teaching the olsens part 3

teaching the olsens part 3

I looked down at sally as she cleaned my cock with her tongue, she was completely broken and mine do with, as I liked. As she finished she looked up at me expectantly, awaiting her next order.

“Sally, you’ve been such a good girl I’m gonna reward you! You can open the door third on the left, inside you will find a bathroom, and it’s fully equipped. You may use the toilet and shower, you have exactly 15 minutes”.

“Thank you master!” she fled to the bathroom, having her guts full of my piss must have been really getting to her!

I went over to Chris to see how he was doing, the Dildo still protruded from his ass but I had no intention of removing it. Chris was looking at me from above his gag, the pain on his face was obvious but the hat was still there! It seemed that Chris would need further lessons before he would be broken.

I decided that it was time I visited the Olsen twins, I went to the door Of Ashley’s room, and it was time to what effect my little show was having. As I opened the door Ashley sprung away from me to the far side of the room looking at we with wide eyes!


“Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, please, I can get you money!” she babbled.

“Shut the fuck up!” use this and open that connecting door” I threw her the key for the door.

She opened the door that connected her room to Mary-Kate’s, when she did I directed her into the other room, and followed her in, I was rewarded with the sight of the twins hugging each other, tears streaming down their faces.

Mary-Kate looked up and noticed me for the first time, a look of fear crossed her face and she involuntary looked at my cock, which was once again jutting up against my stomach.

“W.. W…what are you gone do to us?” she stammered.

I flicked the control on my wrist that activated the bracelets on a medium setting, both girls screamed and fell to the floor writhing in pain. I switched them off and looked over at the twins, the front of Ashley’s pants where wet, and from the smell she’d soiled herself.

“Lesson one girls, you always address me as master, failure to do so results in pain, do you understand?”

“Yes Master”, they sobbed.

“I’m gonna give you a choice babes, I don’t really want to hurt you but you must realize that you are now my slave! You saw what happened to Sally and Chris, you know what that bracelet on your arm can do and you know that I can do whatever I want to you, you are mine!

Now you must realize this, I’m gonna fuck your cute body any way I like but I’m going to give you a choice, do you want it the hard way or the easy way? The hard way includes a lot of what you just saw. Pain, degradation and abuse are part of the hard way, and I still fuck you.

The easy way means you do as I say when I say, there won’t be any pain, or at least not much, you’ll still be fucked but you won’t be brutalized and you never know, you might even enjoy yourselves!

You have 30mins to decide, if you decide on the easy way then shower the put on fresh clothes, your bags are under the bed but dress to impress! If you decide the hard way just stay as you are and we’ll begin the punishment in 30mins.”

With that I left the rooms and went upstairs to the kitchen for a well deserved meal, when I got there I flicked the switch for the intercom to the girls rooms as I started to make a stir fry.

“What are we going to do?” wailed Ashley!

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” replied Mary-Kate “what can we do! Did you see what he done to Sally! Maybe we have to do as he says!

“I don’t want to have sex with him! I haven’t had sex with anyone! I don’t want him to touch me!” screamed Ashley.

“Shut up! Shut up! I haven’t had sex either but what choice do we have, do you want to be split open with that dildo? Or whipped, or have this fucking bracelet turned on again! I don’t know about you but I’m not going through that again. I thought I was going to die!” screamed back Mary-Kate.

“Alright, we’ll do as he says” sobbed Ashley “your right nothing could be worse then the bracelet… I guess I’d better shower”

“Yeah me too, meet you back here in 10? O.K.” replied Mary-Kate

Soon all I could here was the sound of the showers, my food was nearly ready so I sat down and enjoyed my meal as I envisioned how I would bend the twins to my will. It was nice to have it confirmed that they where virgins, I was looking forward to breaking both their cherries, the only question was how. I finished my food and went back to the dungeon.

When I got back Sally was emerging from the bathroom, she had a towel wrapped around her and was sorting through her clothes.

“Don’t work about those rags, you won’t be wearing them anymore”, I went over to the press and opened a drawer; I retrieved a black leather dominatrix uniform and threw it over to Sally, “Put those on”.

Sally looked at the clothes and starting to put on the clothes, she first but on the knickers which was zipped at the crotch, she put on a black leather bra followed by a black corset. Black six-inch stilettos finished off the ensemble. Once she was dressed I pointed at Chris.

“Another choice babe, you can turn Chris over there into your slave or I can release him and he can turn you into his slave. So what’s it be? You what me to release him?”

Sally looked over a Chris; she couldn’t fail to notice the hate in his eyes and realized what he could do to her.

“I’ll turn him into my slave…Master” she whispered.

I detached the control to Chris’s bracelet and threw it to her.

“Use anything you find in the press, if he’s not broken by tomorrow I’ll have to break you” I said “Don’t be afraid to use the whip on him, he’ll need it!”

