Trailer Trash Teen Ch.8

Trailer Trash Teen Ch.8

Tina awoke with the sensation of a cock sliding in and
out of her pussy. She slowly shook her head from left
to right. Then, finally, she opened her eyes and
stared up at a large, sweaty body.

The groggy teenager had no idea who this guy was at
first. She smiled at the sensation of his cock planted
deeply within her, fantasizing perhaps that this was
some lover of hers waking her up with a romantic love-
making session. The sleepy teen began to lift her
arms, wanting to drape them over this man’s back, hold
him to her prone young form. She wanted the fantasy to

Something was wrong though. Her hands were sticky. She
soon realized that her hair felt matted and sticky as
well, and that she was sore from head to toe. Also,
that this was no large, comfortable bed she was lying
on, but a small uncomfortable couch.

That’s when she remembered everything from the night
before. It hit her in a flash: the group sex with all
those “Oilmen”; Lucy, the pretty Asian woman; the
strip club; Razor. She let her arms drop back to her
sides as all this registered. She hoped that the man
who was now thrusting in and out of her hadn’t noticed
her move.

She closed her eyes tightly and held as still as
possible. She just wanted it to be over, for whoever
this was to quickly finish and go away. But was he the
last one? For all she knew there was a line behind
him: all the Oilmen coming back for extras before
taking off, possibly.

Certainly she’d been fucked several times since she’d
passed out the night before, too. These people cared
that little for her, she realized. For them she was
just a hole attached to a woman’s– a teenage woman’s-
– body. Conscious or not, they had fucked her all
night long. She could tell already: her ass was sore,
her pussy sore, too. They had cum in her and on her,
and had given no regard at all for the passed out
young girl.

Flashbacks of those encounters threatened to make
themselves known to the frazzled teen, but she pushed
them away. It was bad enough remembering the things
she’d done before falling asleep.

She continued to pretend being asleep as the man
pounded his cock more quickly in and out of her. Her
body lurched forward and back on the couch with each
violent thrust, but she kept her eyes closed and tried
to keep her breathing even, too. Still, it was hard:
she could feel the familiar sensation of her body
charging itself up toward orgasm as the cock slid deep
inside her tiny frame.

She focused on her breathing: in, out, in, out.
Slowly, casually. If she had to cum, maybe she could
do it without him noticing. She didn’t want him to
notice, not one bit.

Just then she felt his strong hands, which had been
around her waist, slide up to her slight torso and
squeeze. His body went rigid, and he was cursing under
his breath as he came. She felt the goo spurt inside
her, part of her annoyed he hadn’t gotten her off and
the other part just relieved that it was over.

When he rolled off of her, and she heard him leave,
she could no longer control herself: she began to sob.
She turned into the couch and sobbed loudly, letting
the surface of the upholstery muffle her pathetic,
gasping cries.

She felt utterly dirty. From head to toe! Cum in her
hair, on her tits, in her pussy. Cum everywhere! She’d
been fucked all night long by these men.

She was completely naked, too. Even the belt that Mr.
Blackwell had insisted she keep on was gone. She
cuddled against the cold chill she felt across her
sore body, then turned over again and stared into the
dark. In the background, from outside the bar, she
heard birds chirping. It was morning, but what time?
Probably almost time for school.

She dared to stare around the room some more, and was
relieved to find none of the Oilmen were left. She was
alone in the “Executive Lounge” now, tired and naked
and laying on the couch upon which she’d been fucked
numerously, all night long.

Suddenly she thought about Lucy. Where was she?

Tears welled in her eyes again as she thought of her.
That sweet, pretty Asian woman, who had been so nice,
so caring. And who also had kissed her. She had kissed
Tina heatedly, and done much more besides.

Tina sobbed louder, and then threw her hand over her
mouth. She turned over, then back, then onto her
belly. She felt so cold! So dirty. So sick.

