The Portrait Part 3

The Portrait Part 3

Holly Denton frowned as she walked slowly toward the high school auditorium, thinking about her loud argument with Michael last night, the latest in a long series of conflicts with her volatile husband. She knew, deep down, that she was losing him, but she had no idea what to do about it. Sometimes he seemed almost to hate her.

Aside from their constant arguments about his work ethic, or lack thereof, she knew their sex life left a lot to be desired. She wanted to please him, and tried to dress provocatively, in a way that showed off her slim body to full advantage. She favored very short, tight miniskirts and high-heeled pumps that accentuated her long legs, and tight fitting, low cut tops. She often didn’t wear a bra, not needing the support, although today she had one on. The material of the top she was wearing today was too thin for her to be so daring, especially at school — she knew all too well that her nipples had a bad habit of becoming erect and showing through her clothing.

No, the problem was that she just wasn’t that comfortable with sex, having been raised to think of it as dirty. She had trouble talking about it, much less doing it, and she wasn’t as adventurous as Michael wanted her to be. And yet…sometimes she, too, felt unfulfilled, her thoughts filled with erotic fantasies that came into her head unbidden, without warning. She couldn’t bring herself to share such thoughts with Michael, somehow, and she was sure he thought of her as dull, boring, and sexually repressed. Gradually, the spark had gone out of their marriage, leaving only the underlying anger. Michael had nothing but contempt for her, for her work, and particularly for her earnest and sincere efforts on behalf of her poor and minority students.

She had volunteered to help out with the high school production of “Cats”, which is why she was walking to the auditorium this afternoon. The drama teacher, Lester Stevens, had been more than happy to have her assistance, and a few times she had noticed him staring at her ass with more than a passing interest, especially when she bent over, giving him a quick glimpse of her skimpy panties. Several times she had brushed past him in the cramped backstage area, her body touching his in ways not entirely appropriate for two teachers. He wants me, she thought, excited by the thought of having sex with Lester, although unwilling to entertain the thought of actually cheating on Michael and acting out such a lewd fantasy.

Lester was a tall, powerfully-built black man with muscular arms and shoulders and a shaved head. He had been a swimmer in college and supposedly had just missed competing in the 1996 Olympics. In addition to teaching drama, he coached the high school swim team, and Holly seen him at the pool once or twice. She suspected him of not having a hair on his entire body. She had also not failed to notice what seemed to be a truly remarkable penis underneath his speedo. The thought of that big, black cock thrusting into her snug little pussy had made her wet with unwanted, yet delicious and forbidden excitement.

The pretty blonde teacher walked backstage and encountered Lester sitting on the floor with a hammer, working on the set for the production. His sepia skin glistening with sweat. He was wearing a black tank top and loose grey gym shorts. She leaned over, her hands on her knees, giving him a good look down the front of her top. “Hi, Lester!” she said brightly, smiling at him. “I thought I’d work on the lighting cues a little bit more.”

Lester got up off the floor. “Hi, Holly…go ahead, it’s all yours. I’ll just be a few more minutes on this and then I’ll help you.”

Holly turned sideways and squeezed past him in the tight space, her taut ass pressing back against his crotch as she did. She lingered there perhaps a split-second longer than she needed to get by him, and thought she felt his penis come to life beneath the thin shorts. A moment later, she was past him, and she felt his eyes boring into her from behind as she bent over the lighting console.

Lester stared after her, his eyes narrowing. This little blonde whore had tempted him one too many times. His students were gone for the day, he knew. There would be nobody coming backstage. He made up his mind quickly, seizing an opportunity that he had long awaited, and that might never come again. He walked over to Holly. “Holly…would you come over here for a minute?” he said calmly. “I want to show you something.”

She smiled and followed him into a small alcove adjacent to the backstage area, her high heels clicking on the wood floor. Quickly, Lester wheeled and grabbed her slim wrists, forcing them up over her head and against the wall, knocking the breath from her. “OH!!!” she exclaimed as she hit the wall, her eyes wide.

