The girls next door – chapter 4

The girls next door – chapter 4


I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I lay there, frozen with fear. My mother and Claire and Stacey’s mother and father standing at the doorway looking in on us.
“Is Anna in here with you girls” Claire’s mother said, her eyes darting from the top bunk where me and Claire were to the bottom bunk where David, Stacey and Anna were.
I heard a rustle and Anna’s voice come from underneath me.
“I’m here Aunt Holly, did you want me for something”
“Actually I do” she said “your parents have gone away until Sunday so you will be staying with us. And by the looks of things I take it your not going to object” she continued with a slight smile.
“Not at all” Anna said.
“Ok then, breakfast is ready by the way” Claire’s mother said and they turned away and closed the bedroom door.

I let out a sigh of relief and lay back on the bed, Claire turned to me, laughed a little, kissed me on the lips then climbed out of bed.
Stacey and Anna emerged from the bottom bunk, both naked like Claire and pulled a night gown on, I hopped out of bed and looked for something to cover up with, all 3 girls looked at me and laughed because I had left all my clothes downstairs, Claire said she would go and get them and left the room.
Stacey came over to me and kissed me on the lips, her tongue began exploring in my mouth as mine was in hers, the door opened and Claire handed me and David our jeans, we put them on and went downstairs.

Our parents were at the table when we walked into the kitchen, they quickly stopped what they were talking about. We sat down and ate breakfast in silence, making no eye contact with anyone else.
I looked over to the clock on the wall, it was 8:30, what was my mother doing around here this early I thought to myself, maybe she realized I wasn’t in the house so came to see if I was here.

Claire’s father, Ray, cleared his throat and said “could you boys give me a hand to put in a new pool filter, the one that’s in is broken”
I looked at David then looked at Ray, I thought it would be best if we helped, just to stay on his good side.

After breakfast we got dressed properly and went into the front garden, all the girls, including mothers, were leaving to go shopping so there was just me, David and Ray left in the house.

We pulled out the old filter and put the new one in, I made sure Ray was never standing behind me, incase he decided to stab his screwdriver into me or something, I was probably being stupid but I still didn’t trust him.

“You don’t have to move every time I walk behind you, I’m not going to stab you or anything” he said as I shuffled out of the way.
“I’m not bothered if you’re both fucking my daughters or niece, its natural, infact I’m pleased it’s you and your friend instead of some dickhead, I like you two, you seem like good lads”. He continued as he put the cover on the filter.

He went into the conservatory and switched on the pool heater, then came back out with 3 chairs and some beers.

It was a bit too early for me to start drinking so I just lay beside the pool in the sun.

After what seemed like 30 minutes I sat up, David and Ray were seeing who could jump further into the pool and the girls didn’t seem to be home,
“Ah you’re awake” David said from the side of the pool “You’ve been asleep about 4 hours”

I stood up and yawned, then dived into the pool to wake my self up. I still had my jeans on so it was pretty hard to swim with them on so I climbed out and hopped the fence to my house, got changed into some shorts and went backing the pool next door.

“What was my mother round here so early for today” I asked ray

“Well don’t be mad at me but you know how you told your mother about Claire and Stacey, well, she told me and Holly. And the dinners after you told her weren’t actually dinners, we were here having a threesome, we didn’t know you were going to be here so we went upstairs and fucked, it was only this morning when we knew you two were here.

I was lost for words; I just floated there trying to take in these words.

So you and your wife have been fucking my mother” I finally said.

“Yeah” he replied “and she is really fucking good” he continued, with a smirk on his face, he was trying to tease me but I just looked at him and said “I know, and so does he” pointing to David.

“You are a busy young man” he said “speaking of which here are the girls now”

All of the girls piled into the garden with hands full of bags, insisting we give our judgment on the clothes they had bought then they went into the house to get changed.
They came back into the garden a few minutes later wearing bikinis. I noticed Claire straight away as she was wearing a bright green bikini which glowed against her tanned skin, she sat on the side of the pool and I swam over to her.
“Do you like it” she said, smiling down at me
“Its nice” I said “but I still think you look better with nothing on”

I ran my wet hands up the outside of her thighs until I got to the side’s of her bikini and began to untie them, the front and back flopped down onto the poolside to reveal her golden pubic hair, they were trimmed into a small triangle pointing down towards her pussy.

“My parents are here, we can’t do it now” she whispered
“Its ok, it’s all sorted between us and your parents, besides, they have been fucking my mother” I whispered back to her
“WHAT” she shouted, luckily only her father heard, he winked at me and turned away again.
“What was that for, and what do you mean my parents are fucking your mum?”
“I told you it’s sorted, and they weren’t at any dinners, they were here fucking”.
“So they’re not bothered if we fuck here” Claire said
“Nope” I replied
“Then what the fuck are you waiting for, get on with it, I’ve been gagging for it all day”. And with that she hopped up a little and pulled her bikini bottoms from underneath her and lay on her back with her pussy hanging over the edge of the pool.

