The Deal_(1)

The Deal_(1)

The minute I saw her I knew I had to have her. There she was, with an inviting smile, wavy shoulder length brunette hair dressed in a sexy business suit that curved in all the right areas. Underneath her picture it read "Sandy Braxton – Top selling agent for the second year in a row". So, here I was, fantasizing about a woman on a real estate ad who I never met. But I was determined to change all that.

I jotted down Sandy's office number and called her the next day. I pretended to be someone who was looking for a second vacation home in the area. This was not entirely untrue, as I frequented this area to take care of my business interests and had enough money to buy a vacation home. Sandy was happy to help me, and she arranged to meet me the next day to show me some homes. Her sweet phone voice along with the images of her from the magazine ad fueled my excitement. We met the next day at one of the homes Sandy listed. Although I was beyond excited to meet her, I made a point not to arrive too early. As I pulled up to the house Sandy was already there. Her back was turned to me and she was talking on her cell phone. I got out of my car and started walking towards her, examining her figure at the same time. This woman had an unbelievable figure! She was wearing slacks which fit snuggly around her shapely ass. Her legs were slender, which made her look taller than her 5'4" frame. As she heard me approaching behind her, she said goodbye to the person on the phone and turned to greet me. "Well hello, you must be Grant?" she said while extending a hand to me. While shaking her hand I couldn't help but notice the plunging neckline of her blouse, which lead to a set of firm but not very large set of breasts. As I shook hands my eyes locked onto hers a bit longer than she probably expected. I think she got the hint that I found her quite attractive, and gave a demure smile that seemed to say thank you for noticing. As Sandy walked me through the house the only questions I thought of asking her was about her. I was able to find out that she had been in real estate for five years, sells only million dollar homes, has a daoughter and likes to play tennis. Unfortunately I didn't have to ask to find out if she was married, as it was quite obvious from the wedding ring on her finger. My casual conversation eventually convinced Sandy that I wasn't planning on buying a home, at least not today. I told her that I wasn't sold on the house, and asked if I could take her to lunch the next day where she can bring information on other homes she has listed. She thought about it for a minute, wondering out loud why we couldn't meet in her office to do that, but after some sweet talking on my part she agreed to have lunch with me.

At lunch the next day, Sandy showed me pictures of 5 homes. The home that she was really trying to sell me was the most expensive one, costing about 4 million. I joked with her about this, and she replied that the price wasn't the reason why she was trying to sell me the house, but because it was on the market for the longest time and she was having a hard time selling it. I appreciated her honesty, and because of it I agreed to have her show me the house the next day. After we got business out of the way we were able to enjoy the rest of our lunch with more casual and personal conversation. I noticed she was flirting back at me and wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

The next day I met Sandy at the 4 million dollar house. Sandy was dressed in a gray business suit. Her skirt ended above her knees, revealing smooth tender calves. Her blouse was buttoned low, revealing her wonderful cleavage and hints of medium sized but firm breasts. I hardly heard a word she said about the house as I was lost in my fantasies of her. "So, what do you think?" Sandy asked. "Huh? I'm sorry, what do I think about what? You mean the house?" I replied.

She laughed, with a hint of disappointment. "Listen Grant, I sense that you're really not interested in buying a house from me." she said. I told her that I was interested in buying a house, but admitted to her that my thoughts were occupied with how beautiful I thought she was. She said she was flattered that I thought so, but that she was a professional, and happily married. "Are you really happily married?" I asked. She got a bit angry at this, and replied "Even if I weren't, it is none of your business". She started to storm out the door, but I grabbed her by the wrist before she could walk away. "Wait. Listen Sandy, I'm sorry for that comment, but you really can't blame me for trying with a woman like you."

"So what do you want from me?" she asked.

"Well, I'm sure you probably know…Sandy, I'm desperate to know what it would be like to make love to you. I know this sounds crazy, but right now it's all I could ever want. And I am willing to do whatever it takes to realize this. So I have a proposition for you. Would you sleep with me if I bought this house? You are desperate to sell it, and I am desperate to have you."

Sandy paused for a minute, shook her head in disbelief, pulled her wrist from my grasp and ran off without saying a word.

A week passed by after that incident, and during this time all I could do was masturbate to the though of Sandy. Then one day Sandy called me. She said that the house still had not been sold and wanted to take me up on my proposition. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. My voice began to crack and my hand shook uncontrollably at hearing this news. As part of my end of the deal I agreed to meet Sandy at her office to complete the paperwork on the house. After that was done Sandy gave me an address to a house and instructed me to meet her there at noon the next day to fulfull her part of the deal.

As I pulled up to the house that Sandy arranged for our tryst I spotted her car already parked in the driveway. The house was already open and as I entered I noticed it was mostly empty but still had some remaining pieces of furniture. I called out to Sandy, and I heard her reply from upstairs. I followed her voice and found her in the master bedroom of the home, sitting at the edge of the king sized bed that had been left in the bedroom, dressed in nothing but red santin panty and matching bra, black stalkings, and heels.