She might have fallen asleep again, had it not been
for the sudden slamming of the Executive’s Lounge

Just after that, she felt shaken into awareness. She
gulped at the touch of the hands on her body, and
tried to continue her fake sleep. He was probably one
of the Oilmen, she figured, wanting another fuck.

Her heart raced. Her body continued to be shaken, more
violently now. Then she finally heard his voice
through the fog that was her mind: “Wake up!” said

She turned. When she saw his face through the dark,
she couldn’t help but feel relieved. There he was,
larger than life! There to make her feel okay again.
He would make what she’d done the night before all
better, she thought.

It didn’t occur to her for a moment that he was the
reason that night had occurred in the first place.

He basically had to order her around for the next
thirty minutes. If he hadn’t, she might begin sobbing
again. The normally headstrong and defiant teenager
eagerly obeyed his every command, too. It was better
than thinking; it felt good to have someone think for

The first thing he’d done was curse when he saw her
appearance. “Fuck!” he’d cried. “…cum in your hair!
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Fuck! You look like a used up

He wasn’t angry, she knew. In fact, he was impressed!
She had done so well that she looked filthy. That was
a good thing, to him at least.

He told her to take a shower, to do her hair, to get
dressed. She followed his orders obediently, relieved
still that she didn’t have to think for herself.

The shower had been shorter than she’d liked, but only
because she’d wanted to shower for the next twelve
hours. She felt so used! So fucking used, all over.
She felt sticky and sweaty, and although all that
could be cleaned, nothing could wash away the shame
she felt. She’d had sex for money! She’d fucked, how
many? Six guys? And a girl? And how many times? She
couldn’t even remember how many she’d done it while
awake. Who knew how many times she’d done it after?

She was nothing, now, but a whore. Not an aspiring
college student. Not the victim of all the wrongs that
had been done to her throughout the years. No. She was
now nothing but a filthy, cheap young whore.

No shower in the world could wash that realization

She was numb at the thought. At least she wasn’t
crying anymore, she reasoned. But the shower was weak,
and that frustrated her. She wanted fierce, hot
streams of water to sting her body, like at home! To
be forced into her most intimate areas and wash away
her embarrassment. Instead, all the 16-year-old got
was warm, weak jets of spray. It was simply not

It was also eerie. The girls’ room at EZ’s was similar
to the girls’ locker room at school: big,
institutional, and without any privacy. It was like a
large locker room, with shower-heads scattered about
the perimeter, several drains near the center of the
room. But Tina was alone in there. No one else was
left in the bar, apparently, but her and Razor.

Every sound echoed. The rushing of the water, the
sounds of her soft feet on the tiled floor. Even her
occasional whimpers of hopelessness.

When she finished, she dried, then wrapped her towel
around her damp body. But she didn’t leave the room.
She sat on one of the benches instead, until Razor
finally came back. When he did he had with him an
outfit for her to wear which was almost appropriate.
Of course, she’d rather have gone home and changed,
but she had to go to school. And this saved him a

She dressed slowly, practically in silence. Razor said
nothing, but he did watch. He watched as she pulled
the white-cotton panties up her slender young legs. He
watched as she snapped the pleated gray skirt around
her hips. Then he watched as she pulled on the bra,
and then the shirt.

It was obviously one of the outfits the strippers at
the bar might wear onstage. The skirt was short, grey
and pleated; the shirt was a white button-up; the
socks reached to just below her knees and were black.
The panties and bra were white.

Thankfully, the “Catholic girl” outfit wasn’t as tight
as she had expected. It was almost comfortable. If the
skirt itself hadn’t been so short, she would have been
a lot more comfortable, though.

After getting dressed Tina brushed out her hair and
pulled it back behind her head in a short ponytail
with a hair tie. She hadn’t the energy to do anything
special. After that she brushed her teeth, and then
finally applied a little make-up.

