teaching the olsens the end

teaching the olsens the end

O’Toole stood there wagging his tail while Sally and Chris looked at the huge canine with horror. The twins looked at each other then they looked at O’Toole, confusion all over their faces. I stood there grinning.

“You can’t mean it!” wailed Sally “That’s too grotesque!”

“Sorry people, but one of you is going to experience sex doggy style! At least one of you is going to have O’Toole’s huge dick filling your body to capacity! One of you will understand what it is to be a real bitch!” I chortled.

Realisation dawned on Mary-Kate’s face and then on Ashley’s. Ashley looked pale and Mary-Kate looked suddenly sick. The Irish wolfhound was about twice their size and the thought of that huge canine fucking one of these girls was starting to make me hard.


“Now we’re going to play a little game, I’m sure you’ve all seen ‘The Weakest Link’ well we’re going to play our own version of it. The only difference is whoever you vote for is in for some doggy style loving!” I announced.

I released Chris and handed out sheets of cardboard and some markers.

“O.K. now vote for the one you want to get fucked by a dog, you have 10 seconds, if you do not vote, you will be tied down and O’Toole will fuck you. So get writing!” I instructed.

They all looked each order. Chris was the first to start writing then they all followed. They quickly finished writing down a name. They all looked at me fearfully, uncertain if they would be the one to be chosen.

“O.K Chris, you first show us the name”

Chris showed his card, ‘Sally’ was scrawled across it.

“You Bastard! I should have never have felt sorry for you!” Sally screamed.

“O.K then Sally show us your choice!” I instructed.

Sally turned her Card ‘Chris’ was printed nice and neat on it.

“And you berated Chris? It seems you want for him what he wants for you!” I grinned at Sally’s embarrassment.

“O.K Ashley, who’s your choice?” I inquired.

Ashley turned her piece of cardboard and looked at Sally.

“I’m sorry Sally! I’m sorry! “ She wailed as we all saw Sally’s name on her cardboard.

“Mary-Kate who’s it to be?” I asked.

Mary-Kate couldn’t look at anyone as she turned the cardboard she held. ‘Sally’ was clearly drawn on it.

“Oh God no! “ cried Sally as she fell to her knees and began to sob.

“We have a winner! Sally you have been chosen to be O’Toole’s bitch!” I announced.

“Please! No! Please I’ll do anything! Please don’t make me! Please!” Sally begged.

“Now! Now! Sally, you know that if you don’t comply it will be worse! You’ll suffer pain and humiliation and then I’ll have O’Toole fuck you in both holes! Now be a good girl hook on the small vibrator to the inside of the strap on and then belt it on.” I said.

Sally complied with tears streaming down her face and sobs wracking her body! She clipped the small vibrator to the inside of the strap on. The vibrator would be positioned right against her clit while she wore it. She tied on the strap on and moaned as her clit came in contact with the small humming vibrator.

She stood there with the strap on sticking out from her voluptuous body. She looked at O’Toole who just stood there with his tongue lolling from his mouth and shuddered.

“Now this is how it’s going to go, Ashley take off your panties, lube up your ass then get down and lie down across the chair. Chris it’s your lucky day, you get to fuck Ashley in the butt. Sally when Chris gets his cock in Ashley’s ass you can fuck his ass with the strap on. Come on people move! Or do you want another taste of the bracelets!” I instructed.

Ashley peeled off her white panties and got some KY jelly. She immediately began to rub the lubricant into her ass. Chris was unable to keep his eyes off Ashley. His narrow dick was hard and erect; he licked his lips in anticipation. Sally looked slightly dazed, as she stood transfixed by O’Toole.

Ashley hitched up her skirt and lay over the small chair looking back and Chris. As soon as she was in position Chris immediately approached her and with one lunge stuck his cock in Ashley’s ass. Ashley sucked in a deep breath as she felt Chris penetrate her back passage but held herself still.

“O.K. Sally your turn, Chris lean over more, give Sally access or I’ll turn you into the dogs bitch! Ashley honey you can play with your pussy while Chris is in your ass.”

Chris widened his ass cheeks allowing Sally to plunge the strap on deep into his bowels. He grunted as he felt the whole 12 inches enter his ass. Ashley lifted one hand to her pussy and began to stroke herself.

“Mary-Kate you’ll find another tube of KY jelly in the press, squeeze the lot into Sally’s ass, I want O’Toole to enjoy himself.”

Mary-Kate quickly complied. She pressed the tube into Sally’s ass and forced the contents into Sally’s bowels. She stood back dropping the empty tube. She looked slightly green.

