The Selection – Part Three

The Selection – Part Three

The Selection
Part Three The Journey Begins
A Novel By: S. Stevenson

Early the next morning, Mike made the rounds to each of the slave’s bedrooms releasing them from their tethers. He instructed each to shower and shave as he removed pad locks from their collars and cuffs. You are to clean your plugs, relieve yourselves and then reinsert the plugs. “Then you are to report to the kitchen by 7. Bring a work tunic with you.”

Slowly at first each girl made her way into the bathroom attached to her room. There she found everything laid out for her. Soap, washcloth, towel etc., each according to what they used before coming to Master’s house for this two week selection. There was a properly mixed douche, and special cleaning agents for the butt plug along with an enema. There was even after bath lotions, creams and makeup. Everything that a slave would need to be prepared for her Master’s use.

Angel wasted no time letting the shower warm up to the temperature she preferred. Stepping into her shower she mulled over the events of the day before.. Rubbing the soap into her skin she ran her hands over her pussy. She smiled as she remembered how much she feared being clean shaven for Master. She was afraid she would look, and feel, like a little girl again. Now, her shaved pussy just made her feel like she was owned by her Master. The thought accrued to her, and brought a grin to her lips, that it was a very comfortable feeling to belong to her Master.

Still lost in thought, Angel absent mindedly opened herself up and inserted the nozzle for her morning douche. Angel was surprised to realize just how much her thoughts had lubricated her. The nozzle opened the portals of skin that protects her womanhood and slid in as deep as it would go with very little effort.

She opened the clamp allowing the moisture flow into her as she pulled the tip of the nozzle off her cervix. Angel could feel the liquid fill her and then run out and down her legs.

She then removed her plug and cleaned that before washing the rest of her. Her hands kept coming back to her bald pussy. She would open the lips and run her fingers back and forth through her slit. Before she was done with her shower, Angel was wetter inside her pussy than she was from the shower, and shaving did nothing to relieve the excitement within her.

Angel wondered if Master would be able to smell her arousal as she continued her morning preparations for her Master. She wondered if things would be this good for her after Master had selected her as his 24/7 slave. The large fluffy towels, heat lamps in the bath, towel warmers freshly supplied and waiting for her just as they were this morning. “Was this to be her life as a slave?”, she wondered.

Everything else in place Angel took a liberal amount on hand cream on her fingers and applied it to the plug. Then she inserted a finger into her ass. As her sphincter muscle relaxed she inserted a second finger and pushed both of them in and out. When she was ready, Angel removed her fingers and inserted the butt plug for the day. She was surprised at how easy it slipped into place once it got started.

She had heard from other submissives different things about the butt plug. How it felt like it was home when inserted in the ass. How they missed it when it was removed, and how much they liked to have it taken out in order to make room for the Master. In her thoughts Angel added to these other descriptions that the plug made her feel totally owned, completely submissive and securely the property of her Master.

Taking a few minutes to make sure everything was in order in her rooms Angel then took a last long look in the mirror. She found that everything was as best as it could be. She looked every bit the part of a slave. This thought in mind Angel picked up her collar, cuffs and her work tunic and headed for the kitchen.

Angel was the first to arrive and was greeted with a big smile from Mike. He walked over to her and took her collar from her hand and lifted it to her neck., then the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs were last. As Mike completed the job by placing the padlocks in place, Angel thanked him. He just smiled and nodded and told her she could start by washing the fruit and vegetables for breakfast.

Marilynn was the next one to arrive. She made it just in time and seemed a bit out of breath as she entered the kitchen. Her collar and cuffs were already in place and she had her work tunic on. Mike called her over that again placed the padlocks on Marilynn. She was then instructed to start cooking the eggs.

Ann was the next to arrive. About 15 minutes late. Everyone noticed Ann as she ran into the kitchen. Her hair was coming apart, she was gasping for air and she had forgotten many things. She had her white tunic on, no collar, no cuffs and her butt plug was missing.

Mike raised his eyebrows as he gave Ann the once over. Saying nothing about her appearance he simple gave her a work assignment in the preparations of breakfast.

