The Rush_(0)

The Rush_(0)

Marcie was quite nervous; this was her first big fraternity party. It was the end of her freshman year, and she had been through a lot in her efforts to initiate into a sorority, Kappa Mu Upsilon. Marcie had already moved into the sorority house, as required of all initiates, and she had spent several months getting acclimated with the girls and working on her initiation points. She had worked many hours for charity, attended a few sporting events, tutored some of the slower students in algebra, and had even put up with a few exploitative and embarrassing moments while being hazed. Once, the older girls made her give a "blow job" to a banana, and she even had to have her picture taken in some sexy black lingerie.

Marcie was really more of a bookish girl, so her decision to rush was somewhat unusual. She had decided that the social aspects of her life were quite lacking, and she thought that her experiences with new friends might change that. She did enjoy being around most of the girls in Kappa Mu Upsilon. They weren't really into studying as much as she was, but they sure were funny and a lot of fun to be around. "Party girls" was a good description of them, Marcie thought.

Most of them were rather pretty, like the rest of the sorority girls on campus. Most were blonde, some were tan, and they all wore just the right amount of makeup in the right places to bring out their best features. Marcie did notice, though, that more than half of them were at least a little bit fat. Their lower tummies seemed quite pooched out for girls of their age, and their skin looked "loose". Only the about half of the sorority looked good in swimsuits, Marcie observed. They were the thin ones. The thin girls almost always had dates, while the others seemed to have one only every now and then.

Marcie herself was quite thin, and, strangely enough, a pure blonde. She wasn't tan, though, because she never really got out in the sun. In fact, she had almost snow white skin. She always thought that she was attractive, although she hadn't tried to use makeup all that much in the past. She was hoping that she could get a few dates, or at least meet some new people, by being in the sorority. Although Marcie wasn't a virgin, she still considered herself very inexperienced. (She had had sex with two boys in high school while on the pill. Both of them had turned out to be jerks, and she really preferred to forget about them.)

The other girls talked about sex all the time. They really enjoyed the subject, and they had lots of sexy clothes in their wardrobes. Come to think of it, they were really horny girls, Marcie had determined one day. They also liked to have sex whenever possible, and with whomever was available at the time. Sometimes the girls even played with each other, caressing and fingering each other to orgasm. Although Marcie hadn't moved into the sorority house yet, she didn't know if she would be comfortable around all this sex stuff or not.

Also, Marcie noticed a few times by accident that a few of the girls were seemed to be snooping around in her things. Once, she watched as a couple of her would-be sisters, thinking Marcie was asleep, fumbled through some of her cosmetics and toiletries. The girls were dressed in very sexy and revealing silk nighties and were giggling the whole time. "They're just borrowing something from me; they'll return it later," Marcie reasoned. Just before the pair left, however, Marcie thought she saw them place some plastic case onto the counter top. "I guess the girls don't realize how sexy those outfits are," Marcie thought, "Or maybe these girls are all just *really* perverted!" This ultra-feminine clan definitely liked to play around with their sexuality, and Marcie was a bit apprehensive about her involvement with them. She had decided to go through with her initiation, however: she didn't want to be a quitter.

Despite all of her misgivings, tonight Marcie was going to enjoy herself. Since the initiates were almost ready to join the sorority, the older girls had decided to allow them to attend a big party with one of their sibling fraternities, Tau Mu Beta. Marcie was really looking forward to getting away from all her initiation stuff and her schoolwork. She really wanted to have some fun tonight. Who knew: maybe she'd meet a hot guy from the fraternity that might want to date her!

She had spent quite a long time on her makeup, dress, and other preparations for the evening. Marcie wasn't experienced in making herself look pretty (much less hot), so the other girls had helped her out a lot. It took her almost three hours to get ready, but in the end, Marcie was one hot little number indeed. Marcie was a bit taller than average for a girl of 18, and her extremely pale skin was quite unique. She was a very slender girl though she never worked out, and she hardly ever went outdoors. Great metabolism and reasonable eating habits is all she needed to have a soft, attractive figure underneath her hard, learned exterior.

