The Perfect Couple part 2

The Perfect Couple part 2

The Perfect Couple 2

“I’m sure glad we traded RV’s,” Jan sat in the passenger seat of the new motorhome and was setting up the GPS and laptop computer for the trip, “If Bob and Sherry are going to be staying overnight we’ll sure be glad for the extra room.”

“Hey,” Mike looked at Jan with a grin, “the old Class-C had a queen-size bed too.”

“You know what I mean.” Jan didn’t even look up from the screen as she brought the map up.

“I know,” Mike glanced over his shoulder at the roominess of the new 35’
Class-A they’d just bought, “it did get fairly crowded with more than just us in it.”

“Ok!” Jan smiled as she succeeded in setting the program in motion for the trip. “Ready to officially begin the trip now?”

As she finished she slipped the Willie Nelson CD into the player and began “On the Road Again” which was their customary way to begin each new adventure, and each trip was always a new adventure for them.

“Wonder how much they’ve changed?” Mike spoke after the song ended and Jan had turned off the player.

“They looked pretty much the same in the pic they sent.” Jan paused a second then added. “Just a little older, but then we’re all a bit older.”

“I thought Bob looked good,” Mike immediately responded, “and looks like he’s lost some weight. And Sherry’s just the same cute little tomboy she always was.”

“Yea, she is cute isn’t she?” Jan smiled remembering Sherry from years ago. “She really looks more like a cute, feminine boy than a woman.”

Sherry was a black lady but with quite a bit of Native American blood giving her skin an almost copper glow. She was only about 5’ 1” or so and slender. She’d always been fairly flat on top, which made her look boyish when she was younger, but now her picture showed that her hips had filled out making her look even better than before.

“And Bob did look good.” Jan’s thoughts went back to Bob. “And he has lost weight but he wasn’t exactly fat before.”

“I wasn’t insinuating that he was fat before,” Mike sounded a bit defensive, “I just meant that he is slimmer now. Guess he doesn’t work out with the weights as much.”

Bob had been a fairly large young black man. Very athletic and not at all fat. He could have been quite intimidating to people at 6’4” if it wasn’t for his friendly personality and built in smile. Both he and Sherry looked better in a way than they’d looked in their twenties when the two couples had been friends before. A touch of gray in their hair was really the only signs of aging. Like Mike and Jan, they’d aged quite well.

“Have you been thinking about that night?” Mike gave Jan a serious look.

“Yea, sure, some.” Jan answered. “Have you?”

“A lot…, a whole lot.” Mike didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Really now,” Jan grinned at Mike’s reaction, “just what part of that night has your memory banks on overload anyway? Sherry must have really done something special, huh?”

“Sherry’s sweet, and a lot of fun,” Mike glanced at Jan as he drove, “and I did enjoy her that night. But the memory that has always been my favorite was watching Bob fucking you.”

“You’ve said that before,” Jan looked thoughtful, “and until the last couple of years I never really understood it. I just never enjoyed watching you with other women, but, I think I understand how watching me could have turned you on now.”

“And, not only watching you and Bob, but actually taking his cock in my hand and putting it in you.” Mike looked at his beautiful wife. “That was just so neat.”

“You didn’t even suspect back then that you’d like to play with it yourself, did you?”

“No, really didn’t,” Mike thought of how much he and Jan had learned about each other and themselves over the past years, “wonder if Bob wanted me to?”

“Well, he sure didn’t get upset when you grabbed him.”

“Sure, but who would when they’re fixing to get their cock placed in a nice wet pussy of a great looking gal? And especially when he was sucking on your fantastic tits. I think he was hypnotized by your tits actually and didn’t even notice me doing it.”

“You know, I’ve always thought that my breasts might have been his main attraction too.” Jan grinned. “As much as he loved Sherry, he’d made several comments before that night how nice he thought my body was. And, each time he was looking at my chest.” Jan laughed.

“Well, what ever his motivation was,” Mike shrugged his shoulders, “I certainly enjoyed putting his nice hard cock into your wet pussy.”

