The Selection – Part Four

The Selection – Part Four

The Selection
Chapter Four A Normal Course
A Novel By: S. Stevenson

This is the story of just how a slave was selected as her Master’s full time slave. As you can see by the title this is the fourth part of this work. While it should be able to stand alone it might help the reader to read the previous three chapters. I encourage you to rate this story and I invite your comments. So please take the time and let me know what you like and dislike. Thank You, S.S.

When that last night ended things seemed to get down to a normal routine. One that everyone seemed to adjust to. It was the same every morning. Mike would wake the girls at around 6:00 AM. Unlock them from their bindings, collar and cuffs.

Angel would make her way into her own bath, remove her plug and insert the enema nozzle. When the enema bag was empty she would replace the plug and step into the shower. Give herself her douche, shave all her body hair and then finish her shower. After drying off Angel would remove her plug and relieve the pressure. She would then apply her makeup, replace her collar and cuffs, and then her plug. Grabbing her work tunic she would run for the kitchen to start breakfast. She would get there about 6:50 every morning.

Breakfast served, all the girls would pitch in to get the house clean before noon. By lunch the work tunics were all put into the laundry and the girls were again in what they started to call their natural state, “Nude”.

On most of the afternoons the girls would have free time. They learned about the grounds and the wonderful gardens that seemed to have new blooms everyday. In this free time Angel liked to walk in the garden by herself musing over the last session she had with Master, or the ones they had as a group. She thought about how wonderful it was to wander through the gardens and feel the sun beating on her skin, or the breeze massaging her nipples as it danced through the trees.

Often Angel would wander around the gardens thinking, daydreaming, as she would pick up a flower. Lifting it to her nose she marveled at the rich aroma it produced. Angel continued her walk, and without any conscious notice on her part she would start to brush the pedals of the flower over her bare skin. Thinking of all the surprises that had come her way since she started to chase after Scott in the chat rooms.

How shocked she was at some the questions that he would ask her. Like her feelings on being ordered to keep her pussy bare as the day she was born. Angel had never thought of it before. She even asked Scott why a man of his stature would want to look at a little girl rather than a woman. Then his answer made perfect sense to her … from a D/s point of view. The removal of the pubic hair has nothing to do with his desire for children, but rather the slave’s gift of the symbol her womanhood to her Master. Now, almost a week after she had been shaved and ordered to remain hairless she could not think of any reason to ever let it grow back. Her bare pubis was a symbol of her chosen position in life.

As Angel wandered and reflected she started to rub her flower over her vulva. Feeling the softness of the pedals on her skin and not even thinking about the way that she was pleasuring herself. Yet, as she continued her play her moisture increased and the breeze would provide a rippling effect on her lips of her pussy.

Angel continued her walking, pleasuring, as her thoughts ran to the time that Master had taken her and Marilynn to the basement dungeon. Angel smiled as she acknowledge in her mind on how she had come to enjoy group sexual play. How could this have happened to her, she wondered. It was just a year ago that she had met her Master in the chat room and at that time she was of the mind that she would not share her Master with anyone. Yep, her mind was set … she was gong to be a one man girl and her Master was going to be a one girl man. Now she would look forward to the times that Master would play with her and the other girls at the same time. How could this change have taken place within her?

Angel had never been to the basement dungeon before. Compared to the over all size of Master’s house it was not very big. She guessed that the footprint of the dungeon was only about one fourth of the overall basement. As the three of them came down the stairs Angel notice that here was a darkroom, a fully functional kitchen, a recreation room and then the room with the locked door, the dungeon.

