The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple
“Do you think we’re swingers?” Jan looked up and directly into Mike’s blue eyes as she spoke.

“What?” Mike had been watching as Jan was sucking his cock and was caught totally off-guard by Jan’s question, which came so out of the blue. “Damn Babe. What in the world made you think of that at a time like this?”

Jan started to grin when she realized the situation. Just a short time before they’d gone to the bedroom for one of their afternoon delight sessions. They’d both quickly showered and gone to bed. After their normal cuddling, fondling, and kissing, Jan had taken matters into her own hands and mouth. They’d been married for so long that these moments never needed that much vocabulary and things always just proceeded naturally with one or the other of them taking the lead, and today had been Jan’s lead.

“Well,” Jan took Mike’s hard cock back into her warm mouth and sucked softly while she organized her thoughts, “today at lunch Carrie, just out of the blue, asked if I knew what swinging was.”

“Really?” Mike’s cock twitched involuntarily as he heard Jan’s statement. Mike liked Carrie. Carrie had worked with Jan and for several years. Mike had admired her, not only for her looks, which were pretty nice, but also for her open attitude about everything . In just a few short seconds Mike had placed Carrie in so many combinations of sexual activities with him and Jan that the fantasies could have been a long novel. Yes, Mike was a typical man.

“Ok Bud,” Jan shook Mike’s cock back and forth to bring him back to reality, “it’s not what you’re thinking so come back to Earth.” Jan licked on Mike’s cock a few times before continuing. “She only asked because she said that she and Tom had talked about it.”

“Tom?” Mike hadn’t even considered Carrie’s husband Tom in his fantasies. “Who brought it up first? Tom or Carrie?”

“Believe it or not, Carrie said that she did.”

“I’d believe that.” Mike said without hesitation. “Hell, Tom’s just lucky to even be with Carrie,” Mike thought a second then continued, “she could definitely do better than him and he knows it.”

“Well, she doesn’t think that way. But she’s definitely getting urges to explore a little after so many years of marriage,” Jan stopped briefly then added, “and now that their son has gone to college.”

So, was she propositioning us?” Mike asked with mixed emotions. His first thoughts of them being with Carrie were so delightful but when Tom was added to the equation it sort of dulled the pleasure.

“I don’t really think so Honey. I think Carrie just really wanted the opinion of a friend.” Jan spoke seriously . “And, I really don’t think Carrie has any clue about the things we’ve done.”

“Well, are you interested in letting her know and maybe seeing where things go?” Mike asked .

“I don’t know.” Jan looked a little serious. “I like Carrie and I know you do too. But, she’s a friend. All the things we’ve done have been so spontaneous and with people we’ve met at random. It’d just be different with someone who’s been a friend.”

“I agree sweetheart,” Mike smiled at Jan, “and besides, Tom’s a real jerk.”

“Yea,” Jan laughed a little then added, “he’s such a little nerd.”

“Hell, I can just see it now,” Mike got into the swing of the story as he spoke, “We’re all four together. We’re all playing strip poker and when it’s time for Tom to take off his underwear he refuses because he’s ashamed of his little penis. Then, when we get to the daring and you and Carrie want to see me and Tom play with each other’s cocks? Well, he screams, gathers up his clothes and runs out the door in only his underwear.” Jan was laughing at Mike’s story which started Mike laughing as well for a few minutes before he continued. “But, now that he’s gone, I’ve got you and Carrie to myself…, mmmm.”

“Ok Bud,” Jan squeezed Mike’s cock and looked at him with a mock scolding look, “I like Carrie but I’m not going to make love to a woman, even with Carrie or for you.”

“Hey, I never said that was part of my story,” Mike thought a second then grinned and continued, “although, not a bad mental picture here.“ Mike winked at Jan then added. “Don’t you think I’m man enough for you and Carrie?”

“Ok Man!” Jan began to work her way from between Mike’s legs to a position on top of him. She reached between them and inserted his hard cock into her very wet pussy. “I’m sure you are but why should I share this when there’s nothing in it for me?”

“Oh wow, that feels so nice Babe,” Mike’s face gave away his sheer pleasure at the feel of Jan’s wetness, “but don’t you get even a little turned on watching me have sex? I love to watch you so much.”
“Sure,” Jan began to hunch up and down on Mike’s cock as she spoke with a somewhat strained voice, “but only when you’re doing something with another guy. I don’t mind it when you’re with another woman, but only if we’re with another couple and sharing equally. But I really don‘t like watching you make love to other women.”