“I still can’t believe that you and Sherry just sat there watching us?” Jan remembered. “I felt really self-conscious at first, but it sure didn’t take Bob long to make me forget you two were even in the room.”

“Man,” Mike nodded his head, “it was so hot. It was obvious that you two had been wanting to do that for a long time, and to watch you…, well it was hot. But, you know, I really felt like I didn’t do Sherry justice that night.”

“We talked about it a little afterwards,” Jan reached over and tapped Mike’s arm consolingly, “Sherry really enjoyed herself with you Mike. She told me that she wanted to watch Bob and me too and thought it was sweet of you to wait untill he and I finished.”

“Really?” Mike was surprised. “You never told me that before.”

“I know,” Jan confessed, “I was afraid to mention it because I might have to have also said that they wanted to do it again. And…, I really didn’t.”

“Well, probably just as well.” Mike smiled warmly at Jan, “we were too young and too insecure with our own relationship to continue that back then.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Jan thought a second then added, “but I did want to do it again, I just felt too jealous of you with Sherry and too guilty about it all.”

“Well, we did the right thing.” Mike sounded confident. “And, it’s not like we decided to never do it again, we just decided to wait.” Mike hesitated then finished. “Till now. And, this time I’m going to enjoy Sherry the way I should have back then.”

“And,” Jan leaned over and kissed Mike on the ear, “I’m going to fuck Bob’s brains out right in front of you and Sherry, and enjoy doing it.”

“Hey, you suppose he’ll let me put his cock in you again?”

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t object Babe,” Jan thought a second then added, “in fact, I’ll insist on it. I might even ask you to lick us while we’re fucking.”

“Oh wow, works for me…, that really works for me.”

The trip was nice as usual. It took two days instead of the usual three to drive from Florida to Oklahoma and Jan became excited for the millionth time when she saw the Wichita Mountains in the distance as they drove north on the turnpike towards Lawton. They found a campsite near Mt. Scott and had things set up in no time. They then took the tow vehicle and made their customary ascent of Mt. Scott.

“It’s always so beautiful up here.” Jan was leaning further over the rail of the lookout than Mike liked.

“Sure is sweetie,” Mike changed his tone slightly when he added, “be careful, not so close to the edge.”

“Oh, you’re such a worrier,” Jan teased, “for a guy who’s made hundreds of parachute jumps how can you be so afraid of heights?”

“Well, it don’t have to make sense,” Mike used his Oklahoma colloquialism to answer, “It’s just the way it is.”

“Well, I’m enjoying the view, so just relax.” Jan continued to lean over and feel the breeze in her long auburn hair.

“Yea,” Mike reached out to Jan and lifted her lightweight wrap-around skirt up, “me too. The view is really great.”

“Hey!” Jan turned around quickly and surveyed the area. “There might be kids around.”

“Naw,” Mike grinned as he stepped closer to Jan and pulled her close by placing his hands on her firm ass, “I checked first.”

Mike kissed Jan passionately while kneading her ass with his hands and pressing his groin into her, allowing her to feel his hardening cock through his jeans.

“Well, they could show up unexpectedly,” Jan spoke as she broke the long kiss, “so let’s save this for later.” She reached between them and patted the bulge in Mike’s jeans.

“Hey, look down there,” Mike pointed down to the town below. It was starting to get late and as twilight was arriving the lights in the small town were coming on, “Do you suppose that place, with all the lights, is the restaurant we heard about?”

“Might be,” Jan looked in the direction Mike was pointing, “and isn’t the lake pretty?”

“Really!” Mike looked to his left where Jan was looking. “The lights reflecting off the water is neat. Amazing how this little town is growing isn’t it?”

“Yea, in a way I wish it wasn’t,” Jan remembered how it used to be a place you seldom had to share areas with other people, “but the restaurant is sounding pretty good right now.”

They drove back down just as it was getting dark and the gate was ready to be closed for the night. After the long drive of the day, and a very nice meal at the new restaurant, it didn’t take the couple long to fall asleep back in their new motorhome.

