teaching the olsens 6

teaching the olsens 6

I soon heard the sound of a shower turning on. I decided to let the girls get cleaned up while I went to see how Sally was coping with training Chris.

I entered the Dungeon to the sound of leather on skin. Sally was still dressed in the black leather outfit I’d given her. Her hair was plastered to her back by sweat as she wielded a heavy whip. She grunted as she put her force into each stroke.

Chris was sitting up tied to a chair. He was sitting facing her and his chest and arms where crossed with welts. He was still gagged and sweat stood out on his forehead. The agony was clear on his face as the whip landed again and again.

“O.K. Sally times up! Release your slave and lets see if he’s obedient.” I instructed.

Sally hurried to Chris and untied him. He slumped down in the chair exhausted. Sally stood back ripping the gag from his mouth as she did! Chris groaned and fell forward out of the chair.

“O.K. Sally command him to stand”

“Chris stand up now!” she said cracking the whip.

Chris slowly struggled to his feet but cast a venomous look at Sally.

“O.K Sally get him down on all fours and rape his ass with the strap on”


Chris looked up fear and horror on his face. He started to mumble and looked around for a way to escape. He made a sudden dash for the door even though he knew the bracelet would stop his escape. He screamed as he reached the door and fainted away from the pain. I sighed went over to the door and dragged him back in.

“Sally you have failed! It is obvious you need more instruction!” I announced angrily.

“Please master no! I’ll do better please! “ Sally started to babble.

“Shut up bitch! You will only speak when spoken too! You will obey without hesitation! Now get down on your knees and suck my dick! And you better get your lips down to the base or what I do next will leave permanent marks!

I sat down in the chair. Sally crawled over to me on her hands and knees. She licked her lips and started to suck at the head of my cock. She bobbed her head up and down sucking in about 5 inches of my cock at a time. She was sucking hard trying to get me to cum fast.

I grabbed her hair and forced her head down further. She started to gag but still I pushed at her head. I could feel my cock start to slide down her throat. She gagged further and her hands started to scrabble at my thighs as she began to panic. I released her head and she surged up gasping for air.

“Not good enough” I barked “Strip and get on your hands and knees! Now!”

Sally looked up fearfully and immediately started to strip. She undid the black leather bra and dropped it the floor. She unzipped the black latex hot pants and slid them down her legs. She got on the floor on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder apprehensively.

“I think it’s time to test out that pussy of yours! I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you scream!” I gloated.

“Please master no! Please no! It’s a bad time for me!” she protested.

“What do you mean, ‘bad time’! I’ve got a hard on, so I say it’s a good time!” I said as I positioned myself behind her.

Sally started to cry “Please master don’t cum in my pussy! I don’t want to get pregnant!”

I smiled “Maybe if I give you a baby it’ll give you something to do besides being a bitch!

With that I trust forward as hard as I could. She wasn’t that wet so it must have hurt her as she groaned as I buried myself to the root! I quickly pulled out and thrust again! Sally moaned and tears fell from her eyes.

I viciously trust in and out of her pussy. Soon her pussy responded to my invading cock as she started to get wet. I reached around and pinched her nipples hard eliciting a scream.

“That’s it bitch! Scream for your master! You failed and this is your punishment! I’m gonna cum in you and give you my baby! “ I gloated as I hammered at her pussy.

“Please no! Please I’ll do anything! Please I don’t want to get pregnant!” she said tears flowing down her face.

This drove me on even further. By now I was literally flying in and out of her pussy. Her cries and groans drove me to fuck her harder and soon I was cumming! I shot wads of spunk deep into her womb.

“There you go bitch! Enjoy having my kid!” I said with relish.

“God! Noooooo!” she screamed as she felt my spunk splatter her pussy and womb.

I pulled out and watched the spunk start to dribble from her pussy. Sally remained on all fours sobbing.

“Sally! Get up! “ I demanded, “Thank your master for giving you his baby!”

Sally got up distraught. She looked at me with horror tears streaming down her face.

“T..t..t….thank. you… master for your… for your baby,” she sobbed.

I looked at her standing there, tears trickling down her face. Spunk dribbling down her legs. I decided she’d had enough for now.

“Sally, retie Chris to the bars. It’s time you saw how to really break a persons will and make them your slave!” I instructed.

Sally lifted Chris up and tied him to the bars with duct tape. Chris was still out so I told her to revive him by using some smelling salts. Chris came to groaning from the after effects of the pain that the bracelet had induced.

“Good, now get dressed and put on the strap on, lube Chris up real good and fuck him a bit, I’ll be back shortly.”

“Yes master” she said completely cowed.

I went back to the twin’s rooms. As I entered Mary-Kate’s room I heard a loud smack! I entered and saw the twins facing each other wearing towels. Ashley clearly had the imprint of Mary-Kate’s hand on her face. Mary-Kate was trembling in rage and didn’t notice me come in.

“How could you? You mean you actually liked it! He raped you and you liked it! And then you sucked his thing! And then you, you, you…. did that to me! I’m your sister! How could you?” Mary-Kate raged.