As they completed their individual assigned task, each girl would take her dish into the dinning room. Where Beth was already waiting for them, having set the table and poured the coffee. After putting down her dish, Angel went back to the door and hung up her tunic on the pegs in the wall. Taking her place at the table Angel then noticed that Beth was not on the floor. Beth was sitting at the table.

Angel took her place right next to Beth. It was then that she noticed that Beth did not have her tail in place, but it did appear that her metal pussy opener was still inserted. Beth caught Angel looking and said, “Master inserted this dick into me. It would be wrong for me to remove it.”

Angel just nodded and made a mental “slavery” note for herself, ‘If Master puts it on, or in, the item remains until Master takes it out.’

The others then joined them at the table. Mike sitting on the side at the end said nothing as he ate. The girls jabbered about their night before. Mostly they seemed to be trying to prove to the others that they were the greatest slave in the house. Angel avoided most of this chatter thinking to herself, ‘I do not care if I am the most slavery one. What I do care about is being the best slave for my Master.’

As the meal came to a conclusion, Mike began to make his work assignments. Beth was to gather and do the laundry. Angel was to take charge of the kitchen for both cleaning and cooking for the day. Ann and Marilynn were to both dust and vacuum each room in the house. Each girl was responsible for dusting and vacuuming in her own rooms, and everything was to be done by lunch time. One last thing, each girl was to take care of her own lunch.

The girls then went about their work. Angel was very happy to be given the kitchen assignment. She is very proud of her abilities in the kitchen and felt that this would be an opportunity to show Master just how good she is.

At noon they were all sitting around the kitchen having a bit to eat. Mike included. Angel and Beth had removed their tunics and were just as Master would like. Nude, except for collar, cuffs and plug.

Lunch concluded, all the girls were ordered to the front hall. Marilynn quickly removed her tunic as she walked to the hall. There stood Master. As each girl filed in Mike directed them to stand in front of Scott. As the last girl got to her place, Scott said, “I want all of you to stand in a straight line at attention. It is time for an inspection.”

All four slaves stood in a line in front of their Master with their legs open wide, the fingers of each had interlaced behind their heir heads and their chest pushed out. After taking a few moments to take in the view of his slaves Scott said, “I have been to the medical clinic this morning, and I am pleased to tell you that each of you have been given a clean bill of health.”

Master walked over to looked Beth over first, Then telling her to go to her cage and make herself ready as his pet. Beth then bent her knees. Just slightly as if she was doing a small curtsey and said, “Thank you Master.”

Marilynn was next. Master went behind her and check to make sure her butt plug was firmly in place by pushing it in to see how much deeper it would go. Then stepping in front of her he lifted each breast as if he is checking its weight. After pinching each nipple he moved his hand down to between her legs. Rubbing the side of his finger back and forth along Marilynn’s slit Scott pushed open the portals to her womanhood. As she opened up you could hear the moisture of her arousal as it was seeping on to his finger.

Pushing his two middle fingers deep into her, Master tested her arousal and her openness to his invasion. Scott continued his exploration of Marilynn’s pussy by rubbing his middle finger across the opening of her cervix. Then curling his fingers he found the textured part of her internal flesh to test of its sensitivity to his touch. Marilynn moaned, and it appeared she was becoming weak kneed. He continued his play until she started to breath with a heavy pant. Removing his fingers Master commented on her wetness as he raised his fingers to her lips for her to clean. She sucked both of his fingers into her mouth without hesitation.

Telling Marilynn that she did very good, Scott patted her check and moved on to Angel. Master repeated the same procedure with Angel that he did with Marilynn. With the same results … She was panting as he moved to inspect Ann.

Ann stood there with fear in her heart. She was still wearing her tunic, her collar and cuffs had no padlocks and she still had not remembered to replace her plug. Ann’s fear was clear for anyone to see.

Master was shaking his head as he stepped behind his slave. Giving her bottom a hard swat Master told Mike to put her padlock on and to attach her to the frame.