“Want breakfast this morning?” Jan looked a little sleepy-eyed as she came out of the bedroom.

“I don’t think so, Hon.” Mike was on the computer in the passenger seat up front. “Bob and Sherry are supposed to be here fairly early,” Mike got up and went to the kitchen to fix Jan’s coffee as he spoke, “and I thought we might just wait and see if they want to join us.”

“Oh, they’ve probably already eaten.” Jan responded in a still groggy voice.
“Well, whatever you want is fine with me,” Mike handed Jan her coffee, “but I don’t mind even skipping this morning.”

“Ok with me,” Jan smiled, “guess I’d better hurry and get showered and dressed.” Jan looked at the clock on the counter. “Didn’t realize how late it was already.”
Jan then noticed that Mike was already dressed and wondered how he’d managed to shower, shave, and dress without waking her or their little dog up.

“Well, I’d better get on the ball,” Jan finished the last of her cup of coffee and headed to the bedroom, “I’m not going to want anymore coffee so you can turn it off if you want to.”

Jan looked fabulous. Mike always admired the way she could get ready so quickly. Most women took hours and never looked as good as Jan could look in twenty minutes. Jan hadn’t made it to the living room before they heard a horn beep outside.

“Hey, they’re here.” Mike spoke as he headed to the door of the coach. He stepped out and was almost to the car before Bob was completely out.

“Well damn it’s good to see you Bob.” Mike put out his hand and helped Bob up out of their car as they shook. Then, when Bob was standing completely up Mike pulled him closer and gave him a hug.

“You too Mike,” Bob responded warmly and hugged Mike back, “where’s Jan?”

“Right behind Mike.” Jan had heard as she came out the door and went directly to where Mike and Bob were standing. “Move over lover,” Jan playfully pushed Mike aside, “it’s my turn to hug this good looking hunk.”

Mike grinned and quickly made his way around the front of the couple’s car to meet Sherry who was just getting out. “And hello to you cutie.”

“Well hi Mike,” Sherry spoke softly as she stepped quickly to meet Mike, “You look really great!” Sherry quietly spoke in Mike’s ear as they hugged tightly. “Really great!”

“Damn, so do you Sherry,” Mike whispered back, “and you feel great too.”

“Look behind you Mike,” Sherry leaned away and nodded towards their spouses.

Mike turned around and saw that Bob and Jan were still tightly embraced and sharing a rather passionate kiss.

“That’s really sexy,” Sherry mumbled to herself as much as to Mike, “Bob’s sure been looking forward to this.

“I agree Sherry,” Mike looked away from the other couple and back at Sherry’s pretty face, “but so have I.” Mike kissed Sherry lightly on the lips. “So have I.” Then he once again kissed her lips and this time Sherry responded very passionately.

“Ok you two,” Jan tapped Mike on the shoulder, “My turn.”

Mike and Sherry broke their kiss and Mike, looking a little sheepish, stepped aside to allow Jan to hug Sherry.

“I’m jealous Sherry,” Jan leaned back after their hug and looked at Sherry’s slim figure. “How do you keep your girlish figure anyway?”

“Well, girl,” Sherry reached over and without touching outlined Jan’s breasts and hips with her hands, “I’d trade bodies with you in a heartbeat!”

“Hey, you two are welcomed to share your bodies with each other.” Bob grinned extra big as he spoke from where he and Mike had been admiring their wives together.

“Really!” Mike added quickly. “We’d be happy to watch.”

“Not this girl.” Sherry was quick to counter. “Just not that type, guys.”

“Me either fellas,” Jan joined Sherry in the sentiment, “so just calm yourselves down.”

Jan and Sherry both laughed together, and maybe were both a bit relieved that they had confirmed having the same inclinations along that line.

“But, we’ll sure watch you two together,” Jan couldn’t resist testing that water at this opportunity, “I am the type that’d enjoy that.”

