay for every insult! I had planned this well over the last few weeks. The only people to get near this group where their servants so with a little work I got myself hired on as a Limo driver and got assigned to them. It only took a little work to install a switch to a gas canister and disable the doors. One flick and it was nightly night for all my passengers. As left the studio I pressed the switch and had the satisfaction of hearing muffled gasps and the a couple of thumps against the part ion, the noise soon stopped and I looked back and checked that all my passengers were out. The weekend was coming and nobody would miss them for a couple of days.

I drove to a nearby underground car park; I had previously parked a battered flatbed pickup here in quite spot and drew the Limo up alongside. It took about ten minutes to transfer my passengers to a false bottom in the pickup, they wouldn’t be comfy but they’d live. I left the keys in the Limo certain that it wouldn’t take long for joy riders to find it. An old pickup was of no interest but a nice shiny Limo would attract attention. I ditched my uniform for some farmer overalls and I was on my way, it was an hour to the Mexico border and my little hideaway.


I reached the border without incident, the Americans just waved me through, a good bottle of tequila and the stink from my truck convinced the Mexican guards not to check the truck and I was through, two hours later I drove my truck into my villa, I had done it. Now for the final part, a small bracelet on each wrist would enable me to deliver an electric shock high enough to knock them out..

I dragged them into the rooms I had prepared and for the first time looked at my captures. Sally was a good looking woman about 26, 5’6’’ and 120 lbs. A nice 32, 24, 34 figure I guessed but she had a mouth that would have to be silenced preferably by sticking my cock down her throat! I lifted her to a chair and handcuffed her legs to its legs and ‘cuffed her arms to it’s arms. This chair was in the centre of the main room and faced onto two large mirrors. These mirrors where actually windows into the cells I had prepared. Anyone in the cells could see what was happening in the main room.

I was puzzled what to do with Christopher Sieber, I grabbed him and ‘cuffed him to a ring embedded in the wall.

Then I checked out my sweet sixteen duo, my cock hardened and the sight of these girls who would be subject to my every whim. I picked up Ashley, surprised at how petite she was and left her in one off the cells the same action with Mary-Kate and I locked the doors. I activated a switch beside the door which would send a shock through their bracelets if they crossed the doorframe. Then decided that I could spend the time until they all woke getting a little shuteye myself; it had been a busy day!

I woke in the morning, showered and had breakfast, my anticipation grew but I forced myself to eat knowing that I would expend a lot of energy today and enjoying the anticipation.

I entered the main room and as soon as I did I heard a string of obscenities flung in my direction.
“You!” yelled Sally “Let me fucking up now! I’ll have your job for this! You’ll never work in Hollywood again you stupid ugly faggot! I’ll …. “
I’d had enough of this tirade stride over and slapped her hard across the face!
“Shut up bitch! I’m the one who’ll be giving orders from now on!” I said.
Chris piped up at that moment
“Leave us alone, let us go … Please?”
I turned on him then, “Shut the fuck up asshole, your of no use to me and your life hangs by a thread. Every time you speak I will punish Sally so keep your mouth shut!”
“Please let us go” begged Chris.
“I warned you! “I told him. I gagged Chris with some duct tape and turned to Sally.

I thought of the Olsen twins on the other side of those mirrors and decided that a bit of a show was in order.

I turned to Sally, “Your choice bitch, clamps or whip?”
“What?” she said.
“You have a choice, nipple clamps or the whip if you don’t choose I’ll use both”
“You can’t be serious!, do you know who I am! I’ll have your hide for this!”
“O.K, both it is!”
I walked over to her and with one tug tore open her white blouse, she screamed and struggled but to no avail she was stuck in the chair and the chair was bolted to the floor. Her struggling gave an opportunity to admire her firm 34c tits struggling to break free of the confines of a pink lacy bra.
I slowly teased her nipples through the lacy material of her bra she screamed again and unleashed another volley of obscenities. With that I flicked out my switchblade and cut the bra from her, her scream of outrage was thunderous. Her tits hardly sagged at all and she had long nipples, I was delighted that I had decided to use the clamps, her nipples were made for them!. I liked my lips and attacked her nipples, first sucking on one then the other, mauling the globes of her breasts roughly as I moved from on to the other, soon I had her nipples erect, they where long and full and ripe for abuse. She screamed and struggled all the time but she was mine and could not escape!