The dungeon itself was not as Angel had expected. She had pictured a dark and frightening place with the floor and walls all painted black with chains hanging everywhere. Master’s dungeon was decorated as if it was on an old fashion sailing ship. As one entered the dungeon room they would have to go down a set of stairs. These stairs allowed for the very high ceiling. The walls were all a natural wood as were the beams that ran across the ceiling. The corner opposite the stairs, there was a platform with a wooden post that ran from floor to ceiling in the center. In an other corner there was a jail cell. Not like one might expect. The bars on this jail ran on a diagonal from one wall to an other. The jail itself was very small. Perhaps it had enough room to hold two very friendly slaves One wall of the dungeon was filled with all types of gadgets that hung neatly as they waited to be used on a slave. The lighting for the whole room was again in a nautical theme.

Returning to her thought of her session in the dungeon with Master and Marilynn. On how wet she became as she watched Master secure Marilynn to a table that looked like a on old medieval rack. It was made of wood and would pull the slave tight from both her feet and her arms. There did seem to be a difference from the racks that Angel had seen in pictures. As the slave’s arms were pulled tight from her body, causing her to be stretched out, her legs were pulled out to the sides causing her outer labia to be pulled open exposing her pussy and the wonderful shades of pink to be found within.

At the same time Angel was bound spread eagle with her arms secured to hooks in the ceiling and her legs held open as the ropes were tied to little openings in the floor that had a steal bar through the center of the opening. As Scott was tying off the knots to these bars he told Angel that this is the same type of device used to tie down airplanes or cargo onboard ships. Angel was sure that there was no pulling loose from this binding, but she just had to try anyway.

Turning his attention back to Marilynn, Master fondled her breast. Squeezing, twisting and pulling on her nipples as he talked to her. Master said, “How do you like my little toy? You know I designed and built it myself. Oh … I did have some help from Mike.”

Marilynn just moaned in response as Master continued to massage her breast and provide his little abuse to her nipples. Angel could see clearly the moisture developing in Marilynn’s pussy as she made herself more and more ready for whatever Master had in store for her. Angel could also feel her own moisture as she too made herself ready for her Master’s use.

This picture in Angel’s mind caused her to lift and squeeze her own breast. Dropping her flower she inserted her two middle fingers into her pussy. The squishy noise that came from her soft, wet, sloppy pussy made her moan as she realized her wetness came from the excitement of watching another woman. Briefly Angel wonder if this meant she was turning into a lesbian, then she just let that thought pass. Her body quivered involuntary as her fingers moved in and out of her soft pleasure canal and her thumb rested on her clit.

Shaking off the temptations to bring herself to a climax Angel removed her fingers and continued her walk. As soon as her fingers felt the air on their wetness Angel placed them in her mouth in order to lick them clean of her own juices. This had become an automatic habit. Master had told her early in their relationship that every slave needed to be trained by her own Master. It was foolishness to think that one Dominate could train a submissive for another. Everyone is different. Master said as he explained that the basics of training slaves would be close, but the fundamental differences in the dominant’s could make for some major changes and confusions within the slave.

Remembering then how Master had turned his attention to Angel as Marilynn looked on. Master stepped over to where Angel was bound tightly in her spread eagle form with a piece of rope in his hands. Laying the middle of the length across the top of her chest Master started to rap the rope around Angel. First one rapping was over the top of her breast and then the next was under them. In time the base of her breast were beginning to be squeezed together from top and bottom.

Angel is one of those gals who’s breast are extremely sensitive, and any type of attention to them will get her juices flowing. Even to the point of climax. Breast bondage was one of her favorite rituals in the play of D/s. Angel never failed in getting very turned on by this attention, and would often cum from just the breast play.

As Angel’s breast started to flatten out from the rope circling above and below Master brought his rope to the center of her chest from under the breast. Then he crisscrossed each end between the breast and started to rap each tit separately. Three rings around each one. Each ring was tighter than the last. This rapping caused the breast to become perfect formed orbs. This pushed the bulk of the weight of the breast out, stretching the areolas, flattening the nipples and increasing the sensations as the breast changed in color from the normal skin tones to radiant reds and blues. Scott continued to run his rope in crisscross patterns causing Angel’s breast to tighten even more as they separated from each other.