“Not this man.” Bob mimicked his wife’s earlier statement.

“Now Bob,” Sherry chided her husband in the fun of the moment, “that’s not what you’ve hinted at before.”

“Hey,” Mike noticed Bob’s blushing black face and felt a little empathy, “we all have our secret fantasies now…,” Mike paused and gave Bob a moment to relax then continued, “just ‘cause you gals are completely straight doesn’t mean that Bob and I have to be.”

Mike then put his arm around Bob’s shoulder and pulled him closer. “What-cha think big guy? Want to give these gals a show?” He quickly removed his arm, laughed, and changed the subject. “Anyone want to go get breakfast?”

“Thanks Babe.” Mike spoke quietly to Jan when they went into the motorhome to get their jackets before heading out for breakfast.

“For what?” Jan asked looking sincerely puzzled.

“For breaking the ice with Bob,” Mike looked at Jan for her reaction, “think Sherry was serious about his fantasy?”

“Sure sounded like it to me.” Jan elbowed Mike jokingly, “but me first.”

“Absolutely!” Mike hugged Jan just before they opened the door to leave. “I think Sherry can keep me occupied plenty well. She does look good doesn’t she?”

“Really!” Jan tiptoed and gave Mike a quick kiss on the lips. “Enjoy her sweetheart.”

The morning was spent on top of Mount Scott with a lots of catching up on what everyone had been doing for the past 25 years. Along with quite a bit of flirting when opportunities permitted. The sexual tension was growing steadily with each hour together.

“Anyone for lunch?” Mike had glanced at his watch and noticed that it was already nearly 2:00. “Man, time flies when you’re having fun…, especially with such good friends.”

“I’m sure ready to nibble on something,” Bob was looking directly at Jan as he spoke, “and I hope I don’t seem too forward,” Bob looked at Mike, then at his wife for approval before looking back at Jan and continuing, “but I’m about ready to go back to your camp and take a tour of your nice motorhome.”

“You’re certainly not too forward for me.” Jan spoke directly to Bob. “And, I’d love to give you a very personal tour.”

“Hey, don’t expect us to be the holdbacks.” Sherry blurted out and grabbing Mike’s arm pulling him towards the car and into the back seat with her.

For the first time that morning Sherry and Mike were in the back and Jan had gotten into the front with Bob. They weren’t that far from the camp, but as soon as they were in the back seat Sherry reached over and began to rub Mike’s hardening cock through his jeans. Mike, in turn, ran his hand up under Sherry’s skirt and felt her wet panties with delight. He explored her smooth skin and bristly pubic hairs around the edges of her panties and watched as he knew that Jan and Bob were in similar contact in the front seat. He and Sherry watched, both knowing that the other was also as turned on to what was happening in the front seat as what they were doing themselves.

“No…, not here,” Sherry whispered to Mike as his finger attempted to work it’s way under her panties to her naked pussy, “let’s save that ‘till we get to the motorhome…, you think Bob’s fingering Jan Mike?”

“Sure does look like it,” Mike was staring straight ahead just like Sherry was, “by the look on her face, that I sure know well, I’d say his finger is quite wet.”

Bob’s finger was indeed quite wet. He’d had a very delightful surprise to find that Jan was naked under her dress. He had no difficulty at all finding her clitoris and, wetting his finger from her slit, bringing Jan close to her first climax already…, right there in the car.

And Jan had not had difficulty getting to Bob’s cock either. It seems that Bob had anticipated the situation and unzipped his trousers before getting into the car. Bob’s cock felt so wonderfully large and hard in Jan’s delicate hand. And his large fingers felt so fantastic on her swollen clitoris and then inside her wet pussy.

“Good!” Jan proclaimed as they pulled in front of the motorhome. “Nobody’s camped close…, let’s go.”
Jan reached across Bob and opened the driver’s door. She then practically pushed Bob out while never releasing his cock.

“Hey you two…,” Mike saw then getting out and Bob’s erect cock in Jan’s hand, “what if someone’s watching?”