Mike brought the frame up to where Ann stood waiting. She must have been thinking of the orgasms Beth had in the frame the night before, because there was no hesitation as Ann step up in the middle of the frame. Mike was quick at connection Ann’s cuffs to the four corners. He then placed the padlocks in place. When Mike was sure that escape was impossible for Ann he nodded to Master and then walked off.

Scott walked over to Ann and asked if she had a problem with the open and available rule. Ann said, “No master. I want to be open to you. I want you to use me.”

“I am glad to hear you say that my dear, because you are going to be open to me and everyone else in the house for the rest of the day.” As Scott was telling Ann this, he picked up a strap from the base of the frame and wrapped it around her leg just below the knee. This same strap was then tighten around the metal upright on the left side of the frame. When the identical strap was place on the other side it forced Ann into a sitting position as her legs were radically held open.

Mike reappeared pushing what appeared to be a photographer’s tripod on wheels. Instead of a light or camera mounted on the top there was a dildo. Master said to Mike, “Lets go with one a little larger than medium.” Mike nodded as he removed the dildo and replaced it with a large butt plug.

Scott was now behind Ann putting a light lubrication on his fingers. Saying nothing at all Master just inserted two fingers into Ann’s ass. He twisted his fingers to the right and then to the left as he pulled them out till just the tips were still in her ass, and then her push them back into Ann all the way. Master finger fucked Ann’s ass for some time, and then even more abruptly than when he inserted his fingers he removed them.

As Scott walked in front of Ann Mike quietly walked up behind her. Master raised his fingers to Ann’s mouth. She did not open. He said, “Clean them.” Still Ann did not open her mouth. Master then said, “If you obeyed this morning and cleaned yourself as instructed my fingers should be clean of any dirt. Now clean them!” Reluctantly Ann sucked Master’s two fingers into her mouth.

As Ann sucked and licked her Master’s fingers clean his other hand was between her legs. The outer lips of her cunt has opened do to her arousal and the spread of her legs. His middle two fingers slipped into her with ease. Ann was so moist that her fluids dripped down into his hand.

At the same time, Mike was taking aim with this weapon on Ann’s now loosened little brown hole. Lifting the extension on the tripod until the tip of the plug just come into contact with Ann’s ass. Mike then took hold of a handle and started to pump it up and down. With each pumping action the plug got higher. Mike continued until a combination of Ann’s weight and the height of the plug started to open her little brown hole. Mike then looked for a signal from Master and Scott nodded in the affirmative, and Mike resumed his pumping.

Ann’s eyes got bigger and bigger as the invasion of her rectum increased with every downward motion that Mike made on that pump handle. It was a good thing Master had removed his fingers from her mouth. Ann was not sure that she could have avoided bitting him.

As Master withdrew his fingers from the slave’s pussy the plug seated in her ass. Ann almost sighed in relief as she felt her sphincter contract between the ball the base of the plug.

As Ann was breathing her sigh of relief Scott stepped up on the base of the frame and ordered her to op-en her mouth wide. Ann obeyed. Master then placed into her mouth a ring with straps on both sides the were fastened behind her head. When the ring gag was secured Master raised his fingers that had been in her pussy and said as he inserted his fingers into her mouth, “Now you will be open for cleaning my fingers with no hesitation or complaint.”

When Scott was satisfied that his fingers were sufficiently clean he removed them and stepped down from the base of the frame. Mike handed Scott some clamps and looked on as Master connected them to each of Ann’s inner labia. Straps were added to each thigh and the string attached to the clamps was secured to the these straps.

Every hole in the slave’s body was open. Her mouth with the ring gag. Her ass with the large butt plug, and her pussy lips held open by the clamps.

Master looked on his slave and nodded his approval. “Now you are open to your Master just as you should want to be.”

Mike asked, “Shall I move her to the punishment room?”

“No.” Scott responded. “Leave her here in the hall by the front door. Every slave should want to be open for her Master’s use. A good slave will also desire to entertain his guest as he desires. Here in the hall this slave will do both. She is open to all in the house, and when our guest arrive I am sure she will provide entertainment for them, as well.” Ann jerked violently in her bindings when she heard this.