There was still that slight bruise around her eye, but
it was hardly noticeable at all, now. She powdered it
lightly, and added just a hint of shadow. It
disappeared. Then she added a bit of lipstick,
lavender, and practiced a “normal” smile in the

She didn’t feel normal at all, but her reflection
looked fine. No evidence of the previous night’s

As she sat there, fully made up and ready for the day,
Tina tried to get out of going to school suddenly. She
meekly explained to her new boss that she hadn’t the
energy, but Razor would have none of it. He insisted
she go. For her own good, he explained, because it was
so important to her.

She finally gave up. She didn’t have the heart to tell
him that she’d realized the truth: that it obviously
wasn’t important to her. Not anymore. The sad 16-year-
old knew, now, that the future she’d dreamed about for
so long—college, family, hope—was over. But she
couldn’t tell him that.

During the drive to Madison High he didn’t say much,
except that he was “proud” of her for doing such a
good job the night before. As he continued to talk
about it, Tina actually began to feel a bit of pride,
too. She was an amateur, a complete amateur, but had
managed to upstage even Lucy! The Oilmen had requested
Tina for the next time they were in town. They wanted

By the time they reached the school, Tina was smiling
softly and even asking advice of Razor: like how to
increase tips, whether she should have stayed awake,
etc. She was looking at the situation in a more
positive light, now. She had been good at it, had made
Razor happy, and the confused girl desperately wanted
to hang on to those two positives.

After he parked the large SUV in the crowded school
lot, he finally gave her a wad of cash. She didn’t
have time to count it, so she thrust it into her purse
instead. But she felt excited by the touch of so many
cold, crisp bills!

How much was that? she wondered. How much had her
night of fucking been worth?

They walked to the building together and Tina noticed
a lot of her peers staring at her, some who knew her
and others who didn’t. She felt panicked by that: did
they know? Did they know who this strongly built man
next to her was, and why he was with her? If they
didn’t, they couldn’t have guessed, she realized.
Razor was dressed smartly in an expensive brown suit,
looking like some wall street professional or
something. What a contrast his appearance was to the
small, slender teenage girl next to him!

Perhaps the outfit she had on looked sluttier than she
had originally thought, though. People were glancing
at them as they passed, and she began to realize they
were checking her out. She felt a tingle go up her
spine at the thought, and a smile form on her face in

At the principle’s office, Razor signed Tina in for
the day. One of the vice-principles came out and
briefly inquired about Razor, who he was, and why Tina
had been absent from school for three days without
being called in. Razor was cool and professional
throughout the conversation. Eventually he took the
overweight administrator off to the side, and all Tina
could hear him say was, “I’m her uncle, she’s been

That statement made the young teenage girl shudder a
bit. My Uncle? she thought.

But whatever else he had said worked. She watched as
Razor and the Vice Principal, Mr. Polk, shook hands.
Without any further questioning, Tina and Razor left
the office.

She followed Razor back into the hall, still not quite
believing she was at school. She hadn’t been here
since the preceding Monday, and she felt so different
now! The hallway was packed with students getting
ready for first hour, and the sights and sounds of it
all brought back a sort of normality to the girl she
hadn’t expected but definitely welcomed.

Just before he exited the building, Razor smiled at

“You really did good, babe,” he said. “We’ll be in
touch. Enjoy the money.”

She nodded. After he left she headed straight for the


Six-hundred dollars, she thought to herself as she
looked down at the wad of bills for the third time.
She couldn’t help but smile slightly at the sight of
so much money! Six hundred dollars, and it was all

Well, for now at least. She’d be giving some of it to
Don and Larry the next day: $300 “and more” she’d told
them. She would have to decide how much more. For now,
though, she had $600! She’d never had so much money at
once in her whole life!

Tina put the money back in her purse, stood, and
exited the bathroom stall. She splashed some cold
water into her face, careful not to mess up her
makeup, before entering the hallway again. The first
hour bell had rung while she was in the bathroom, so
she hurried to her class through the deserted halls,
anxious not to get caught without a pass by a teacher
or administrator.

She made it through the first few classes alright,
though at several points she had to force herself to
stay awake. She felt incredibly exhausted, physically
and mentally. All she wanted to do was sleep.

