teaching the olsens part 4

teaching the olsens part 4

I looked down as Mary-Kate tentively licked my cock disgust obvious on her face.

“Better then that Mary-Kate, you’ve got to lick me clean. Remove all traces of your sisters blood and my semen, you have one minute and if it’s not clean you will be punished!”

Mary-Kate looked up with fear and started to lick my shaft with more vigour, I watched as she swirled her tongue cleaning all traces of her sisters’ rape from my cock. I looked over at Ashley who seemed to be slowly coming to herself.

“ I told you that you might enjoy yourself Ashley and from your reaction a good fuck was long overdue! You can thank your master for making you cum”

“Thank you master, thank you for making me cum” Ashley murmured.

She still looked a little confused shocked and what my assault had done to her body and the power of the orgasm that had ripped through her. I indicated that she should come over and watch Mary-Kate finish her cleaning.

Soon Mary-Kate had cleaned me up and then another idea occurred.

“Well done Mary-Kate I’m nice and clean you may stop. Ashley lie back on the bed again and spread your legs wide! “

Ashley complied quickly her face red with embarrassment and humiliation as she realised the view we had of her pussy. I looked at Mary-Kate and smiled.


“Now that I’m clean you can do the same job for your sister just look at the state of her pussy”

Mary-Kate looked at me with horror. Her eyes flicked to her sisters’ pussy, which was oozing spunk with a small trickle of blood. Ashley looked confused again remembering how my tongue felt but disgusted at the thought of her sister doing the same thing.

“M.. M .. Master please! I. I. I. Can’t. She’s my sister!” stammered Mary-Kate.

“Mary-Kate! I’m getting tired of your disobedience! Clean your sister up and do it now!”

I reached out and twisted her right nipple as I said this and reached towards the switch for her bracelet. I sent a small shock through her body. The pain on her face was obvious and as soon as I switched it off she scrambled up on the bed and slowly lowered her face towards her sister pussy.

She slowly licked around her sisters’ pussy, licking the spunk and blood splattered around it. When she had finished that she took a deep breath and stuck her tongue in Ashley’s pussy, hurriedly licking removing all trace of my assault. Ashley’s face was getting flushed as the probing of her sister’s tongue started to arouse her again.

“Ashley spread you legs further give Mary-Kate more room to work! Mary-Kate start sucking you’ll have to suck my spunk from her innermost folds. Make sure you get it all! I’ll check if you don’t!”

Mary-Kate was now sucking hard at her sisters’ pussy and Ashley began to quietly moan unable to stop the feelings surging through her body. I was delighted; she was going to cum again! The shame of cumming three times would break her to my will quicker then any amount of whipping!

Suddenly Mary-Kate stopped! She lifted her head tears in her eyes as she looked at her sister who was approaching ecstasy once again.

“Ashley how can you! We’re being forced into this! How can you enjoy it!” wailed Mary-Kate.

Ashley looked away shame on her face as her sister berated her.

“I’m sssorr..!” she began.

“You’ve nothing to be sorry about Ashley! Your sister has no idea of the joys you have just experienced. She is jealous that you were first and that she has to clean you instead of the other way around!” I interrupted angrily. “But she is about to learn!”

Mary-Kate jumped up and made a run for the door. I activated her bracelet at a high setting and she screamed and fell to the floor writhing in agony. I left her there twisting and shuddering on the floor as she cried and screamed. Her panties bulged and stained as her bowels and bladder let go.

Ashley, distraught by Mary-Kate’s pain, begged me to let her up to switch off the pain.

“Very well Ashley since you’ve been such a good girl I’ll grant your request this time, when I switch this off you and your sister can shower when you are done you can wear the clothing in that closet over there marked ‘T’ and put your hair in pigtails. Mary-Kate is to remain naked until I return!”

With that I left them and went to check on how Sally and Chris where doing. I needed something from the press anyway.

I looked in and watched as Sally was roughly removing the huge strap on from Chris’s ass. Chris’s ass and thighs were crisscrossed with welts and blood and shit were leaking down his ass. As I took in this scene she realised that I was looking.

“Nice job so far” I commented.

“You’ll have to do something about that mess though” I said pointing at Chris’s abused ass. “There’s an enema kit with instructions in the press, use it on him!”

Sally hurried to comply getting the enema kit set up as I looked on. When it was obvious that she knew what she was doing. I opened the press and retrieved the items I wanted.

First, I retrieved a couple of small vibrators, which were only an inch long. A pair of leather hot pants that zipped up the front. Then I found a black leather bra, which had mini vibrators at the nipples. And finally I got a nice length of silk rope.

As I completed my collection I looked up to see Sally setting up the enema with almost two litres of cold water. The sweat was standing out on Chris’s’ face as he tried to look around and see what was in store for him now. She stuck the hard metal nozzle into his anus and then slowly released the water.