Just the memory provides a wonderful, agonizing feelings of being possessed by this wonderful man that orchestrated this mixture of sensations. Angel could feel the insides of her thighs getting wet as she thought about how Scott had tied off his rope and then gently, oh … ever so gently, moved his fingers around her tits. Even the hairs on the back of his hands drover her to beg for the release that only an orgasm could bring.

Even now with nothing happening to her, except in her memories, she was whimpering and seeking permission for her release. Begging the Master that was nowhere in sight for his permission to let herself go. To come to the climax that would send over the top and force her body to convulse with the pleasures of the glories of all glories, an orgasm.

Angel opened her eyes and realized that she was all alone. At least she thought she was alone. Hoped that no one was around to see just how foolish she was acting. Her walking had come to a complete stop as she pulled and twisted her own nipples with one hand and worked her tender folds of skin between her legs with all the power that she could provide with the other hand. She had been calling out loud for her Master to grant his permission for the orgasm that she was so close to.

Sitting on a stone bench that was close by the pathway she had been walking on Angel started to catch her breath. The coolness of the stone felt refreshing against the heat of her bottom. She watched as her breast heaved up and down as if she really just got out of a session with her Master. Master had told her many times that it was the mind that was the most sensationalized organ in the body. Angel smiled to herself for she had just learn that once again Master was right.

As much as Angel wanted to calm herself she just could not shut off her mind. Her hands were also giving her trouble in their desire to work on the pleasure zones of her body. The picture that she had in her mind was still very vivid. She could clearly see herself as she had stood there in her bindings with her breast swelling by the rope bondage that had been artfully applied. Even now, while she was sitting on the stone bench, her nipples felt just as sensitive as they did that day in the dungeon. Angel knew that if she did not stop now she would reach a point of no return. Her body would force her to climax and then she would have to confess to Master and then accept her punishment.

Mike then provided the help that Angel needed. He came into the garden calling her name. As he spotted her he said, “Angel, Master wants you in the front hallway.” Mike turned and walked towards the house. Angel got up and followed. A little weak kneed at first, but she was able to make it.

Arriving at the front breezeway Angel saw Mike, Marilynn and Master Scott. Walking over to Scott Angel lowered her eyes, dip her knees and asked, “How may I serve you Master?”

Scott placed a hand on each of Angel’s shoulders and leaned into her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Right now we have some business to attend to, but later I would like a date with you.”

Angel asked, “Is Beth still upstairs recovering?”

Scott replied, “No. She has gone home for a few days to take care of some family matters.”

Scott then addressed both Angel and Marilynn, “Remember when you first got here, while you were yet in the motel room, I told you that either of us could end the contract of your service at anytime. That is the reason that we are gathered here today.”

The two girls just looked at each other with a question in their facial expression.

“Ann and I have come to a mutual agreement that we should end her service as a slave and that she should move on to other things. I am hopeful that we can send her off on a friendly note and I am asking you two to join me in this endeavor.” Scott said.

Neither girl had a chance to respond, as Ann came to the head of the stairs just as Master had completed his statement. Mike ran up the stairs to take Ann’s suit case from her.

As Ann descended the stairway, Angel thought how strange it seem to see her wearing clothing. Ann was wearing a sun dress with a sun flower print that made her look very comfortable for traveling.

Ann walked right up to Master, lowered her eyes, dipped her knees and held her skirt out as she made her little curtsy for Scott. Scott took her in his arms and gave her a kiss. Master asked, “Are you all ready?” As Ann nodded in the affirmative Scott asked, “Would like a moment with the other girls before you leave?” Again Ann nodded and Scott stepped back allowing the three girls to say their good-byes.

All three of them huddled around each other, hugging, kissing and crying. Ann said, “I am not yet ready for a 24/7 relationship where I must relocate. Master and I talked about it several times and then we both agreed it was best for me to go home.”