“Now, look at the top shelf you’ll see a small bottle marked ‘bitch urine’. It took a while to get this so be careful with it. It’s urine from a bitch in heat. Once O’Toole gets a whiff of that sent he’ll be very interested. Pour about a third of the contents on to Sally’s anus then stand back and we’ll watch the fun!”

Mary-Kate reluctantly followed orders. As soon as she uncorked the bottle O’Toole’s head rose up and he gave a little whine. She hurriedly moved to Sally and splashed some of the bitch urine on Sally’s ass. O’Toole walked over to Sally and began to sniff at her. Sally moaned as the huge canine approached.

Mary-Kate corked the bottle and stepped back quickly. O’Toole’s veiny purple cock began to emerge from it’s sheath as he smelled the scent of a bitch in heat. Sally began to cry again as O’Toole’s cold nose touched her butt cheek.

Mary-Kate looked on unable to take her eyes from the monster cock emerging from O’Toole. With a sudden motion the huge canine placed his huge forepaws onto Sally’s back eliciting a scream from her and moans from Chris and Ashley as they felt the canine’s weight.

“Shut up Sally! Hold still and let him find his mark, Mary-Kate point his cock at Sally’s ass help him get lodged!” I instructed.

Sally’s scream lowered to a moan as she felt O’Toole began to thrust forward and back trying to find her hole. Mary-Kate looked with disgust at the colossal canine cock now fully emerged from its sheath. It was about 14 inches long and about 4 inches around but the knot at the base was huge larger then a baseball.

Mary-Kate swallowed and with a look of disgust on her face grabbed the dog’s penis and quickly lodged it between Sally’s cheeks. With one thrust the huge canines cock tore into Sally’s ass.

“God! Nooooooooooooooo! Take it out! Take it out! It’s too biiiiiiiig! Stop him!” Sally screamed.

It was too late! O’Toole was well into her and his weight kept her pinned to Chris’s back. O’Toole’s thrusting forced Sally to thrust into Chris, and Chris to thrust into Ashley. Sally tried to push her self up but was unable to do so.

Soon O’Toole was buried and his knot was banging against Sally’s butt as it tried to force it’s way in. Mary-Kate seemed unable to take her eyes from the sight of the huge dog dick plunging into Sally’s ass.

Sally was reduced to whimpering as the huge veiny cock plunged into her bowels. Chris was groaning as he thrust into Ashley’s ass and felt Sally’s huge strap on plunge into his. Ashley moaned as her hand worked busily between her legs. This sight was giving me a huge hard on and I decided that Mary-Kate would take care of it for me.

“Mary-Kate! Come here now!”

Mary-Kate rushed over fear on her face as she caught sight of my erect cock.

“You have a choice now Mary-Kate your pussy is going to get hammered by a cock shortly. You can choose mine or you can choose O’Tooles. You choose.”

I sat back on a chair watching the horror on Mary-Kate’s face she looked at my cock, and then looked at the huge veiny dog dick ripping into Sally.

“You… master.” She managed to whisper.

“Ask me nicely! Look at me and ask me to take your virginity!” I demanded.

“Please master… take my… take my … virginity….” Mary-Kate said quietly with tears in her eyes.

I grinned wickedly as I looked at her. She was a picture on innocence as she stood there in her school uniform. The contrast between her and the lewd scene behind her was really getting me hard. It was time! Time for Mary-Kate to make that irreversible journey from girl to woman.

“Come here and sit on my lap Mary-Kate and we can watch and see who cums first. I think Ashley is winning at the moment,” I told Mary-Kate.

Mary-Kate gingerly sat down on my lap trapping my cock under her skirt. She seemed unable to tear her eyes away from the quartet. Ashley’s moaning gained a new note of urgency. She was going to cum! The sensation of a dick in her ass and her fingers working her clit was pushing her over the edge.

As Mary-Kate watched this I played with her tits through her blouse lightly stroking and cupping her small breasts. I moved aside her pigtails and kissed her neck. I slowly unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse to allow my hand to slip inside to stroke her bare skin.

Suddenly Sally screamed in agony! I looked up and noticed that O’Toole had somehow managed to lodge the huge knot at the base of his dick in her ass. He was really going at her now rapidly jerking back and forward with short sharp strokes. The scream had put Ashley off, as she couldn’t see what had happened.

“It’s aright Ashley, O’Tooles just got his dick in place. Sally’s really getting into it now!” I smiled at her.

As I watched Chris grunted and groaned. I could tell from the expression on Ashley’s face that he’d just cum. It seems that Sally’s pain was all he needed.