The look on Chris’s face as his guts filled with cold water was priceless. Sally seemed to have everything well in hand. She had really reduced Chris to a shattered wreck. There were tears flowing down his face. Sally retrieved the butt plug I’d used on her and inserted it in Chris’s ass.

“O.K. Sally that’s enough for today. You can leave Chris there and you can go to sleep. You can use the couch and you’ll find some blankets in the press, Goodnight.” I said.

“Goodnight master” sally replied rummaging out the blankets and preparing for sleep.

I returned to Mary-Kate’s room just as Ashley was finishing dressing and Mary-Kate was towelling off. Both there faces where red so I assumed that they had been arguing. Ashley was wearing a cute blue teddy nightie and matching panties she had her hair in pigtails as instructed. Mary-Kate was trying to wrap the towel around her self.

“Mary-Kate! You have been disobedient and unruly! You have felt some of the pain that bracelet can give you. Now further punishment is warranted. Put on these clothes quickly.”

Mary-Kate looked at the bra and hot pants I threw at her and quickly started to dress. She yanked on the pants and zipped them up hiding her pussy from me as she did. She then quickly put on the bra slightly discomforted by the mettle brushing against her nipples.

“Mary-Kate step over to the wall and raise your hands with your wrists together!”

She complied still subdued from the pain I had inflicted on her. I then tied her hands together with the silk rope and looped the rope through a ring attached to the ceiling and then I tied it off. She was stuck with her hands in the air just stepping on her toes.

“W.. w.. w.. what are you going to do to me! Please don’t hurt me! Please Master!”

I strode over to her and slowly zipped down her hot pants, she squirmed and bit her lip. I peeled the pants down slightly and walked behind her. Her ass and pussy where now exposed but unlike Ashley she hadn’t shaved her bikini line. Seeing her unruly pussy hair gave me another wicked idea.

“Tsk. Tsk. Mary-Kate have you got any pride? Look at how messy your pussy hair is! It’ll have to go! Ashley you’ll find a razor and some cream in the bathroom bring them out here with a cup of hot water!”

Ashley hurried to comply fearful of what I could do if she failed in any order. She soon returned with the requested items and started to hand them to me.

“No. No. I’m not going to do it. This is something sisters should do for each other! Shave her! Bald!” I instructed.

Ashley swallowed and looked at me and then at her sister.

“Please Mary-Kate, don’t move, I’ve got to do this and I don’t want to hurt you!” Ashley begged.

Mary-Kate nodded then looked straight ahead. Ashley wet Mary-Kate’s pussy hair and applied a good amount of shaving foam. She slowly shaved her sister washing the razor after each short stroke. It only took a couple of minutes for the shaving to be complete. Then Ashley was wiping Mary-Kate’s crotch removing all traces of foam.

“Good job Ashley now go over and sit on the bed. Mary-Kate you have a very pretty pussy, it’s much nicer like this. Actually it’s so nice I think I’ll put this in it!”

I held up the small vibrator and switched it on. I walked over to Mary-Kate as she looked at me with fear and I slid the vibrator into her pussy kissing her as I did so. I put my other around behind her and stuck the other one quickly in her ass.

Mary-Kate sucked in a breath to scream but I used this opportunity to kiss her again zipping up the hot pants as I did trapping both vibrators in her. I then flicked a hidden switch on the bra causing the vibrators in the nipples to hum. I stood back to admire my handiwork.

“Take them out! Take them out! Stop it! Oh God! Stop iiiiiiiit!” Mary-Kate screamed.

“Mary-Kate you’ll be glad to know those batteries should last at least twelve hours! I’m gonna leave you now so good night! Ashley say goodnight and come with me”.

Ashley did as instructed and we both retreated to her room with Mary-Kate screaming at us to let her down as we did. I turned off the light and closed the door leaving Mary-Kate to enjoy the effects off the vibrators for the night.

Now I turned to Ashley she looked up at me apprehensively wondering what was in store for her. She was sitting on the bed with her legs tucked under her. The teddy was blue with white trim and suited her perfectly.

“Ashley so far you’ve enjoyed all I’ve made you do isn’t that true?” I demanded.

“Yes Master” she admitted her face getting red.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel that way again?”

“Yes master” she reluctantly admitted.

“Well Ashley all you have to do is ask me to fuck you and I will” I smiled as I looked at her, she was completely mine!

“Please master, please f-f-fuck me!” Ashley stammered unable to look at me.

“Very well since you asked so nicely I will!”

I sat down beside her on the bed and turned her face towards mine. I kissed her gently slowly probing with my tongue. I lay her back as I continued to kiss her. I slowly moved my mouth down her neck stroking her hair as I did. In between kisses I was assuring her of the joy she would give and receive.

I pulled down the teddy exposing her small but perfectly formed breasts. Her nipples were already erect and I sucked on them hungrily. As I sucked on one nipple I pulled and stroked her other breast. Ashley soon responded and I felt her hands on my head as she got hotter and hotter.

