The Milkman

The Milkman

This was the first time after the birth of James that we went to a party. For the last 6 months I had suffered from post natal depression, and I actually now looked forward to seeing some of our friends, also to show off James to some of the girlfriends.

However, one of them, Josephine almost ruined the evening. Her and her husband John, had been trying in vain for more than five years to have a child, and had undergone all kinds of treatments and artificial insemination, with no success. She made a big scene, as to why I had brought along my new child, if it was just to spite her or what? John was extremely apologetic and as we later danced he told me that she was becoming a pain to be with. They couldn't even make love in a normal way anymore, without having to think about the need to produce a child.

I felt sorry for him. Poul, my husband, must be feeling frustrated as well, because I hadn't been feeling like sex since the birth, and only the last couple of days had I started to feel a bit better. I don't know if it was the talk about sex or if it was just me starting to feel better, but all of a sudden I found myself getting excited as I danced with John. He was a very attractive guy and I had many times felt attracted to him in a physical way, and as I felt him holding me firmer than necessary for the dance, I felt a naughty desire to press my still large tits against his chest. As I did i thought I felt a hardness press into me, but I couldn't really believe that could be the case.

I had put James upstairs in his cot and was having a good time, getting slightly drunk for the first time in almost a year. I danced a good deal with John and we had long confidential talks about him and Josephine. He said that they had all missed me this last year and he was so glad to see me back in the old spirit again. He made me feel very good and it reminded me what a good friend he really was.

I don't know if it was the dancing with him, or just because the time for the next breast feeding of James was overdue, but my tits were starting to ache. When the baby alarm started to go off, I realised that James must be getting hungry. I looked around for Poul so he could help me, as I couldn't get the dress off alone, but I could find him anywhere. The noise from the baby alarm went on when John asked me,

"Do you need Poul, or can I help you".

I thought for a second. The only dress I had been able to find for the occasion, and which I could still fit buttoned down the back, and in order to get to the breasts, I would have to undo the back and slip out of the arms, thus being rather exposed. Also I hadn't wanted to wear the maternity bra as that was big and clumsy and looked like a building construction against the flat and simple front the dress. I had previously had to breast feed with guys present, but I had been able to stay as soberly dressed as possibly under the circumstances. In these circumstances, it could not be sober. On the other hand, the baby alarm kept going on, Poul was no help, John was a good friend and I felt strangely elated by the thought, so,

"Well, yes, I need to feed James, but I can't get out of the dress on my own. Do you want to help me?" I asked as innocently as possible, but feeling a slight quiver in my voice.

"Of course", he said, in a strange off hand way.

I could see his eyes dropping to my front, and I knew he was thinking of the size of my breasts and the fact that he might get to see them naked.

We went up to their guest bedroom where James was now getting rather excited. I have to admit that my mother instinct made me concentrate more on James, than on John, but I was still very much aware of his eyes on me, as he unbuttoned the dress down the back and helped me slip my arms out of it. It dropped to around my waist as I moved James a bit away from my body. He was fighting for food. I couldn't undo the bra with him in my arms, so I had to ask for help again,

"John, would you mind helping me with the bra as well?"

He didn't answer but just went to my back and went to work on it. He wasn't having much success.

"Surely you know how to undo a girls bra", I teased him.

"Year, but my hands are shaking", he said with a smile in his voice, but I am sure he was right.

I lifted James away so he could slip the bra over my shoulders and off, exposing two very erect and excited nipples. I hoped that he would think this natural when breast-feeding. Even though they usually are erect I had never seen them or felt them like this before. I sat at the edge of the bed finally letting James get his meal. John sat at the chair opposite and watched.

"What does it feel like when he sucks like that", he asked.

"It's a nice comfortable feeling" I lied. I had never felt like this before. I was getting so horny. The juices was flowing in my panties, and I felt flushed like a schoolgirl. I was so much aware of my one fully exposed breast, which John no longer pretended not to look at. But James sucking was driving me wild. Usually it was nice and comfortable indeed, but tonight the feeling was so arousing. I guess I should have felt a bit guilty being excited by my son, but at the time I could only think of John eyes on my tits and of an incredible sucking feeling which I had no problem imagining was coming from Johns mouth.

"It is strange thinking that the reason why girls like guys sucking their tits is just because nature has made them get excited by the feeling so they will actually breast feed their children", John said, as he in fascination looked at James sucking.

"Well, it is also because it is a foreplay leading up to something which is also nice and exciting", I said without thinking a lot.

"But you don't get that from the baby sucking. Only a guy can give you that".

"Uhm, unfortunately", I mumbled.

There was a long break. I think we were both thinking about the last bit of the conversation. I was wondering how excited he was getting from this. James was slowing down and getting sleepy. My other tit was still full and a few drops were rolling down. Normally I would have let James have a bit of both, both I had forgotten it, liking the way John was looking a the tit closest to him.

"Can I ask you a favour"?, John asked.

"You can always ask", I answered.

"It is very personally and a bit embarrassing", he said hesitantly as if asking me to urge him on.

"John, come on, we are good friends. Ask – all that can happen is that I say no, and we will still be good friends for that."

He hesitated, but I kept looking at him, so he had to get it out now.

"You know, I am starting to fear Josephine will never have a baby. I have so much wanted to have a baby, not only for the sake of the baby, but also because I think a girl gets so exciting with the different phases she goes through. Looking at you breast feeding James, made me think that I might actually never get to see Josephine do that". He paused.

"Ok, so where is the favour you are asking of me"

"I have always dreamt of holding a breast heavy with milk, squeezing it so drops of milk rolls down the breast, like it does on you now and then licking it off, seeing what it tastes like. Maybe I will never get to do that with Josephine. Would you let me do it? I might never get in a situation like this again, where I would dare to ask a girl for that."