“I.. I… I…… “ Ashley broke down in tears unable to answer her sister.

It seemed that I would have to immediately teach Mary-Kate the finer points of womanhood. If I let this go on she could undo all the good work I’d done with Ashley.

“Hello girls!” I said cheerily “drop the towels, now!”

Mary-Kate and Ashley looked around quickly. Ashley complied immediately and Mary-Kate followed after a slight hesitation. They both stood there. Their skin had a slight sheen from their showers. Mary-Kate covered her pussy with her hands while Ashley stood with her hands by her side.

“Mary-Kate put your hands by your side, let me see that pretty pussy!” I demanded.

Mary-Kate reluctantly uncovered her shaven pussy blushing prettily. She looked everywhere but at me. I decided that I would make the girls cum again. I lay down on the bed and beckoned the two girls.

“Mary-Kate, come here and straddle my chest “I instructed. “Ashley start playing with your pussy!”

Both girls complied, Mary-Kate reluctantly straddled my chest refusing to make eye contact while Ashley lowered her hand to her pussy and started to stroke herself. The view of Mary-Kate’s pussy was great as she sat on my chest. Her lips stood out nice and clear below her now shaven mound. I couldn’t wait to taste it.

“Now bring yourself forward and put your pussy on my face! Ashley, you straddle my cock and hold onto your sister.”

Mary-Kate reluctantly moved forward while Ashley almost eagerly mounted my cock. Ashley moaned as her moist tight pussy slowly slid down my 8-inch shaft. A look of disgust crossed Mary-Kate’s face as she heard Ashley’s reaction.

I grabbed Mary-Kate’s ass and forced her pussy towards my eager tongue. I kissed each of her thighs and then kissed her pouting pussy lips. I slowly licked the length of her slit from bottom to top. I just licked and kissed her lips and thighs and soon she began to respond and I could taste her juices.

Meanwhile Ashley was slowly lifting up and down on my shaft. Her tight young pussy was clinging to my cock as she rode me. She was moaning and sighing obviously enjoying herself.

“Ashley, play with Mary-Kate’s tits, pay special attention to her nipples. You’ll be glad to know she’s getting turned on, she’s really wet.” I said, momentarily removing my tongue from Mary-Kate’s pussy.

“No, I’m not! Don’t say such disgusting things!” Mary-Kate moaned as Ashley’s hands snaked around her and sought Mary-Kate’s budding breasts. She grabbed her sister’s tits and rolled her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

I began to probe Mary-Kate’s virgin cunt with my tongue. I licked deep and pushed my tongue further into her. Soon I could see her clit and I quickly attacked it. I licked and kissed at her clit, sucking it in with my lips and titillating it with my tongue. Her juices began to flow down my chin.

Ashley’s pace had quickened and her moans where becoming louder. I timed my probing tongue to coincide with Ashley’s thrusts. Soon I heard an involuntary moan from Mary-Kate. The thought of this little virgin bitch coming against her will on my face drove me to redouble my efforts.

“Oh God, Oh God! Oh God! Yes it feels so goooood!” Ashley moaned as her crisis approached

“No! No! Please stop! Please stop it! No! No!” Mary-Kate muttered in counterpoint.

I felt Ashley’s pussy start to contract with her impending orgasm. I sucked hard on Mary-Kate’s clit to drive her over the edge. She shuddered and moaned as the orgasm ripped through her virgin body. Almost instantly Ashley also came screaming her orgasm to the world.

“Nooooooooooo!” Mary-Kate moaned as she came on my face.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeees!” screamed Ashley in reply.

“O.K, girls get off quickly!” I instructed

Ashley slowly got off my still hard cock. Mary-Kate quickly removed her pussy from my tongue.

“Mary-Kate, suck my cock! I’ve made you cum now you make me cum! And bitch if I feel your teeth I’ll have Sally rape your virgin pussy with the huge strap on!”

“No! Please! It’s horrible to do it! It’s not right!” Mary-Kate protested.

“Do it now girl! Get between my legs and suck my shaft ‘til I cum! Or would you rather I fuck your pussy?” I asked.

Mary-Kate reluctantly climbed between my legs; she opened her mouth as wide as she could slowly lowering it around my shaft. She started to bob with only an inch of cock in her mouth barely touching me.

“Close your lips on the shaft and suck! Get more of my cock in your mouth!” I demanded frustrated more then pleased by this poor blowjob.

Mary-Kate slowly complied. Tears fell prettily down her cheeks as she closed her lips as instructed. She could only get 2 inches on my cock in her yet so it was time for more drastic measures.

“Mary-Kate it seems you have trouble measuring length. You now have a choice, you can ask Ashley to push your head down until you get all my cock in your throat or I can fuck that nice wet virgin pussy!” I instructed with a chuckle.

“Please Ashley…. help me…. get all his…. all his cock…in my mouth!” Mary-Kate sobbed unable to look at her sister.