Marcie's face was glaringly white also, and she had decorated it with eye makeup, dark red lipstick, and just a hint of rouge. Her hair was short, to a little above her shoulders, and it encircled her face, the straight locks draping to the left and right gorgeously. Although it was naturally curly, Marcie had curled her hair up into big circles, and they garnished her countenance beautifully. She also needed a dress, but confessed to Sally that she did not have any real party clothes.

"No problem," Sally replied, and produced an extremely short, black party dress. It was cut very low at the top, tightly form-fitting, and just Marcie's size.

"Isn't this too short? You can probably see my underwear," Marcie commented.

"Oh you're right. Well, that's no problem; just don't wear any underwear," Sally replied with a cute smile and a wink.

"Haha, very funny," Marcie said. "Do you have anything else I can wear?"

"Nope, sorry. I have only two other dresses, and I'm sure they're too big for you."

Convinced she was stuck, Marcie took Sally's ultra-sexy black dress and put it on. Straightening it a bit, she wondered about the wisdom of wearing such a revealing dress to the party.

"Now all you need is some heels! Let me get you some." Sally exclaimed.

"Heels? But I don't wear.."

"Don't be silly! You can't wear a dress like that without some seriously high heels. Just hold on a minute.."

Sally returned to Marcie's room with a pair of the tallest stilettos Marcie had ever seen. They were clear in most areas.

"I can't possibly wear those!" Marcie asserted. "I'll never be able to walk."

"You'll get used to them pretty quickly. It's just like walking tippy-toe," Sally retorted with a wink.

Marcie knew she wasn't going to win, so she stifled further protest. She put on the heels, which made her about 7 inches taller. Marcie's cute little white feet were clearly visible.

"Holy shit, Marcie! You're probably the hottest, leggiest little cunt I've seen in a long time!" Sally yelled.

"Thanks," an apprehensive Marcie replied. Though she felt like a fish out of water, she couldn't help a little smirk and a feeling of pride at Sally's comment. Was she even a little bit turned on?

On the trip over to the Beta house, the large flock of Kappas was quite a sight. Most girls wore form-fitting skirts or dresses which stopped only just below their crotch level. Marcie even thought she caught a glimpse of a couple of them who were not wearing underwear! No, surely not. Almost everyone had adorned their feet with high heels, and the dresses were head-turning. This group of blondes were ready to party.

Marcie felt her anxiety grow with each step forward. She was really nervous, and wasn't exactly sure how to act once they got to their destination. She kept to herself for most of the walk over, though. They arrived at the house in due time. It was almost a small mansion. It was apparent from looking in the window that the two-story building held several giant rooms, and it was decorated with expensive arrangements throughout. One of the sisters knocked on the door, and it was opened. Dozens of handsome young boys greeted dozens of beautiful young girls in the moments that followed. After the smiles and nods, everyone was directed to a very large banquet room.

Marcie stayed close to the Kappas at first, quite shy at her first outing. Eager to meet new friends, however, she managed to slowly break away from Sally and a few others to mingle like everyone else was. Marcie began talking to a few of the groups of boys, most of which looked a bit older than she was. She glanced around as she talked, and noticed the deep, very interested looks that she was getting from almost every boy in the room.

"I knew this outfit might be too much," Marcie said to herself. Still, she continued to chat with the boys and with the members of her sorority-to-be. She approached Sally again.

"Which ones are the initiates for Tau Mu Beta? The boys my age?" Marcie asked Sally.

"Oh, they can't come to this party. They have to join the frat first," Sally replied.

Rather disappointed, Marcie continued to mingle and chat. She was offered a drink by a boy she had not met before, which she took readily, surprising even herself. She reasoned that she might as well live a little and get the most out of this experience. If she could lighten up a bit, it would be even easier to get to know guys!

The party started picking up pace. Someone started up a loud stereo, and dance music began blaring into the room. More liquor and alcohol was brought in, and Marcie was handed two more drinks. She only reluctantly took her third one for the night after she realized that she was starting to feel lightheaded and laughing at a lot of the frat boys' silliness.

