The 'Special' Delivery

The 'Special' Delivery

John is 27 years old and he delivers matresses for a living.He had just finished his delivery run for the day when his boss came up to him.

"John I am in a bind and I need your help.Here me out first though.I have a one stop delivery.However the stop is 2 hours away in the New York mountains.If you do it I will double your pay for the day.The only problem is that I dont have anyone to go with you on this one.No one else is able to go,"his boss said while showing him the work order.

"I dont know about that,"John said,its already 5pm and it says here theres a headboard and a footboard to put together.As well as a queen matress,a box spring and a frame.That could take a half hour to set up on its own plus the drive there and back.I wont get back till like 10 o'clock.Thats kind of a long day seeing that I came in at 7 this morning."

"Please your my only hope.This is a $10,000 set,I dont wanna lose out on it,"Johns boss said.

"Well if you give me the day off tomorrow and pay me triple I'll do it otherwise im going to say no and go home,"John said knowing he had his boss in the palm of his hand.

"OK,"his boss said with a sigh.

John was going to do it in the first place but he wanted to see how desprate his boss was.That was easier than I thought he said to himself as he loaded the items on the truck.He also realized that one person could do the job with very little trouble.He only worried that the matress was a bit heavy but not anything he absolutely couldnt handle.So John was on his way.He stopped at the gas station to fuel up and get some water as it was about 85 dergees and the truck didnt have air conditioning.He looked at his watch at about 5:25 and he was on his.

After about 5 minutes on the highway he realized that he didnt actually look at where the stop was and pulled out his map.Sure enough the town was not in his map book.The town next to it was for some reason but that was because it was in the next county.The map had the town name but none of the streets.Fuck he said to himself.What have I gotten myself into.

He looked at the paperwork for the phone number to see if the people could get him there once he was in the area.He called the number and a pleasant sounding lady picked up the phone.

"Hello,"she said.

"Hi this is John from the mattress company calling about your delivery today.I dont seem to have your town in the map I have.I can get to the town but once I get there I wont have a clue where to go."John said.

"Oh no problem as she gave him the dicections.Just go slow then you get to the top of the hill cause if you dont you might pass the sign for the road we live on cause its just around a corner."the lady replied.

"OK thanks I wont be there for about 2 hours and if I run into any problems Ill call you back.OK I'll be seeing you.Bye bye,"John said and hung up with the woman.

The direction she gave him were right on point.However he did pass the sign like the lady said.He laughed to himself as he turned around to head back on the right track.It was about 7:15 when he arrived at the house.He was greeted by a very old man who he found out later that the man was 64 although he clearly looked older than that.He walked with a slouch and all of his remaining hair was completely white.

"Hello there,he said,are you from the mattress company?"

"Yes,Im John,I called a couple of hours ago,"John replied.

"Well you just in time to see the sunset,the old man(Cliff)said as he pointed to the horizon.Thats some view isnt it."

"Which one that one or that one,"as he pointed to a beautiful lady that we saw standing on the porch who had just come out of the front door.

The lady laughed and said "Your too kind."

He recognized the voice as the lady whom he had spoke with on the phone.He couldnt believe his eyes as the lady came closer.She was absolutely stunning.John guessed she was his daughter.She appeared to be about 35.She was about 5'3"with a beautiful golden colored hair.She wasnt fat at all but she did have just the right amount of thickness in the right places.Her ass was plump and round and her tits were about a perfect 36C and they looked so good on her frame.They were straining against the tight dress she had on.John realized that he was staring so he asked where the bed was going.

Upon entering the house to put the bed together he was amazed at the view the people had as the house sat on a mountain.The scenery was beautiful.He also could tell that these people were extremely rich.They had all marble counter tops and fancy tile on the floors as he went through the kitchen to their room.THe room was had all oak dressers,cabinets,doors and nightstands.There was a big open space for the bed to go which was also oak.John looked at the invoice and remembered that the bed and frame were over $10000.Wow he thought to himself.

"OK ill start bringing the stuff in now,"John said.

"OK let us know if you need any help,"the lady(Jan)said.

John was able to bring the frame and the boxspring in with ease.Howerer he did notice it had started to rain.When he went to get the mattress it was very heavy.He struggled a bit.

"Do you want some help?"Jan asked.

"No I got it,"John said as if he was trying to impress the lady.

He managed to get it in the house but the skies had opened up to a full downpour just as he got the mattress in the house.His clothes were slighly dampened and he had broke out in a sweat but he managed to get it in the house and opened the boxes to put the frame together.He was able to do it in no time.Then he put the bedding on the frame and he was done in about 5 minutes total.He took the garbage to the truck and tried to start it but it wouldnt start."Shit," he said.He went back in the house with the paperwork for the poeple to sign.Just then a bolt of lightning hit the power lines and all the lights went out.It was almost completely dark.He looked at his cell phone and realized it was completely black and he must have left it on.

"Uh I have a problem.My truck wont start can I use your phone to call a repair place?,"John inquired.

"Sure no problem John,"Cliff said.

