The Selection – Part One

The Selection – Part One

A Novel By: S. Stevenson

The Selection
Part One The Meeting

Having picked up her luggage, Angel walked out of the terminal and into the bright sunlight. Allowing a short time for her eyes to adjust to the brightness, she finds a man, a short but pleasantly dress man, standing with a sigh with her name on it. As she walks toward the man she smiles, sticks out her hand and says, “I am Angel.” With a broad smile the little man introduces himself by simply stating, “I am Mike, your chauffeur.” Then reaching for her bag he says, “Please, follow me ma’am.”

Leading Angel to his limousine he opens the back door for her. As she enters the car Mike states, “Your Master waits for you just a short distance away.” Indicating her bag Mike tells Angel that he will place that in the trunk for her convenience. Then slipping into the front seat Mike signals and pulls out into the airport traffic.

As the car moved through the traffic Angel pondered just how and why she was here. She thought on how she met this man, her Master, in a chat room. How at first he was not at all interested in her, or any other woman for that matter. His words kept drawing her to him. Yes, this man was different than all the other would be doms searching the chat rooms for some dumb girl that would drop her drawers and submit to any man/woman that would tell her to do so. This man, named Scott Andrews, became her Master over the internet long before he even knew he was going to be Angel’s Master.

As she would listen (read) what he would say to the novice Doms & subs Angel knew that this man was very different. He always spoke to the novices with respect. Stating, “They may be submissive, but they are not my submissive.” In many cases he would defend those that were new to the D/s world. He would tell others that it was the woman’s choice as to whom, when and how she would use her submissiveness. Anything other than her choice was rape. Often stating, “I am a dominant, not a rapist.”

Angel had been here to see her Master once before and he had come to visit her once. However, she could not get him nailed down to being just her Master. He has been talking, and visiting other women who also wanted him as their Master. Scott never told any of them that he was ready to settle down to being just with one woman. They had discussed his choices for a monogamous relationship vs. a relationship based on the foundation of polygamy. Angel thought about how many men had approached her offering a relationship consisting of multiple subs. She had turned them all down flat. There was no consideration of this at all for these other men.

He would tell her, and the others, that in time he wanted to settle down with one woman as his wife and his slave. To fill his need for both with just the right woman. A woman that was intelligent enough to know that sitting at his feet was just a way to open his heart. So that he would listen to her advise him on matters of the family, and still acknowledge that he is the man.

Now she was on her way to meet him and the other three women he has been seeing. All four of them were to meet for two weeks. It was explained to her that Master Scott hoped to make his decision as to which woman would it be by the end of the two weeks. He had told her that they would meet at his house in the city for a week and then move to his place in the country.

Angel was lost in her thought and totally unaware that the car had come to a stop and Mike was opening the door for her to get out. As she stepped out of the car Angel looked around and was surprised that they were not at her Master’s home. In fact they were at a motel.

Mike took her arm lightly and said, “Right this way, Ma’am.” as he guided her to the first floor room and, knocked on the door. Scott opened the door and greeted Angel with a big smile and took her into his arms for a big hug. Thanking Mike he closed the door while he continued to hug Angel and asked her how was her trip.

Then Angel saw her. One of the other women, here to claim her Master, just as she was here to claim a Master. There she stood. Totally nude. Even her pubic hair was completely removed. Angel had to fight down the pangs of jealousy that was rising inside of her. After all didn’t this other woman know that this was her Master?

Feeling her tense up Scott backed off of his hold on her, but only slightly. Then he turned half a turn so that he could see both Angel and the other woman, stating, “Angel this is Beth.” He continued, “Beth is here to help us out over the next two weeks. She is a local girl that I have played with in the past, but we have found that we are not compatible for a long-term relationship. We hope that Beth can be with us for the full two weeks, but that may not be possible as she also has a family to attend.”

Taking Angel’s hand and handing it to Beth Scott says, “Take her into the other room and help her to get ready.” Turning to Angel he says, “I’ll see you in just a few minutes.”

Angel went with Beth as Beth continued to hold her hand. As the two girls reached the small hall Angel noticed that the first room was furnished like a living room. Complete with a bar, couch and a dinning, or conference, table. As they entered the hall she noticed the entrance to the bath was to the left and a walk-in closet was to the right. The hall ended when they entered a large bedroom, complete with a king size bed and two additional naked women.

