The Locker Room_(1)

The Locker Room_(1)

Hi! my name is Nicole, I'm 15 years old, 5'4, 117 lbs, brownish
blondeish hair, blue eyes, 32b, and tan. I'm a cheerleader for our high
school along with my friend Sarah (15 years old, 5'4, about 110-120 lbs,
light brown hair, brown eyes, and 32b, almost looks like she was my
sister). I always thought she was so beautiful and sexy. She had such a
nice round tight ass and perfect breasts, a pretty face with the
sweetest sexiest lips you can imagine. I am of course bi-sexual and she
was not as far as I knew. She also didn't know I was bi. We both
attended practice every day like all the other girls, she's also my
neighbor so we would give each other rides home from practice. I loved
going to cheerleading practice and going to games with her. The locker
room was my favorite part because her locker was right next to mine and
I got a chance to admire her in her bra and panties when we changed. She
looked even prettier in the cheerleading uniform.

Today wasn't too different from any other. We went to the girl's
locker room after school to go get changed for practice. The usual
routine, I'd get as much of a view as I could at Sarah's beautiful body
before we got dressed. Then we went out into the gym and started
practicing cheers, taking a few breaks every now and then. It was about
7:00 when we were done. Everyone filed into the locker room to change
and go home. Today I was feeling a little horny and was admiring Sarah
more than usual. When we went in to go change i noticed Sarah was
wearing a white silk thong under her uniform.

"What are you wearing? is that a thong Sarah?" I asked

"Yea, hehe i got it at the mall yesterday and wanted to wear it. It
feels great, do I look good in it?" She asked, modeling it for me,
turning around so I could see all of it.

"Oh… uh.. yea it makes you look real sexy, I like it." Trying to
conceal my moist crotch

"Hmmm… yea I do like it, it actually feels better than my regular

"Oh.. really? Yea it looks.. um… comfortable." I said nervously trying
not to reveal the fact that I wanted to jump up and start making out
with her right then and there.

"Hehe thanks Nicole" she giggled, "You should get a thong especially
these silk ones, they feel so sexy, I think you'd look great in one"

"Um… thanks, you think so?" I was getting so nervous and turned on at
the same time by now using all the self control I had to keep from
jumping all over her.

"Yea, are you kidding me? You got that nice ass and figure. It'd fit
great in a thong" She said as she removed her top

"Wow you really think i got a nice ass?… I mean… I.. uh…." I
started to stutter nervously thinking of what I said or should say. And
if it was appropriate or if I just admitted I was bi!

"Well yea, your ass is pretty hot not to mention the rest of your body."
By now I was getting confused nervous and horny all at once. A million
thoughts raced through my mind. Was she bi or lez too? is she coming on
to me? Or is this just all in my head? Should I try to flirt back? Is
she even flirting with me? What if she's not? But what is she is? I'll
be missing out on a one and only chance! "You got nice boobs, and a
gorgeous face on top of it all." Now I decided she must be coming on to
me, or I should at least take the chance that she is.

"Hey your not so bad yourself, pretty face, even better boobs, and of
course that great ass with the thong." I said with a wink

"Heh, thanks" she replied winking back "Hmmm, what time is it? Did
everyone leave?" Just then I noticed it was almost 7:30 and the entire
locker room and gym were empty, even the coaches left, they must have
not noticed we were still here.

"Wow, yea its 7:30, everyone's gone. Oh jeez I can't believe we were
chatting for so long! And I'm not even dressed yet"

"Don't worry about it, we got all the time in the world" She said calmly

"Yea, I suppose. Hey you know this is the first time we had the whole
locker room, even the whole school just to our selves."

"Heh, your right, what do you wanna do?"

"I dunno, we could do anything I guess, there's no one to see anything
we do."

"Well what's your plan? You wanna run naked up and down the halls or
something?" She asked with a giggle.

"Haha, well if we got naked no one would see, I never been naked in
school." With that she laughed and said that she wouldn't tell if I
didn't, and then she immediately dropped her thong revealing her trimmed
pussy hair. (Mine was trimmed as well but not in the same "shape")

"Sarah! I was kidding!" I said in shock

"Oh come on, you're just gonna leave me hear naked?? You can't wuss out
now!" I hesitated for just a second and then pulled off my panties and
the rest of my clothes. Sarah got totally nude as well.

After a bit of laughter and some awkwardness we admired each other's
bodies. While admiring each other we lost the idea of walking around
school nude and instead sat on the locker room bench, legs spread facing
each other and started talking about sex. Since our clothes were off and
just about every boundary was crossed, I asked her if she had ever
thought of being with another girl. And she told me she never really
thought about it. I felt disappointed and worried about how much i
revealed to her. But just then she said while thinking to herself,
"Well…. I don't know, I guess it would be bad… I really don't know"

"Really? So you would…. like… kiss a girl?"

"Yea… I don't know, I guess it'd be ok….. have you ever thought
about it?" I didn't want to flat out admit it so I lied to her.

"Not really…. I mean…. I might I guess…"

"Well now you got me thinking about it…. I'm wondering what it would
be like….."