“They’ll have to look fast then,” Jan said over her shoulder as she quickly let Bob by the cock the few steps to the motor home’s door and reached up to open it.

“Well, hold on,” Mike laughed at his own unintentional pun then continued with what was now obvious to Jan, “I’ve got the key.”

Mike quickly got out with Sherry right behind and, glancing down at Jan’s hand on Bob’s cock close up, unlocked the door and stepped back for the first couple to go in. As Jan and Bob climbed the second step Mike was within a foot of Jan’s pretty hand and Bob’s nice cock.

“Looks really good doesn’t it?” Mike heard Sherry’s voice behind him at the same time he felt her small, firm tits press into his back allowing her to get a closer look at their spouses too.

“Yes indeed.” Mike now fully realized how much he and Sherry had in common. “Yes indeed!”

As soon as Bob and Jan entered the living room they began to undress each other. With hands, lips, and tongues exploring each other as the fabric came off.

“Help me close some curtains Sherry.”

Mike went straight to the large front window and pulled the full curtain together. Sherry quickly understood and began shutting other open curtains until the two of them had the motorhome completely private.

“Let’s get undressed too.” Sherry was already starting to remove her blouse as she spoke to Mike.

“Sounds good to me Sherry.” Mike took little time to remove his shirt, jeans, and underwear and had a seat on the couch where he could watch Jan and Bob still standing, now nude, caressing each other and kissing.

Sherry finished taking her last item, her panties, off and sat down beside Mike and took his hard cock in her small hand and began to masturbate him while she watched her husband and Jan make out a few feet in front of her.

Mike reached over with one hand and began to feel and explore Sherry’s small, firm tits and lightly pinch her hard nipples. With his other hand he found her, now naked and wet, pussy and began to slowly finger Sherry.

Mike and Sherry continued to masturbate each other while Bob and Jan took turns going down on their knees and sucking each other. It wasn’t long before Jan had Bob down on the floor and was on top of him sucking his nice large cock while fucking her wet pussy into his face. Mike and Sherry could see Bob’s large tongue licking Jan’s pussy slowly and deliberately and just as Jan experienced her first, very obvious, orgasm Sherry climbed up on the couch and sat down on Mike’s cock taking it smoothly into her hot, wet little pussy.

Bob, rolled Jan over and quickly turned around and mounted her from the top. His cock slid easily into her very ready pussy and he began a steady long fuck. Jan wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him deeper with each thrust by digging her heels into his back.

Sherry very athletically crouched above Mike on the couch and fucked up and down on his hard cock, being careful not to lose control and cause either of them to lose focus on the show in front of them.

As good as Sherry’s tight pussy felt on Mike’s cock…, and as nice as her tits felt in his hands, he was still mostly involved with Jan and Bob on the floor in front of him.

As nice as Mike’s hard cock felt in her pussy…, and as good as his soft hands felt on her aching nipples, Sherry held off as long as she could and enjoyed seeing her lover and husband fuck her friend. But, it soon became too much and Sherry began to orgasm uncontrollably. When she finished her legs began to ache from the strenuous position she’d been in so she was forced to climb off of Mike.

“Thanks Mike,” Sherry whispered in his ear and grabbed onto his wet cock once again and jacked him off, “I just couldn’t hold off any longer, hope it’s ok.”

“Sure Sherry,” Mike kissed Sherry warmly on the lips, “and thanks. That was really incredible.”

“But you haven’t cum yet.” Sherry began to jack Mike off faster.

“It’s ok Sherry,” Mike could tell that Sherry was just doing this for him and not for herself, “ it’s ok. How about if I join them and you can watch?”

“MMMM,” Sherry grinned broadly, “I’ll bet that’ll get me ready again.”

Mike grinned back and slipped off the couch and crawled over to where Bob was still steadily fucking Jan. Mike first worked between Bob and Jan just enough to kiss her, then kissed down her neck to her tits where he managed to get one in his mouth without making Bob move off. Bob noticed and managed to bend enough to take Jan’s other tit in his own mouth while still fucking her.