One was tall, about 5’9”, and the other was shorter, about 5’2”. Both were just like Beth in that they were completely nude, including their bald pussies. Beth introduced Angel to the girls, calling the tall one Ann and the shorter one Marilynn. As Beth started to remove Angel’s clothing Angel started to make a quick assessment of the other three as they compared to her. Ann was shorter than she is and probably the thinnest one of the four. Beth was the same height as Ann. While not fat she was also not skinny. Both girls were most likely in their late thirties or very early forties. Marilynn was in her mid-forties, and more full bodied, just like Angel. All three of the girls were more than ample in the size of their breast, but not as full as Angel’s 44s.

Beth had completed her chore of removing all of Angel’s clothing. Now Angel noticed that all of the other women were wearing collars and wrist and ankle cuffs. All were black leather. Beth led Angel into the bath where she had prepared a warm bath for her. Angel was about to step into the bath when Beth told her to bend over and spread her cheeks. Just as soon as she complied with the order Angel felt the well-lubricated nozzle slip into her rectum. As she started to adjust to the intrusion Beth released the clamp and the warm liquid was filling her up. Beth simply said, “Master will often play with your ass and we do not wish for him to have any surprises, now do we. Enemas will often be a part of your preparations for Master.”

Angel just relaxed and let this pass, also. She was not required to hold the liquid for very long. However, as she was allowed to relieve herself Angel did notice the feeling of total submission and ownership that filled her very being. She was not asked to submit to the enema. She was just ordered to bend over and it became fact. She was then given permission to relieve herself as though every function of her very being belonged to her Master. Even this.

As she settled into the water Beth started to wash her all over. Front, back, ass, puss face and hair. When she was done washing Beth did not allow for any time for resting in the warm water as she help Angel to her feet, and then started to dry her off. Then Beth directed Angel to go back into the bedroom.

Marilynn greeted them at the entrance and held out a black leather collar. Nothing was said, but it was clear that Angel was expected to lower her head so that her neck fitted into the collar. As she did so, the collar was buckled snugly and then a padlock was applied. As she raised her head Angel’s hands automatically went to the back of the collar to test the holding power of the buckle and the padlock. As she thought, “There is no way out of this collar without my Master’s permission.” Marilynn step aside and Ann took her place.

In her hands Ann held a set of black leather wrist cuffs. Angel gave Ann a slight smile as she placed her left wrist into the cuff and waited while Ann buckled and padlocked it on her. It was the same procedure for the right cuff. At this point Beth, still behind Angel, lifting her arms up and then bringing her wrists behind her head as she snapped the cuffs to her collar.

The girls then told Angel to stand at the foot of the bed. As she felt the mattress against the backs of her knees Angel was instructed to sit, then to lay back. Marilynn immediately kneeled to place the left ankle cuff on Angel while Ann did the right one. Again both cuffs were padlocked. At this point Angel was able to notice that the collars and cuffs on the other girls were also padlocked.

Then Angel’s ankle cuffs were snapped together. Her legs were then raised up on the bed with the souls of her feet facing each other. New snaps were added to the underside of her ankles. This forced her knees out and opened her pussy for the entire world to see. Stapes were then added to her knees, and tightened, opening her pussy even more, and holding it so.

Beth step up to the end of the bed looking down at Angel and said, “Slaves are not allowed to have pubic hair in this household. Your pubic hair is a symbol of your own womanhood. As our Master’s slave you have given that womanhood to him. Now do you wish to have this symbol removed from your body?” Enjoying her feelings of being owned Angel instantly said, “Yes! Please remove any symbol that I am my own person. It is my desire to belong only to my Master.” Beth then asked, “Will you continue to keep your pussy clean and free from anything that may hid or obstruct our Master’s use of your true womanhood?” Again Angel did not hesitate, “Yes, It will be my pleasure to keep myself open and available to my Master at all times.”

Those words were no sooner out of Angel’s mouth than she saw Marilynn step up and hand Beth the electric hair clippers. Beth kneeled as she thanked Marilynn, and then started to comb and clip away Angel’s pubic hair. Taking her hair down until it is just nubs with only the slightest indication of it bright red color still showing. Then Ann came out of the bathroom carry a tray with a bowl or warm water, a razor and a bottle. Angel was expecting to see shave cream, or gel, but to her surprise there was none. The bottle on the tray turned out to be cream hair rinse.