I left Sally and Chris to it and went to see how my young fresh pussy was doing. I entered Ashley’s room to find it deserted and made my way into Mary-Kate’s room. I found the two sitting on Mary-Kate’s bed talking to each other.

“O.K. girls stand up and look out at what is happening to Chris”

The two girls looked out and saw Sally laying into Chris with a bamboo can, the dildo was still in his ass and the bamboo was leaving red welts across his cheeks.

“That can happen to you just as easily, so have you made up your minds? Easy or hard? The choice is now yours”

The two girls looked at each other then turned to me and said “Easy… Master”.

“Good, stand at the edge of the bed in front of the window and let me have a good look at you”

Both girls complied and stood fearfully at the end of the bed while I examined them.

“Put your hands behind you heads, and stand still while I take a closer look”.

I went up to both girls, Ashley first, She was wearing a white blouse and a knee length blue skirt, and she had white socks and black shoes. Her long brown hair was slightly wavy and reached down as far as her b-cup tits. Mary-Kate was wearing blue jeans, a black ’Creed’ tee shirt and white trainers; She had her hair pulled back behind her in a ponytail
I went back and sat on the bed, “Ashley come over here and sit on my knee, Mary-Kate is going to strip for us. “

Ashley came over fear all over her face and I set her down on my knees, she had trouble keeping her eyes of my cock.

“Mary-Kate time to strip nice and slow, right down to your panties.”

I used the remote to turn on some slow dance music and Mary-Kate started to sway in time to the music. As she did do I turned Ashley’s face towards me and kissed her.

“Kiss me Ashley, open your mouth and use your tongue.” Ashley complied and a sucked her tongue into my mouth, as I kissed her I let my hands roam around her torso, stroking her breasts through her blouse as I did.

I watched as Mary-Kate took off her t-shirt, she was wearing a white cotton bra underneath.

“Rub your tits and play with them, make you nipples hard, then slowly slide your jeans down over your hips make sure your dancing all the time” I instructed.

I continued to stroke and rub Ashley’s tits as I watched Mary-Kate play with her b cup breasts. As Mary-Kate was reaching down to unzip her jeans I lowered my hand to Ashley’s’ knees,. Slowly I began stroking her knees, while I whispered how hard she was making me, She could feel my erection as it strained against her ass and I was delighted with how uncomfortable it made her, as Mary-Kate slowly took off her jeans to reveal white cotton panties, I slowly stroked Ashley’s thighs, slowly guiding my hand higher along her legs. As Mary-Kate removed her jeans she swallowed hard and reached behind her to remove her bra. As this item of clothing fell away she covered her tits with her arms, her face red with embarrassment.

“O.K. girls swap places, Ashley can strip while Mary-Kate keeps me company.”

Mary-Kate swallowed and came over to me, while Ashley who looked a little flushed stood up and started to slowly sway in time to the music. I indicated to Mary-Kate to sit on the bed beside me.

As Mary-Kate set down, I put my arm around her and started to comment on Ashley’s performance.

“Man she can’t dance for shit, look she’s crying, do you think that I should let her stop? It’s up to you Mary-Kate, you can let Ashley stop if you want all you have to do is suck my cock!”

The look on Mary-Kate’s face was priceless as she struggled with the decision; she swallowed hard and looked down at my rock hard cock.

“Please Master! I I I don’t know how! Please let Ashley go, I’ll try doing what you said, I’ll suck your thingy,” she stammered out.

“O.K. Ashley stand where you are and don’t move, you can watch your sister blow me and swallow my cum!
I lat back put a pillow under my head and watched as Mary-Kate looked at my erect prick. The thought of having this virgin teen sucking on my cock made me even harder. Slowly Mary-Kate approached my cock she swallowed again and looked at me.

“Please! I don’t know…. I can’t… I’ve never… please” she burst into tears

“Mary-Kate! You forgot to call me Master! You must be punished now and as is my custom you have another choice, my tongue or a dildo, well which one, come on you won’t like it if I have to use both!”

“Please master, please don’t hurt me, please,” she sobbed.

“Choose!” I demanded.

“Tongue master”, she gulped, tears still streaming down her face.

Fine stand over there, Ashley come here and lie down on the bed!”

The girls looked shocked and looked at each other, Mary-Kate hurried to comply and couldn’t stop the look of relief that crossed her face, and then she looked guiltily at her sister.

“B .b .b b. but Master. It wasn’t me! It was Mary-Kate,” sobbed Ashley.

“Lie down on the bed face up now! Or do you want me to fetch a whip! I’m getting tired of this disobedience!”