"Ok", I said, almost adding a please, and definitely too quickly. But I couldn't help it. As he had spoken I had been thinking it might be something like that, and I could feel me getting aroused again by the thought. My right breast was exploding anyway, and I really would love for him to suck it to continue the pleasure, which had stopped now that James had fallen asleep at the other breast.

"Just let me put James in his cot first". As I bend over the cot I was very much aware of my tits hanging in full view. I had always had rather full and firm breasts. When they were heavy with milk they got rather difficult to control, and even when empty they were bigger than usual. They hadn't started to sag yet, and I hoped that breast-feeding wouldn't change that, as I love people looking at my tits.

As I sat down on the bed again, John moved over next to me. I put my right arm around his shoulder so my right tit lifted up a bit. This wasn't a question of helping a friend, this was pure pleasure for me.

As he put his hand on the heavy breast and squeezed a little, a jet of milk squirted out and hit his hand. He licked it off as he looked me in the eyes.

"Uhm, that's nice", he said.

"Have some more", I said as I pressed his head down to the breast. He took the nipple between his fingers and carefully played with it before putting it in his mouth and sucking.

I gasped as it felt as if I was coming.

"Does it hurt", he asked.

"No, please don't stop. It is so nice", I said as a small orgasm flowed through me. I hadn't experienced that for a year, and I was all of a sudden getting almost out of control.

He looked up at me. His other hand grabbed my left tit. He was waiting to see my reaction. This was not in the agreement. This was sex, but I wanted to show him that that was what I wanted, so I held his hand there as I lay down on the bed and pulled him with me. His mouth found my right breast again and his hand played with my left tit. I was slightly drunk, I hadn't had sex in over a year and I was getting very aroused. I put my feet up on the bed, and as I spread them the dress fell away and bared my panties.

John lifted his head and looked at me as I slipped a hand into the panties and found my clit. I pulled his head down to my breast as I continued rubbing myself with the other hand. John's hand left my left tit and joined my hand in my panties. Seeing his hand was doing a good enough job on its own, I used my hand to remove my panties completely. I spread my legs as much as I could and arched my back trying to make it as easy for John as possible.

He lifted his head and looked at me as his fingers brought me to a stronger and wild orgasm.

"Please John", I said, "I haven't felt like sex for a year, but it has all of a sudden hit me today. It's your turn to do me a favour now".

"And what might that be", he asked with a mock innocence.

"Just for old friendships sake – fuck me"

"All right, but just for old friendships sake".

"Right – for old friendships sake, but please – now", I said as I couldn't wait any longer.

He stood up and removed his clothes. Now it was my turn to watch. He could hardly get his shorts off for the bulge in his trousers. He went to a dressing table to get a condom, which he slowly put on his now free and very erect penis. It wasn't as long as I had expected from his lean figure, but it was incredibly think and the head looked like a mushroom. He stood between my legs, which I still had spread as much as I could as I had kept the excitement up on my own account.

As he kneeled in front of me and started to lick I put my hand on my breasts and started to rub them. I couldn't believe this was happening. An hour ago I would never have dreamt of the possibility of having sex with John. And here I was in front of my son, with my husband in the house, behaving like a slut. But I was enjoying it. John was licking away and had a hard time finding the right spot as I was bucking up and down all the time – out of control.

He finally moved up to my belly button, kissing it and leaving a wet and cold trail over my stomach hitting my still not empty breast. As he sucked I grabbed for his penis and rubbed it up and down my clit until finally I put my legs around him and pulled him into me. I was such a long time since I had felt a man inside me, and it was just so nice. He was large and I could clearly feel the mushroom head moving back and forth inside me. I grabbed his hair and moved his head up for a kiss. This was the first time we kissed. We had kissed small brotherly kisses before and he had grabbed an occasional feeler on my breasts at parties, but this was a deep, hungry and passionate kiss. Very personal and almost as if sealing some pact. Until now we had just been satisfying each others desires, but the kiss was so intimate.

"Oh, God", he whispered, "it is so relieving to be able to make love without having to worry about the need to produce babies. I have often dreamt about you, about dancing with you and daring to touch your breasts or to kiss you. You are always so warm and relaxed to be with".

He pulled back. I didn't want him to.

"Please stand up", he said, "move over here and bend over that chair". He lifted up my dress which had fallen down again, to bare my as. "Now, look in the mirror. I want to watch us both, so I can have this picture burned into my memory for my future dreams".

I looked in the mirror and saw as I felt him penetrate me again.

"Look at those tits", he said as he started to pound into me. "I will think of those tits every time I see you in the future".

I had a flash in my mind of what I would look like to him every time we met in the future and he would think of me like this. I didn't care. He was speeding up and my tits were more flying than bouncing with this pace. He as grabbing my hips to penetrate deeper, and in this position I could feel him all the way in. I started to come, but he kept going. I doubled down over the chair changing the angle and using the back of the chair as a support against his thrusting. As I was about to come I guided his hand to put a finger in my butt hole. I love that and it stretched out my orgasm until I felt him coming as well. The chair almost fell over with his last thrust, but he grabbed me and lifted me up. His penis was still in me as I stood up against him in front of the mirror while he kissed my neck and played with my nipples, allowing my aftershocks to subside.

When he finally slid out I turned around and gave him a good hug. As I pressed my tits against him I said

"Thanks, that was a good reintroduction into sex again"

"No problem, what else are friends for".

John helped me get dressed, and went down to join the party as I cleaned up and checked on James. We later danced a very brotherly dance, but there was something deep and compassionate between us, which I hoped only we could see. Poul didn't even wonder how I had managed to feed James without his help with the dress, but he was so pleased when we came home to find out that I had regained my appetite for sex.

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