“Be sure to leave the mixture at the base of the frame. Soon her arousal will fade as the feelings of punishment sets into her mind. Her lubricating fluids will tend to dry up then.” As Beth was returning on her hands and knees, Scott addressed Angel and Marilynn, “Not only are you allowed to play with this slave, your sister will need you to do so several times an hour. As you do, make sure to use the mixture in the spray bottle to provide lubrication to her mouth and pussy. By the way … she is being punished, she is not allowed to cum!” Ann’s jerking became more profound.

Beth reached her Master and sat as a pet in front of him. She was holding her leash in her mouth as she offered it to Scott. He took the leash from his slave pet and patted her on the head. Connecting the leash to her collar he said, “Heel.” Beth crawled to his left side and sat on her heels, her hands still on the floor and her breast were squeezed together and push out between her arms.

Reaching down Master took hold of one of his pets tits. As he squeezed, pulled and twisted it, he said, “We are expecting company this afternoon, pet. Just to see you. As I understand they have several human pets at home and several trained poneygirls in their stable. Some of their poneygirls are trained for the cart and the others are trained for the saddle. I hope you like that idea of being a poneygirl.” Beth responded by just rubbing the side of her head against Master.

Looking to the other two, Master said, “When our guests arrive you two are to put on your white tunics. Until our guest arrive you two will have some free time.” That said, Scott walked toward his study. Scott turned back to Ann and said, “You my love will not be allowed to wear your tunic.” As he said this he reached up and pulled so that the Velcro released it’s hold and both the front and the back of the tunic fell away.


When the doorbell rang, Marilynn was in the hall playing with her slave sister’s pussy. Increasing her torment by sucking on her so clit and nipples would be more exact. As Mike walked by to the door he said, “Put some moisture into her mouth and pussy and leave that girl alone. Get your tunic on quickly.” Angel ran into the hall and grabbed her tunic just as Mike had reached the door.

Mike hesitated in opening the door just long enough for the two girls to adjust their tunics and to get into the position that Master had instructed for meeting and greeting guests. Master had them standing on either side of the hall that led to his study in what the military would call an “At Ease” position. That is feet shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind the back..

Master walked into the hall just as Mike opened the door. Scott stepped forward with broad smile and his hand out saying, “Brian, Carol..” While shaking hands Scott went on, “How are you? Please come in, and welcome to my home.”

Carol is a beautiful brunette, about 30 years old, with shoulder length hair cut straight across the back and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing just a hint of makeup about her eyes and lips. Dressed in a fashionable beige business suit consisting of a full skirt and a tailored jacket. Her jacket did nothing to hide her more than ample bosom and the skirt accentuated the curves made by her hips. She stands 5’6” in her stocking feet and a bit higher in the 4” spiked heels that she is wearing for this visit. Carol greeted Master by placing her hand into his and dipping herself into a slight curtsey, and saying, “Sir Scott, how nice it is to see you.”

Brian is about 6’1”, late forties and even in his gray suit one can tell the he works out regularly. His blond hair was just beginning to show his age, but his broad smile along with sparkle in his eyes made one thing clear, ‘Now this is the all American boy.’ Brian greeted Master with a firm handshake and saying, “Scott, it is good to see you again..”

Still holding Master’s hand Brian nodded towards the two girls standing with their hands behind their backs and said, “Is one of these the slave that you told us of at the club?”

“No, Beth is waiting for us in my study.”

Carol walked over to the frame where Ann was hanging and said, “This one has had trouble with the rules of openness.” She continued as she ran her fingers along the slave’s slit, “What a pity. With mouth like hers a woman could find many hours of enjoyment.”

Scott motioned for his guest to follow him to his study. As Brian and Carol fell in line behind Master’s lead. Scott said, “Angel bring some refreshments to my study for our guests.”

“Tea for me.” Came from Carol.

“I’ll have coffee.” Was Brian’s choice.

