The Dance_(1)

The Dance_(1)

The Dance:
It was their twenty-eighth anniversary, and the first time they'd been out together dancing in so many years that neither remembered the last time. Not that they led a boring life or anything…, they just hadn't danced. The lessons were really weird at first, and they thought they'd joined a bunch of real losers trying to impress each other.

Mike and Jan almost quit the first night, but their voyeuristic curiosity made them stay to watch the weirdo's. Stan became their favorite. What a real geek! thirty-something with the maturity of a middle-schooler. He probably hadn't had a date in his life, but now…, 'Dance Fever' here he comes. Jan actually felt sorry for him (hell the truth is Mike dared her to do it) and danced with Stan on some of the couples dances. Now he's sure that Jan loves him secretly as much as he loves her! Jim and Laura were their favorite couple. Although they didn't need anyone else to admire them! Their closest friend was the large mirror on the north wall of the room. But turns out there were also plenty of really nice couples that were there to enjoy each other, the music, and maybe get a little exercise.

Anyway, after four months of lessons, Mike & Jan were back to the dancing finesse of their early dating years. And, had selected their anniversary to enjoy the moment. The restaurant had been a little costly with only average cuisine. But the club room was magnificent and the band exceptionally good. They had the complimentary champagne, along with more attention to their anniversay than Mike would have liked, then went out on the floor for the first romantic slow dance. Three dances, of various types, later they returned to their secluded table and exchanged, leftover, stale, bubbly for real drinks. The room had darkened some while they'd been on the dance floor and the privacy allowed a very passionate kiss between the two lovers.

"I love you so much!" Mike looked deeply into Jan's green eyes as he spoke.

"I love you more!" Jan smiled as she started the (who loves who more) duel that they had so often played. "But I REALLY love that!" Jan's playful smile slowly turned into a passionate one as she felt Mike's hands run up under her skirt towards her crotch.

It was fairly dark now and would have been impossible for anyone to see what hands were doing under the table.

"And I REALLY love doing it." Mike whispered as he continued to caress his beautiful wife's thighs. Before composing himself he slid one finger under the elastic of Jan's thong panties to confirm her state of arousal by the wetness of her vagina. "And I REALLY love this," as Mike spoke he licked the wetness from his finger as he moved his glass to his mouth.

Nobody could possibly know what was going on but the two lovers, and this made the moment even more special.

They danced so many dances that they had lost track of time. Lost in their own world they were almost startled by the interruption, "May I ask for the next dance?"

Standing by their table was a man about ten years younger than them. He was about Mike's height and weight but very different in every other way. He had black hair, brown eyes, a mustache that was very neatly trimmed. And he was dressed very well. Mike, at first, was a little defensive but looking at this man's friendly smile made him relax a bit.

"I'm sorry if I'm out of line, but I just couldn't help notice how well you two dance…, and my wife doesn't like to…, anyway, she suggested I ask you." The young man looked really nervous as he continued, "Sorry if I've butted in or anything." He turned to walk away when Jan spoke quickly.

"No, no, you weren't out of line, it just caught us off guard." Then, turning her face to Mike, "Do you mind honey?"

Mike was still a little unsure but smiled and nodded agreement. This dance turned out to be a little on the fast side and Mike noticed that the guy was pretty good. Mike also noticed that the guy's eyes kept going to a particular table with a very attractive young lady, who was sitting alone, watching the dancing couples every move and smiling. When the dance ended they returned to Mike's table.

"Honey, this is Joe. Joe this is my husband Mike."

Mike stood and reached across the table to shake hands with Joe. "Glad to meet you Mike, and thanks for sharing your wonderful wife with me!"

Joe's manner won Mike, and Mike replied warmly. "You too, and yes, she is wonderful. Doesn't your date dance?"

"No, she's not my date, she's my wife, and no, she doesn't like to dance either. We've been married for twelve years and that's the only real incompatibility we've got. But she lets me dance with others on occasion."

"Well, I certainly enjoyed helping out." Jan gave Joe a little hug as she spoke, then moved the chair to sit back down.

Joe helped with the chair, excused himself after once again thanking Jan for the dance, and went back to his table.

"Nice looking fellow" Mike spoke with a mock tone of jealousy.

"Yea, and a pretty good dancer too." Jan's tone showed Mike that she was enjoying the situation, but who wouldn't enjoy the attention of a younger man, who happened to be about the best looking man in the crowded building except for her husband.

Mike and Jan danced several more dances and enjoyed each others bodies, under the table, between dances. Joe made no further attempts to interrupt, although each time Jan looked at his table, Joe was watching her and Mike dancing. Jan would smile each time she and Joe made eye contact and was actually starting to feel disappointed that he'd not asked her for another dance.

Mike finally noticed and said "Hey, why don't you go ask him?"

"I couldn't! If he wanted to dance again, he'd ask."

"Maybe, he doesn't want to interfere in our evening, and he thinks we want to be alone."

Mike had a point. Joe had seemed like a very considerate fellow, and maybe he didn't want to be intrusive.

"Yea, maybe so?" Jan was looking towards Joe's table as she spoke.

At the same moment Joe had glanced at her table and Jan took the opportunity to signal him. Swirling her finger in the air, mimicking dancing circles, Joe smiled broadly, leaned over to his wife apparently getting permission, then quickly walked towards Mike & Jan's table. The band started playing a fast song as he walked and Jan got up and met him on the dance floor.