As Beth rubbed the cream rinse into Angel’s pubic mound and pussy she answered the question running through Angel’s mind, “We use the cream rinse instead of shave creams because it does a better job of lifting the hairs and allows for a closer, smoother shave while protecting the skin. Then Beth pick up the razor an applied it to it’s purpose. While she continued to remove even the slightest bits of pubic hair Beth explained, “Shaving will be an everyday part of getting yourself ready for the Master. If he notices the slightest nub of hair, whether by sight or feel, he will punish you.”

Then Ann broke in, “You do not want Master to punish you. His punishment can be brutal.” “It is not his punishment that I dread, it is his insistence on my submission.” Beth replied. “In fact I rather enjoy his punishment, bondage, whippings and the like, but I would prefer that he just force me.” Beth stated.

Noticing that she had the other girl’s attention, Beth elaborated, “The other day I went to his house to tell him that I would not be any part of this next couple of weeks. He simply replied with, ‘OK, that is your choice.’ He then laid out my collar and said nothing. I held out. Telling him I was not going to submit to him any more. While I was looking at my collar he simply said, ‘OK, that is your choice.’ The next thing you know I was on my knees begging him to put my collar on. He did and then spanked me until I could not sit still.” “Of course that is just what he ordered you to do.” Ann added. “Of course.”

Finishing her job Beth took the snaps off of Angel’s ankle cuffs, but allowed her knees straps to remain holding her legs open. Unable to see what Beth was doing she soon felt it. The tip of a butt plug was opening her rear entrance. More and more Beth pushed. Each time Beth pushed Angel could feel her whole body move towards the head of the bed in resistance to the invasion of her rectum. Soon the resistance was of no use. The tip of the plug opened her up. First just a little, and very slowly, but then with the pressure, and the lubrication, her muscles opened wide giving way to this intruder until it found it’s seat firmly in her ass.

Beth was releasing the straps from Angel’s knees and Marilynn was releasing her wrists. Beth explained that she was now ready to meet and greet their Master, just like the other girls. Angel then took a careful look at the others and was surprised to see that all three of them also had butt plugs firmly seat in their asses as well.

As Angel stood up and started to stretch out the kinks she observed Beth connecting a small chain to the back of Marilynn’s collar. She then ran to the chain to the front of Ann’s collar. Then one was connected to the front of Angel’s collar. Then Beth connected the front of her own collar to the back of Ann’s and the chain coming from Angel was then connected to the back. They were all connected to each other in the order of their height and with just enough room for them to walk together. Beth then said, “Let us go and serve our Master. Marilynn, please lead the way.” Off the four girls went into the lounge room to serve their Master.

Four chicks in a row walked into the lounge room and stopped in front of the couch. Beth then turned her head and said, “We are all ready to serve you Sir.” Master Scott smiled a big, broad grin as he thanked them for their gift and he thanked Beth for her efforts in getting them all ready. He walked over to them, then down the line. As he come to each girl he gave her a kiss on the check, and in so doing he brushed his hand over her breast and/or her pussy. Unsnapping Beth from the line, and then reconnecting Angel, Master Scott asked them all to sit down on the couch. To Beth he took her lead chain, like it was a leash, and simple told her to kneel.

Scott started off by saying; “I would like to thank each one of you for the wonderful gift that your very presents indicates is your desire to grant me.” As Master spoke, Angel’s mind drifted off a bit as she admired this man that she had chosen to be her Master. He was not the normal type that you would expect a woman to chose. He would not be classed as a hunk. Although, he is not bad. A full head of dark hair with very little gray. Even at his age. He stood about average size, which made him about three inches shorter than her 5’11”. Scott is slightly heavy for his size, but not bad for a man in his fifties. He had a deep voice that when he used it in his sexy mode could make almost any woman want to present him with her panties. Just like these four women have done. All sitting here wearing nothing but their collars and cuffs. Then there are his blue eyes. Master had these wonderfully blue eyes that could stare right through you.

Startled back into the here and now, Angel found that Scott was looking right at her. “Angel, are you with us?” he was saying. “Yes Master, I am with you.” She replied.

