The Violation Of Jessica

The Violation Of Jessica

Jessica is a hardworking 29 year old secretary. Her work habits often keep her in the office late. Tonight was no different than any other. Working well into the night organizing files she noticed that she was alone in the office. She decided to call it quits and head home for the night. As she stepped off the elevator into the garage a chill came over her body. The garage was eerily silent and there was only one car besides hers in the complex. She walked briskly to her car almost at a run fumbling with her keys, she reaches her car inserts the keys and flings open her door. As she jumps inside she quickly shuts and locks the door. Thinking that was foolish she scans the parking lot to see if anyone is there. She sees no one and backs out of her spot. Living in a newly developed area she drives through many dark and scary roads. She hasn’t seen a car for over an hour when headlights shine in through her rear window, she thinks nothing of it until she stops at a sign and is bumped from behind. The same feeling she had at the garage returns. She notices the man get out of his car but she is hesitant to do the same. He walks up to her window as she rolls it down just a bit. Looking down at her shyly smiling, “I sure am sorry miss, I’m not used the roads and didn’t know there was a stop sign there.”

“You didn’t notice me stopping.”

“No I didn’t I was messing with the radio and didn’t see your lights. I’ll grab my insurance info real quick and we can get that out of the way.”

He turns and starts walking back to his car. Thinking he seems nice she decides to get her info and step outside. She walks to the back of her car and sees the damage to her bumper is very minor. As she is bending down two hands wrap around her. One around her waist the other covers her mouth. She is yanked off her feet and carried into the woods next to the road. Kicking and fighting with everything she has, a sudden fear for her life comes over her. The man reaches some cover and throws her down onto the ground face first. The man drops to his knees straddling her.

“Relax I’m not going to hurt you, if you cooperate that is.”

She turns her head to the side and sees it’s the man that just hit her car. He pulls out a knife and starts cutting away her clothes. First off is her blouse, then a quick swipe of the knife and off comes the bra freeing her natural 36d breast. She feels his erection growing in his pants, pressing against her firm buttocks. He swings one of his legs off of her, now kneeling beside her; he uses his free hand to hold her down by her neck. Using the knife he makes quick work of her skirt and panties. Now lying in the dirt wearing only her panty hose Jessica really loses it, she starts kicking and screaming, trying to get to her feet to run. But she only tires herself out, the jumps on top of her covers her mouth and waits until she settles. Once she stops kicking he rolls her over and slaps her hard across her face cutting her lip just slightly. Her tears run down her cheek and drop to the ground.

The man unzips and unbuttons his pants, pulling them down to expose a nine inch hard and thick cock. He presses the cold blade to Jessica’s nipple, grabs a handful of hair yanks her head up and presses his cock to her lips.

“Now you’re going to suck this real good or I’ll cut your nipple off. Now open your fucking mouth.”

She complies and opens her mouth just enough. As soon as it opens he slams all nine inches of his meat into her mouth. She chokes and starts gagging but he holds her head in place. She is struggling to breathe when he starts moving his cock in and out of her mouth. His balls slap against her chin with every thrust. Spit is escaping from the sides of her full mouth as he fucks her face violently. He finally pulls his cock out of her mouth and slides down her body forcing himself between her legs.

“Now you’re going to take it in your pussy and your going to like it.”

Sticking two fingers into her mouth he scoops up the overflow of spit left over from the face fucking she just received. He rubs it into her pussy getting in nice and wet. He grabs the base of his cock and thrust deep into her, tearing open her tiny cunt. She gasps in shock and pain as the giant cock opens her up. He grabs her throat squeezing slightly holding her down.

“Your pussy is too tight for my cock, you’re going to make me cum quick.”

Jessica stares at the trees crying as he forces his cock in and out of her. With one final thrust his balls tighten and start shooting his load inside her. His body shakes as he finishes. He pulls out of her and stands wiping his cock off on her blouse. He pulls up his pants, leans down and kisses Jessica on the cheek.

“You were so good, I may just have to pay you another visit sometime, real soon.”

Jessica lays there frozen as the man turns and walks away.

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