The Days Of Jefferson High-pt. 1, Ch. 1: Amber

The Days Of Jefferson High-pt. 1, Ch. 1: Amber

"Antonio, Go to the table now!!!"

"Okay, I'm going." I grabbed my stuff and moved from my seat to the front of the class. "How long do I have to stay there?" I asked.

"As long as I want you to."

That could be days I thought. It was the worst seat in the entire class. The seat was uneven and wobbly, the table was worse. It was dreaded by those who got on the teacher's bad side. It was even more dreaded by those who hadn't done any wrong. Like me.

After I reluctantly moved myself to the front. She handed out the test answer sheets. She came over to my "desk" and threw the sheet in my general direction. "You have 75 minutes to complete this exam. Begin."

Seventy five minutes I said to myself. What will I do for seventy minutes I thought to myself. Her class was braindeadly easy to me. I finished all of my work way before anyone else did and I made good grades. So this exam was no exception. I grabbed my pencil and started writing. I finished after 20 minutes. So I decided to go to sleep.

I slept so good that I even had a dream. A great dream, a wonderful dream. It was me and the hottest girl in school, Amber. Amber was 5'3" with gorgeous auburn red hair cut just above her shoulder. She had the nicest tits I have ever seen in real life. 36D's. So round and so soft. They scream to be squeezed. Her breasts have this mystifing feel to them that say to me "Come an' get 'em. Ya know you want 'em". So it was no surprise that she would be in this dream of mine.

We were in her bedroom. I sat on my bed with her in front of me by the door. She had this denim miniskirt with a sleeveless blue top that wonderfully accented her succulent breasts.

She came closer to the bed. We started to kiss passionately on the bed. She draped her legs around be so we were facing each other and she was sitting on my lap. The kissing soon turned to heavy groping and fondling. Her soft warm skin and her sweet lips gave me the quickest and hardest erection I ever had.

With my hormones pumping, I couldn't stand to see her clothed any longer so I took off her top. Much to my amazement, she had no bra on. Her beautiful tits were so much better with the top off than with it on. I had to grope and suck them.

By this time my shirt was off, though I didn't even notice being too involved in her breasts. Then she pulled away from me and started tugging at my pants button and zipper. I helped her out and got my pants undone. My dick popped out like a gopher out of the ground. She pulled up her skirt, exposing her shaved cunt and forced my dick inside.

She was so tight. Her pussy just seemed to grab hold of my dick and would not let go. She slid her way up and down my hard penis shaft. I still felt and grabbed her soft, lucious body in various places, but became progressively less vigorous with each repeditive up and down motion. I soon became less concentrated on her and more concentrated on the fact that I was gonna cum.

I tried to hold it off as much as I could, but became too much for me to handle and I blew my load inside of her. The feeling of pure excitement and joy over powered me and by the look on her face I could tell it over powered her too. We both were breathing kind of hard when I heard a loud sudden sound of a ruler hitting a desk.

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