“You teasing little cunt!” he hissed, his eyes burning into her like hot coals. “You think you can just come in here and show off your tits whenever you want, and rub that tight little white ass of yours all over me? HUH?”

Holly gasped as Lester pressed her against the wall, her hands high, utterly defenseless. “Lester! No, I….”

“SHUT UP!!” he barked. “This time, you’re going to get what you’ve been wanting.” Holding both of her wrists with one powerful hand, Lester reached down with his free hand and yanked her top up under her upraised arms. Then he pushed her satin bra up over her small, firm breasts, bent down and fastened his mouth on one of them, mauling it with his mouth.

“OHHHH!!!” Holly whimpered, a powerful surge of pleasure slamming through her, despite the sudden violence of Lester’s brutal attack. She struggled against him, trying unsuccessfully to free herself from his iron grip. Her nipple, though, sprang to life, even as she desperately attempted to fight him off. “Noooo, let me GO!!”

Lester reached down now with his free hand, and shoved it between her legs under her short skirt, grabbed her panties, and violently ripped them to tatters in his powerful hand. Holly began to sob. “NOOO!! Please, Lester, don’t do this!”

“Don’t kid yourself, baby!” hissed Lester, sliding his thick black fingers roughly into Holly’s vaginal opening, his mouth at her ear as he fucked them slowly in and out, feeling her tell-tale wetness. “This isn’t rape. You want this as much as I do. You haven’t screamed ‘rape’, you haven’t yelled for help. And your tight little cunt is sopping wet, just begging for my black dick.”

“Oh, god Lester, please don’t! I’m married!” moaned Holly, still crying, her mind swirling as his fingers drove in and out of her pussy. She knew perfectly well that he was right, right about everything. Her body was betraying her and they both knew it. And she DID want his massive hard cock rammed up inside her yearning pussy. She felt the last vestiges of her resistance crumbling, despite her words, replaced by a sudden, burgeoning carnal lust.

“Is that all you got, bitch?” spat Lester, reaching down and yanking down his shorts, freeing his stiff cock. “You’re married?? If that husband of yours ever gave you the good hard fucking you need, maybe you wouldn’t be sticking that cute ass of yours in my face every chance you got. Well, I know a white bitch in heat when I see one, and now you’re gonna get that hard fucking, and don’t you be giving me any shit, because you know that’s exactly what you want to happen!”

Still holding Holly’s hands over her head, Lester guided his long, thick cock between her legs, shoving it into her in one violent lunge. Holly squealed as he penetrated her with his monstrous dick, stretching her beyond anything she’d ever experienced, forcing the air from her lungs. God, he was huge! She knew she was lost, helpless to resist his ravaging of her body, even if she had wanted to. And she didn’t want to! Her legs slid up around his muscular ass, and then she heard her own voice, plaintive and urgent, punctuated by his hard thrusts: “OHHHH, YESSSS, UH!!” she sobbed. “You were right! OH!! About all of it! FUCK me, Lester!!! UNNHHH!!!! YES!!! Give me that big black cock…UH!…and fuck me the way I need to be fucked!! Make me COME!!!”

Lester let go of her wrists and reached down to grab her ass tightly with his big hands. Her arms wrapped around his big neck as he began to saw his cock mercilessly in and out of her suddenly eager pussy. She clung to him as his big dick skewered in and out of her, glistening with her wetness. He bent down to kiss her, his big tongue thrusting into her mouth to match the thrusting of his cock. She sucked hungrily on his tongue, moaning into his throat as he continued to fuck in and out of her now-dripping-wet pussy.

One of Lester’s hands slide between the firm cheeks of Holly’s ass, seeking the tight, virginal pucker of her asshole. She groaned into his mouth as his fat middle finger wormed its way inside her, violating her most secret place, and she jackknifed against his embedded cock. He drove into her, in both her holes, driving her quickly toward an orgasm that she knew already would be like nothing she had ever felt.

Lester’s mouth let go of hers and moved to her ear as he growled. “Your husband ever fuck you this good?”

“Noooooo,” she moaned, knowing that this was her ultimate betrayal of Michael, and not caring any more. “No, not this good!” she hissed.