Usually the young girl would socialize in the halls
between classes, but today each of her teachers wanted
to see her before she could leave. She was handed
piles of homework by each of them, and Tina wondered
if she’d ever have the energy to get it all done. Or
if it even mattered, now.

Finally lunch came, and Tina headed straight to the
cafeteria after unloading her books into her locker.
When she got there the large room was loud and packed
with students. Tina ignored the lunch lines, not
feeling hungry at all, and made her way to her regular

“Tina!” Michelle cried as she approached.

Tina couldn’t help but smile. “Hey!” she called back
to her friend.

The teenagers hugged briefly. As they did, Michelle
whispered in her ear, “I like the outfit!”

Tina blushed at that, then grinned wryly at her
friend. “Thanks,” she replied. She had to admit that
she was getting a lot of positive attention for her
attire. Even now she could feel guys behind her
staring at her backside, wondering perhaps if she
would bend over so they could get a quick peak at her

Instead, Tina took a seat at the small round table
next to Michelle. She was greeted by her other three
friends sitting there: Lengths, the slender, punk-
garbed “cool guy” of the group; Melissa, a short,
busty girl who had been dating Lengths for almost a
year now; and Spider, a burn-out who had held the
nickname so long no one could remember why he had it

Tina was ready with her lie about being sick, and
launched into it as soon as Spider asked where she’d
been. Her friends seemed to believe her, but then
again they probably didn’t care enough to even
question it. She could have just told them she was
skipping, and they’d have been cool.

It felt good to talk with kids her age again, Tina
thought. Since Monday she’d only really spoken much
with Razor and Joey. Even though the lunchroom was
incredibly loud she hung on every word her friends
said. Mostly they talked about music and school
gossip. Tina loved it.

Finally the girl asked Michelle, “So, what’s the plan
with the party?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle said, wrinkling her nose. “My
mom told me this morning I have to babysit my sister
until at least ten. Fucking sucks!”

Tina frowned. “You can still go though, right?”

Lengths jumped in, his voice soft and articulate as
usual. “Yes, we’re still going. I’m driving you and
Melissa. Spider will bring Michelle when she’s done
watching the Brat.”

Tina grinned at that. Everyone referred to Michelle’s
little sister, Andrea, as “the Brat”. She was only 13,
but was incredibly full of herself and treated all of
Michelle’s friends like garbage. She was the type who
would—and had—tell on her older sister in a heartbeat,
just to get her into trouble.

“It still sucks,” Michelle griped. “I mean, I’m the
reason we’re even going to this thing! And you all get
to go before of me…”

“You’ll still be there,” Tina offered. “I bet the
party doesn’t even get fun until after ten, anyways.”

“I’m still not sure I even wanna go,” Spider said
gruffly. “I fucking hate college parties.”

“And when have you ever been to a college party?”
Lengths inquired. Everyone laughed at that.

“Fuck you, man,” Spider snapped. “I been to ‘em. Just
not with you losers.”

Just then the bell rang, and the students of Madison
High began making their way out of the cafeteria. Tina
said goodbye to her friends, except Michelle whose
locker was right across from her own.

As they walked the halls Michelle gripped her friend
by her arm excitedly, then said, “Oh, I almost

“Forgot what?” Tina asked suspiciously.

“Come on!” Michelle urged.

The smaller teen allowed Michelle to pull her in the
direction of a girl’s bathroom. The two made their way
inside, and found it empty. To Tina’s surprise
Michelle continued urging her forward until they
entered a stall together.

“What’s going on?” Tina asked, annoyed. She was
crammed in the small bathroom stall with her best
friend, and for the life of her the exhausted girl
couldn’t figure out why.

Michelle just grinned slyly. The long-haired tan
beauty then reached down to her jeans and began
undoing them.

Realization slowly dawned on Tina’s young face. The
contest! She’d forgotten all about it. And suddenly
she realized she’d forgotten this morning, too, when
she’d decided to wear the panties Razor had handed her
back at the club.