After downing her third drink, Marcie took to the dance floor with a few other people. She was amazed at her own social aggressiveness. Everyone was soon dancing, and Marcie was rubbing up against strange boy after strange boy, and loving every minute of it. Then, in the background, hidden in the shadows, someone rolled in a covered cart. All the boys noticed it at once. They yelled in triumph and all but ran over to the cart. It was unveiled, and various drugs, some of them hard, were revealed. Many boys took a few joints, and several took a seat on a sofa to shoot up something stronger. Then, they returned to the dance floor to drag a random girl over to the stash. Some girls were very excited about getting high; Marcie wasn't sure. When a boy tried to pull her off the dance floor, Marcie resisted. Sally noticed this, and came up to her.

"What's the matter, Marcie?" Sally asked. "If your worried about the.. stuff, then don't be. We all do it, all the time. It's fun, I promise! We won't let anything happen to you."

"Well.. I guess so," Marcie replied.

"Great! Let's go," Sally said.

Marcie was taken to a sofa with another boy she had not yet seen. Her arm was tied, her vein was popped, and then she was injected with some sort of fluid which she could not identify. She could feel the effects almost immediately, and she liked it very much. Her head spun, the room spun, but she didn't care. She felt wonderful. A beer was then handed to her, which she downed rather hastily.

Returning to the dance floor, Marcie was quite a sight. She rubbed up against every faceless boy she could get her hands on, and her moves got increasingly obvious and erotic. She was continuously smiling and rubbing covered erections. Marcie was having the time of her life.

Then, all of the sudden, Paul, one of the older boys in the Tau Mu Beta frat, stood up on a coffee table, as if to make an announcement of some kind. The music abruptly ceased, and a gradual hush fell over the party area. Then Paul began to speak loudly:

"Okay, party freaks! This is what you've been waiting for! It's time for our annual game of Flesh Roulette between the Betas of Tau Mu Beta and Kappas of Kappa Mu Upsilon!"

Almost everyone except the somewhat confused Kappa initiates, including Marcie, cheered and wooed very loudly.

"Flesh Roulette? This might be somewhat interesting. What the hell," Marcie thought, although just a bit apprehensive. To be sure, due to the high levels of alcohol, her usual uber-paranoia was quite reduced.

"You all know the rules, so everybody team up with your Kappa initiates and let's play!" Paul finished. People began to organize themselves all over the room. There were about ten Kappa initiates, and each of them was surrounded by two or three members of the sorority and about the same number of fraternity members. Some of the frat boys quickly left the room. At the same time, some older-looking, very handsome boys entered. Marcie did not recognize any of them.

"Everyone, welcome the seniors!" Paul exclaimed. Everyone cheered, again save the Kappa initiates. The senior Betas quickly formed a straight line.

Marcie was quite nervous due to the large crowd that had formed around her, but Sally eased her mind a little bit:

"This game is a little like spin the bottle," Sally commented. "Each of the senior boys will get one roll of a die, and if it's a six, then they get to 'spin the bottle' to come and meet one of our initiates."

"Oh, that sounds nice," Marcie replied with a smile. She really wanted to meet at least one guy tonight, and these guys were hot!

Just then, the group of boys who had left the room before returned, and they were all carrying large bean bag chairs and pillows. One chair and several pillows were brought to each of the groups that had formed.

"Marcie, you're supposed to lay down on the chair," Sally said.

"Uh, but.. I can't.." Marcie said.

"Why not?"

"Uh, heh, you know.." Marcie giggled. She whispered into Sally's ear, "My panties will show."

"Oh, that's no big deal at all," Sally responded. "Watch me.."

Sally promptly loosened her top and pulled it up, over her head, and off. She then tossed it on the floor, revealing her sexy, lacy bra for all to see. Next, she grabbed the front of her black miniskirt, pulled down the zipper with one hard motion, and began to slide the skirt slowly down over her buttocks, down her silky, creamy thighs, and all the way down her long legs to her heels. Everybody in the group was cheering and yelling. Marcie could hear other groups doing similar cheering and yelling. Sally stepped out of her pants and stood in her bra, panties and heels. The rest of the girls in the group then followed Sally's lead, and undressed themselves to their bras and panties.