“Does he have a dick this big?” pursued Lester, relentlessly pounding her abused pussy.

“No!” she whispered. “Yours is bigger!”

“LOUDER!!” he snarled.

Holly groaned as she let go of all the months of frustration, her surrender total now. “YOURS IS BIGGER”, she screamed harshly. “Bigger and better and FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!!”

Lester exulted as he sensed Holly’s orgasm begin to overwhelm her. The stuck-up bitch was his! She would never be able to get enough of his black dick now! As his cock pistoned in and out of her with relentless fury, he looked forward to the day, not far off, when he would fuck her in her tight ass, and blow his load in her eagerly sucking mouth, or come all over her face. He would fuck her while her husband watched, powerless to stop him. He’d enlist all the brothers to fuck her, and she’d do it willingly, eagerly, and beg for more. The thought of it made his balls contract against the base of his furiously thrusting cock, and he fucked her still harder, his finger deep inside her asshole, anxious now to flood her welcoming pussy with his pent-up sperm.

Suddenly, Holly’s body could take no more, and she bucked violently against him, crying out in a combination of agony and ecstasy as her orgasm seized her in its hot, tight grip. “OHHHGOOODDDDDDYESSSSSSSS!!!!!”, she sobbed. Again and again she convulsed, clawing Lester’s back with her fingernails as her body gave birth to an excruciating, pulsating climax. And then she felt the black man’s deeply embedded cock expanding inside her, felt the hot, hard spurts of his come as he erupted inside her tightly-gripping vagina. She sobbed on his shoulders, shuddering hard as he emptied his balls inside her, pulsing wildly, soothing her with his hot, creamy come.

She clung to him as her body slowly began to come down, panting from the exertion, her pussy still spasming around his cock, feeling his finger slowly slip out of her ass as his penis continued to pump the last vestiges of his come into her. Her muscles hungrily milked his cock for the last ooze of it, not wanting him to ever withdraw from her well-fucked cunt. Their coupling had taken only a few frantic minutes.

“Ohhhmygod…” she gasped, trembling. “Ohmygod, Lester….”

Suddenly, Lester lapsed back into his normal character, and spoke to her softly, soothingly, kindly. “Shhhhhhh….it’s okay, baby…it’s okay.”

“I’ve never felt that way,” whispered Holly, her body still feeling the tremors in the aftermath of her orgasm. “Never. I thought my body was going to explode!”

Lester chuckled, still savoring the feeling of his cock inside her sperm-filled pussy. “Maybe you learned something about yourself today, Holly.”

She smiled, shivering again. “Quite a few things, I think,” she replied. “When can we do it again?”

“Perhaps we’ll find a way to continue your education sometime soon,” said Lester, finally easing his flagging cock from her oozing vagina and sitting down in a chair.

“Mmmmmm, that sounds nice,” purred Holly. “Are you going to the art show at Meg Morgan’s next week? I’ll be there with my husband.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably be there,” said Lester. “She’s one of the drama program’s biggest sponsors. Got to keep her happy.”

“Mmmmm, that’s good,” said Holly. “Maybe we can find time to sneak off somewhere. There are a few things I’d kind of like to explore further.” Bending forward, she reached down with her hand and held his cock up, sliding the head into her mouth and sucking it softly, tasting herself on him with her tongue. She would never have done that with Michael, it just seemed so obscenely brazen to her, something a whore would do. But somehow, now, the entire world looked different to her. She slurped his cock for a few more moments, and then he gently pushed her away.

“Gotta go, baby…I’m late. We’ll have to save it for the party,” said Lester. Always leave ‘em begging for more, he thought to himself.

Holly pouted, disappointed. “Okay. But I want that beautiful cock again, and soon,” she said. “You won’t have to rape me the next time, Lester. Now, I’d better figure out how to get to the parking lot without anyone noticing that I don’t have any panties on.” She grabbed a napkin from the nearby desk and wiped the oozing cum from her inner thigh. Bye, Lester…”. She walked to the edge of the stage, and turned halfway toward him. “And…thanks.” She walked down the steps and out of the auditorium, a very different woman than the one who walked in.

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