Angel stepped back from Ann with a tear in her eyes not knowing just what to say. For she had very mixed emotions churning in the pit of her stomach as she watched as Marilynn kissing Ann on the lips. On one side of her emotions she knew that Ann would no longer compete with her for her Master’s attentions. On the other side Angel was surprised at the bonding that had occurred through all the mutual sessions with all the mutual orgasms.

Breaking off her kiss with Marilynn, Ann walked over to Scott, kissing him she said, “Master, remember you promised that I can come every so often for a visit, and when I do I will be your slave for as long as I am here.”

“I will remember.” Scott replied, as Mike ushered Ann through the door and into the waiting limo. They all stepped out onto the porch to wave their good-byes as Mike drove down the long circular drive.

The girls started back into the house as Scott called to Angel. Marilynn went on into the house as Angel returned to her Master and give to him a slight curtsy and said, “How may I serve my Master?”

Taking her hand Scott said, “Let sit on the swing and talk for a bit.” And he turned and walked to the swing at the end of the porch.

Angel loved this porch. With its red brick floor offset by the white house and on side and the huge white columns on the other side. There was a large chandelier centered on the double doors hanging from chains. The porch was filled with chairs, table, settees and at one end, hanging from chains was a swing built for two. The porch was surrounded by flowers of all kinds that draped themselves over the edges of the bricks and provided a very fresh smell for those lucking enough to be here. The only thing that bothered Angel about this porch was the fact that it may have unexpected guests at any minute. Master ran a lot of his business affairs out of his home office and employees came and went and deliveries were made there every day. While Angel had gotten to the point of feeling her nudeness was not only natural around Master she was still not use to being nude in front of strangers.

As the couple sat on the swing Scott held on to her hand and taking her other hand in his other hand, turning her to face him. He said, “Angel, I would like for you to be my date tonight at the club.”

Her broad smile and her rush to kiss him was his only answer.

Scott continued, “In your room you will find the clothing that you are to wear tonight. I am sure that you will like them.”

Angel replied, “I am sure it will be my pleasure to wear whatever you have selected for me.”

“Do not be surprised when you find a shelf bra among these articles of clothing.” Scott continued, “I have been wanting to talk this over with you for a few days now. Do to your size, I have been thinking that we would want to put you into a shelf bra on a daily basis. This would provide those beautiful tits of yours with some support, help your protect your back and still leave them open and available to your Master. What do you think?”

Angel gave her answer some thought and then wisely responded to her Master, “I welcome to opportunity to wear anything my Master would desire for me, and I thank my Master for thinking of my well being. I have not wanted to say anything, but I have had a sore back when I have gone to bed at night. It is always better in the morning though.”

As Angel was speaking Master reached his arm around her and pulled her head down on his shoulder. There he played with her hair with one hand and lightly circled her nipples with a finger from the other hand. After a short time of this cuddling Master said, “We may have to discuss a breast reduction. I want you to keep me informed as to your back pains.”

Looking up at her Master Angel said, “Are you sure you would not mind my having smaller breast?”

Scott smiled and said, “Angel I wanted to get to know you better long before I knew what size your breast were. I assure you that I am not going to think any less of you if your breast are smaller. Besides, I have never been a real breast man.”

Looking into his eyes for the truth she asked, “If you are not a breast man just what kind of man are you?”

“I am a pussy man. I love the looks of a pussy. Always have.” He said as he smiled at her.

Angel looked deep into his eyes and decided that he was telling her the truth. With that said she laid her head back down on his shoulder and felt contentment in their cuddling.

They must have dozed as they cuddled because the next thing they knew Mike had just returned from the airport. Master looked at his watch and got them up quickly, saying, “We need to hurry or we will be late for dinner and the entertainment.” Master unlocked Angel’s collar and cuffs so she could take her shower. Then slapping her on the behind he said, “Now off with you.”

When Angel came down the stairs to meet her Master she was wearing a blue dress with a full skirt and open neck that came down to just above the start of her cleavage. The outfit included a matching bag and shoes. Underneath the dress was her shelf bra, thigh high stockings and her plug. Angel was carrying her collar and cuffs and as she curtsied to Master she said, “I did not know if I was to wear these or not.”