Sally was crying with the pain from her ass but every forward stroke also pushed her clit against the mini vibrator trapped in her pussy. Although she was crying the sensation from her pussy was exciting her and she moaned as she realised what was happening to her.

“Look Mary-Kate, Ashley just got an assfull of Chris’s cum! And look she’s stroking her pussy again. I bet she cums next!” I chortled at the sight before us.

Mary-Kate was unable to take her attention from the sight and sounds of the quartet in front of us. I took the opportunity to pull down her bra and started to roll her nipples between my thumbs and fingers until they were hard and erect.

“Kiss me!” I commanded turning Mary-Kate’s face towards me.

Mary-Kate complied and kissed me on the lips. I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her long and deep as I played with her tits. I was getting harder and harder. Mary-Kate shifted uncomfortably as she felt my hard on push at her ass.

I dropped one hand to her knee. Slowly ever so slowly I stroked her thighs. I continued to kiss her. I nibbled on her ear and whispered to hr the joys she would provide me once she realised what it was to be a woman. My hand crept higher pulling up her skirt slowly approaching her virgin cunt.

My questing hand reached her panties. I stroked her pussy through the white cotton fabric. Her panties were slightly damp. The sights before her and my ministrations where having the desired effect. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties seeking her virgin pussy.

“No! Please No! We can do it the other way again… in my ass. But please don’t put it in my pussy, please!” Mary-Kate begged again for her virginity.

I ignored her pleas and I stroked her shaven slit with one finger. I felt her pussy respond and open under my finger. I stroked her slit slowly kissing Mary-Kate as I did so. Mary-Kate moaned as I slid a finger into her now wet opening.

I sought her clit, slowly stroking it and tapping it with my finger. This brought a gasp from Mary-Kate. She wriggled in my lap trying to escape from my prying hand but I held her fast.

“Almost ready now Mary-Kate, almost ready. Feel how wet your getting and how hard your nipples are. You may say no but your body is betraying that lie. Your body realises that this is right, that this is what you need. Soon it will all be clear to you.” I whispered to her.

“No! Please no, don’t say things like that… it’s dirty! No, no, please stop, please.” Mary-Kate babbled.

I continued to stroke Mary-Kate’s clit. Mary-Kate was getting wetter and wetter, she moaned in time to the motions of my finger. Mary-Kate’s body was responding to me despite her protests. I suddenly withdrew my hand from her panties. Before she could stop it a moan of frustration escaped from her lips.

“See Mary-Kate your body knows what it wants! You can deny it all you want but your body craves a good fuck!” I said sliding her panties down her legs.

Mary-Kate bit her lip shaking her head but she didn’t resist the removal of her panties. Soon I had her panties off and her shaven pussy was exposed to the world.

A sudden moan distracted me slightly. Sally groaned as the huge canine emptied himself into her. He plunged again and again filling her ass with his spunk. O’Toole backed away pulling Sally’s ass then with a noise like a cork leaving a bottle he manage to remove the huge knot from Sally’s ass. The rest of his dick quickly followed allowing a flood of spunk and shit to escape Sally’s ass. A shudder ran through Sally’s body as the dog finished with her. O’Toole sniffed at her ass then walked away disinterested.

Sally pulled out of Chris stumbling back as she did so. She fell to her knees crying and moaning with dog cum streaming from her ass. Chris must have got a second wind as he kept pounding away at Ashley’s ass using the extra room to lengthen his strokes.

Ashley’s hand was bust at her pussy and her breath was coming short and sharp her orgasm was rapidly approaching. Ashley moaned as she came and Chris responded by grunting a delivering a second load of spunk to her ass. Both off them collapsed down on the chair spent.

“Now it’s just you and me Mary-Kate! It’s our turn to put on a show!” I announced.

I turned Mary-Kate so her back was to me. I lifted her up slightly; freeing my cock from beneath her ass. My cock immediately sprang to attention eager for Mary-Kat’s pussy. I slowly lowered Mary-Kate towards my waiting cock. I slid her now pouting pussy lips towards my rock hard cock.

I felt my cock find its target. The head of my dick was soon lodged within Mary-Kate’s virginal opening. Mary-Kate gasped and groaned as she felt her pussy being stretched for the first time.

“No please! Not where they can see! Please no! Don’t look at me! Stop!” Mary-Kate cried trying to dislodge the intruder.

“Admit it you love it! It’s really turning you on! I can feel how wet your getting! Stop lying to yourself, give yourself to me and you can learn to enjoy the moment!” I said.

With that I lowered her further. I felt a slight resistance as my cock met her virginal barrier. Mary-Kate moaned and tried to remove her self from my impaling cock. She didn’t realise that her wriggling was really exciting me!

