The Making of a Happy Husband

The Making of a Happy Husband


When I was in my mid 20's and had moved out of state to take my
first big job after graduating from college, I met a beautiful local
girl named Susan with the prettiest blue eyes you ever saw. Her
long blonde hair framed a pretty face with full pouty lips and a
peaches and cream complexion. We hit it off right away and nearly
every night she was at my bachelors' apartment where we would waste
no time jumping into bed. She and I were very afraid of her getting
pregnant and she did not want to take the pill and didn't like me
using protection. So it evolved that after entering her for a while,
before I felt like ejaculating, she would lower those sweet lips
over my hot cock and vigorously work my cock up and down while
massaging and squeezing my balls with the other hand until I would
blast off in her mouth. From the start, Susan readily accepted my
cum and seemed to delight in getting a big load from me. The only
thing she would say is "what a shame you can't share the great

So, fairly soon she started holding my cum in her mouth,
then moving up she would first open her mouth to let me see the
white slick offering, then place her mouth over mine and we swapped
her mouth full of my cum back and forth until between the both of us
it was all swallowed. This gave us both the warmest feeling and
really did add a lot to our lovemaking. We moved on from that
activity to having me withdraw almost completely just at the time of
ejaculation so that all my cum was spread right on top of and right
at the entrance to her pussy. Then she would have me go down on her
and lick all of my cum from her pussy then come up and drop it from
my mouth to hers. She used to tease me about liking cum as much as
she did and pretended to fuss at me about swallowing too much of it
before she got her share.

I loved eating her sweet pussy, but I really didn't like having the
hair around her pussy end up in my mouth and of course sometimes it
would end up in hers. So, soon, I was to discover that she had
removed all the pussy hair and was presenting me with the smoothest
little-girl set of pussy lips I had ever seen. From that time on,
she always kept her pussy as smooth as a baby's butt. She also made
me keep my balls and around the base of my cock shaved so it was
always smooth for her too. I found I preferred the feel of my
freshly shaved cock and have always kept it that way. I noticed
that this also made my seven inches look much larger and sexier
looking. Our oral cum eating precautions must have worked, as she
never got pregnant from our early sexual activity.

Right after meeting Susan, I started buying sexy lingerie for her. I
have always loved the look and feel of sexy lingerie. We both
enjoyed her sexy baby doll PJ's, satin panties, uplift bras, high
heels, nylons and garter belts, corsets, etc. Once she teased me
into putting on a pair of her satin panties while we made love and I
really got off on the feel of the satin on my ass as she rubbed over
it with her hands as I would thrust into her. One night before
leaving my apartment to go home, Susan pulled off the cute baby doll
top she had worn that evening, and helped me put it on over my head.
Oh, God did that feel sexy. There I was with a pair of sexy satin
panties holding my erection tightly to my body, and a frilly beige
colored baby doll top on my young male body. Susan insisted that I
walk her out of the apartment to her car. Thankfully, it was a dark
night. I can just imagine what the landlady or a neighbor might
have thought had I been seen in that getup. That night, I slept in
the lingerie and it felt so sexy, I knew I would do it again. Susan
insisted that I start a separate drawer for sexy lingerie just for
my own personal use. I was a bit larger than she was of course and she
didn't want me stretching all her things out of shape.

She promised to help me pick out things in my size that would be a turnon
for both of us. I thought this was so sexy. I couldn't wait to
add other things to my collection. The main thing that I was into
was the sexy panties, I never was interested too much in the other
things, but Susan liked to have me wear transparent open gowns with
a pair of bikini panties when we would lounge around watching TV,
etc. and I didn't mind pleasing her. One thing I still remember is
a pair of really fancy, white panties that she had bought me from a
bridal store. This pair was made for special occasions. It had a
little pink ribbon in front that tied over an opening that for some
reason was placed in exactly the location where my cock and balls
would protrude through. The panty was covered in back and front with
layers of lace and other little bows and ribbons. Susan liked
dressing me in those panties and using the little pink bow to tie
around the head of my cock just behind the crown. She would proceed
to suck me with the little bow outlining her lips. She used to say
it was like a mother bird feeding her babies when she sucked me that
way. I really loved those panties and wish I still had them today.