Scott took them from her and set them on the table by the door. “That is OK.” He said, I have some others for you to wear tonight.”

Picking up a sliver collar he slipped it around her neck. The collar fit her perfect as it rested at the base of her neck. A chill ran down her spine as she hear the snap of the clasp as the lock fell into place. Angel raised her hands to run her fingers over the smoothness of this new collar. She wondered if this was a significant turning in her selection as Scott’s full time slave, or was she just making more of this than was there?

Master then took Angel’s hands from her collar and held them gently as he place the matching cuffs on her wrists. Angel marveled at the internal lock on each of the cuffs so that they could not be removed even if she wanted them off. Which she didn’t. Then Scott applied the ankle cuffs. Everything matched. Each piece was there to bind her for her Master’s use, and yet each piece had a look of fine jewelry.

Taking a step back and still holding both of Angel’s hands Scott looked her up and then down. With a big grin on his face he said, “You look beautiful tonight.” Letting her hands down he turned slightly, lifted his elbow and said, “Shall we be on our way?”

Angel nodded yes, put her hand in the bend of his elbow as she took a step to align herself by his side. Then out the door the two of them went. Mike ushered them into the back of the limo and then off they went.

On the ride to the club Angel sat as close to Master as she could get. Just like a teen-age girl out on a car date with her boy friend / lover. Master too sat with Angel holding both her hands on her lap. They talked about couple type things. The events of the week and a little about what was to come. Angel did ask Master what she might expect tonight and he answered by telling her to trust him. She accepted that. After all he was her Master.

As the car pulled up to the club it was easy to see that this was not your normal country club crowd. One of the first things that Angel noticed was that everyone arrived in a limo. Then as they waited for their turn to disembark the vehicle Angel noticed that every couple was a dominate and a submissive. The only thing that seem to change on occasions was the gender of the dominate and/or the submissive. This caught her attention because Angel had never seen a male submissive. Then it surprised her that she had never even thought of a male being submissive. Master lean over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then said, “That is OK. I had never thought of a male being submissive either.” Angel did a double take towards her Master as she wondered if he had the ability to read her mind.

As the limo pulled up to the door Master leaned over Angel and pulled down the front of her dress stating, “Your breast are so lovely lets not keep them to ourselves.” Just then Mike opened the door of the car. Master then slipped a clamp on Angel’s wrist cuffs right before Mike helped her from the car. Now with her hands bound together and her breast fully exposed Master offered her his arm and together they walked into the club.

As they walked to through the lobby there were many people that wanted to greet Scott. Everyone seem to know and respect him. As they would give him their greeting and shake his hand everyone of them would give Angel the once over with their eyes. Many would comment on her breast and how lucky Master was to have a slave that had such beautifully large tits. There was even one Domme that reached out and twisted a nipple as she asked if Angel’s pussy was just as lushes. She then asked for permission to do a pussy check and Angel was thrilled when Master declined by simply saying, “Maybe later.”

They made their way to the banquet hall and found their table. Master pulled out a chair for Angel and then sat next to her. Angel noticed that each of the many tables was elegantly set with a beautiful floral arrangement as a center piece. The hall itself was formed a semicircle around the dance floor that was right in front of the stage where the orchestra sat. Angel smiles to herself as visions of dancing with her Master ran through her head. She even forgot that she would be bare chested in front of all these people.

As Angel looked about at the other submissives in the room she noticed that everyone of them was in some form of nudity. Some were complete nude. A few sat next to their dominate but most were made to kneel on the floor. Then there were those that were made to stand behind the dominate. She could not see any of the submissives engaged in a sexual act at this time, except for those that had toys inserted in this orifice or that. Just like the plug inserted into her own rectum.