Ashley lay back on the bed tears in her eyes, I slowly stroked her legs, form her calves to her lower thighs getting higher with each stroke, I slowly lent over and started to lick her legs paying particular attention to her thighs, slowly her sobbing stopped and her breathing was getting notably strained. I slowly pulled up her skirt kissing and licking her thighs as I did.

As I started to unveil her pink panties I kissed and linked closer to her virgin pussy. She looked down nervously as I got closer and closer to her pussy, soon I was tonguing her groove through her panties, planting kisses and probing with my tongue. To my intense satisfaction she was starting to get wet, she had never had her pussy eaten and was responding to my titillating tongue.

“Open your blouse remove your bra and play with your tits Ashley, get your nipples hard, you know you like it.”

“No master, please I don’t like it! Please no.” She moaned as she complied and unbuttoned her blouse.

“Look your getting wet, you may say no, but your body says yes.” I chuckled.

As I said this she pulled apart her blouse and started top play with her tits fearful of what I would do if she didn’t comply.

I stood back and slowly removed he panties rolling them down her long legs.
She had shaved her bikini line and she looked away as I looked down at her pouting pussy lips and the small thatch of brown hair. She was already a little wet from my ministrations and her scent filled the room. I would humiliate her by making her cum against her will!

I lower my head between her legs and put her feet over my shoulders. Slowly I kiss her thighs bringing my head higher, soon I started to lick her pussy. First I kicked along her slit, planting kisses as I did. Her pussy began to open with the assault of my tongue and soon her budding clit was visible.

I started to lick and suck on her clit and her breathing began to come faster. Her juices were flowing now and I quickened my motions, alternately probing her depths with my tongue and sucking on her clit. Soon her breathing became heavy and her hips began moving in response to my tongue.

Ashley began to whimper and her hands had left her tits to clutch at the sheets on the bed. I redoubled my efforts slightly nibbling on her clit. This put her over the edge and she began to thrash about as she started to cum, she started to murmur.

“No. No… no. Oh God no, please nooooooooooooooooooooooo.” She moaned.

I sucked hard on her clit and suddenly she was Cumming, screaming inarticulacy as her body went over the edge, she soaked the sheets as I lapped a t the pussy.

“That’s a good girl! I told you that you might enjoy it look Mary-Kate look at your sister’s pussy after she came on my tongue. Now Ashley thank me for making you cum”

“Thank you, she murmured” still a little overcome.

“Ashley toy where warned, you have to call me master now I’m gonna have to fuck you!”

With that I lay on top of her, as she screamed “No!”

I stifled her mouth with a kiss and lifted her legs over my shoulders. I lifted my cock and lodged my self just within her wet pussy. I slowly pushed forward kissing Ashley as I did, she was very tight but her wetness was allowing my slow entry. After a couple of inches I felt a slight blockage realizing that I had encountered her intact hymen!

I lifted my head to look down on her face and as her eyes caught mine I withdrew slightly then lunged forward, burying half my length in her virgin hole and ripping past her hymen, a grimace of pain swept across Ashley’s face and her eyes went wide.

“That’s it girl! Virgin no more! Now here comes the rest!”

With that I pushed slowly forward burying all of my cock into her no longer virgin hole until my balls rested against her ass. I waited a moment letting her get used to me inside her then I slowly pulled back and just as slowly pushed back in.

Ashley looked up at me as tears fell down her cheeks. I couldn’t help myself and kissed her again whipping my tongue around her mouth as I slowly pistoned my self in and out of her, the though of Mary-Kate looking on exciting me even further.

“Put your hands on my ass and start to pull me into you then kiss me!” I demanded.

“Yes Master” she murmured as she complied.

I started to increase my tempo and brought down my thumb and flicked it against Ashley’s clit soon her eyes began to widen as another orgasm approached, she turned her face away from me.

“Look at me! Your cumming again and you love it! Admit it! Your cumming! Say it! Say you love my hard cock!” I demanded as my cock fairly flew in and out of her tight pussy.

“Y.. yes, yes oh YES!, I love it I love your cock master, please make me come yes!, yes, YES!”

She screamed again as she came over my cock, in answer I groaned as I shot huge amount of hot spunk into her innermost recess, she screamed and her nails dug into my ass as she tried to pull even more of me into her.

Ashley collapsed back on the bed and I slowly pulled out of her spunk-splattered pussy. There was a little blood on my cock, evidence of Ashley’s taken virginity.
As I rolled over I saw Mary-Kate looking on horror on her face as she looked at her sister who had screamed for my cock.

“Mary-Kate! Come here now and lick your sisters virgin blood from my cock!”

Mary-Kate slowly approached my now softening cock; she started to lick fear and disgust warring on her face. Ashley lay back spunk and blood leaking from her pussy and still in shock from the realization that she had become a willing participant at the end.

I looked down at the remaining virgin in the house and started to plot the downfall of Mary-Kate Olsen!

Part 4 coming soon!

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