I asked her to sit up and pulled the teddy up over her head. I Kissed and licked my way down to her belly button. I then went lower and started to kiss her inner thighs slowly moving back towards her pussy. I grabbed the waistband of her panties and Ashley lifted her hips to allow me to slide them off.

I sat back and looked down her lying on her back legs spread and her face flushed, her breathing was coming faster her chest raising and falling rapidly. She looked up at me with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Get off the bed. Now stand beside it and put your hands on the bed and spread your legs.” I commanded.

Ashley hurriedly complied and looked around as I got behind her. I raised my cock and placed it against her tight pussy lips. I slowly pushed forward my entire 8 inches, her wetness allowed my entry but she was still incredibly tight.

She sucked in breath as I withdrew my cock nearly its entire length then I plunged forward burying myself in her. I started to pound her pussy with quick short strokes. Soon Ashley began to moan. I reached around and pinched and pulled at her erect nipples. Then I took my finger and placed it at the rosette of her ass and pushed in my finger to the middle knuckle.

This seemed to push Ashley over the edge as her moaning changed pitch and she started to meet every one of my thrusts with counter thrusts of her own. As I slammed my cock into her she pushed back tying to get as much of me as possible into her tight channel.

“Oh God, Oh, Oh, I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!” Ashley screamed as my cock pushed her over the edge again.

Ashley slumped and would have fell except my still hard cock and my hands on her tits kept her upright. I slowly withdrew my cock. I hadn’t cum yet but this chance was too good to miss. It was time for Ashley to find out about anal sex.

“Now Ashley it’s time for your introduction to a new method of sex. Now keep yourself still this might hurt a bit at first but you’ll soon like it!”

I reached over to the drawer, which contained a tube of KY jelly. I opened it and placed a large amount at her tight entrance, Ashley shuddered slightly but maintained her position. I got some more and lubed up the length of my cock.

I placed the head of my cock at the rosette of her ass and very slowly pushed forward. She was so tight I was having trouble gaining entrance.

“Relax babe relax it’s just a little pain and then you’ll see, you saw how Sally enjoyed it just relax and you’ll soon be cumming again.” I coaxed.

As I was saying this she relaxed slightly and with a final effort her sphincter gave way and I lodged a good 3 inches of my cock in her anus. I slowly pushed forward giving her time to adjust as I did so. After a minute or so I was all the way in and my balls rested against her pussy.

“Good girl” I said stroking her hair, “I’m all the way in now, that’s the hardest part over.”

“It hurts!” She moaned, “Please master it hurts”.

I reached beneath her and started to play with her pussy not moving my cock at all I paid particular attention to her clit. After a few minutes Ashley began to moan once more. I slowly withdrew an inch and then slowly back in. She was so tight I was having trouble even moving that much.

I slowly pushed forward and back increasing the length of my strokes as I did. I continued to play with her pussy bringing her close to orgasm once more. Soon her rectal muscles relaxed slightly as the pleasure from her pussy overcame the pain from her ass.

I grabbed Ashley’s right hand and placed it at her pussy. I guided her fingers to her clit and started her rubbing it. Soon she no longer needed my help and was pulling and playing with her clit and moaning as she neared cumming again.

“Get ready now Ashley, play with yourself as my cock fills your ass. Soon you’ll feel the joy that a cock in her ass can give a women!” I whispered as I realised she had relaxed enough to allow me to move a little easier.

I stood upright, grabbed her hips and started to plough her with gusto. My shaft was plunging in and out of her tight little hole. My balls where slapping against her pussy and she was still playing with herself.

I was enjoying this and could feel the pressure building in my balls as my rampaging rock hard cock conquered her tight ass. It wouldn’t be long before I came.

“Tell me how it feels Ashley! Tell you master how much you like his cock in your ass!” I demanded.

“Oh master! You’re fucking my ass! You’re fucking my ass and I’m cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh god I’m cumming! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrragh!” Ashley screamed her orgasm to the world.

As Ashley came, the shuddering from her orgasm sent me over the edge and I pumped long thick jets of my spunk deep in her colon. We both collapsed on the bed, spent. My cock was still trapped in her ass. I slowly withdrew and with a slight pop my cock left her ass with only a slight dribble of cum escaping.

“Good girl Ashley. Now you know that sex can be enjoyable no matter what hole is used! You’ve been such a good girl you may shower and go to bed now. As soon as you thank me for making you cum again.” I smiled.

“Thank you Master. Your slave thanks you for fucking her and making her cum” She replied blushing prettily.

Ashley went off to shower, my cum dribbling from her ass. She was mine body and soul and would eagerly do what I asked from now on. Soon it would be time for Mary-Kate’s conversion. A night of having those mini vibrators in her ass and pussy should make her less aggressive and incredibly horny.

Well it had been a long day. So I figured I’d better get some sleep. Mary-Kate would be properly instructed tomorrow.

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