The dinner itself was a wonderful affair. Everyone was served courses of salad, soup, steak & lobster with potatoes, cooked in butter and parsley, corn casserole, a green bean casserole and a desert of cherries over ice cream. All of this was served by naked slaves with cuffs on their arms and legs with chains connecting the arm cuffs to the ankle cuffs. All through dinner the orchestra played soft music that seemed to go with the candle lights flickering on the tables.

As the eating of dinner turned into coffee, cocktails and after dinner social conversation the drums rolled to get everyone’s attention. The Master of Ceremonies stepped into the middle of the dance floor. As the audience quieted down the MC raised the microphone and said, “Tonight we have a very special form of entertainment. Through a name drawing lottery we have randomly selected five submissives to give to us a show of their talents. At this moment we have ushers circulating as they identify our guests of honor for the evening.”

Three ushers took their stations by Angel’s chair. One behind to help pull the chair out as she stood up and two to help provided balance on either arm. Angel shot a stern glare at Master and Scott told her, “I want you to do this for me, love. I know that you can make me proud of you.” Angel hesitated for just a second and Master added, “Don’t shame me in front of all these people.”

Angel gave her Master a slight curtsy and said, “I will do my best to serve you Master and bring to you and your house honor.” That said Angel joined the ushers as they walked her into the wings behind the stage.

Without any hesitation Angel was ordered to remove her dress as the ushers disconnected her wrist cuffs. Just as she stepped out of her dress the ushers took hold of her and affixed her cuffs to the St. Andrews Cross. Each one of Angel’s cuffs snapped on to this instrument of torture as to spread her arms and her legs. Then each of the ushers started to rap ropes around both her arms and her legs. They ran the rope up and then down again forming a crisscross pattern of rope that held her fast. When they completed their task Angel was fully secured. The last thing to be placed on Angel was a blind fold.

Angel could feel the panic start to rise within her stomach. Just as she was about to let go of her fear she felt a hand on her cheek. A tender hand. A hand that provided the reassurance she needed. Then she heard the voice of her Master, “I am here with you, Angel. Don’t be afraid for you know I will not allow any harm to come to you.”

Then she heard Scott say, “Here we go my sweet.” Angel felt the cross moving on it’s wheels. She could hear the clamor of noise that came from the banquet hall, and she knew that she was in front of everyone in all her glory. Her panic again started to rise in the pit of her stomach, and again Master touched her to calm her emotions.

Angel wanted to scream as she heard her Master’s voice. It took her a second, or two, to recognize that Scott’s voice was coming through the microphone. He was telling the crowd that Angel was his slave and how proud he was of her. Then she could not believe her ears as she heard Master say, “I would like to invite each of you in the audience to come down here to the dance floor and play with my slave in any way that you wish. There are some conditions. She is not to be penetrated by a sexual organ. If you wish for her to be penetrated there are plenty of toys here that will do that job.” Then speaking to Angel he said, “My sweet you may cum at any time you are so moved without seeking my permission, but you must announce the fact that you are having an orgasm.”

Angel could sense people close by. Looking at her. Then she heard one of the other slaves let out a scream. Without being touched Angel could feel that she was breathing deeper, more rapidly than normal. There was the occasional words with Master. She could tell by the closeness of his voice that he was standing right beside her.

Then it came. The first touch. It was a man rubbing his fingers through her slit. Checking her wetness … her openness. The man then asked, “May I finger her?” Scott must have nodded his permission, because there was no hesitation by this stranger as his finger sunk deep within her. This action caught Angel off guard as she realized that there was no resistance to this man entering her pussy. In fact she then realized just how wet she actually was. This stranger then proclaimed, “My word dear, you really are wet. Lets see if we can increase your level of excitement.” The finger then left her body.

She could sense this man stepping back from her and then she felt it. He was flogging her. Right on her bare tits. Then on her bare stomach, and then on the mound that held her pussy. Angel’s first reaction was to jerk as the horse hairs made their contact with her skin. Then she noticed that this flogging did not provide real pain. Instead each blow would sting just enough to wake up her senses a little more than they were before it. As the blows struck, her nipples provided the desired effect as they got harder, more pointier, than they have ever been. Just as abruptly as the flogging started it stopped.