Tina sighed, and began to just admit she’d lost. But
then, as she stared at her friend’s large breasts
straining against her designer blouse, Tina let her
eyes drop to her friend’s waist. Michelle’s well
manicured fingers twisted the button of her jeans out
of its clasp, and then slowly unzipped the tight

Swallowing hard, Tina continued to watch nervously as
her friend struggled to push the pants down. She
nearly fell forward into Tina as she did. The small
blonde caught her friend, who was giggling quietly,
and Tina couldn’t help but feel a little turned on.

Jesus, no! Tina thought to herself. This wasn’t the
first time she’d been aroused by her best friend, but
it was the first time she’d been completely conscious
of it. It was embarrassing.

Finally Michelle had managed to push the tight jeans
down to just above he knees. Tina kept her eyes locked
on Michelle’s, her face serious and unwilling to
glance downwards again.

“Go on, look!” Michelle whispered.

Tina inhaled slowly, and then cast her pretty eyes
downward. Sure enough, Michelle wasn’t wearing any
panties. Between her legs a tuft of trimmed brown hair
was plainly visible.

“Okay,” Tina whispered. “You win, then, I guess.”

Michelle continued grinning as she pulled her pants
back up. Without clasping them again she said, “Let me

Tina rolled her eyes. “Do I have to? I told you, you

Without a word, Michelle reached down to Tina’s skirt,
and began slowly pulling it up.

Tina huffed in feigned annoyance, and crossed her arms
over he chest. The truth was, she felt even more
turned on by her friend’s bold behavior. But she
didn’t dare let on.

When he skirt was up to her waist, she felt Michelle’s
left hand slide down while her right held it up. Tina
breathed out audibly, trying to sound annoyed. Then
her best friend’s hand slid down to her ass.

Their bodies were incredibly close. Tina could feel
Michelle’s breath on her neck as she confirmed that
Tina was indeed wearing panties. Tina’s body shivered
at the touch of her friend’s hand on her tight round
butt, and began to wonder how long she’d rub her

It was definitely out of character for Michelle to
behave this way. Always flirtatious with the boys,
Michelle had only very rarely been so with Tina—and
then, never like this. Confirming the presence of
panties all the other days of their contest had been
handled quickly either on the bus, or right after
school, and always with just a peak. Intimate physical
contact had never been made between the two before

She heard her friend giggling playfully as she
continued to rub Tina’s panty-covered butt. Tina
realized this was some sort of joke for the girl. The
flustered teen wished it was just that for her, too.
But the fact was her knees were beginning to tremble,
and she was quickly growing aroused.

“Okay,” Michelle said after what seemed like forever,
“You lose!” She let go of her friend’s ass, gave it a
friendly slap, and stepped back.

Tina, breathing heavily, just nodded. “I told you,”
she whispered.

“Remember the contest, right?” Michelle grinned as she
began to snap her jeans together.

“Yeah,” Tina sighed. “You get the panties and give ‘em
to whoever you want, and I owe you a favor—“

Tina was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door
opening. She heard the voices of several girls
entering the room, and her heart froze in panic.

“Quick!” Michelle hissed, pushing her pants back down
until they were around her ankles.

Confused, Tina made way for her friend who wobbled by
her in the tight space. When she was past, Tina felt
Michelle grab her around the waist and pull her back
and down. Michelle had taken a seat on the toilet, and
now Tina was sitting on her lap.

“What—?” Tina began.

“Shh!” Michelle whispered in her ear. “Put your legs
up so they only see my feet!”

Tina understood. She threw her legs upward and placed
them against the door of the stall. From the outside,
the new occupants of the bathroom would only see one
pair of feet on the floor, just as it should be.

Tina’s heart raced as she kept her feet pressed
against the door. She could hear the voices of girls
outside along with running water. They were probably
adjusting their makeup in the mirror, Tina thought.