“Oh wow…, yes, yes…,” Jan was suddenly overcome with sensations and began to cum immediately.

“Ooooh, man,” Bob, knowing that his efforts had Jan cumming could hold off no longer and began to shoot his own load, that had been building all day, into Jan’s already wet pussy., “Oh, man, yes…, hey that’s it!”

Mike continued sucking Jan’s nipple but more gently as he knew she was coming down from her orgasm. As Bob rolled off Mike began slowly kissing down Jan’s body, being careful not to tickle her now sensitive skin, towards her pussy that he knew was full of Bob’s cum. When Mike reached his destination he wasn’t at all disappointed and found a large amount already beginning to drip out. He quickly licked this up and then began to use his tongue like a spoon and reached inside to lick and suck the rest. Bob had joined Sherry on the couch and the two watched with great interest.

“Hey, Babe…,” Jan pushed Mike’s head away from her pussy, “I’m too sensitive right now Honey, hold off a minute. Jan sat up and looking at Bob’s cock in Sherry’s hand continued. “Hey, why don’t you clean me off of Bob?”

Mike began to blush and wasn’t sure what to do or say.
“Really, please?” Sherry joined in quickly and held Bob’s cock out towards Mike. “Please Mike, I want to see that too.”

Mike looked anxiously at Sherry, then Bob.

“Hey, sounds ok to me Mike,” Bob grinned broadly and finished, “And, turn about’s fair play too.”

Mike now knew. It was going to be so cool knowing that Bob felt the same way he did.

Mike crawled over to the couch and between Bob’s legs and immediately took Bob’s semi-hard cock into his mouth. It tasted just like Jan but with a distinctive other flavor. It didn’t take Mike long to have it squeaky clean and he hesitated only long enough to say he needed more seasoning.

Bob knew immediately what Mike was referring to and pulled his little wife up onto his lap. With her back against his stomach he lifted her up and lowered her down onto his now-hard cock. This made it possible for Mike to lick Bob’s balls, cock, and Sherry’s pussy and clit, then back down to Bob’s balls again. After about ten minutes of this mutually enjoyable action Sherry came again first. As she twisted off of Bob Mike took Bob’s wet cock into his mouth, and while sucking he used his hand to also jack Bob off. In a few short minutes Bob was once again shooting cum, although not nearly as much as before when in Jan’s pussy, certainly enough to satisfy Mike’s appetite.

“My turn now.” Bob pushed Mike’s face away from his own cock and directed Mike to fuck Jan while he licked. Jan’s green eyes lit up when she realized what was about to happen and quickly got onto her knees. Mike crawled over and put his hard cock into Jan dog-style and Bob moved under them and began licking them both with his wide, long tongue. It didn’t take very long before Mike began shooting his cum into Jan. Jan, having cum just shortly before lasted longer though and it was actually Bob’s tongue that gave her the next orgasm. Sherry, had been watching from the couch and, although she didn’t cum again, certainly enjoyed the show…, especially when she saw her husband sucking Mike’s cock clean. She almost did cum, and would have if she had any energy left, knowing that she’d always remember this first time, but definitely not last time, she’d watched Bob sucking a man’s cock. It was incredible.

“Would you mind terribly if Bob and I sleep in the bed tonight?” Jan looked at Mike, then Sherry, as she asked.

“Well, I do,” Mike spoke without hesitation and enjoyed the concerned look he’d created on Jan’s face, “because if you two are simply sleeping it might not be as much fun for me and Sherry. Not only the fact we won’t be able to hear the sexy groans, but we’d feel a little guilty doing what we want to do if you two aren’t doing anything.”

“Rock the boat,” Sherry began singing an old song, “just rock the boat, Baby.” She was also beginning to sway to her tune, then stopped singing, smiled, and spoke very sweetly to her husband. “Enjoy Jan, Sweetie. I know you’ve been looking forward to being alone with her. And, I think I’m going to enjoy having Mike all to myself for a whole night too.”