"I know me too" I said with a giggle, "You wanna try it? I mean, if I
was gonna do it with someone it would probably be you"

"Sure, there's only one way to find out if we like it."

Just then she leaned in towards me and I leaned towards her. Our lips
touched. I felt her soft sweet warm tongue push on my lips. I opened my
mouth welcoming her tongue. Before I knew it we were slowly kissing each
other my tongue in her mouth and hers in mine. All my fantasies were
coming true! She was such a great kisser too. And to top it all of we
were both already naked! I put my hand on her shoulder then held the
back of her head as we kept kissing each other deeply. She started to
moan a little and let out sigh's of pleasure while we kissed. We started
to get carried away as I felt her hand touch my right breast. She
started to massage it and squeeze my nipple. I then returned the favor.
Before we could continue she broke the kiss and stood up.

"Nicole, I don't want to stop, I feel so horny"

"I do too, I want you" I said, " lay down Sarah, I wanna try something."

She laid down on her back on the bench with her legs spread. I moved in
between her legs taking in the sweet scent of her fresh warm young
pussy. I started to feel dazed as the delicious aroma surrounded me. I
couldn't wait to savor it anymore, I immediately pressed my tongue on
her tight clit starting to lick it up and down, taking in her sweet
juices. My tongue going all over her pussy lips as she moaned for my
mouth. I spread her cunt and slowly pushed my tongue inside her love
hole. Fucking her vagina with my tongue, her juices pouring onto my
face. Holding her pussy open with my fingers I darted my tongue in and
out of her. Making her moan and sigh for me. Her body pulsing on my
tongue. I felt her starting to tense up building to orgasm as I fucked
her harder and faster with my tongue and fingers.

"Nicole, I think… I'm… going to.. cum" She told me as she grinded
into my face

I felt her entire body build to a climax and release as she cummed onto
my face. I lapped up her sweet cum juices, slurping them off her crotch.
I told her I was done and she said she wanted more. She wanted to taste
me. So I moved around and positioned myself on top of her so we were in
the 69 position. I lowered my wet pussy onto my her face and felt her
tongue press onto it. I put my head back down into her crotch again to
taste her juices as much as I could. I then felt her tongue and fingers
fucking in and out of my cunt. I started to moan as she flicked her
tongue on my pussy lips. I opened her clit with my fingers again fucking
it deep with my tongue. My lips were pressed against her vagina as my
tongue darted in and out deep inside. I felt myself starting to climax,
my body began to build up as she kept eating me out more and more. I
pushed my pussy onto her face humping it as i continued licking her. My
heart started beating faster as I told her I was going to cum. She
replied by sticking her tongue deep inside my dripping cunt. I also felt
her slide a finger into my butt hole starting to finger fuck me up the
ass. I did the same still sucking and licking at her sweet pussy. She
went even harder and faster as i began to tense up. I felt my body
orgasm onto her mouth and face as i let out a moan of pleasure. She
licked up all my cum juices and told me to keep going on her. I fucked
her faster and faster until she came to a climax too. After that I
cleaned up her pussy again enjoying every bit of her delicious sweet
taste. Once we had both cummed we simply collapsed and laid down
together on the floor on top of our clothes. After making out and
swapping our juices for about another 5 minutes we got up and went into
the unused shower room. We got cleaned up and dressed, and went into the
car to go home. On the ride back we were pretty silent but both very
happy and smiling about what we had done. She pulled into the driveway
and turned off the engine. We sat in the car for a moment and paused.

"So…." I said to break the awkward silence.

"Nicole… you know… we should stay after practice more often" Sarah
said with a smile.

One month later…

Sarah and I planned to stay late for the usual fun. We were taking
our time changing from our uniforms to kill time as the other girls left
one by one. Soon enough the locker room was once again empty. We checked
around looking for anyone who might still be changing and as usual,
nobody. Sarah had already started to strip as I checked the locker room
and gym. I came back in to find her naked by now, I did the same. With
just a smile and a slight laugh, we embraced each other and started
kissing. We advanced pretty fast, I started to suck on her nipples while
she felt my pussy. Eventually we moved into a 69 position as we usually
would to finish off. But just as we really started to near climax we
both heard a click. The kind of click of a door shutting quietly. It was
hard to pick up over our noise making but it was clear, someone had just
entered the girl's locker room and we were naked and fucking each other.
It was the door from the locker room to the parking lot since we could
see the door to the gym from where we were. As soon as we heard that
click we both froze instinctively. I was on top so I slowly and quietly
started to move off of Sarah trying not to make a sound. We didn't know
who it was that came in but just as I started to move off Sarah's body I
heard a gasp of shock and it wasn't Sarah. I quickly jumped off Sarah to
see who was behind me.

"Oh… my God……" I heard as I turned around, totally exposed. I
looked over to see Joanne (a fellow cheerleader) staring at us both,
caught in the act. All 3 of us were silent for a moment, all in shock. I
simply stood there turning red at a loss of words, expecting Sarah to
say something but unfortunately she had the same expectation of me.
After a few seconds which seemed like an eternity Sarah broke the most
humiliating and awkward silence ever.