“My rules are very simple. These rules are not just for the next two weeks, but will be in force for as long as you are my slave. You are here to help me select which of you will be my full-time slave. You are not here just to play, however, we will do a lot of that.”

Scott continued, “First, lets cover Beth and her function here. Beth is not going to be selected as my slave. Although, Beth and I have talked a lot over the Internet, the phone and in play, we have found that our desires are a little different. Beth craves the harshness of a rape and humiliation. I on the other hand detest the concept of force. For these reasons we have decided to remain friends within D/s. In these next two weeks Beth will not only be a playmate for all of us, but she will also be my assistant. I will get into what all of that means a little later.”

“I would also like to point out that it’s not your appearance that I am looking for. More to the point, I am looking into your desires and/or your general attitude. It is theses things that will tell me who is most compatible. An example of what I mean is this: You may be very submissive, but I am looking for a slave. Not all women that are submissive are slaves. Now on to my rules:”

1. “Each of you has been given a safe word that has nothing to do with any form of sexual activity. If you use this word I promise you I will stop what ever is going on at the time and you will be allowed to discuss whatever it is that is bothering you.”
A. “Under this same rule you may end this two weeks at anytime you wish. Should you so desire you will be given a plane ticket to where ever you wish, within the U.S., and a ride to the airport. You will have done nothing wrong if you choose to leave us. We are here to see how we might best fit for a long term relationship as Master/slave.”
B. “This one rule here is the reason that Beth and I have decided to just be friends. She does not want this freedom. It is her desire to be forced into her slavery. On the other hand she enjoys giving of herself into submission it is the force that she craves.”

2. “A slave is to keep herself open and available at all times! Currently you are all dressed properly for my slave. Your shaved pussies are an indication of your openness to your Master. Just as your pubic hair was a symbol of your womanhood, the lack of pubic hair is now a symbol of your chosen position as my slave. Keeping yourselves open goes deeper than just your body and your willingness to have sex. Although, that is a part of it.”
A. “Now we both know that you cannot remain naked at all time. There will be times that we are going out and at those time I will expect you to dress like a lady, and still be open to your Master.”
B. “Each of you will find a box under the couch with your name on it. In it you will find the acceptable outfit for around the house. Should you desire to wear more than this outfit you must have my permission.”

3. “A slave is to never use the word “No” to her Master. When you give yourself to me as my slave you have given to me permission to use you any way that I choose. This means that you have agreed to allow me to pick and choose just what our limits will be.”

“Those are the rules. They are not just for the next two weeks, but also for the rest of time. If you expect that you will have trouble with these rules then you should speak up at this time. Are there any questions?”

Ann spoke first, “What if we have visitors that are not into the scene? What are the rules then?” Master Scott replied, “Same rules that I have explained to you here. You are to wear only what you have been given permission to wear. In the boxes under the couch you will find a tunic that will fit you. The tunic will cover you for the sake of modesty, but will not hinder any use of your body that I may wish to enjoy. You are allowed to wear that without obtaining special permission.”

“All of us have butt plugs inserted into our asses. Why is that?” Angel asked. “That is part of the openness rule. I use butt plugs to hold open your rectum for my enjoyment and to train you to relax your muscles so they will allow me to enter you there with little or no pain.” Master went on, “The openness rule is not an option. It is not open for discussion, and it will be a large factor in my selection of the one slave that is for me.”

Then Marilynn stood up and asked, “Well we be allowed to play with each other?” “You will be allowed to play with each other once you have my permission.” Was Scott’s response.

“Any other question?”

“That being the case then, Beth will you disconnect the chains and help them open their boxes, please?” “Yes Master.” That being said Beth rose to her feet and approached the other girls. She only disconnected the chains from the back of the collars and she places a chain on the front of Marilynn’s collar. This left a short chain on the front of each collar. Just like a leash for a pet. Beth even had a little leash on her own collar.

The girls opened their boxes and found them full of surprises. The item on top was the tunic that Master had promised them. They were all white with a gold trim around the edges. On closer examination they found that the tunics were two separate pieces, a front and a back. Velcro held them together at the shoulders and the sides. Looking at Beth with a question in her eyes Angel waited for her answer. Beth then said, “Master can bind you while you wear the tunic and then he can remove it without untying you. Also, even though you are wearing your tunic it does nothing to hide you from Master’s eyes or touch.”