I licked around her pussy lips first to tease her then softly sucked on her clit. Her pre-cum was slowly dribbling out of her hole so I licked it up, running my tongue all the way up her pussy, I then pushed two fingers up and continued to suck and lick her clit. I looked over to everyone else and to my amazement they were all naked. My mother was taking it from behind by Ray whilst she licked Anna’s pussy and David was on his back with Holly on his cock and Stacey on his face.

Claire’s hand pulled my head back to her pussy so I licked her clit and pushed my fingers in and out of her pussy.
“MMMMMMM………..FUCK ME” she moaned so I pulled my fingers from her cunt, still licking it, and pulled my shorts off in the pool, then I sat her up and pulled her into the pool. She swam to the corner and put her arms on both sides to hold herself there. I swam over and guided my rock hard cock into her pussy, it was warm and wet and my cock slid freely so I pulled myself close to her so her tits were touching my chest and began to slowly fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in harder and faster, after about 10 minutes Anna suggested that we all go into the house, I told her me and Claire will be in soon and they went in, leaving just the 2 of us out in the pool.

I continued to fuck Claire until her legs tightened around me, she was going to orgasm so I stopped, I knew that when I do this to her she gets really mad and when I fuck her again her orgasms are 10 times better.

“What did you stop for, I was going to cum” she said
“That’s exactly why, so when I fuck you in the house you will mad and end up having a better orgasm, besides I cant get your pussy juice if its in the pool can I”.

“I see, well lets go inside then” she said sweetly
“I’m just going to lock my doors because it looks like my house is going to be empty tonight……..and don’t let anyone else fuck you before I get back.”

I hopped the fence in between our houses and ran butt naked into my house; I locked the back door and was just about to lock the front when the phone rang. I answered it and heard a voice I did not expect, Kirsty, my other girlfriend, I had completely forgot she even existed since the new neighbors arrived, she told me she had a holiday and was coming to visit tomorrow. I told her I couldn’t wait and put the phone down, wondering what I was going to do. I put it to the back of my mind, locked the front door and hopped the fence to next doors.

When I went in the living room there was Ray on one sofa fucking Anna and licking my mother’s pussy, David was on the other sofa fucking Stacey and licking Holly’s pussy, and Claire was sitting on the floor rubbing her cunt with her bikini top and licking off the pre-cum. When she noticed me she threw the top to one side and turned over onto her knees, her ass and cunt were in plain view so I kneeled behind her and rubbed the swollen head of my cock down her cunt and stuffed it in until it was all the way in.
I pumped my meat into her as hard as I could like I had done so many times now. It didn’t take long before she was bucking back as I pushed forward.

As she came I pulled my cock out. her cum was gushing from her cunt as I pushed 2 fingers up it to collect some sweet juice, she too pushed some fingers up so she could get a taste of herself, after she sucked her love juice from her fingers she put them back up her pussy then pulled then out and pushed them slowly into her ass.
FUCK ME UP THE ASS she said as she pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. I put my girl cum covered cock on her ass hole and slowly pushed it up, after about 2 inches her ass loosened so I pulled my cock out, pushed it up her pussy for some more juice then returned to her ass, slipping the whole lot up her ass, it was looser now than it had been the firs time I fucked her up it, but it still needed plenty more fucks to get it real loose.
I hammered my cock in and out of her ass, pulling it out until just the head was in and ramming it all the way in as hard and fast as I could, just how she liked it.
Stacey got up off David’s cock which now had her mother Holly on and lay under Claire, so they were in a 69 position, Claire dove into her sisters waiting pussy as Stacey pushed 3 fingers into Claire’s cunt whilst I hammered my cock up her ass.

I could feel I was going to cum so I reached forward and grabbed Claire’s waist, pulling her back as I slammed my dick into her. My cock exploded with cum, squirting load after load deep into Claire’s hot ass. I pulled my cock after about 1 minute of slowly fucking her and offered it to Stacey. She sucked the cum and ass flavor from it and continued sucking it for about 3 more minutes before removing her mouth.
“My turn now” she said and kneeled with her ass and pussy facing me. I pushed my still hard cock up her cunt and slammed it all the way in, I fucked her hard and fast for 5 minutes until she came, her cum gushing out into Claire’s mouth who was underneath her.

I positioned my cock at her ass and pushed it in, her ass loosened after a few inches so I pushed the rest of my cock deep into her ass and immediately began pounding away, fucking her as hard as I could. After about 10 minutes I noticed Holly, Claire and Stacey’s mother, had climbed of David’s cock so I pulled out of Stacey’s ass and lay on my back as Holly came over to me.
Claire and Stacey were now getting fucked and licked by their dad, Ray, and Anna and my mother were getting fucked and licked off David.