"You aren't telling anyone…." She said, trying to threaten Joanne and
giving some relief to me thinking this would remain a secret.

"What…. were you… doing…?" Joanne stuttered out.

"Never mind what we were doing, you just don't tell anyone about what
you think you saw." Sarah ordered out again. I was suprized and confused
at her reaction. She actually seemed more angry than embarrassed about
the situation.

"I don't know…. I mean… you're naked! What am I supposed to do?"
Joanne stammered out again in confusion.

"You just make sure you keep your mouth shut! Got it!?" Sarah said as
she approached Joanne still nude.

"I… I'm.. sorry, I just came in to get my gym bag, I left it in my
locker." Joanne said in a sort of apology. Still in a bit of confusion
and embarrassment I picked up my top off the floor and held it over my

"No, I think your gonna tell someone, I wanna make sure this doesn't get
out Joanne" Sarah said as she stood face to face with Joanne,
intimidating her as it seemed. She was maybe an inch or two taller than
Joanne so she had a good stance for trying to intimidate her. "Nicole,
come here" She said as she sort of held Joanne against the lockers. I
approached them standing next to Sarah.

"What should we do Sarah? Think she's gonna talk?" I said staring to
play along with her.

"Yea, she'll talk if we don't do something….. take off your shirt Jo."
Sarah ordered "Do it!!" Sarah grabbed Joanne's arm pinning it to the
locker. I stepped in close to make it seem like she was trapped.

"What?? What are you guys doing?? let me go!" Joanne started to struggle
trying to pull her arm free but not working.

"If you don't take off your shirt, we will take it off for you! Now do
it Joanne!" Joanne looked at us both in a sort of confusion, but after a
moment of hesitation she removed her top.

"Good, now drop the skirt" Sarah said still holding her against the
locker. Joanne tried to plea with her again but was forced to take off
her skirt, now in her bra and panties with Sarah and I still naked.

"Ok, bra and panties next" I said, continuing Sarah's demands.

"No way! You can't make me do this!" She said trying to pull away or
escape. Still no use, and after using more force on her we got her to
get totally nude. Joanne was beautiful, she had the smoothest round
tight ass, average sized breasts about as big as mine or Sarah's, her
pubic hair was trimmed, just a dark brown strip above her vagina, her
entire body was tanned just right to highlight her silky skin. Sarah
immediately put her hand into Joanne's crotch, fingering her pussy. She
leaned in and kissed her deep then pulled back and licked her own fingers.

"Mmmmm, she tastes so good Nicole, here" Sarah held her wet fingers in
front of me as I sucked on them tasting some of Joanne's cunt.

"You're right, she is good" I replied. Joanne still intimidated and scared.

"Ok Jo, now that your naked you might as well find out what it's like to
have a girl" Sarah said as she put her hand behind Jo's head.

"No.. please I don't want to…" She pleaded, as Sarah grabbed her hair
bringing Joanne to her knees.

"Sit on the bench Nicole, she'll do you first." I sat down with my legs
spread on the bench as Sarah pulled her by her hair up to my pussy.

"Do it!" Sarah ordered handing me Joanne's hair to take control of her.
I pulled her hair making her eat my clit while Sarah got down behind
Joanne sticking her hand back between her legs playing with Joanne's cunt.
I felt her tongue going up and down on my pussy lips. I put one hand on
my crotch to spread my lips. She responded by hesitantly putting her
tongue up my clit. I started moaning in pleasure as I forced Joanne to
eat me out. I started pumping my body into her face, spilling my juice
all over her mouth and face. After a while I could tell she was starting
to get used to it and like it. Eventually I reached a climax cumming on
her tongue which was buried in my pussy. I then handed Jo off to Sarah
who did the same as I did until she came too. After we both used Joanne
Sarah said for all of us to get on the floor. We set up in a three way
69 position. My head was between Joanne's legs, Sarah's was between
mine, and Joanne's head was between Sarah's. I felt Sarah sucking my
cunt just how I liked it while I began on Joanne. I held her pussy lips
open darting my tongue in and out. I switched from her pussy to asshole.
I couldn't resist Jo's sweet ass, so I used my hands to hold her soft
cheeks apart as I pressed my tongue into her cute little brown hole with
my entire mouth pressed against her butt and my tongue sticking up her
asshole. I went back to her pussy, licking it all over circling it with
my tongue and licking it top to bottom as she started to hump my face, I
held her lips open again and fucked her pussy with me tongue until she
came, taking her to her first lesbian climax as I lapped up her sweet
virgin juices. Sarah and I climaxed too.
After we had all finished off, we got into the showers together and
laughed about the experience, Sarah and I questioned Joanne on how she
liked it. She did and said she'd rather do it again than tell anyone. We
told her about how we stayed after practice every day and how we started
off. She said it sounded great and that she wanted to join in. Of course
this was terrific so we told her we'd be doing it tomorrow and just
about every day of the week. She said she wouldn't miss any of them.

To Be Continued…….

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