“I guess I understand,” Mike grimaced as Jan lowered a little more quickly and engulfed his entire seven plus inches into her pussy, “and right now I really don’t care that much about anything except this delicious hunk of woman-flesh on top of me.”

Mike reached up and grabbed Jan’s gorgeous breasts with his hands and began to hunch up into her with earnest.

“Oh God,” Jan spoke loudly as the color in her face faded and the redness began to glow on her chest, “I’m cumming Honey,” Jan ground her pussy down onto Mike’s cock harder and leaned forward to allow Mike to take her breasts into his mouth, “I’m cumming.”

“Oh cum good Babe,” Mike whispered into Jan’s ear as he pumped his hard cock harder into her flowing pussy, “Cum long and hard. Imagine a tongue starting to go into you Babe.” Mike had reached around them and inserted his finger part way into her full pussy getting it wet. “Imagine someone behind us, licking us,” Mike used his finger to rub Jan’s clitoris and then move around her pussy to her anus, “imagine Carrie down there, or,” Mike paused a second, “imagine Ricardo behind us.”

“Mmmm,” Jan muttered at that thought. Ricardo was an old friend and still a favorite fantasy. “yes, fuck me Mike, fuck me hard, let me feel you and Ricardo fucking me.”

Now both Mike and Jan began to hunch in unison and it only took a few more wonderful moments before they both lay motionless together.

“So, you hungry?” Mike grinned broadly as he blurted this out.

“Men!” Jan climbed off of Mike then continued to chide him. “Boy, once you’ve had your way you just want to either eat or sleep.”

“Hey, eating sounds good Babe.” Mike quickly turned around in the bed to try to gain access to Jan’s pussy.

“Hold on buster.” Jan pushed Mike away playfully. “Seriously, not now.”

“Ok, but don’t say I just did the old wham-bam thing. I’m not only willing, I’m ready to eat that beautiful, freshly fucked, pussy of yours.”

Jan lay quietly for a few seconds then repeated her earlier question. “So, are we swingers?”

“I don’t know,” Mike thought for several minutes and just when Jan suspected he’d fallen asleep and turned to look, “I guess first of all you need to define swinger. I think swingers are people who feel that a couple can maintain an emotionally monogamous relationship while still exploring sexual situations that include other people. In that respect, yea, I guess we’d fit. But, I think most swingers think of this as a sort of lifestyle and in that case, no I don’t think we do. For me at least, it’s more of an enjoyable diversion to our very good long-term relationship.”

“Yes, me too.” Jan was quick to agree. “So, we’re just an adventurous couple then, not really swingers.”

“I think so,” Mike then added, “but I’m sure a lot of folks would think we are swingers. But then, who really cares?”

Jan laughed and agreed. “What do you think I should do about Carrie?”

“Well, as nice as it sounds to be with her,” Mike thought with his head instead of his cock, “It’s just not going to work. We don’t like her husband, and not only that, I just don’t think what we do, of this nature, should be part of our local community and acquaintances. Although it would be nice to know a couple that we could get together with and discuss openly about these things, wouldn‘t it?”

“I agree about Carrie. Besides, I’d really feel uncomfortable with it as well as I know her.” Jan thought a second. “And Tom? No way Jose!”

“Hey, I’ve got it!” Mike smiled. “Let’s tell Carrie to ditch Tom and we’ll see if we can locate Ricardo and introduce them.”

“Works for me!” Jan’s eyes lit up at the notion.

“But, to make it even more perfect,” Mike always had to go a step further with any new fantasy or idea, “let’s make sure that Ricardo is OK with a little boy to boy playing.”

“Hey, I don’t think he’d object,” Jan thought back to that night a long time ago, “he seemed to be pretty open to anything that makes someone feel good.” Jan’s eyes suddenly went somewhere far away.

“Honey, are you still there?” Mike was now between Jan’s legs where he’d started to go before. “Now I’m going to have you again after Ricardo.” Mike spoke softly as he licked Jan’s swollen clitoris. “I can see his cum in your pussy Babe.” Mike continued to lick up and down Jan’s wet slit as he spoke. “You look so delicious, Babe.”