Holly sat over my cock, which was still solid, and guided her pussy onto it; she was very loose and glided up and down my long shaft easily, after about 5 minutes I told her to sit on it with her ass. She told me she had never been fucked up the ass before so I assured her it would be the time of her life if she relaxed. She pulled herself off my cock which was wet with her pussy juice and positioned her ass over it, she then slowly began to sit down, it took about 2 minutes until she was sat as low as she could go, the pleasure was showing in her face as she began to bounce up and down on my cock, she began to lift further off my cock and pound it up harder as she sat back on it.
I shouted David over and holly turned around so her back was to me, I pulled her down so she was lying on top of me, facing up. David opened her legs and guided his cock up her pussy; we both fucked her as hard as we could until she was ready to cum 5 minutes later.
David pulled his cock from her cunt and went back to Anna and my mother whilst I pounded my cock into Holly’s ass and made her cum all over. She sat up and turned around again to face me then slowly stood up, pushing 3 fingers up her gaping ass and sucking the taste from my cock.
“When your ready to cum again, I want it up my ass, ok” she said, stuffing her 3 fingers in her mouth to taste herself again.

I lay her on her back and began to lick her pussy so I could have a rest for 10 minutes. I pushed my tongue into her pussy hole whilst my hands were playing with her nipples.
“kiss me so I can taste my pussy” she demanded so I took one last big lick and moved up to kiss her, pushing 2 fingers into her pussy on the way, we kissed for a long time and when we broke away I pulled my fingers from her wet cunt and let her suck her juice from them.

I got up and sat on the chair in the far corner, Anna followed and crouched down in front of me, placing my cock in her mouth, it slowly hardened and she was soon deep throating me. Then she climbed onto the chair and say on my cock. Her pussy was still tight, it felt really good around my cock and I was soon fucking the life out of her.
AAAHHHH………..FUCK ME UP THE ASS AND MAKE ME CUM….she shouted in pleasure.

I lifted her off my cock and bent her over the chair; spreading her butt cheeks I pushed the head of my cock up her ass. It was so tight, definitely the tightest out of the girls here, i slowly pushed my cock in, stuffing it up her tight ass. I thought I was going to split her in two it was that tight but I managed to get my cock stuffed all the way up her ass and began franticly slamming it in and out, she was screaming in pleasure as I brought my cock almost out of her ass and slammed it back in, I continued this, getting quicker for about 10 minutes until she was screaming.
She squirted her love juice all over as I continued to slam my dick into her ass, she leaned forward to pull her self from my cock and turned around, she grabbed it and sucked the taste of her ass off it then went and joined the others who were now bundled together in one big orgy.
My mother came over to me and bent over in front of me like Anna did.
“Just fuck me up the ass, iv already been fucked up the pussy twice” she said so I pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed my cock into her hole.

It didn’t take long before the whole of my cock was buried deep in my mothers sweet ass, I pounded away like a mad man, reaching around with one hand and pushing 2 fingers into her cunt and cupping her tits with the other, a fucked her ass for about 10 minutes when she came, her pussy juice spraying all over my hand, I pulled it away from her cunt and sucked off the cum, I then pulled my cock from her ass and she sucked her ass flavor off it and went to join the others.

Holly was kneeling with her head in Claire’s pussy so I kneeled behind her and slid my cock up her cunt and fucked her for a while before I pulled it out and slowly pushed it up her tight warm ass and began to fuck her hard and fast, Stacey was now underneath with her fingers in her mothers cunt as I slammed my cock in her ass as hard as I could, I could feel her tight ass getting even tighter and she began to squirm a little, her cry’s muffled by Stacey’s cunt.
I hammered my dick into her ass as I came, gushing load after load of my cum into her ass as she came, squirting her pussy juice into Stacey’s mouth. I pulled my cock from her cum filled ass as she shared a kiss with her daughter, sharing her cum which she had collected. Then Stacey crawled round to her mothers pussy and cum filled ass and began to lick her cunt, then she moved up to her gaping ass hole and sucked out the cum. Claire came over and kissed Stacey on the lips to get some off the cum from her.
I looked at the clock; it was only 3:00 so I suggested we all go back into the front garden whilst the sun was still out.
We all went out into the garden, I took Stacey’s hand and led her to the other side of the pool where one of the chairs were, I sat on the chair and Stacey sat on top of me, placing my cock up her warm pussy, she sat still for a bit whilst we kissed, then she started bouncing up and down on my cock, her pussy walls rubbing up and down my shaft as she moved, she then jumped off and pulled me up off the chair, she jumped up on me and slid my dick back up her pussy so I was now carrying her with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I fucked her like this until I came, filling her pussy with my warm cum, I then walked to the pool, still in this position and jumped in, we broke away under water and emerged near the side, Stacey climbed out and waited for me to climb out.
“Wait until you get out of there, your going to get the hardest fucking of you life” she said.
“Ooh well id better hurry up and get out then hadn’t I” I said jokingly
“Who’s that at your front door Robert” she said to me, looking over to my house.
I climbed out of the pool and looked over, there was a girl standing looking at the door, she had dark hair and was tanned.
I recognized her straight away. It was Kirsty.

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