Years later, when I got the chance and no one else was home, I would
put them on, wrap a towel around my waist and walk outside to the
pool. Just before entering the pool, I would drop the towel and
slowly walk into the water, feeling it soak the panties. The feel of
the water on the panties as they hugged my body was exquisite. That
feeling, and the possibility of being seen by a neighbor, added to
the fun and excitement of wearing them while swimming and as I
stretched out on the towel and sunned myself after coming out of the
water. I suppose the chlorine in the water was the ultimate
downfall of those cute panties however, as they soon started coming
apart and had to be discarded.

After about a year of intense courting, sex and play, Susan and I
were married. During our courtship Susan would be attracted to a
few other guys from time to time and I never asked her not to date
them if she wanted to, as I have never been the jealous type. She
seemed to appreciate my attitude and told me that it made her love
me even more to realize I was willing to share her with those other
guys. We didn't really talk much about what she did with them on her
dates, but she would sometimes tease me while I would be making out
with her about me taking sloppy seconds, etc. I always thought this
was just teasing however as she always kept herself clean as a pin
and sweet as sugar.

After we were married, our sex life started taking some crazy turns
that weren't in the beginning always that enjoyable to me. However,
with some patient training and persistence on her part, I learned to
enjoy and look forward to her little games. She still teased me
about meeting some lover after work, or while out grocery shopping
fucking him in the backseat of the car, and coming home with a pussy
full of his cum, etc., These little fantasies always sparked up our
lovemaking for me.

Sometimes she would pretend to chew me out about some misbehavior
on my part and would tell me I was in for it when we went to bed
that night. I would get so turned on thinking about what was to
come I couldn't wait to turn in at night. As soon as we would enter
the bedroom and get out of our clothes, she would have a pair of
slick panties out on the bed for me to put on, then she would put me
over her knee and give me a hand spanking over my slick panties. I
never minded this play as it always ended up in some great
lovemaking. Once she told me to buy a leather whip for her as she
felt that sometimes when I had been naughty, like when I would stop
off at the topless bar for a few beers with the guys after work and
arrive home late to supper, etc. She felt a little whipping of my
panty-covered ass might be in order. She said the hand spankings
just didn't seem to be doing the job, besides it made her hand
sting. Naturally, I complied with her wish, but thought this was
mostly just a tease on her part. I didn't really believe she would
actually whip me. Was I ever wrong? I remember ordering a black
leather riding crop and a really beautiful leather "cat -o-nine
tails" from a catalog I saw advertised in a magazine I had picked up
at the adult bookstore. I started looking at magazines there that
covered this kind of behavior. I found myself getting excited by
looking at the pictures of dominant women in those magazines and
when I bought a few and took them home, Susan became positively
turned on by looking at and reading about this subject.

Soon I was being routinely ordered to flatten myself out face
down on the bed or leaned over the ottoman with my butt sticking up
and soundly flailed with the riding crop, the cat or with other
things like the flat side of a hair brush, a ping-pong paddle or a
wide leather belt folded so as not to hit me with the buckle. As
long as I was wearing my panties this didn't really hurt too much
and it was really stimulating. After a bit of this treatment, my
cock would be up and hard as a rock. In order to keep me from
making too much noise, sometimes Susan would remove her panties
during these episodes and stuff them into my mouth. Susan always
bragged about how tough I was to be able to take such hard
spankings, and what a good boy I was to be able to take the whip as
well as I did. Her approval made me feel really good and I admit I
grew to the point of really enjoying these sessions. I always
knew when I was going to have some of this treatment as Susan had
collected some specific lingerie items she would wear for these
events and she would be wearing smutty make-up, high spiky heels,
etc. when I would come into the bedroom there would usually be a
pair of pink panties laid out for me to put on. This got me in the
right mood and she looked good enough to eat in her sexy outfits.