“Good night, guys,” Jan grabbed Bob’s hand and was leading him through the short hallway to the bedroom as she spoke, “it’s going to be a very good night.”

“You can shut the door if you want, Honey.” Mike smiled at the sight of his naked wife leading his naked friend to a night of passion. “I think Sherry and I will have plenty to keep us occupied right here.” Mike began to make out the couch into a bed as Jan slid the pocket door of the bedroom closed after she and Bob were inside.

“This has sure been a fun day.” Sherry smiled at Mike as she was getting into the make-shift bed beside him.

“Sure has Sherry,” Mike replied honestly then added, “as much as I enjoyed that night so long ago,” Mike thought a second before finishing, “this has really been a lot more enjoyable.”

“I think part of it was the fact we were just so young then,” Sherry looked into Mike’s blue eyes as she spoke, “and the fact that you and I were just so absorbed in what Jan and Bob were doing that we didn’t really have a chance to enjoy each other.”

“We do have that in common, don’t we?” Mike smiled as he looked into Sherry’s beautiful dark eyes. “We’re into watching them, aren’t we?”

“Yes indeed.” Sherry agreed readily. “But, Mike, right now I’m pretty much into just exploring you.”

Mike didn’t respond to Sherry with words. He moved his face close to Sherry’s face, softly kissed each of her eyelids closed, kissed her cute little nose, then moved down and, very tenderly, kissed her large soft lips.

“You know, Sherry?” Mike whispered in Sherry’s ear as he also kissed it. “We’ve had sex several times. Very enjoyable times. But I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of just making love to you.”

“Make love to me Mike,” Sherry pressed her trim, bronze body closer to Mike, “make love to me lover.”

Their lips met again. This time the kiss was much more passionate. Mike could feel Sherry’s hard nipples pressing against his chest and he reached down and took one of her small, but shapely, breasts in his right hand, and with his left he grabbed her muscular little ass cheek and pulled her even closer to him.

“You really feel wonderful, Sherry.” Mike whispered as they temporarily broke the kiss. “Right now I don’t give a damn what they’re doing.”

“Me either.” Sherry breathed the words before melding her mouth back onto Mike’s mouth.
The two felt of each other’s bodies and explored each other in a way they’d not done before. For almost an hour they simply kissed and fondled. They were oblivious to anyone else in the motor home, or the world for that matter, right then.

“Oh, Mike,” Sherry was the first to speak after so long a period of silence, “that feels so good.”

Mike had finally left Sherry’s sweet lips and lowered his attention to her desirable little breasts. Mike had spent so many years enjoying the large breasts of his wife that he’d actually developed an attraction, almost a fetish, for small breasts and Sherry’s were his idea of perfection.

“I’m glad, cutie,” Mike spoke quickly not wanting to waste time with his mouth off of the fantastic flesh it desired, “because I’m going to take my time here.”

And he did. A very long time at that. But, when he finally left Sherry’s breasts, ran his tongue down her belly to her clitoris, Sherry was ready to cum. And she did cum so hard that she almost bruised Mike’s nose with her humping onto his face.

“Wow!” Mike exclaimed after she finished moving. “You sure have good muscles, and good moves.”

“Let me show you my best moves, Mike.” Sherry pushed Mike over onto his back, slipped her left leg over him and slid her tight little pussy down onto his rigid cock. “This is how I like to fuck. You just lay there and enjoy it.”

Sherry began to fuck Mike’s cock with a movement that Mike had never experienced in his, sexually active, life. He simply lay there and let her move up and down on his cock. She looked beautiful with her little titties bouncing slightly. He reached up and took them into his two hands, but other than his hands squeezing those perfect little tits, he remained motionless while he was being, so expertly, fucked.

“Oh man,” Mike finally spoke after he’d regained some energy, “I don’t think I’ve ever cummed so much before in my life, cutie.” Mike felt Sherry began to move her small body to get off him but he stopped her and hugged her closer to him, keeping her on top and his cock in her. “Don’t get off, you just feel so damn good on me. I think I could get use to you on a regular basis.”

