Tina Makes New Friends (part Two)

Tina Makes New Friends (part Two)

As they walked into the door, David noticed that he had gotten some company while he was at the airport. “Tina, this is Jake, my brother, and Tim, a friend of mine.” “Shit, He wasn’t kidding when he said you were a babe,” said Jake. Tim agreed with him. “Thank you for the compliment.” She told them. They were all invited to dinner that night. After dinner, Tim and Jake decided to stay for a few drinks.

Tina asked Tim how He and David met. “It wasn’t a very good start.” laughed Tim. “I walked into the room where my girlfriend was supposed to meet me, and found David with his cock jammed up her ass, and Jake was getting a blowjob from her”. “I thought that it was a little bit funny because when she saw me, she tried to get away from them, but they were not going to let her get away until they were done.” “She had started it with them, and they were not going to let her go until they had gotten off”. “I remember the look on her face when David grabbed her ass, and fucked it all the harder until he came.” “He said that he had started fucking her, and he wasn’t going to stop until he was done.” “I was pissed but I got over it, and we have been friends ever since.”

David laughed. “Yea, those were some good times. Her ass was hot, but her pussy was too loose.” “now, you want to see a hot cunt, look at this one!” Tina was sitting on David’s lap, and was just about to object when he grabbed her legs, spread them over the arms of the chair, and pulled her skirt up. “Stop it David, this isn’t funny” she cried. He ignored her protests and told her, “If I want to show your cunt to my friends, I will!” Then, to show her that he was still in charge of the situation, he ran his hands up her arms and untied her top so that her tits spilled out of it. He took it off of her to stop her from retying it. “These are also some damn nice tits as well.”

Jake and Tim were getting a kick out of this because they knew how David was. He reached down between Tina’s legs, and parted her pussy lips, sliding a finger over her clit and making her shudder with excitement. “I had a lot of fun sliding my pole into this pretty little cunt on the way here.” David replied. “I think that you are stretching the truth about how tight she is,” replied Jake. “ I’ll prove it to you.” “Come over here and stick a couple of fingers up her cunt.” “See if I’m not telling the truth.” Dave told him. Grinning widely, Jake walked over, and seeing that David was holding Tina’s legs wide open for him, slowly slipped two fingers up her hot cunt. He enjoyed the feel of the girl struggling to get away from his prying fingers. He slid them back out most of the way, then plunged them back in. “Yes, she is a hot little number for sure,” He admitted. “Enjoy yourself,” David told him, “she loves to be finger fucked! She won’t admit it, but I think she likes it when I watch someone else playing with her as well.” “I know that I enjoy it.”

Jake started sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy, spreading her lips so he could see more. His thumb kept grazing her clit, really making her horny. Tim didn’t want to be left out, so he came over and leaned over to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over the sensitive bud. He took the other mound into his hand and was playing with her other nipple between his thumb and finger. This felt so good that Tina was getting excited. She had never had three men going at her at once before, but she thought she had better not let it show. “Stop this at once!” she told them. “Shut up or I will tie you to the bed and we will really have fun with you” David told her. Then he decided that might be a good idea. He was hot as hell from watching his brother finger fuck her, and Tim sucking on her tits.

He took her over to the bed, and with some robe belts that he kept by the bed for this purpose, he tied her arms up to the headboard. He left enough room so they could put her in whatever position they wanted. He had decided that she was going to get the fucking of her life. “Now, to show you that you shouldn’t argue with me, I am going to let everyone here have a nice time playing with you.” “I am going to enjoy watching you get fucked by these two.” “I think I will let Jake here have the fun of eating you out first.” “Please don’t,” Tina said, but it fell on deaf ears, as she knew that it would. She wanted them to use her, and she knew that it would get David even more excited watching them do it to her.

They were all staring at her naked body tied to the bed. Jake crawled between her legs, parted her lips, and started licking her pussy hard. He stuck his tongue deep inside of her cunt, then licked all the way up to her clit. “Finger her as you eat her out.” David told him. “It gets her hot as hell.” Jake had a better idea. “I want her to sit on my face.” David made her get up on her knees, and squat down so Jake could tongue fuck her. He pulled her down to him, and stuck two fingers in her cunt. She cried out, and he knew that she loved it, so he shoved them in farther. This had Tim excited, He went behind her and started playing with her ass. Kneading her cheeks and sliding his fingers down the crack of her ass. He wet a finger of his, and stuck it up her asshole. He loved women’s assholes.