Angel felt two fingers enter her. This time though they did meet with the resistance her vagina walls tightening around them just as if these fingers were a small cock. Her body jerked as every muscle in her tightened and she yelled, “I’m cumming ………” As she relaxed her muscles and her mind returned to earth the fingers were removed. When this stranger brought his fingers to her mouth Angel sucked them in greedily. She ran her tongue around and in-between them as if she was paying homage to these digits of pleasure.

Master said, “You did very good, my sweet one.”

Next to come and play was a Domme and her female slave. As soon as the Domme stopped in front of Angel the slave knelt on the floor next to her on the end of her leash. The Domme reached out and twisted Angel’s left nipple severely. Angel winced at the pain. With no warning there were two fingers shoved into Angel’s cunt. Although these fingers met with little, or no, resistance do to how sloppy wet Angel was. As quickly, and as harshly, as the fingers were inserted they were withdrawn and shoved into the slave’s mouth. Then the Domme said, “See how sweet this bitch tastes.” Then pulling on the slave’s leash the Domme continued, “Now eat that pussy and do not allow her to cum.”

Angel then felt the slave’s tongue come in contact with her slit as the first swipe was made. The slave continued to work on Angel’s pussy until her labia opened so that the tongue could get direct contact with the hood covering her clit. Even in her bindings Angel jerked violently when the slave’s tongue pushed the hood aside and flicked across the very tip of her clit.

With an expert tongue the slave worked on Angel’s pussy until she managed to get the head of her clit expanded enough so she could suck it into her mouth, and withdrawing her lips she could hold the delicate passion button gently between her teeth. Once the clit was immobilized the slave’s tongue would first brush against one side, then the other and finally she would flick it across the very head. Then the tongue would back off and the lips would start their sucking motions. Drawing out the head. Helping it swell to the point that none of the protective parts of Angel’s pussy could hold her clit.

Angel jerked and convulsed until there was some doubt that her bindings were going to be able to hold her. The Domme then added to the sensations by sucking Angel’s left nipple into her mouth. While holding the nipple in her teeth the Domme repeated the same action that the slave was administering to Angel’s clitoris.

Angel would get to the point of announcing her orgasm and everything would stop. The Domme and her slave would back off and leave Angel hanging. As soon as her breath would start to slow down both the Domme and slave would attack again. That is how they dealt with Angel. They would attack and then retreat. Over and over it was the same. Until no retreating would hold off the orgasm that hit Angel.

As the muscles in Angel’s body would tighten to signify her coming orgasm the slave sucked Angel’s clit into her mouth as if she was a powerful vacuum. There she held one of the most erect, swollen, clit she had ever experienced firmly between her teeth. While Angel jerked, screaming something that no one could make any sense of just what she was saying, the slave gave her clit the tongue lashing that would not stop. Angel’s body went into one orgasm after another. It was almost one continues orgasms for there were no lows. Just one high after another high.

While all this was going on to Angel’s body her mind left the realm of reality and with no stops whatsoever it jumped right into sub-space. There was no more thinking of what was going on around her, only feelings, sensations and orgasms. And that is the way it was the rest of the night.


The next morning, or actually at about noon, Scott went into Angel’s room and gently woke her. As her Master sat on bed she just moved into his arms and murmured peacefully, “Master.” As she began to open her eyes and saw Master looking down at her she asked, “Did I make you proud, Master?”

His reply was, “You sure did! Did you enjoy the fulfillment of your fantasy?”

As the memories of her tell her Master about that fantasy came back to her a big smile broke out across her face, “Oh, Yes Master. I thank you so much.” She then whispered, “Please let me serve you this morning, Master.”

“We do not have time my love. We need to get ready to go to the cabin.” Scott replied.

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