I moved to the cupboard and brought out my nipple clamps, the clit clamp I put back, certain in the knowledge that it would get use soon, I also brought out a soft riding crop, the supple leather would be perfect for my needs, it would hurt but it wouldn’t cut.

As I approached Sally with the nipple clamps, she started begging.
“No please, No, use the whip but don’t put those on me please!
“Too late bitch the time for choices has passed, you’ll learn to obey me in every way and this is lesson one, you get no second chances.”
I slowly rolled her right nipple between my thumb and index finger and applied the clamp she groaned, I then applied then did the same to her left nipple.
It was an erotic sight as she sat there with erect nipples clamped and ready for whatever torments I could devise. I’m not normally a cruel man but this bitch had been on my case for weeks and a little payback was in order.

I got the riding crop and applied three quick strokes to her tight tit, she screamed and cursed me!
I grabbed her face and made her look at me.
“Listen bitch you will thank me after each stroke or I will increase the punishment, you are mine to do with as I will. I am your master and you are my plaything. The sooner you realise the easier it will be for you”
I flayed three strikes on her left breast but she refused to speak, so my next strokes were right against the nipple clamps, but she still refused to crack although I could see the tears in her eyes. I repeated this until I had applied 15 strokes to each breast. She was sobbing by know and just as I was about to give up when she whispered,
“Thank You”.

“Listen bitch, I am your master and you will address me as such, never forget that!”
With that I laid in with another 5 strokes to each tit
“Thank you Master!” she screamed.
I laid in another few strokes just to make sure she got the idea, after each stroke she thanked me and my cock was getting harder and harder.

With this I smiled at her and said,
“Now wasn’t that easy, you may kiss me now and properly thank your master”.
She grimaced but raised her head,
“Remember plenty of tongue or it’ll be the whip again!”
As I applied my lips to hers shed opened her mouth and her tongue darted into my mouth. The she said.
“Thank you ….. Master.

“That’s better but all this has got be pretty excited as you can see (I pointed to the bulge in my trousers), you have to do something about this so now you get another choice, mouth or ass?”
She looked at me horrified, realising she had to make a choice,
“Mouth” she groaned, with a look of revulsion on her face
I stood up and unzipped, I reached in and took out my 8” cock, It was rock hard and I started to give her instructions.
“This is simple use your lips and tongue to get me off, swallow every drop of cum and you will avoid further punishment. If I feel your teeth once or you try to bite I will use this on your pussy and ass”.
With that I showed her a 18” cattle prod, it was at least 4” around and just to prove it was live I touched Chris with it who bucked and screamed against his gag.
A look of horror appeared on her face at the sight of this and she realised that she had no choice.

I lowered the back of the chair into a reclining position turned her head towards me I placed the tip of my dick at her lips, she licked the tip and slowly swirled her tongue, the look of disgust on her face showed me now much this was pissing her off. I forced my hips forward slowly and she opened her mouth wide and allowed a good 4” into her mouth before she started to gag.
“Work your tongue bitch, and remember you have to swallow it all”.
I began thrusting my hips in and out slowly, forcing more and more of my dick into her mouth and down her throat, she began to gag but I was beyond caring, I raised the cattle prod and she again started working her tongue, as the fear showed again in her eyes, tears were flowing down her face but I kept going and started to increase the pace violently thrusting my cock down her throat, knowing that Mary-Kate and Ashley could witness this through the two may mirror added to my excitement and with a satisfied groan I was soon shooting my load down Sally’s throat.

“Now bitch, it’s time to thank your master for the nice protein drink you just got, make sure you thank me properly or I’ll have to show you what this can do to a person” I grinned at her and raised the cattle prod again.

“T.T.Thank you for the protein drink… Master” Sally moaned with tears streaming down her face.

I leaned back sated for the moment and pondered what next more of Sally? Or was it time to teach the Olsen twins?

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