“Me too, Mike,” but it’s going to be even better because we’ll never get that used to each other,” Sherry kissed Mike on the lips, “and it’ll always be special when we are together.”

“Real special!” Mike whispered. “Really, really special, and you know?” Mike moved his mouth so close to Sherry’s ear that she felt his lips on it. “I don’t think I even care what they’re dong.”

“Me either!” Sherry whispered back. “Fuck me again, Mike.”

“Are you two going to sleep all day?” Jan spoke cheerfully as she entered the living room of the motor home before seeing that Sherry was asleep on top of Mike, who was also still asleep, and his cock was still inside of Sherry’s pussy. “Hey Bob, looks like they fucked themselves to sleep.”

“Yea, sure does,” Bob grinned at the sight on the makeshift bed in the living room.

“Hey you two.” Jan shook the bed and finally managed to wake Mike and Sherry up.

“We’re starving,” Bob was looking for his clothes among the pile of clothing that was on the floor as he spoke, “let’s get dressed and go get some breakfast.”

“Yea, come on you two,” Jan found her bra and put it on, then was slipping her dress over her head as she finished. “let’s go eat.”

Sherry once again started to move off of Mike but Mike, again, stopped her.

“You two go ahead,” Mike hugged Sherry’s small body closer to him and hunched up slightly to insure that his, growing, cock remained inside her pussy, “We’ll eat here.”

“Suit yourselves,” Jan grabbed Bob’s hand and opened the door, “We’re going to get some nourishment.” She looked back at the two laying together and figured they were just tired from staying up listening to her and Bob having sex. “You two enjoy yourselves and we’ll bring you something back.”

“Take your time, Honey,” Mike winked at Jan as he spoke sweetly then after the door closed he added, “take all the time in the world.”

Then Mike rolled his and Sherry’s bodies over together and, with him on top this time, began to slowly, and purposefully, fuck this beautiful young woman with a purpose.

“I sure hope it isn’t a whole year before we see each other again.” Jan spoke as Bob and Sherry were about to pull out of the campsite in their car.

“Well, I’m sure going to do my best to make it down to Florida next Christmas,” Bob spoke seriously, “like we talked about.”

“Hey,” Sherry added with enthusiasm, “I’m looking forward to the email and picture exchanges we talked about.” She grinned and added, “that sounds fun too.”

“Goodbye, guys,” Jan waived at the couple as they were pulling out, “I’ll miss you.”

“Goodbye, and we’ll miss you two, too!” Sherry yelled back and Bob grinned and nodded his head.

“Jan, I am really going to miss them, aren’t you?” Mike hugged Jan from behind, feeling her nice ass against his cock.

“I am, Mike,” Jan reached behind her and fondled his hardening cock, “is this for me or just remembering Sherry?”

“Hey, Babe!” Mike spoke in a playful tone. “I’m sure going to remember Sherry, and look forward to next time,” Mike hunched his cock into Jan’s ass as he finished, “but this one’s for you!”

“You did seem to enjoy Mike more than I thought you would.” Bob spoke while staring straight ahead down the road.

“You jealous?” Sherry asked in a mischievous voice. “Actually, we did connect very well this time.”

“Good pun!” Bob turned and grinned at his little wife. “I’m glad you enjoyed Mike.”

“And,” Sherry thought a second, moved over closer to her husband and rubbed his cock through his jeans, “I’m so glad you like Jan so much. And that she’s got those nice large breasts that you miss out on with little old me.”

“Hey,” Bob pushed his cock up against Sherry’s little hand, “from what Jan told me, Mike is just as crazy about your nice little titties.”

“Yea, I just think he is at that.” Sherry smiled to herself. “Looks like we all four found exactly what we were looking for, doesn’t it?”

“Yes it does.” Bob admitted. “We didn’t realize it way back then, but we are each other’s perfect ‘other’ couple.”

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