David turned to Tina. “Now, you will learn not to fight me with anything, won’t you?” “Yes, you are right. I won’t fight you on any thing that you want. Now please stop them.” “Hell no,” he said, “I am enjoying this.” “They are going to fuck your pretty little body as hard as I did earlier.” “Jake has a bigger cock than I do, and I am going to love to see your face as he crams it deep into your cunt.” “You will be begging him to take it out, and he will fuck you harder for it.” Just then, Jake decided that it was time for him to fuck her before David changed his mind. He slid up on the bed, and took his huge cock in his hands. “You are going to fuck this, and fuck it hard.” He moved her over his cock and pushed her down on it. It felt so good, that she couldn’t help but moan. David decided that it was time that he had a little bit of fun too. He took off his clothes, and pushed his cock in her face. “I want you to suck me while I watch him fuck you.” She took his cock in her mouth, and began lick and suck his cock. She was so excited over getting it on with all three of these guys, that when Tim came up with his cock bared, she started taking turns between licking his and David’s cocks.

“Fuck her harder Jake,” David told him. “She wants it harder.” He grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock into her as hard as he could. This sent her over the edge and she came in shuddering spasms. “My turn to fuck her,” Tim said. By this time, she was so excited that she didn’t care what happened. David turned to him and said, “How would you really like a treat? I know how you really like assholes, How would you like to fuck her up the ass?” “I know that it will get me hot as hell watching you slam your cock in her asshole. She will love it too.” “You know that I would love that. I haven’t had a good ass fuck in a long time.” David lay down where Jake had been, and pulled her on top of his cock. “Now, you are going to take Tim up your asshole while I fuck your cunt!” She had been fucked up the ass before, but never both holes at once. It sounded interesting to her, but she knew that it would be all the better if she let them believe that she didn’t want it. “ Please don’t fuck me up the ass. I’ll do anything you want if you don’t.” “Don’t you want me to enjoy this?” David asked. “I want to see him stick his cock up your ass.” “You are in control, so whatever you say.” Tina mumbled.

He pulled her on top of him, but first he let Tim slide his cock in her cunt a couple of times to get it nice and wet, then Tim pulled out, and slid his cock up her tight little ass. David and Jake watched as he plunged his cock in and out of her to get her used to it. Watching him fuck her made them even hotter. “Now, slide down on my pole, and you will be really filled.” Tina did as she was told. She liked being ordered to do these things. She also enjoyed the fact that she had men watching her get fucked and sucked. She went to get on top of David’s cock, and he stopped her before she could slide down it. “I want to have a little fun with you first.” He took his cock, and rubbed it along her slit. He pushed it against her clit, because he knew that this turned her on. He laughed as she begged him to stick it in her. She was shaking from being so hot. “Oh please fuck me.” “I need to feel your cock deep in my pussy” Tina begged him. He shoved his cock hard up in her, and she came almost immediately. Both men started fucking her hard and fast. “You like being fucked by both us, don’t you.” “Don’t you love having a cock up your ass, and another being shoved up your cunt at the same time?” “Yes,” she said, “oh yes!” “You are a whoring little slut, but don’t forget who you belong to.”

Tim came first, and pulled out of her, but David was far from done. “Fuck me harder,” He said. “Or I will take you outside so everyone can see me plunge into your sweet little cunt.” She moved as hard, and as fast as she could, but she Knew that no mater what she did, it would not work, because she knew what he had in mind. He wanted to take her outside, and no matter what she did, he was going to. He picked her up without even taking his cock out of her, and headed for the veranda. “Please don’t do this David.” She pleaded. He wanted everyone there to see her get fucked. He pulled out of her, and told her to turn around and grab onto the railing. He spread her legs wide, and shoved his cock up into her again. All of the people working around the yard stopped and watched her as her tits bounced with each thrust. “Please take me back into the house,” she begged. Instead, he slid his hand down and spread her cunt lips so everyone could see her wet cunt being fucked even better.

One of the braver men that he employed walked up so he could see her even better. “Play with her clit while I fuck her,” David told him. The man did as he said, and slid his fingers up and down on her clit and lips of her cunt. When she begged them to stop, he just fucked her faster until he came. “You did that just to embarrass me, didn’t you!” Tina yelled. “I want to leave here now.” “I don’t think so,” David told her. “You just got here, and I don’t intend to let you leave so soon.” “I am sorry if I embarrassed you, but you have to admit, it was hot as hell having everyone watch me fuck you so well.” “I bet there are at least fifty hard on’s out there now, and all of them wishing that it had been their cocks slamming into you. Maybe I’ll let them as a bonus for doing such a good job for me, as long as I get to watch them do it.” She had to admit it was exciting to think about all those men out there wanting to fuck her cunt.

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