Scott added, “Coffee for me and put some cookies out.”

When they arrived at the study door they could see Beth waiting for them. She was in a cage on all fours. This was not the normal cage. The whole cage was only long enough to hold the slave’s torso. Her lower legs stuck out through opening that were designed just for a slave/pet’s legs. While her legs were held securely and wide apart there was a large opening for her ass and pussy leaving her tail on the outside of the cage. On the other end of the cage was the opening for the slave’s head.

Master walked over to the cage and said, “This is my pet Beth. She is the slave that I wanted you to meet. As of right now she has no full time Master.” While both Brian and Carol walked over to the cage and started to examine this slave, Scott continued to explain that Beth could not be a 24/7 slave at this time do to her family obligations.

As Scott told them of this slaves desires, needs and dreams Brian and Carol had their hands all over Beth. Brian the weight and firmness of each breast that hung from this slave’s chest. Carol looked into her mouth as if Beth was a pony that she was interested in buying for her stable.

Angel came to the door carrying her tray of refreshments. As she made a slight a curtsey she said, ”Master, how would you like me to serve these to your guests?”

Master simply said, “Bring the tray over here and place it on the top of this cage.”

Angel did just as she was instructed. Then taking the cup of tea she turned to Carol and gave her a slight curtsey as she held out the cup. She repeated herself with Brian’s cup of coffee.

Brian then moved to Beth’s head, putting his coffee down, he started his examination of her mouth and head. Carol moved to Beth’s tail. Running her fingers along the slit of the caged slave she then raised them to her nose and exclaimed, “She is absolutely soaked! And .. and she smells wonderful.”

“May we take her out of this cage to get a better look at her?” Brian asked. As Scott nodded in the affirmative, Brian said, “May we then have time to play with these two slaves?”

Scott was in the process of opening the cage as he told Brian, “You may investigate the talents of my pet if you would like, but Angel is very private property and I am not yet willing to share her.”

Brian said he understood as he was helping Beth to her feet. Telling Beth to stand at attention Brian told Carol to remove her clothing and come over to him.

Angel’s expression turned from pride in what her Master said to pure surprise in Brian’s orders to Carol. Angel was stunned as the well dress woman obeyed. First removing her suit coat Angel noticed that she was bare under it. As the ample breast popped in the fresh air Angel noticed the rings in each nipple. As Carol’s skirt fell to the floor Angel gasped when the rather large ring came into view. This ring stuck out from her vulva and must have been attached to her clit or clit hood, Angel thought.

As Carol got to Brian and Beth she stood in the attention position. Brian slipped a finger into the ring at her pussy and pulled her a little closer. Then taking Beth’s chin in his hand he said to her, “If we take you into our stable this woman will be your Mistress, and my slave. Do you understand slave?”

Beth nodded that she did as Brian dropped his hand, reached in between her legs and inserted a finger, then another. Turning towards his own slave Brian said, “You are right my dear, the juices are just pouring out of her soft and smooth pussy.” Removing his fingers and lifting them to Carol’s mouth he asked, “How do you like the way she smells and taste?”

Sucking Brian’s fingers into her mouth to suck them clean she let out a, Mmmmmm.” As Brian removed his fingers Carol said, “Sir that bitch tastes like more.”

“That maybe, but it will have to wait.” Pointing to the wall behind the door Brian said, “Lets start with that cane.” Carol brought the cane to Brian. Shaking his head Brian said, “You may do the honors my love.”

Carol step back just a bit and started striking Beth on her back about shoulder high. Very methodically Carol moved her target up and down Beth’s back. From the shoulders and then back down to the backs of her knees. Carol moved from Beth’s left side to her right making the welts crisscross each other. Beth was whimpering, but she remained standing with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. Carol moved her blows to the front of the slave. Again running up and down from tits to knees.

The assault continued as this naked woman again moved to attack the rear of the slave. Only this time she took the cane in both hands and started to wheel it as if it was a baseball bat. Scott then took action as he stepped in to one of Carol’s blows. She struck him right on the hip. Scott did not flinch. He simply took hold of the cane and jerked it out of the woman’s hands, and said with a dynamic voice, “Enough!”