"You see? You're much more clothed than any of us girls now. Nobody's going to care about seeing your underwear," Sally contended.

Sally paused, then said, "Well, okay, I guess." She then laid down on the bean bag chair. Marcie moved one leg slightly over the other in an attempt to conceal her panties, and this cute action was a very sexy sight to the group.

Marcie was handed a joint by one of the boys, and she puffed it deeply.

"Is everyone ready?" Paul inquired. Each group hollered. "Then roll the die, Sean!" Paul announced. Sean was first in line. He rolled a four. "Aww, too bad, Sean. You don't get to meet any of our little princesses. Sorry."

Marcie was getting quite lightheaded by now. She was more than a little disoriented, and she was giggling a lot.

The next boy in line, Matt, rolled a one, and the one after him rolled a two. Then, Adam, quite a well-built member of the football team, rolled a six.

"Bingo!" Paul yelled. Everyone cheered. "Now, spin the bottle!"

Adam spun the beer bottle that had been placed in the center of the room and, when it stopped, it pointed to Debbie.

Marcie smiled. She was practically giddy that Debbie, her best friend among the initiates, had to go first, in whatever weird game this was.

"Go, Debbie!" she yelled across the room. A few of the girls in Marcie's group smiled. Adam approached Debbie's group, and then there were only a few giggles and hollers that came from the direction of Debbie's group for the next couple of minutes. Marcie struggled to get a look at what was going on in Debbie's group, but she had trouble even looking outside the wall of bodies forming her own group, much less looking in through Debbie's. Gradually, the giggles coming from Debbie's group turned into moans, and became louder.

"What are they doing over there?" Marcie wondered, still smiling. She then asked Sally.

"Oh, Debbie's just taking her turn. Playing the game is fun!" she replied cryptically.

Marcie just laid back, still in a drunken, fixed state, and squirmed a bit while she listened. Presently, the intensity of the moans coming from Debbie's group increased and then Marcie began to hear screams. They weren't screams of pain but of pleasure. They were screams of sex. Marcie's smile faded. More grunts and yells began coming from the group, and not just from one or two people. The entire group seemed very excited. Finally, in one gigantic scream of release (from Debbie, Marcie was almost positive), the group seemed to release its tension. Marcie heard just a few more very faint mumbles, and then thunderous applause.

While there was still some questions in Marcie's mind as to what had just happened, there was little doubt that it had somehow involved sex. She was now somewhat uncomfortable, and if she had not been stoned out of her mind, she would have been in downright protest. Marcie had reservations about this initiation process.

The beer bottle was spun again. This time, it pointed to an initiate that Marcie did not know well. Her group was across the room, nearly opposite Marcie's position. The same ritual was performed in this girl's group, with similar confusing results. The bottle was spun a third and a fourth time, and each time a new girl's group was the center of attention. After the fourth spin, someone announced loudly that the game was now over. People began to disperse to the alcohol and punch.

What a relief! Marcie was glad that she didn't have to go through what the other four girls did, no matter what it was. No sooner had Marcie's sigh completed, however, when Paul made a new announcement.

"That was a great game, everyone!" Paul yelled. "And now it's time for the free round!"

"Free round?!" Marcie's mind screamed.

"Oh boy, this is the best part!" Sally told Marcie. "Now everybody who didn't get a turn last round gets a turn!"

"But, I thou- the game was over!" Marcie protested.

"Oh Marcie, you didn't think that we'd finish the game without even giving you a chance to play, now did you?" Sally replied.

A senior whom Marcie did not recognize walked up to her group. He was tall, tan, and somewhat muscular.

"Marcie, I'd like to introduce you to Ted. Ted is here to meet you," Sally explained.

"Nice to meet you," Ted offered with a sly smile.