Mary-Kate lowered her head again and fastened her lips around my cock. Ashley pushed at the back of her sister’s head pushing her down further on my shaft forcing four inches of my cock in her mouth. Mary-Kate started to gag so I indicated that Ashley could let her up to breathe.

“Ashley bob her head up and down, force her head down a little more each time. Mary-Kate relax your throat and breathe through your nose or you’ll regret it.”

Ashley pushed her sisters head back down again and began to force her to bob up and down on my cock. OI could feel the head of my cock reach her throat and felt Mary-Kate panic as she tried to gag. I could feel that my own orgasm was close.

“Ashley force Mary-Kate to take it all, right to the root, if you fail I’ll rape her pussy and she’ll blame you!”

With that Ashley put both hands on the back of her sisters head and pushed. My cock forced it’s way into Mary-Kate’s throat as she tried to relax and take it all. Slowly her lips slid down the shaft and then she was down to within an inch of the root of my cock. I grabbed her hair and thrust the last inch into her throat and rewarded her with a spurt of cum. I came again and again deep in her throat as Mary-Kate grabbed the sheets with her hands. The panic on her face was great so I told Ashley to let her up. Mary-Kate immediately surged out sucking in a deep lungful of air.

“O.K for a first attempt at deep throating Mary-Kate. We’ll have to make sure you practice more often until you’re an expert,” I said.

Mary-Kate lay back coughing and sobbing with spunk on her lips. Her sister put an arm around her and tried to console her. Mary-Kate shrugged Ashley off and continued to cry.

“Mary-Kate quit your blubbing! Go wash your face and come back here. Ashley go get the clothes in your closet labelled SG and but them on! Mary-Kate you’ll find an outfit label the same in your closet.

Ashley left for her own room to get dressed. Mary-Kate soon returned. She looked at me then looked quickly away. She went over to the closet and saw the outfit labelled SG.

First she quickly slipped on the white panties. She then put on a whit bra as I watched. A white blouse came next which she quickly buttoned up. She then pulled on a red and black plaid skirt. White knee length socks and black shoes followed. A red tie completed the whole ensemble.

I beckoned to Mary-Kate once she was dressed and we both went into Ashley’s room.
She had just finished dressing in an identical school uniform. I looked at both girls and they looked like completely innocent schoolgirls. No sign of their recent exertions was visible.

“Now girls tie your hair up in pigtails like good little schoolgirls or I’ll have to punish you.” I said smiling.

The girls raced to comply helping each other to braid their hair and using the red ribbons I gave them to tie the plaits off. Watching them, even at this simple innocent chore turned me on.

Once they had finished I escorted them into the dungeon. It was time for all four of my slaves to reunite. As I entered the room Sally was behind Chris slewing the big 12-inch strap on in and out of Chris’s ass. There was a grimace on Chris’s face and he groaned with each forward thrust.

“O.K Sally that’s enough! Stand up and face me!”

Sally did so and caught sight of the twins.

“Ashley! Mary-Kate! My God! Did he? Has he… touched you?” She asked shakily.

“Sally! I do the talking around here and I’ve done more then just touch them! Ashley suck my cock!”

Ashley complied immediately dropping to her knees in front of me as Sally looked on with horror in her eyes. Ashley wrapped her lips around my cock and immediately started to bob up and down taking 4 inches of my cock into her mouth while her hand played with my balls.

“See Sally, Ashley is a very good girl now. Mary-Kate still needs some training but I have hopes for her. Mary-Kate go over to Sally zip down her pants and start to lick her pussy!”

Mary-Kate and Sally looked at each other with horror. Then they looked back at me. I used the band on my wrist to activate their bracelets on a low level. Mary-Kate jumped up and ran over to Sally while Sally stood still waiting for her. I shut off the bracelets and watched as Ashley sucked my cock.

Mary-Kate unzipped Sally’s hot pants and began to inexpertly probe her pussy with her tongue. She obviously hated what she was doing and was just jabbing at Sally’s pussy with her tongue. Sally was horrified at the actions of both twins.

Chris looked on with his mouth open. The sights before him were having an obvious effect as his cock began to rise. He was about six inches but very narrow. The sight of the twins performing orally was turning him on. I think it was time for my surprise.

“Sally, Mary-Kate you may stop. Ashley thanks honey you can stop now and stand over there with the girls.” I instructed.

I looked at the three girls. Sally standing there with her hot pants open, showing her pussy, a picture of wantonness. Chris bent over with his cock semi-erect and his ass wide open. And then the twins in their school uniforms looking completely innocent.

“Ladies and gents it’s time now to introduce a new member to our merry band. He’s as horny as they come and you won’t believe the size of his cock!”

With that I whistled once loud and shrill. There was a bark and a huge dog bounded down into the dungeon. The girls looked at the large canine in horror. Sally was shaking or head mouthing no no no! The twins looked a little confused and Chris looked apprehensive.

“Well people this is O’Toole my Irish wolfhound. He’s horny as hell and has only one question, which bitch does he get to service!” I said laughing

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