About that time the 8mm porno movies were becoming popular and
available. What used to be a really rare treat while in college was to
see some of those "dirty movies." They became commonplace and only
required a trip to the adult book store to purchase one or more of
those little 10 minute sex films that you could take home and enjoy
in privacy. Susan was at first not too turned on with these, but
when I brought one of them home that featured one young blonde girl
(who, by the way, resembled her quite a bit) being serviced by two
well-hung studs, her attitude changed. We watched that movie over
and over throughout the next few weeks, as it was her favorite.
Finding this out, I bought others along the same lines. Sometimes
one or both of the males would be black guys and this seemed to give
her a special naughty thrill as coming from the south, a little
white girl making it with a black dude was a big taboo.

When we would make love, it became a really big turn on if I told
her that some day I was going to invite one of my black buddies from
work home to have dinner with us and maybe we would watch the movies
with him and go on from there. These stories would always evolve to
the point where I would pretend to drink too much and fall asleep or
sometimes I had to drive out to pick up some more beer or wine,
leaving her and the guy alone on the couch together watching the
movies. This would proceed on to her sucking his cock, him eating
her shaved pussy, then fucking her. She would always get off on the
images of going off to the bedroom with one of those guys and of
course we always talked about what a big dick he would have and how
difficult it would be for her to take such a large cock up her tight
little southern girls' pussy. We would also talk about what a huge
load of hot cum he would put into her, etc. This image never failed
to cause her to reach a terrific orgasm, sometimes multiple orgasms
as I moved down to eat her pretty pussy after shooting my own load
into her. I used to tease her about what her daddy would think if
he knew his little girl was having fantasies about sucking and
fucking a big black guy.

Our fantasy games proceeded to the point where we were actually
talking about bringing some other guy into our already hot sexual
relationship. Susan was clearly in control of our sex lives, but she
wanted to be sure I was cool with the idea of her playing with some
other man before feeling comfortable with actually doing anything.
I told her that everything she did turned me on so much, I would
agree to anything if it gave her pleasure. She said for me to please
remember that as she had some kinky ideas in mind. I started
noticing that Susan was dressing sexier than ever and when she went
out shopping, I wondered if she wasn't also shopping to find a
prospective lover to bring home. Fantasizing about that gave me many
a hard one as I waited for her to come home from her trips out.
Many times she would return from her shopping trips with some new
sexy lingerie both for herself and for me. I enjoyed getting these
little presents from time to time.

The reader can well imagine what came next. One summer I had some
landscaping work I wanted to do in the back yard and Susan suggested
I invite my buddy Jim, from work, over to help me that following
Saturday. She said for me to have him come over just before noon and
we could have a bite of lunch on the patio before we started to
work. She had met Jim several times at company parties, picnics,
etc. Jim was a big strong looking guy with an olive complexion and
coal black hair. She had always been turned on by this dark
Mediterranean look and I always knew she was attracted to Jim.
During the time we had been dating, she had gone out several times
with a guy named Andre who was Greek. I always figured he had gotten
to her, but she had never confided in me how any of her dates with
him had gone. Jim was a really nice guy and we were good friends
having had many beers together at the topless bars. He was married,
but his wife gave him quite a bit of freedom and I knew he would be
glad to come over and help me with the yard work, especially since I
had noticed he always had eyes for Susan too.

When Saturday came, I could tell Susan was up to something, she seemed as
nervous as a kitten. Jim came over about noon to start work. He was
wearing a pair of short shorts and a tight T-shirt. His muscular
tanned legs really did look hot in that outfit and I could tell
Susan was thoroughly enjoying his appearance. Susan was also wearing
short shorts and a folded scarf that she had tied across her large
shapely tits. This did more to enhance the view of her ample tits
than to hide them. I felt a sense of pride at how really sexy she
looked and it excited me to see how Jim was affected. Before we
started to work, Susan served us sandwiches and a cold beer. We all
sat outside by the pool and after a couple of beers, we had little
interest in working. Susan kicked back in her chair with her long
shapely legs outstretched. Her shorts had ridden up so tight that
you could see the lips of her pussy outlined in the tight material.
Jim couldn't seem to keep his eyes off her, and I certainly couldn't
blame him for feasting on the sight . . . I found myself getting
hard as a rock observing the sexy scene and fantasizing about what
just might happen later on.