As she waited upon her best friend’s lap, Tina
realized that her skirt had ridden up to around her
waist. She became aware, too, of Michelle’s hands
gently gripping her by her hips. The hands weren’t
simply laying there, though: they seemed to be gently
massaging her.

“Michelle?” Tina whispered, feeling awkward and

“Shh,” her friend hissed in her ear.

Then the aroused teenager felt her friend’s thumbs
hook under the waistband of her panties, and began
pushing them toward Tina’s feet. Startled, Tina
whispered a bit too loudly, “What are you–!”

“SHH!” Michelle hissed loudly in her ear.

Both teens froze in place for a moment as they
listened. The girls outside the stall were still
chatting loudly, oblivious to what was going on in the
stall right behind them.

Slowly, Michelle continued pushing Tina’s panties
toward her outstretched knees. Michelle explained,
just loud enough to be heard, “You owe me these,

Tina nodded in response. As quietly as she could, she
placed her hands against the walls to either side of
her for leverage and lifted up her butt from
Michelle’s waist. As soon as she did Michelle pushed
the panties quickly so that they cleared Tina’s ass.

The now trembling girl gently sat her naked butt back
down onto Michelle’s bare lap. The contact of flesh
sent sparks of heat through the young girl. She
wondered if Michelle was feeling anything like this,
or if it was all a game to her.

“Get them off,” her friend whispered.

Awkwardly, Tina reached down to her knees and pushed
her panties the rest of the way to her ankles. She
then leaned back against Michelle’s large breasts and
pulled one foot away from the door, out of her
panties. After pressing that foot back against the
stall door for leverage, Tina stretched out her hand
until she could reach it. She quickly grabbed her
dangling panties and placed her foot back against the

Tina felt incredibly aroused. Her skirt was still
hiked up around her waist, and Michelle’s hands were
now boldly placed midway up her thighs. Part of her
wanted to spread her legs apart, but Tina still didn’t
know what Michelle had in mind. Was this all some
game, some flirtation? Or did she want to go further?
Did Tina want to let her?

She knew she did. Already she could feel her pussy
tingling, itching to be touched. Subconsciously she
squirmed her naked butt into Michelle’s waist, and
then stopped herself.

No matter what, Tina thought, I let her make the next

She sat there for another long moment, her panties
clenched in her hands, before Michelle did just that.
She could feel her friend’s hands slide excruciatingly
slowly up her thighs, toward her exposed pussy. Just
then Tina wished she could look into Michelle’s eyes.
She wanted to see her expression, see if she was
grinning slyly or seductively; she wanted to know if
her friend was having fun at her expense, or was
actually as aroused as she was.

More voices could be heard outside in the bathroom,
now. Both Tina and Michelle could hear the girls who
had been there greeting a couple more. Tina wondered
for a moment if they were all skipping class together
or something. Certainly, all of them—including Tina
and Michelle- were late for their next hour.

Tina didn’t care. She wanted to see how far Michelle
would go. But as her tanned friend’s hands got less
than an inch away from Tina’s bare cunt, she stopped.
Suddenly Tina wondered if this was the end of
Michelle’s game. Or, perhaps, she was finally feeling
nervous, too?

She had to find out. With her heart pounding in her
chest, Tina slowly slid her feet apart on the door. As
she did she moved her butt forward, as casually as
possible. It was the subtlest way she could think of
to let Michelle know it was alright to continue.

Plus, now her legs were parted, right up to her pussy.

The muscles in her legs were straining as she waited.
At first Michelle didn’t do anything. Maybe she was
shocked, Tina worried. Maybe she knew what she was
doing, and couldn’t believe it. In any case, at least
she hadn’t done anything that she couldn’t explain
away later if Michelle got weird.

But then her fears were washed away when Michelle’s
hands gently began moving again. This time rather than
simply going up the top of her thighs, Tina felt them
slide between them.

Just then the two girls heard the stall right next to
them open, and one of the teenagers from outside enter
it. It was dangerous enough having them outside, but
now one was right next door! Surely Michelle wouldn’t
continue now, Tina thought in disappointment.