John went over to the phone but it was dead.No dial tone or nothing.Man this run had been disasterous.He didnt know what to do.He knew that since they were way out in the mountains that the power company might not reach them for a long time.He was in a bind that there was no way out of.

He explained his situation to the two and they insisted that he stayed the night till he was able to get in touch with someone that could help him.

"I really appreciate it guys.Ill be no trouble at all,"John said.

"Unfortunately you have to sleep on the couch cause we dont have a bed in the guest room yet,"Jan said.

"Well its better than sleeping in the truck so im very greatful,"John said.

It was nearing 9 o'clock at this point.The old man said he was going to bed cause he had to be up early.At this point Jan came back with a ton of candles. When she lit them all it was like it was daytime again they illuminated the room rather nicely.It was just in time for her to hear Cliff say goodnight.She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he went into the bedroom and closed the door.

"Is there anything I can get you before I go to bed?Are you hungry or anything?"Jan asked.

"Uh well if its not too much trouble but I can fix something myself if you show me where it is,"John said.

"Nonsense you are a guest in this house.Ill fix you a sandwich if thats Ok,"Jan said.

"That would be lovely.I do appreciate you and your father letting me stay in your home,"John said.

"Hahahaha,"Jan laughed."Thats my husband,"she said as she left the room.

John thought to himself how does a guy that old get a gal like that.Then he realized the the guy must have a lot of money.Jan came back with a blanket and a pillow for John and said she would be right back with his food.John was rather hungry and waited patiently for her return.

When she returned John eyes almost popped out of his head and his dick almost ripped through his pants because Jan had changed for bed and was wearing a very short and almost see through nightgown.

"Wow,"John said out loud.

"What is it John,"she said.

"Uh you look very beautiful in that nightgown."

"Oh,"Jan blushed."Its been a long time since someone noticed me like.Not bad for 57 I guesses."

"Holy shit your 57.You dont look a day over 35.My god you are the the hottest 57 year old woman Ive ever seen in my life."John exclaimed.

"Well. Never mind,"Jan said.

"What is it.C'mon tell me,"John said.

"Well its been a long time since my husband has noticed me in that kind of way.I miss being loved and making love to him.We havent been together sexually in over 10 years.He cant get it up regularly and when he does its only for a couple of minutes,"Jan said in a distrought manner.

By now she had came and sat next to John who couldnt believe that he was in the presence of this beautiful undersexed vixen.

He put his hand on her shoulder and said"I can help you out if you want.I think your so beautiful and still a completely fuckable woman."He didnt know how she would take it so before she could respond he kissed he on the lips.She didnt resist and kissed him back.Then he got bolder and reached up to grap her titties.They felt squishy in his hands and he could feel her nipples harden the more he squeezed.Then he took his unoccupied hand and took her hand and put it on his cock to let her see just how much he really wanted her.She didnt resist and in fact started rubbing his rock hard member.

By this point they were both moaning as the pleasured eachother.Jan could feel a wet spot of precum forn on Johns trousers as she continued to rub his lap with more and more passion.John then tried to go for the gusto and he reached down and massaged Jans leg.Each time he touched her leg he would inch higher and higher until he could feel the heat of her pussy almost burning his hand.He could tell she wasnt wearing any panties cause there was a lot of moisture in the area.Then he took two fingers and probed her pussy sinking them in to the hilt.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,"she screamed as the almost unexpected pleasure overwhelmed her body.It had been a long time since anyone but her husband touched her there.Then she snapped out of her daze cause she thought about her husband whom she loved so much."Please stop,"she said,"I love my husband."

"What the fuck is going on in here,"Cliff demanded."Get your hands off my wife."

The two jumped up off of the couch.When they did the old man rushed towards John as to strike him but he was no match for John.John was too strong and had youth on his side.He pushed the old man into the wall and started to strike him repeatedly.
He was enraged that he man rushed towards him and also was jealous that Jan was his wife.

"Please stop.Please I beg you.Ill do anything.Just please stop your hurting him,"Jan said.

John stopped hitting the old man who was moaing in pain and was slumped down on the floor in his boxers and tee shirt.

"You dont want him you want me remember,"Jan said coyly as to divert Johns attention away from her husband so he wouldnt hurt him anymore.Then she reached for his belt and undid it and unzipped his pants and went to her knees.

"This is what you really want isnt it,"Jan said as she put her mouth on John hard cock.John moaned with pleasure as Jans warm and inviting mouth inhaled his rock hard member.She swirled her tounge around his throbbing mushroom head which was so hard John thought it would burst.She worked her mouth all around his dick.John put his hands on her head and started to slide his dick in and out of her mouth.As he did this she increased the suction on him to create a tighter fit for his dick.John was in heaven.This was the best blow job he had ever had in his life.