Jim and I finally broke ourselves away and started a half-hearted
effort at digging and planting, etc. in the back yard. We both
removed our shirts and with the sun beating down on us we broke out
in a sweat. Susan was taking in the show as her two guys worked out
together. Soon, she excused herself and came back outside wearing a
new bikini bathing suit that I had not seen before. I figured she
had bought it for just such a special occasion. It was white andvery
small and tight. Her ample breasts were practically spilling
out of the top and when she jumped into the pool the top actually
slipped down and her breasts were exposed when she came up for air.
Jim and I unanimously applauded this show and Susan laughed and
said, "well since you guys are topless, I might as well be too."
With that she removed the top completely and continued to swim
around in the pool. Jim and I lost interest in our landscape work.

Later she climbed up on a lounge that was floating in the pool and
spread those legs out. The wet material of the little white bikini
bottom became almost transparent and her sweet pussy lips were
clearly in view. Jim and I both had a problem with our erections
threatening to pop out of our shorts. We could no longer concentrate
on the work at hand. Jim said "damn- that water looks good, why
don't we just put off the rest of this work for another day and jump
in." Susan said that was a great idea and challenged us all to go
skinny-dipping. Jim spoke up and told Susan if we did that, she
would have to remove the rest of her bikini and we might just do
that for her. I was not really surprised when Susan agreed, but she
said one of us would have to chase her down in the pool and remove
them for her. With that both of us dropped our shorts, pulled off
our briefs and jumped in. I held back a bit to see what would
happen and Jim quickly swam over to the lounge and dumping Susan
from it reached under the water and pulled her little bottoms down.

Susan reached out and hugged around him and giggling like a
schoolgirl planted a big kiss on him. She said "you were the winner
so you get the prize." Both Jim and I were so turned on, our cocks
were at full erection. I noticed with interest, that Jim’s cock was
probably 8 to 8 ½" hard, with a beautiful helmet shaped head and
quite dark. A very handsome cock indeed. I knew that Susan was feeling
his impressive length between her legs and she took a long while to
break their embrace. We continued to frolic around in the pool for about
half an hour. I had many opportunities to see Jim reaching under the
water to fondle Susan's tits or pussy, as well as her reaching out
to grasp and massage his manhood. She ran her hands over his back,
chest, thighs and his cock. I became so aroused watching them play.
I nearly lost it several times. I found my body positively shaking
with excitement. I was surprised to find myself as turned on with
seeing my friend in the nude as I was watching my nude wife enjoying
herself with him. I had never been turned on by a guy before like I
was becoming with this situation.

As they played in the pool, I offered to go in and get us all
something to drink. Susan suggested a pitcher of gin and tonic or
some lemonade with vodka or something nice and cool. She really
didn't like beer. I went into the kitchen and started to put
together the drinks. Susan of course knew I would be able to look
out the window and watch she and Jim playing around. Of course I did
just that as they continued to play with each other. The play
continued with more hugging, kissing and fondling. I was frozen in
my voyeuristic trance watching as Jim reached down under the water
and I knew he was directing his big hard cock toward my dear wife's
little shaved pussy. They stood near the side of the pool as Jim
held on the edge as he was moving back and forth making fucking
motions under water. Susan looked directly toward me at the window
with a look of pure lust on her pretty face. I didn't know what to
think of my feelings at that moment. I do know that I was terribly
excited and it is difficult to explain, but at the same time I felt
almost like it was I receiving those thrusts. Susan was certainly
enjoying herself and all inhibition had long been forgotten.

I was afraid that if I didn't go back outside, the action would
come to an end and I wouldn't have the opportunity to join in. So I
quickly finished putting the drinks together and went back outside.
They were laughing and moved apart as I placed the drinks on the
table. Both of them came out of the pool to join me at the table
and I could see Jim's cock was still at full erection, looking if
anything even bigger than before. From that I assumed he had not cum
in my dear wife and didn't know for sure if he had actually gotten
his big cock into her under the water. We had a great time
polishing off the drinks and enjoying the view of each other's
bodies. I noticed several times Jim checking out my smoothly shaved
cock and it just seemed like a natural thing and I wasn't
embarrassed when he saw me looking directly at his. Susan was
really sweet when she said she was so turned on by such a nice pair
of studs. This made me feel good that even though Jim was a bit
larger than I am, Susan didn't point this out. Damn, at that moment,
I loved that woman.