As Angel put hers on, she could see just what Beth was saying. Angel found it very easy to slip hers over her head. The tunic had a deep neckline, but covered the breast very well. While the sleeveless openings allowed the breast to be exposed at will. The will of the Master or that of the slave. The skirt came to mid thigh, and was loose allowing it to be lifted easily that the slave could expose her charms, or the Master could inspect them. At the shoulders, and the sides, there was a Velcro tape that held the front to the back, or opened up to allow easy access. Around the waist there was gold metal belt that would move and twist as the wearer moved and twisted.

As the girls were getting their tunics adjusted Beth pulled from her box a pair of sandals. They were very simple in their design. Having a sole that was very flexible from heal to toe. There was just the slightest hint of a heal. Just enough for comfort, but not enough to provide any lift. The sandals were held on the foot by a series of straps that wrapped the foot and ended by being tied around the ankle.

The other items in the box included toys of all kinds. Dildos, butt plugs of several different sizes, floggers, whips and many different types of straps and other bondage equipment. As Angel looked through her box she found that every item had her name on it. Angel figured that her toys were to be kept separate from the toys belonging to the others. As all this was running through Angel’s mind, Master stepped in front of her. Reaching into the front of her tunic he exposed her left nipple through the neckline. As he twisted and pulled on her nipple he asked her, “What do you think, Angel?” As she started to respond she felt the nipple clamp gripping her left nipple. Then he repeated the procedure on her right nipple. Angel noticed that Master did not wait for her reply to his question as he turned and walked back to the center of the room. Master did not want her to respond, he just wanted to make a statement that she belonged to him, she figured, and the realization that she totally belonged to him surprised her. She thought it would be able to leave him with little or no harm to her heart if he chose to reject her as his slave, but Angel now knew that was not the case.

Beth was then directing the girls to sit around the table on the other side of the room. Angel had noticed that Master had left the suite. At each place at the table there was a small stack of papers. On the top was a letter from Master Scott. Beth picked up the letter and said, “Follow along as I read.”

Dear Slave:

You have come here to see if we, you and I, can make a wonderful couple as slave/Master. I welcome you. I look forward to this next two weeks with hope and faith. Faith in us, that we will know what is a fit and what is not. Hope that we may both find whatever it is that we seek for our life ahead.

The sheet under this letter is your consent form. It simply states that you are entering into this Master/slave relationship of your own free will. That either, you or I, have the full right and understanding that either may discontinue this relationship at their own will.

The next sheet is your disclosure and medical authorization form. You are to disclose any and all heath related information at this time. This will include any and all sexual activity in the last 12 month. It also authorizes me to have you examined at my will. The signing of this form also grants me your permission to access and full knowledge of your medical history.

Next, there is a medical “Power Of Attorney.” This form will allow me to seek and obtain medical treatment for you. Should that ever become an issue. This form will also allow me to make medical decisions for you in the event that you are unable to do so for yourself.

The next set of papers that you will find is a list of things that you either desire sexually or that you feel will be harmful to you. I want you to fill these sheets out with this understanding; once you are tied up your limits become my limits. So to save time and misunderstandings we will start out with the understanding that your limits are now what I will limit for us.

You have two choices to make on this last form
1. This is something I desire to have done to me, or with me. If an activity is not what you desire, but you do not think it will harm you, then just leave it blank.
2. This is something that I feel will be physically or emotionally harmful to me, or our relationship. If this is the case then you are asked to explain why and how this activity would be harmful.

You are to sign and date each paper in front of you, including this letter. If for some reason you do not wish to do so, please tell Beth and she will arrange your ticket home. Once again I thank each of your for coming.

The letter was signed very simply, Scott Andrews.

Each girl took in a deep breath and reread the letter. All you could hear in the room was the breathing of the four girls. The air seemed thick with the tension of each. Then as quick and sharp of the snap of a whip Beth’s voice broke the silence, “Is they’re any among us that has any trouble signing the Master’s papers” Almost as they were afraid to speak each girl just nodded no in response to Beth’s question.