“Oh…, ooh yes…,” Jan was squeezing her own large and firm nipples, “yes. Suck out Ricardo’s cum along with mine Honey.”

Mike licked, sucked, and savored the taste and erotic nature of his activity. He imagined that Ricardo had, indeed, just been with Jan and it turned him on tremendously. When Jan was squeaky clean Mike moved down to her anus and began to tongue fuck her there. It wasn’t long before Jan was once again cumming.

“Oh…, Mike…, yes, yes…,” Jan held Mike’s head with her hands now and directed him back to her pussy and clitoris, “oh, I’m there…” Jan groaned then pulled Mike’s face away from her sensitive pussy.

“Thanks sweetheart.” Jan bent down and kissed Mike’s lips, getting a little taste of their combined juices. “Mmmm, do I taste Ricardo?”

Mike laughed then quickly added. “Hey, you also got a bit of Carrie’s flavor there too. So, you ready to go down on her?”

“You’re impossible!” Jan jokingly scolded her husband as she got out of bed.

“Hey,” Mike tried to look innocent, “didn’t mean to make you mad.”

As Jan put on her robe and left the bedroom, Mike watched and admired his beautiful wife of so many years. Then he drifted off to sleep.

“Are you awake yet?” Jan whispered into Mike’s ear.

“Not yet sweetie,” Mike opened his eyes and smiled, “what-cha got in mind?”

“We’ve got mail!” Jan mimicked the voice of the computer.

“Really?” Mike looked puzzled at Jan.

“Come read it,” Jan took Mike’s hand and pulled him up out of the bed.

“Ok…, sure…,” Mike grabbed his shorts and slipped them on as he left the bedroom behind Jan. “who’s it from?” Then thinking a second he added. “Ricardo?”

“No, but maybe better.”

“Wow!” Mike was amazed and really curious now. “What could be better for you than Ricardo?”

“Come see for yourself.” Jan led Mike into the study where the computer was on and an email was showing on the screen.

As Mike read he was puzzled. “Ok, this is a couple responding about one of our stories…,” Mike muttered,

“Keep reading.” Jan confidently directed.

“Typical…, typical…,” Mike read the usual things that they enjoy getting occasionally from people who enjoy their writing, “so, Jan, is this a couple you think you’d like to meet?”

Mike was curious. They’d met Greg and Susan this way and enjoyed them. But, when Greg and Susan wound up separating Mike and Jan had decided not to encourage actually meeting anyone they meet on-line.

“We already have.” Jan spoke matter-of-factly.”

Mike finished the letter then saw the signature. “Bob and Sherry? Do you think? Is it our Bob and Sherry?”

“I checked their AOL profile and,” Jan hugged Mike’s neck and pressed her breasts against his back as she read over his shoulder, “yes, it’s them. And, they don’t have any idea who we are yet.”

Mike and Jan had known this couple years ago. Mike and Bob had worked together. Jan liked Bob as soon as she’d met him and also became good friends with Sherry. One night, after a party, things just progressed to where the two couples shared intimacies. It was a one-time event, and being young and neither couple married that long, it never happened again and the friends just sort of went separate ways. Bob and Sherry had children which often was a factor in Mike and Jan losing things in common with friends over the years. But, during the last few years, this couple had come to mind numerous times when Mike and Jan fantasized. Next to Ricardo, possibly the most often of anyone.

“So, do we tell them?” Mike wasn’t completely sure of Jan’s intentions but knew he’d like to see them both again.

“I already did.” Jan reached for the mouse and brought up the mail waiting to be sent on the screen for Mike to read. “Hey, aren’t you going to read it first?” Jan spoke too late as Mike had already clicked send now.

“Don’t need to Babe.” Mike turned the chair around and grabbed Jan and hugged her. “If you’re interested…, I’m very interested.”
“Well, at least read the letter and see if you want to add anything.”

“Ok,” Mike was now fondling Jan’s nice ass through her robe, “but not just now.”
“You’re impossible Mike.” Jan pressed her groin more firmly against Mike’s strong chest as she spoke. “But awfully good.”

“So Babe,” Mike was rubbing his face across Jan’s nice breasts, “When do we head out west to see them?”

“As soon as possible…, as soon as possible,” Jan moaned in delight at the feel of Mike’s hands and mouth, “unless they take me up on the invitation to visit us here.”

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