After we had finished the pitcher of drinks, Susan said maybe we
ought to go inside for a shower and cool down as the sun was really
bright and she didn't want either of us to get a sunburn on parts of
our anatomy that usually did not get exposed to the sun. . This she
said would be too bad, as it would put us out of commission. It
sounded like she had more things in mind. We went in and all three
of us got into the shower together. It was a close fit and it was a
real turn on for all of us to be so close with our bodies rubbing
together. Susan nuzzled up to me and whispered in my ear that she
was as hot as a firecracker and really would like to take us both to
bed and would that be OK. I told her I couldn't think of anything
that would be more exciting. When we got out of the shower, both of
us guys dried Susan off and then turned our attentions to each
other. I dried Jim and he dried me off. As we were rubbing the
towels over each other, I was surprised that he took special care to
dry around my cock and balls. Feeling comfortable with this, I did
the same for him. I found myself lingering as I held his cock in my
hand with only the towel between us. We stood there looking directly
into each other's eyes and the next thing I know Jim reached out and
with his bare hand took hold of my cock. I dropped the towel and did
the same with him. Jim said, "hey, you are my best friend, are you
all right with this?" I told him this was the most sexy, exciting
day of my life and that I felt really comfortable with him and for
him to enjoy himself completely with Susan. Whatever Susan wanted
and whatever he wanted to do was Ok with me. Jim was such a cool
guy, he reached out and hugged me to him and said, "you are sure a
great buddy -lets go have fun." I was positively quivering with

When we got to the bedroom, Susan was lying on the bed with nothing
on but a small black transparent gown, open completely at the
front. It only served to frame her beautiful sexy body. Her legs
were outspread and her pretty little pussy was on display for our
enjoyment. She had brushed out her long blonde hair and had put on
some sexy red lipstick. I moved over to the bed and placed a
lingering kiss on her pretty mouth, tasting the sexy flavor of the
lipstick, which has always been a turn on with me. As I was kissing
Susan and fondling her breasts, Jim moved gently between her legs
and lowered his head to her pouty little slick pussy. Susan
quivered as Jim proceeded to give her pleasure with his mouth and
tongue. As I held her close to me, I felt Susan shudder in orgasm
as Jim hit the right spots. He then moved up to slide his cock into
her. Susan said, "yes, Jim please give me that big hard cock that
you have been teasing me with all day." I held back as they coupled
there on our bed. Susan's mouth opened as she groaned out her
pleasure as Jim entered her completely then slowly moved in and out
of her. The bed was making rhythmic noises as he pushed hard in and
out of her cunt. It wasn't long before Jim's movements became more
vigorous, Susan's legs were up around his neck and he was going
deepinto her.

The sound of his big balls slapping against her wet lips
permeated the room, the aroma of sex was all pervading, and I knew
he was about to unload the fruit of his balls into my dear wife's
pussy. A few deep thrusts and I could see his balls pulsing as he
emptied his “load” into her. After a few minutes fully inserted, he
slowly pulled away, a pool of his pearly white juice appearing at
the opening of her pussy. Jim flopped down on his back beside Susan
as she said to me, "honey remember our little game, that we both
like so well, could you please do it for me now so I can taste Jim's
cum?" Even though for the first time it was not my cum I would be
tasting, I did not hesitate in moving down to place my mouth over
her pussy and as I licked and probed deeply, I soon had a mouth full
of Jim's warm creamy cum. Susan pressed her hot, wet pussy up against
my mouth and more of the warm semen and her sweet juices were pushed
into my open mouth. The taste was slightly sweet and not at all

I almost shot my load with the excitement this caused in me. I moved
up and placing my mouth directly over hers, I let Jim's cum offering
drop into Susan's mouth. She shuddered with another orgasm as the
first drops reached her lips. We locked out lips together and the
sweet sticky sperm from my friend moved back and forth between us
until it finally was all swallowed equally by both of us.