This time Mike was much more comfortable watching the two dance. The song lasted a long time, (it must have been the band's favorite as they stretched it out), and gave Mike time to explore his imagination. He looked over at the table with Joe's wife sitting alone. She was really pretty, and seemed to be very young. She was intently watching Joe and Jan dancing and oblivious to the rest of the world. Mike imagined what it might be like to make love to her, while Joe and Jan made love beside them. Then Mike moved his head to again watch his wife and Joe dance. His fantasy had lasted longer than he realized for now they were slow dancing. He'd been in such a deep fantasy he'd not noticed the song change. He watched as the two danced closer and closer together. It was starting to really arouse him to see Jan pressing her body into this near-stranger. He glanced at Joe's wife but couldn't read her reaction, he assumed she, too, was getting turned-on and thinking about a little extra-marital experimentation with Mike. They would dance some more, then the four would leave together. Joe and his wife would invite Mike & Jan to their house, where their custom is 'no clothing' at home. The four naked people would then get into Joe's hot-tub. Of course Jan would sit by Joe and his wife (what is her name?) would naturally sit by Mike.

"Are you OK?" Jan's voice broke Mike's trance.

"Oh sure, yea sure, I'm alright. Just thinking of something."

Jan sat down and reached under the table, ran her hand up Mike's leg to the bulge…, "Well, I'll bet I know which gutter your thoughts were in." She smiled wickedly as she pinched his cock through his slacks.

Jan then asked Mike if he'd like to dance just as a slow dance started. They moved to the dance floor, cautiously concealing Mike's erection and then molded together utilizing Mike's erection for mutual pleasure. After this dance, Mike suggested they have another drink to 'mitigate the tension' before continuing with fast dancing. After another drink, and many more dances, Joe was all but forgotten and Mike and Jan were having a wonderful time.

"This will be the last set." The band leader made his statement just as they started playing a favorite dance song of Mike & Jan.

While they were dancing they noticed that Joe and his wife were also on the floor.

"I guess she's had enough liquid confidence to give it a try." Mike whispered in Jan's ear.

"Yea, guess so. And you know? She's not that bad." Jan commented as she, sort of jealously watched Joe and his wife.

"Would you like to dance one more with him?" Mike looked seriously at Jan then continued. "It's fine, and it looks like his wife is very uncomfortable on the floor and might appreciate the escape."

"Well, yea, I'd like to, but let's make sure she isn't going to stay on the floor with him."

"Ok, let's go back to the table to let him know you're available. But the last dances are mine!"

"Absolutely sweetie! I always save the best for last!"

Jan and Mike went back towards their table but, before sitting down, Jan whispered that she needed to go to the ladies room. Mike said, he too, could use a quick intermission. As Jan headed towards the hall that led to the restroom, Mike headed quickly out the front door to the car in the parking lot.

"Where exactly is the men's room?" Jan had a curious look on her face when Mike finally returned.

"Outside. Can you believe a classy place like this doesn't have indoor men's rooms?" Mike grinned broadly and Jan knew he was up to something.

The band started to get ready for the last set. The lights in the club were reduced even more than they had previously been. Mike leaned across the table towards Jan, who also leaned in for a long kiss over the table. Jan could feel Mike's hands under the table, and her skirt, and it felt wonderful. She could feel his hand working it's way privately up until it was holding the elastic of her, now fairly wet, panties aside exposing her vagina. Then she felt as his other hand moving a finger into her. She moaned through their kiss at the wonderful feeling of slight penetration. Them, without warning and without time to protest, she felt the egg shaped device slip quickly into her wetness.

"What! what did you do…, you didn't…," Then Jan felt the device jump to life within her. "You did!" Jan at first felt a bit of anger, then that tale-tale smile replaced the frown.

The feeling stopped as suddenly as it had started because Mike had only clicked the remote on and off once. Before any explanation, concern, or argument, could start, Joe was standing by the table asking for one last dance before leaving the anniversary couple alone for the rest of the evening. Mike smiled broadly and accepted for Jan who wasn't quite able to talk yet. The band started a very slow song as Mike watched Joe and Jan go to the floor.

They danced a little closer even than before. Joe's wife was watching closely, she was also obviously aware of their extra closeness. About half way through the dance Jan's knees seemed to give way but Joe caught her.

"Are you ok?" Joe seemed sincerely concerned.

"Yea, sure…, just tired knees I guess." Jan looked towards Mike and grinned her apparent approval.

Mike now waited a minute more until the couple were once again relaxed. This time, with the reostat on the slowest setting he again switched the remote on.

Jan looked at Mike again and nodded approval. Then she leaned even closer to Joe. Mike worked the remote in unison with the couple's dancing and in tune with Jan's eye signals. When the dance ended Joe brought Jan back to her table, thanked both Mike & Jan for allowing him to share her, then left.

"You know, he never knew I was having an orgasm." Jan looked at Mike with the cutest wicked smile he'd ever seer from her.

"I'm glad it was good! I was really apprehensive when I got the idea, but I'm glad it worked well."

The couple again kissed across the table and Jan felt the now-familiar vibration start again.

"Hey buster! Enough now! Let's get out of here and find a place where we can let loose and yell…, and buck, and…, well, let's get going!"

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