The Set Up_(0)

The Set Up_(0)

Erin couldn't stand the anticipation much longer. Here she was happily married and a very good sex life waiting for a woman to make love to her. Until a week ago she never even thought of making love to a woman. But that changed very quickly after what transpired at the club.

Last Wednesday Jodi called her and asked if she could meet her at the club for a workout. There was nothing strange about this since she and Jodi met regularly to go to the gym. And usually it was later in the evening due to Jodi's work schedule. Jodi was single and always had a guy around it seem. And with her long blonde hair and a great firm body it was easy for her to attract any guy. They met at 8:45 and went through their workout stations as usual with Erin finishing up first and heading to the showers. Jodi always had a guy stopping to chat with her which takes her a bit longer to finish.

Erin undressed and headed for the shower. Stopping long enough to admire her naked body is the full length mirror. Her 34C tits topped with small pink nipples still firm and her ass round and pefect. And her fuzzy brown pubes pefectly trimmed. She playfully gave herself a slap on the ass with approval as she headed for the shower. She turned on the shower and began washing her hair. As she turned to rinse her hair she felt a pair of hands slide around her waist massaging her flat tummy. Startled she tried to pull away but the hands pulled her back. She felt the firmness of the persons body and realized it was the body of another woman. Her hands continued to caress Erin's torso finally cupping a breast and two fingers playfully pinching her nipple. Erin shook from shock. She tried to pull away again but could not. She was then turned to face her assailant and it was Jodi.

Jodi pinned Erin to the shower wall. Still massaging her breast. Without saying anything she gently took Erin's hardened nipple into her mouth playfully twirled it with her tounge and then gently nibbling on it causing to make Erin moan. Erin tried to tell Jodi no but couldn't fined the words . Jodi then moved up and kissed gently with the tip of her toungue teasing the tip of Erin's. And as she kissed Erin her hand made it's way to her pussy. Erin tried hard to keep her legs closed to stop Jodi but when Jodi finally shoved her tounge deeper into Erin's mouth her legs weakened and Jodi easly spread them palming her pussy with her firm hand.

Jodi finally spoke, telling Erin how badly she's wanted her over the last couple of years. Erin then felt a finger part her pussylips to what she surpisingly noticed that her clit was extremely erect and that her pussy juices were all a flow. Erin tried again to tell her she couldn't but Jodi expertly stroked her clit and nothing but a soft moan came out of her mouth. Jodi stayed on her stiff toy and again kissed deeply and noticed Erin's toungue now responding to hers. Erin then felt Jodi's long finger bury itself deep into pussy. Her pussy walls grabbed onto that finger as the orgasm went through her body and a long moan as she collapsed into Jodi's arms. She looked up to see Jodi had her sticky jucied finger in her mouth. Then Jodi whispered in Erin's ear, "If you want to explore this more call me within the week. " With that Jodi left the shower and by the time Erin got herself together and dressed Jodi was gone.

The encounter controlled Erin's mind all week. Even when she was fucking Ted the vision of Jodi's finger in her pussy and her tounge deep in her mouth controlled her thoughts. And Ted was the benefactor as those thoughts made her more horney and she really fucked his brains out.

But here it was Tuesday and she couldn't make up her mind on what to do. Her curiosity running wild with what ifs? Ted was to be out of town Wednesday night for business and if this was going to happen this was the time. With that with her hands shaking she called Jodi. She got her answering machine and left a message that she would expect her at 7:30 Wednesday.

And now here she sits, waiting. It's 7:40. Maybe she should leave. Maybe Jodi changed her mind? She got up to get her car keys when she heard a car pull up and a door slam. A knock on the door. Erin hesitantly opened the door and Jodi was all smiles. After some small talk Erin fixed drinks. After a couple drinks Jodi got down to business. "So you ready to explore this or no"? She asked. Erin had to ask if she was a lesbian. Jodi said, " No I love a good hard cock. But now and then a sweet pussy is what I like and I've wanted yours for quite some time." And as she spoke she began to move closer to Erin with a hand on her knee. Erin froze and as she did Jodi moved closer and trapped Erin in the corner of the couch. She gently kissed Erin and asked "Do you want me to stay or go. And before she could think Erin whispered, "Stay".

Jodi then made sure the door was locked and drew the blinds. She told Erin put a blanket down on the floor and some pillows. Erin did as she was told and then she was ordered to strip. She was then told to lay down. Jodi stood over her as she undressed. She took off her tank top and her tits camed bouncing out. They had to be 40's and Erin noticed the big brown nipples were hard and erect. She then stepped out of her cut-off jean shorts no panties. Her ass perfectly heart shaped and her pussy was bare. Erin saw her clit peeking out of her swollen lips.

Jodi layed next to Erin and deeply kissed her again and this time ther was no hesitation from Erin's tounge entwining with hers. Jodi 's hand made its way down to Erin's pussy and found it drenched and ripe for a lickin'. Jodi didn't hesitate and wrapped her tounge around Erin's love button sucking and nibbling and had Erin bucking her hips against Jodi's face as back to back orgasms sizzled through her body and moans loud enough for her neighbors to hear. Not even Ted drove her that crazy from a pussy lickin'.

But even after being ate out like that her pussy now needed Ted's big cock inside her more than ever. And after she confided that to Jodi, Jodi just smiled and said we can take care of that. And from the diningroom in walked Ted with a big smile on his face and an even bigger hard on. Although shocked and wondering she rolled into doggie position as she needed that piece of meat in her hot cunt. Ted jammed his 8 inch member and her eyes instantly rolled to the back of her head as another orgasm passed through her. He fucked her hard and deep as Erin's body needed every bit of it. As Ted took care of Erin. Erin saw Jodi on the couch fucking herself with a dildo. Her legs were spread wide resting on the coffee table. Jodi working her hips over the 8 inch joy-toy taking it deeper with each thrust,her huge tits bouncing in rythem. The sight of watching Jodi's beautiful body made her cum again as did Ted who let out a moan and shot his load into Erin's hot pussy. As they both layed quietly watching Jodi, Ted told Erin of his fantasy and hoped that she would follow through if it were by her choice and not his. Erin kissed her husband sweetly as Jodi came with a moan from the couch.

Erin then crawled up on the couch and put her arms around her friend and whispered thank you in her ear. She then laid Jodi back and nursed on her huge nipples. Kissed down her flat stomach and got her first taste of sweet pussy. The smell and taste were intoxicating. She sucked Jodi's clit hard and then lifted her ass up and buried her tounge deep in her hole lapping up the juices she could. She returned to her love nub with hard nibbles causing Jodi to lock her legs around Erin and never letting go. Jodi finally came and praised the rookie pussylicker. Her husband's fantasy now complete and a whole new world for Erin to explore.

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