Jim lying next to us, said it was the most sexy “hot” thing he had ever
seen watching us swap his cum between us, and asked what we could do
next to please Susan. Susan replied, that she knew we were not gay
or anything, but what would turn her on the most was to have both of
her studs holding each others cocks close together as she could take
both at the same time into her mouth. With no hesitation Jim and I
moved together in a way so our cocks were touching as much as
possible. I reached down and held them together as Susan attempted
to put us both into her mouth. It was a tough job and her lips were
stretched to the limit. After a few minutes of this, she asked if we
would get into a position opposite and facing each other. I sort of
knew what she had in mind, but I complied with her wishes. She
reached out with her delicate hand and placed Jim's cock against my

Knowing this would excite Susan, I opened my mouth to take his
big cock deep into my mouth. Susan did the same with my cock and Jim
opened his mouth to receive my cock. The movement of his warm mouth
on my cock only lasted for a few minutes before I felt myself
getting ready to blast the load I had held up all afternoon into my
friend's mouth. Susan was aware of this and encouraged us to keep
going. My cock felt like it doubled in size as I exploded with burst
after burst of my hot cum into Jim's mouth. Just before I started
shooting, Susan told Jim to hold all of my cum in his mouth and not
to swallow it. I filled his mouth and after the last spurt, I moved
away. Susan immediately moved down to kiss Jim firmly on his mouth.
I knew she was sharing my cum with him and actually, I was to find
shortly she had taken it all from him as she moved up to me and,
kissing my open mouth, dropped what must have been nearly my entire
load into my open mouth. Jim moved up so that all of us were lying
together, he moved over to place his lips near both Susan's and
mine. It seemed the most natural thing in the world for all three of
us to alternate movement of lips to lips as the remaining cum became
divided three ways. We lay like that for a while as we enjoyed the

As we cooled down, I suggested I go get us a beer or something. Jim
said that would be great, but Susan declined the beer. As I left
the room, I glanced back to see Susan and Jim sharing a deep kiss
together. I came back with the beers and we all sat around on thebed
talking about what had happened. All agreed it had been a most
special day. I was surprised at how comfortable both Jim and I had
been with the closeness that we had shared and Susan sand that today
was the sexiest thing she could ever have imagined and could we
maybe do it again sometime. Jim said he would be glad to come over
and do landscape work any time. We all laughed at that, as not much
landscaping work had been done. I smiled as I thought of what
future ideas my sexy Susan might have in store for the three of us.
Later after Jim had left, Susan and I lay together on the bed locked
in a fond embrace. She had playfully dressed me in the black gown
that she earlier had worn and put a pair of black satin bikini
panties on me. She told me I was the coolest, sexiest, greatest
husband any girl could possibly have and I of course told her how
wonderful I thought she was. She lowered her sweet lips to my
throbbing cock, and relieved me of any residual sperm I had left in
my balls that evening by lovingly sucking me until I released a
final load into her sweet mouth. Susan savored then swallowed
the entire load, then asked if it would be OK if next time she could
do the same for Jim, swallowing all of his offering for herself. I
agreed that would be just fine. "Oh, by the way, she said, please
tell Jim to shave the stubble off of his balls and dick if he wants
a good blow-job from your sweet little wife".

Many other episodes followed throughout the remaining years of our
marriage. I watched many times as Susan literally worshiped the
cocks that passed through our home. Susan occasionally had a black
lover. Young guys, older guys, strangers and other friends shared
our bed over the years. I enjoyed nearly every encounter either
directly or at a distance and we never lacked for more stimulation
that ever could be imagined. Susan continued to dress me in sexy
lingerie from time to time and to apply the whips when she felt I
needed them. Sometimes she would have me dressed as we partied with
her conquests, but always having me participate in some fashion
during our encounters. Sometimes she requested that I prepare her
lovers for her by sucking their cocks to full erection, Most of the
time, I had the job of cleaning the sweet pussy I loved with my
mouth and tongue after her lovers were finished or had departed for
the night, and sometimes she enjoyed watching as I cleaned or
completely serviced her lovers. For most of the younger ones this
was really a necessary task as otherwise unless their first big load
was relieved, they could not last long enough for Susan to have much
pleasure from them. Whatever Susan wanted from me, she knew that
she need only to ask.

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