Brian just laughed as he told the pet slave to get on all fours. Taking a hand full of hair he ordered Beth to spread her legs wide. As she complied Carol stepped behind her and swatted the pussy of the slave and yelled, “Wider!” Carol got to her knees proceeded to suck Beth’s pussy and slap her ass until she inserted three fingers in to the slave’s passion tube.

As Carol attacked Beth from the rear Brian opened his pants and filled her mouth. He did not give Beth a chance to provide a blow job. All Brian wanted was to hole in her body to fuck.. Grabbing hands full of hair on either side of her head, Brian push his hips forward as he pulled her head on to his pole. He would shove his dick past the back of her mouth and into her throat. As he withdrew she would take a deep breath only to lose all the air as he fed her his cock one more time. This mouth fucking went on until Brian shot all his load into Beth’s throat. It must have seemed like a long time, but in reality Brian did not have much staying power at this fucking.

Just as soon as Brian withdrew his cock from the slave’s mouth Carol was right there to replace him. She too did not give an inch when it came to allowing the slave to breath. Grabbing a handful of hair in each hand Carol positioned Beth’s mouth over her pussy with a great deal of force. Everyone in the room could hear Beth gasping for air as she ministered to the pussy of this wanton slut. Again it took only minutes for Carol to reach her orgasm, but one could only imagine what it felt like to Beth.

Brian had sat down in a chair as he recovered his breath from fucking the mouth of Beth. Carol sat at his feet and recovered from her’s. As Mike hooked a leash to Beth’s collar and lead her back to her normal pet cage, Brian broke the silence, “Scott, you are right that is a wonderful bitch and I do believe we will take her. With some training she should make a fine addition to my stable. I am sure Bruno would love to fuck her daily.”

Scott did not respond right away. Instead he stood there in his study and looked at his guests and then over to his pet. He was clenching his hands. Making a fist and then relaxing them. When he spoke you could hear the anger in his voice. “No you will not take Beth or any of my other slaves.” He continued, “How dare you come into my home and abuse my slave with no concern to what you are doing to the slave.”

Brian started to protest, but Scott cut him off, “I know you two only took her mouth, but your attitude tells me the type of master you are in private.”

Again, Brian stood up and tried to protest the verbal attack he was receiving from Scott, but was again cut off, “Being a Master is a real pleasure when you have girls of all shape and sizes serving your every need. Even the need to beat them as it may pleasure you. However, if you wish this pleasure to continue you must accept the responsibilities of caring for your slaves.”

“Now get dressed and leave my house.” Turning to Mike Scott said, “Will you escort these two to the door?”

Mike said, “It will be my pleasure, Sir.”

To Angel Scott said, “Help Beth to her feet … take her up to one of the bedrooms and tend to whatever needs she may have.”

Then to Brian, Scott said, “These women turn their lives over to me because they know that I will accept my responsibilities before I take my pleasure. You will be surprised at how much better that works. Now get out of my sight!”

Scott left the study and literally ran up the stairs to be with his slave.

He found Beth on her bed and Angel sitting beside her as she ministered to the wounds left by the canning. After checking on Beth’s condition Scott excused himself as he went to the rail and asked Mike to take Ann down and see to their dinner.

Returning to Beth’s room he sat on her bed and lifter her into his arms. Kissing her forehead and running his fingers across her cheeks he told her that she was safe now. Master also promised that her would never let such abuse happen again to any of his slaves.

Beth smiled. She reached her hand up and behind Master’s head. She pulled his face down closer to her and softly spoke into his ear, “I did it for you Master, and I will do it again if ever you wish me to do so.” Beth then kissed him softly and faded off to sleep.

Lifting his head and speaking to Angel Scott said, “You go and get your dinner. Tell Mike to put you ladies to bed. I am going to remain with Beth.”

That is just what Scott did. He held her through the night as she slept.

To be continued ….

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