She could feel her pussy getting damp as she waited.
Michelle’s fingers were so close to it that Tina found
herself focusing on the small space between Michelle’s
hands and her own cunt, forgetting everything else.
The feeling of her friend’s hands against her inner
thighs was almost painful— she wanted more! She found
herself staring down at them, trying to will them to
touch her where her entire body needed them…

And then Michelle’s left hand boldly fulfilled Tina’s
wishes. Slowly, quietly, it moved upon her damp pussy,
and pressed there, causing Tina to sigh loudly with
pleasure. She caught herself before the sigh turned
into something more audible, thankfully.

Tina squirmed against her friend’s intruding fingers,
which were continuing their probe of her lightly
fuzzed mound. Tina gripped her crumpled panties
tightly in her hands when Michelle’s index finger
suddenly began sliding up and down her wet slit.

It was as if Michelle had made up her mind. She’d
crossed the point of no return now, and Tina didn’t
care. Michelle pushed away the folds of her labia,
gathering Tina’s juices around it, and Tina bit her
lower lip to prevent herself from moaning. She
couldn’t believe what was happening! She wanted to cum
now, right here, more than anything.

And then Michelle’s finger found the hole of her
vagina, hesitated a moment, and finally pressed inside
the squirming sixteen year old. Tina’s body froze as
it entered her. She wanted to moan in pleasure but
restrained herself. The voices of the girls in the
bathroom could still be heard. Thankfully, though, she
heard their neighbor exit her stall and rejoin them.

Tina risked panting softly, hoping no one but Michelle
could hear her as her friend began to finger her
expertly. Neither said a word to each other. Tina was
afraid of breaking the mood by saying something, and
she figured Michelle either felt the same way or was
just too embarrassed. She leaned back into her friend,
feeling her large breasts against her back as she
enjoyed the tantalizing feeling between her legs.

As her best friend slid her finger in and out of
Tina’s hole she found herself growing to a powerful
orgasm. Michelle was moving quickly, but deliberately,
making sure to rub at her clitty just long enough to
drive her crazy before plunging her finger back into
Tina’s tight cunt.

Just as Tina was about to cum, she heard the girl’s
outside the stall leave. When she heard the door slam
shut with a loud echo, she hissed out more loudly than
she had up to this point.

Michelle seemed energized by this, and began plunging
her finger in and out from her friend’s cunt while
Tina squirmed. Tina could feel Michelle’s other hand
gripping her at the waist, almost trying to hold her
still. But the horny sixteen year old couldn’t help
but buck her body violently; she felt consumed by the
feelings she was experiencing.

And then the teenager came, her entire young body
rippling with excitement and lust. She couldn’t
believe how wonderful it felt, as good as any orgasm
she’d had, maybe. Was it the fact that it was another
girl doing it? She didn’t care anymore.

When she finished climaxing Tina breathed heavily and
waited to see what Michelle would do. Her friend
didn’t say a word, but had stopped playing with her
pussy. She had sensed her friend’s orgasm, and though
she let her fingers remain between her legs, had
stopped fingering her there.

Slowly, Tina stood up from Michelle’s lap. She
straightened her skirt before turning around slowly
and looking at her friend.

She looked so alluring right now. She was naked from
the waist down, her jeans crumpled around her ankles.
Her smooth, tan legs seemed to be shuddering with
lust, and her large chest was heaving with desire. Her
eyes were on the floor, though, as if they couldn’t
meet Tina’s gaze.

Tina, still feeling warm and aroused form her orgasm,
slowly dropped to her knees. She almost said
something, but once again remained quiet.

Michelle looked down at her in surprise as she knelt
upon the linoleum tile of the bathroom floor. But
before she could do anything about it Tina had placed
her head between Michelle’s delicious thighs.