I let Mary-Kate go dropping her down fully on my cock! I ripped through her hymen and deep into her pussy. The act was done Mary-Kate was feeling a cock in her pussy for the first time!

“Araggh” Mary-Kate screamed, “Take it out! Take it out!”

“It’s too late now Mary-Kate! My cock is in your pussy! Your virginity is gone! “ I said.

I held myself still in her while her screams lowered to moans and her pussy began to accommodate itself for the first time to a male member. Ashley, Sally and Chris looked on, unable to take their eyes from the sight of my cock in Mary-Kate’s tight little pussy.

I began to move slowly, eliciting a groan of protest from Mary-Kate. I lifted Mary-Kate and lowered her slowly. Soon her own wetness mingling with her blood left her slick enough to allow me to move a little easier. I held Mary-Kate and began to thrust with my hips revelling in her tightness.

“Ashley! Come over here and lick at Mary-Kate’s pussy where it joins my cock! Quickly now!” I instructed.

Ashley hurriedly got up pushing Chris aside. She immediately knelt in front of us and I could feed Ashley’s breath on my shaft as she started to lick at the top of her sisters’ pussy. Chris began to wank as he watched the erotic scene in front of him.

“Chris stop that! Go suck on Sally’s pussy! Make her cum or you’ll be punished!” I commanded.

Chris hurried to Sally, removed the strap on and immediately began to lick and suck at Sally’s pussy. Sally still dazed by her bout with O’Toole made no effort to stop him.

“Ashley, suck at Mary-Kate’s clit while I fuck her! We’ll make her cum soon!”

“No! No! Stop Ashley don’t! “ Mary-Kate protested as Ashley’s tongue and mouth began to work busily.

I increased my tempo, my dick disappearing into Mary-Kate’s tight pussy. Her breath was coming faster now. Mary-Kate was beginning to respond despite her protests. She was shaking her head and mumbling ”No No No.” continuously.

I felt her body spasm on my cock as she came. Her pussy tightened and she moaned as an orgasm ripped through her body. I slowed to a stop my dick still hard letting her recover her senses.

“O.K Ashley you can stop now. Mary-Kate will be a good girl from now on. Lie down on the floor and spread your legs, now Mary-Kate lick your sisters pussy, make her cum the same way as you did!” I instructed.

Mary-Kate was still a little dazed from the orgasm that ripped through her. She pulled herself up from my dick and knelt at her sister’s crotch. She began to stab her tongue at Ashley’s pussy.

I crouched down behind Mary-Kate and lifted her skirt onto her back. I grabbed her hips and positioned myself behind her. I pointed my dick at Mary-Kate’s until recently virginal opening. I lodged by dick into her pussy and began to immediately plunge in and out of her. She was still incredibly tight. She moaned as she felt my dick invade her pussy once more.

“Lick her Mary-Kate! Lick your sisters pussy, make Ashley cum or I’ll let O’Toole have you next!” I threatened.

Mary-Kate redoubled her efforts on her sister’s pussy. She plunged her tongue in and started to suck and lick. Ashley moaned from her sister’s attentions. I fucked Mary-Kate as she attempted to get her sister to cum.

Ashley moaned and grabbed her sister’s hair trying to get more of her tongue into her pussy. Mary-Kate must have responded because before long Ashley screamed as an orgasm shook her body.

“OH God! Mary-Kate that’s soooooo gooood! That’s it right there! Right there! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss! “ Ashley screamed pushing her sisters face as far into her crotch as she could.

Suddenly Sally was also screaming as an orgasm ripped through her. Chris either through skill or desperation had manage to make her cum. He sat back his face shiny from Sally’s wetness. Sally lay back moaning, with shit and dog spunk pooling underneath her.

I increased my tempo in Mary-Kate’s pussy my cock ploughing into her tight depths. Mary-Kate began to moan as another orgasm approached. Her small tits hung down and I reached around to pinch her nipples.

“I can’t! No! No! I can’t! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, …….yes! Faster Oh God! I need it please! Deeper! Harder! Aragh!! Goooooooooooooooooodddddddddddd! Mary-Kate screamed as she came for the second time on my cock.

I responded by injecting her pussy and womb with it’s first ever batch of man juice. I shot thick long jets of spunk deep within her, delighted by my mastery of her. She had responded as I hoped and would do now what I willed.

I stroked Mary-Kate’s hair as I slowly pulled out “You’ll be a good girl now Mary-Kate, now you understand.”

Mary-Kate looked up at me with wonder in her eyes “Yes Master “she said smiling “Now I understand!”

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