All four of them went through the papers, but kept to themselves for the most part. Once in a while there would be a slight moan or a sigh. Angel went through her papers with care. Paying little or no attention to the others. The release form was a cinch. She knew why and what she was here for. She was here to be Master’s slave. The medical forms were not much harder. Master had told her that he would require them, along with a medical release. Angel came prepared with all the pertinent information in her purse. Which was left for her on the bar.

When Angel got to her “Desired/Harmful” form she remembered her Master’s words, “Once you are tied up you are subject to my limits.” So she went through the list marking only those things that she desired her Master to do to her, or to have her do. She found only a few things that would cause her to balk at his orders, but in the end she knew that she was a true slave and would obey any order. Angel wrote across the bottom of the form, “I am my Master’s slave. I will accept his limits as my own. I will serve him in any way that he should decide. I will provide this service with joy and love in my heart.” Then she signed it.

This gave Angel time to watch the others. Marilynn did not seem to have any trouble with her list of things to do. Ann, on the other hand, seems to be doing a lot of writing. Beth had finished before her, so she was unable to make a judgment as to Beth’s level of acceptance.

As Angel was watching the others, the door to the suite opened and Mike, the chauffeur, walked in. He then handed to each of the girls a large envelope. Please put your papers in this envelope, seal them, and hand them back to me. As each girl did so she was handed a leather overnight, or duffle, bag with her name on it, and instructed to put all her belongings in the bag. Including the clothes that she was wearing when she got there. When all the bags were filled, Mike took them from each of the girls and put them by the door.

Mike then told the girls to sit back down at the table. Just as they complied there was a knock at the door. Just as Mike opened it two women entered the room looking and acting like they are in the medical profession. The elder one, of the two, said, “Ladies we are here to take both blood and urine samples.” As this was being said the other woman was passing out the little jars for the urine samples. The older one continued, “Line up by height for your urine test and when that is completed return for your blood test.”

Ann was the first to break the stillness of the four girls, “What is all this for?” “To make sure none of you are bring any STDs to this little party!” the younger woman responded, “Now go and pee in the bottle!” she continued.

When all the test had been completed the two women talked with Mike for a short time. They then handed him a piece of paper and left as Mike walked them to the door.

Mike then instructed the four women to follow him out of the motel. Where they found the limo waiting. There was little or no chance for anyone to see just how they were dressed. There was also no chance for them to see just who might be watching. Mike loaded the rest of their things into the trunk of the car, slipped back into the front seat and smoothly pulls away from the motel. He said nothing about where they were going, or how long it would take to get there.

Beth was the first to speak, “We are on our way to Master’s house, which is just north of the city. It is about 25 miles from the airport, and at this time of day it could take as much as an hour and a half to get there.” That was all that was said on their ride.

Angel used this time to look the others over and to access in her mind just how each one stacked up to her. Beth has very full breast, is good looking with her bright blue eyes, a little shorter than me, and open to any sexual activity that her Master may think of. Angel decided that indeed was Beth, but Master had already said the decision was made as to Beth becoming his full time live in slave.

Then there was Marilynn. While much shorter than all the girls she is very breasted. You could not call Marilynn slim by any rule of measure. You could also not call her fat. Judging from how she sat in the limo one could surmise that Marilynn has very little trouble in displaying her body. There also seem to be this delight in her eyes as a result of her slavery and her requirements to serve her Master. Marilynn had little or no trouble in filling out the “Desired/harmful” form, therefore one could assume that she would do anything. Angel decided that could be a real challenger to her for the position of full time live in slave.

Angel then turned her attention to Ann. What could one say about Ann? It is obvious that Ann is a submissive individual, but it does not appear that she has reached the level of slave in her submission to a man. It is clear that Ann has an issue in trusting. Anyone with just such an issue cannot give herself into total slavery. Ann, like Beth, would like her treatment from her Master to be very near the abuse level. The kind of treatment that will leave permanent marks and scares. In Ann's mind such marks are a badge of courage. Angel also guessed that Ann would have trouble carrying on conversation with Master Scott, who is very highly educated. Angel decided that Ann is not competition to her for the position of full time live in slave.

Angel then noticed that they were at her Master’s house. Either the trip did not take as much time as Beth had predicted or Angel had been totally lost in her thoughts and in so doing lost all concepts of time. Mike was pulling up into Master’s drive. He then rushed to the back door of the limo to open it for the girls. One by one they filed out and into Master’s house.

Continued in Part 2.

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