He took his dick out of her mouth and laid down on the carpet.He pulled her down and told her to keep sucking it.She lovered her head and continuet to suck it like she was told.She started to bob her head up and down at what seemed like record speed and deepthroated his cock at the same time.John had never been deep throated before.The new experience was overwhelming to him and he tensed up as his impending orgasm was quickly approaching.Jan sensed this and dislodged Johns dick from her throat just in time.John erupted in a flurry of spurts.His thick seed was shooting out of his tip into Jans awaiting mouth."UHUHUH UHUHUH OHHHHH,"John moaned as Jans mouth milked every drop of cum from Johns rod.

It felt so good to release his seed into a womans mouth.It was even more exciting that the woman was married and her husband was right there watching.However
John had remembered that the poor woman hadnt been serviced in a long time and he kind of felt bad for her.So he told her to get on the floor.He noticed that she was rather damp with juices so he said,"I see you enjoyed the blowjob you just gave me almost as much as I did."Then he lowered his head in between her legs and took a big whiff of her intoxicating aroma.He noticed that the hair on her pussy matched the same golden color that was on her head.Her femenine juices seemed to make the hair on her pussy glow.So with that John lowered his head and parted her cunt with his finger and slowly licked.This caused Jan to moan with extasy as it had been so long since anyone had done that.She forgot that it felt that good.John noticed this and continued to lick all around her pussy before he concenteated on her now swollen clit.Her clit looked like a mini cock it was so big and floppy.He then got an idea.He started to suck on it like a penny candy while still flicking his tongue across it.This was too much for the old woman and her pussy.It was like someone opened the flood gates or something as she had a squirting orgasm.Her legs clamped poor Johns face and she covered his face with her girl cum."AHHHHHH AHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD,"she screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her body.

She released the leg lock she had on his head and realized that she had never had an orgasm like that before in her life.John however wasnt too pleased with being blasted with all that liquid so as a punishment he made her lick his face till he was satisfied that it was all gone.Jan was reluctant at first but once she got a taste of herself she realized that it was delicious.

As she finished licking her pussy juice off of Johns face.John slid his hand into her nightgown and started to play with her tits again.This time he was being really rough on her nipples pinching them and squeezing them and rolling them around his fingers.

"Take off the nightgown,"John requested.

Jan got off of the floor and stood up and did as she was told.Now her whole body was on display for John so see.He marvled how a 57 yeah old woman could look so good.

"Im gonna fuck you right here in front of your husband,"John said."Get back down on the ground."

Jan kind of liked being ordered around cause she like the sexual attention John was giving her.She laid down on the ground and John took his once again hard cock into his hand and guided it into her smooth pink canal.He was so surprised it was that tight but he thought that after all those years of unuse is the reason.He went slow at first to let him get a good custom fit on her vagina before picking up the pace and slamming it in to her really good.He liked how she used her pussy muscles to grip his cock to make it even tighter for him.

Jan however was in her own world.She was once again enjoying the pleasures of sex.It reminded her of her younger days when her husband used to fuck her all the time.She like when he gave it to her hard and fast.She was now moaning on every stroke that John gave her."Harder Fuck Me Harder Slam That Dick Into Me,"John needed no further invitation as he severely quickened his pace and was really giiving it to her.His balls were slapping her ass.She wrapped her legs around him to get him to go even deeper.

He suddenly pulled out much to the dismay of Jan.

"Get on your hands and knees.Im gonna fuck you from behind so you husband can see how a thourough fucking can make a little slut outta you,"John barked.

As they turned towards Cliff there was something that hadnt been seen in years.Cliff had a hard on and was furiously stroking it.

"You like watching me fuck the shit out of your wife,"John laughed as he knelt behind Jan and reinserted his dick into her heavenly pussy.This time he didnt waste anytime getting down to business.He immeiately started to attack her pussy at a lightning fast pace.On every thrust her plump ass and his pelvis would meet and make a loud slapping sound like he was giving her a spanking.He held onto her hips as he pounded away on her pussy unmercifully.

Jan was in shock that he was able to fuck her so hard and fast.The pain was great as her ass started to sting as there bodies met but the pleasure was more than worth it.Her pussy was so warm and juiced up John knew he wouldnt last much longer so he fucked has hard as he could as sweat started to run down his whold body until he was at the point of no return.The slammed it into Jan one last time as hard as he could and then let loose a frenzy of mighty blasts into Jans pussy.

"OOH OOOOh OOOOOOOOOH,"he moaned as he shot off like a firehose into Jan.As soon as the first slpash of Johns man goo went into Jan she has another orgasm of her own.

"OOHH Fuck Yeah,"she screamed as another spine tingling orgasm rocked her body.Then to everyones surprise there was another moan in the room.This time after many years Cliff had an orgasm of his own.

"Oh my god im gonna cum,"he said.When his orgasm came there was a minute amount of cum that flow into the air and landed on the carpet.

"Wow honey you like watching John fuck me I can see."

"Yeah he really did a number on you pussy.He beat it up pretty good,"Cliff mused.

"Yeah hes quite the stud,"she replied as she slumped down in a heap with John still inside of her.She had cum leaking out of her as Johns flaccid penis started to work its way out.

"Cant wait till next time,"John said.

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