"Now, for my end of the deal" she said in a sultry voice. But first you have to agree to these conditions. You get to fuck me for as long as it takes you to orgasm. As soon as you cum, I can leave. I will not perform oral sex on you, but if you wish you can on me. And of course, you have to wear a condom."

I agreed to the terms and quickly undressed. Sandy began to take off her lingerie, but I asked her to stop and preferred that I undress her myself. She was fine with this and laid down flat on the bed waiting for me. I laid down next to her, and began running my nervous right hand gently on the outside of her thigh, then on the inside of her thigh, pass her crotch, to her stomach, and up to her breast where I stopped to feel her tits through her bra. With her right hand Sandy began stroking my cock, which was standing erect at its 8 inch length. She was stroking it nice and long, and then began to pick up the pace. As I started to feel the sensations build up on my cock, I realized she was trying to get me to cum fast. Recognizing this I pulled her hand away from my cock. Then I removed her bra straps off her shoulders, and slid her bra to her tummy to reveal her wonderful, firm and perky breasts. I repositioned myself between Sandy's legs, and began to lick her nipples, alternating between both. As I was doing this I sensed Sandy's breathing tense up in pleasure. I ravished the tenderness of her breasts and the perkiness of her nipples, licking circles and figure eights. As I continued to lick her breasts I slid my hand between her panties and inserted two fingers to feel her wetness. Sandy was clearly enjoying this, as her pussy was extremely wet and moist! The thought of my sexual pleasure being reciprocated by Sandy drove me wild. Then I felt Sandy's hand on my cock again. She began stroking it as I was fingering her wet pussy. I pulled away from her breast, and raised my head up to hers. Her eyes were shut tight, her head turned to the side, and face contored in pleasure as I continued to finger her. I again sensed the tension in my cock from Sandy's hand job, and quickly grabbed her hand away from my cock and swung it above her head, pinning it with my hand. Her head turned towards mine and seizing the opportunity I moved forward to kiss her. She received my kiss with sealed lips which I parted forcefully with my tongue. She seemed to like the forcefulness of the kiss, and returned my hard and passionate tonguing with her own excited kiss.

Sandy pulled away from our intense kiss. "Ohhhh that feels so good, I am ready for that cock Grant. C'mon, put it inside me" Sandy demanded.

I rolled off Sandy and onto my back to apply the condom onto my cock. Without a hitch, Sandy rolled onto me, pulled her panty to the site, straddled my cock and inserted it inside her pussy. She bounced up and down on my cock. As I looked down I noticed a frothy white juice inching it's way down my condon, a mixture of her pussy juice and the condom lubrication. As she rocked up and down on my cock one of my hands played with her breast while the other rested on her ass.

In an effort to get me to cum, Sandy began to talk dirty. "Oh fuck, is this what you wanted Grant? Does that pussy feel as good as you thought it would. You better fuck this pussy good because you'll never get a chance again."

After bouncing up and down on my cock, Sandy began to grind on it, and unexpectedly she yelled out in exctasy as she came all over my cock, her pussy juices spilling down into my balls. She paused to gather her breath and said "I can't believe this, I didn't think you would last long enough to make me cum. I guess you're not done yet huh". I shook my head in reply.

Sandy rolled off me and onto her back. I grabbed her panties and slid them off her smooth legs and positioned msyelf between them. I teased her by inserting only the tip of my cock into her pussy, taking it out, and then repeating this several times for a couple of minutes. Then Sandy slid her hands from my back down to my ass and suddenly pulled all of my cock inside her, her fingers digging into my ass as she pressed my cock hard and deep into her. This was an absolute turn on, and as soon as Sandy's grip loosened I began to pound her pussy fast and hard.

"Yes, yes…oh shit yes, fuck the shit out of me!!!" Sandy exclaimed. The sensation began to build at my cock but I wanted to fuck her for as long as I could. Right before I was going to cum I pulled out my cock and turned Sandy over on her stomach. Sandy was not able to see me as I took the condom off my cock. Then I entered her pussy from behind while she lay completely flat on her stomach. She flinched as she felt my cock enter her bareback. I fucked her in this position in a slow steady pace for about ten minutes, trying my best to remember every feeling and sensation of her warm and wet pussy wrapped around my cock. Then Sandy pushed off her stomach onto all fours. We began to fuck doggy style. At first I fucked her upright with my hands gripped around her tiny waist, pulling her torso to meet my every thrust. Then I leaned down closer to her, moved my hands from her waist to her breast, and increased the pace of my thrusts. I only lasted probably less than a minute in this position as my cock exploded in Sandy. My hands clenched tightly on Sandy's breast. Sandy's hands clenched onto the bed sheets as she received my cum. My shriek of ecstacy was interrupted only because Sandy leaned her head back towards me for another passionate kiss, and then we both collapsed on the bed.

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