Then he promptly grabbed Marcie's tiny, light panties, and yanked them down her long, white legs. He pulled them over her heels, and onto the ground. He did all this in one motion, without giving Marcie much of a chance to protest. A few of the boys and girls in Marcie's group then began kissing and rubbing Marcie's neck, shoulders, tummy, inner thighs, legs, and all over. A couple of hands found her already-moist pussy, and they began playing around her clit. Ted then unzipped and pulled down his own pants and underwear, and proceeded to lie on top of Marcie.

"Oh god.. yes! No, we can't.."

Ted didn't reply. Not only was Marcie shocked, but even as she protested, she held her eyes shut and enjoyed every sensation. She kissed back at he lips that kissed her. She rubbed Ted's body. She even found his hard cock and directed it to her opening! All the while, Marcie expressed her apprehension through slurred speech. The protests ebbed once Ted entered her. The pleasure overwhelmed Marcie, causing her mouth to shoot open, her back to arch, and her glazed eyes to open wide. Marcie's tight little frame exited Ted, and he began moving into her, then out. He was slowly fucking Marcie.

Marcie was in pure ecstasy. She had no idea that anything could feel so good. She never wanted it to stop. She held onto Ted as if he was the sole perpetuator of her life. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him so close to her. It had definitely been a long time since she had had sex. She felt her orgasm begin to grow. Ted increased his pace. She knew that she should stop, and she tried, but her body would not listen. She managed a few more words of protest, but mostly she only coaxed Ted on. Her orgasm continued to build, and after a few minutes of steady pumping, she felt that she was ready to cum. Expertly, Sally gauged this and, like an actor on cue, spoke. Ted slowed down his rhythm a bit.

"Marcie, since you're about to pass the point of no return, I now have to tell you something," Sally said.

"Wha– Oh! YESS!! OH!"

"Since you began living at the sorority house, we've been deceiving you a little bit. You see, for about 3 months now, we've been periodically replacing your birth control pills with harmless little sugar pills. Hehe, they look almost exactly the same! We sneaked into your bathroom on a few nights, and took away those nasty birth control pills when you were asleep. What I'm saying now is that you're 100% off the pill."

Horror shot through Marcie. "NO!! You DIDN'NA! UNH!"

"Yes, we did. You see, Marcie, this is the final initiation step which all initiates into Kappa Mu Upsilon must go through. When Ted cums in you, you're going to get pregnant."


"It is a longstanding tradition between our two societies. We believe that sex is a natural part of life, and that people should have sex all the time, and with as many different partners as their body desires. It is unnatural to suppress lust, and even more unnatural to block the essence of that lust, the sperm, from entering through the vagina into the womb. When you're horny, your body is telling you that it wants a boy's cum inside your womb. We think it should actually occur every time."

Marcie couldn't believe what she was hearing, but couldn't say much.

"HU– BUT– OH YES!! GOD YES!!!! It feels SO GOOD!!!"

"That's is your body telling you that it wants, no, needs a boy's cum inside you. You have to let your body have what it needs," Sally said while she massaged Marcie's tits with aggression.

"No! I CAN'T! I DON– OH! UNGH!!! OH!! YES!!! GOD!!"

"Don't worry, Marcie. All of us went through this initiation, too. We've all been fat and stretched out, some more than others. That part is a real bummer, but it's a small price to pay for the pleasure. Don't you agree?"


Sally smiled. "Besides, Marcie, boys can't help themselves around us girls. If we didn't let them cum in us, then they'd rape us and cum in us anyway. You don't want to be raped, now, do you Marcie?"

"NUH.. NO BU–"


"But I don' wan' a baby.."

"Oh, we give the babies up for adoption once they're born. That way, you can continue to attend school just like nothing happened. Don't worry about that!" Sally smiled cutely. "I'm glad you're starting to see things our way. In just a few seconds, you're going to be a mommy. Come on, Marcie.. Succumb to the pleasure! We all did. Let your orgasm come, and push Ted over the edge. It will feel SO good."

Sally began rubbing Marcie's clit even more vigorously, while the other girls and guys continued to rub their hands all over Marcie's smooth, tight skin, inflaming her with desire and lust.

"Marcie, you're a very, very sexy little girl. Did you know that? You've got a very slim waist, a waist that most other girls would die for. Also, your little hole looks very small and tight, just like the boys like. The rest of us in the sorority are a bit wider in the waist and more stretched out 'down there' than you are because we all had babies. Why do you deserve to have a knockout figure when the rest of us can't compete with you? No, I don't think that's fair. I think you need lots of cum shot up inside you to fatten you up a bit."

"NO!! NO! I don' wannit! I-"

"Oh, but I think your body does. I don't think your pelvis is listening to you much. It's rutting up against Ted's cock pretty quickly and frantically!"

Ted started making grunting noises, and Sally looked over to him. One of the other hot brunettes in the group began massaging Ted's balls and playing with the area under his sack, trying to get him to climax. Ted responded with more grunting noises of ever-increasing vigor. Smiling, Sally turned back to Marcie, gave her a very deep open-mouthed kiss, and leaned over to Marcie's ear. Whispering, she informed Marcie:

"Ted is about to cum in you now. Then you'll be a cute, hot little mommy, and we can induct you into Kappa Mu Upsilon. You'll be one of our sisters!"

Sally then stopped caressing Marie and went straight for her clit. The other girls in the group each grabbed one of Marcie's nipples, and began to tweak them gruffly.

"NO!! No!" Marcie pleaded, even as her primal desires made her kick and scream for release. "I doh wanna be in da sororita!"

"Oh, silly Marcie.. Don't know you what Kappa Mu Upsilon really stands for? Knock Me Up!"


Just at that moment, Marcie exploded into the most pleasurable orgasm that she could recently recall. She threw her head back and opened her eyes and mouth wide, clinging onto Ted for dear life once again. She screamed and grinded against him as if she was on the most satisfying, addictive drug high imaginable. She looked as if she might murder Ted if he should stop pumping for even a moment. After her climax, Marcie returned to the real world only to realize that Ted was only a split second from making her pregnant.

"NO!!! Ted, don' cum!! NO! DON'T!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!!" she managed to yell.

Ted's penetrations became very violent and impossibly deep inside Marcie. He tensed up and his penis became super-hard as he grunted loudly, releasing his first forceful injection of cum into Marcie's womb.

"NO!!! OH GOD, NO!!! STOP!!! STOP IT!!" Marcie cried, to no avail, as her body greedily pumped against Ted's cock, coaxing more of his cum out of him. Sally, realizing that Ted had started to cum, smiled widely and proudly while she recalled her own initiation into the sorority. Ted continued his incredible pounding into Marcie, releasing pulse after pulse of hot semen into her hole. Everyone in the group stared at Ted's penis and Marcie's mound in awe as Ted continued to squirt into her, increasing the chances that she would become a mommy. Marcie's body was on fire as she began another orgasm just as Ted was finishing his last spurts inside her womb.

After Marcie had finished her second blazing climax, the two bodies stopped rutting, and Ted kissed Marcie behind the ear. Then he got up, and walked away. Marcie was a bit too shocked at the whole incident to move, much less speak. Sally moved over to Marcie once again and kissed her cheek. She stroked Marcie's pretty hair.

"Now, don't you feel better?" Sally asked. "Our bodies love for us to cum. Welcome to Kappa Mu Upsilon!" Everyone in the group clapped and cheered.

Marcie came around and said, "Buh, wha? Huh.. Oh god.. Wh- where did Ted go?"

"Ted? Who's Ted?" Sally inquired.

"The boy who.. was just.. here. Who.. fucked me."

"I don't know anyone named Ted; sorry, Marcie."

Shocked, and still naked from the waist down, with legs spread and cum oozing from her slit, Marcie yelled, "He was just here! He.. he's going ta be tha father!"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about such things, Marcie. Look, I'd like to introduce you to Brad. He's a senior in the Tau Mu Beta frat, too! (Hmm.. Or is it the 'Take My Baby' frat, instead? I can never remember.) Anyway, he's here to meet you!"


"Hi, Marcie! Pleasure to meet you!" Brad offered while he moved on top of her.

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