It wasn’t like Tina to be so bold, and she wondered if
the last few days had changed her. Right now it didn’t
matter. She inhaled deeply from her friend’s
glistening mound, just as Michelle’s hands came down
on her head.

“Wait,” Michelle said, her voice soft and breathy.

Tina ignored her. After all, she wasn’t stopping her.
Slowly she reached up one hand, and lightly touched
her fingers against her friend’s pussy.

Michelle gasped at the sensation, but it was a sound
of pleasure. Encouraged, Tina moved her head in close
and slowly stuck out her tongue. When it made contact
with the pressed folds of Michelle’s labia, Tina
shuddered in delight. The sounds of her best friend
panting above her only excited Tina more.

A part of her realized how insane this was. Not only
that she was beginning to eat out her best friend, but
that she was doing it in a bathroom stall! How
twisted, she thought to herself. How depraved. Yet she
felt overcome with the desire to please her friend, to
bring her to an orgasm at least on par with the one
she’d just received.

And, of course, Michelle still wasn’t stopping her. If
the tanned beauty had any reservations about this she
wasn’t voicing them.

Soon Tina was licking Michelle’s slit up and down,
inexpertly but with a certain degree of enthusiasm
that made up for it. As her friend became slicker from
both her own juices and the saliva off Tina’s tongue,
Tina found it easier to continue pleasuring her

She reached out her hands to the floor for leverage,
and found the ceramic toilet Michelle was sitting on
instead. She grabbed it and continued to press her
face forward into Michelle’s cunt, determined to get
her friend off. Michelle seemed almost ready to Tina:
she had spread her thighs as far apart as possible
with her jeans still around her ankles, and was also
pressing her hands against the walls of the stall. The
rate of her panting had picked up, too.

“Oh my God, Tina,” he friend whimpered. The sound of
her voice excited Tina all the more. She found the
small hole of Michelle’s young pussy and began
flicking her tongue over it, pressing onto it and
making Michelle nearly cry out.

Then she allowed her tongue to enter her best friend’s
body. When she did, Michelle gripped her head and
suddenly cried out, much too loudly. Tina didn’t care.
She twirled her tongue around inside her friend’s
pussy, enjoying the taste of the girl who had so
suddenly become her lover.

Finally, Michelle stopped her. Looking up, Tina saw
that her best friend’s face was flushed, her eyes half
opened. She looked stoned. Tina grinned at that, then
after a breathless moment she stood up.

She had no idea what to say. Apparently, neither did
Michelle. Her friend had a sloppy grin on her face,
but wouldn’t make eye contact with her. She stood,
suddenly, and began pulling up her jeans.

Tina turned and snuck out of the stall. It wouldn’t do
to get caught now, she figured. They’d already risked
so much. But it had been worth it, too, she thought to

She stared at herself in the mirror. Her face
glistened with Michelle’s juices. Feeling completely
giddy, she turned on one of the sinks and splashed the
water into her face.

Her friend came out from the stall soon after. She,
too, appeared giddy. She nearly stumbled out of the
stall, then giggled at her own clumsiness and joined
Tina at the sink to wash her hands.

“That’s crazy, huh?” Michelle said, happily. But Tina
could sense a touch of embarrassment in her voice,

“Yeah,” she agreed quickly. “Totally.”

“Can’t believe we did that!” Michelle giggled
stupidly. “I mean, what if we’d been caught? Jesus,
can you imagine!”

Tina giggled, too. She turned to her friend, her heart
beginning to slow its incessant beating. “Pretty
stupid, I guess,” she admitted.

Michelle didn’t seem to hear her. “I mean, I’ve never
even kissed a girl, and now…”

“Yeah, I know,” Tina interrupted.

The two stood their awkwardly for a moment, neither
knowing what else to say. Finally, Tina built up
enough courage to admit, “It was… fun, though…”

“Yeah!” Michelle quickly agreed. Tina couldn’t be sure
if she meant it, though. Was she okay with what had
happened? Or did she feel embarrassed and filled with
regret? Tina could sympathize with the latter, but she
didn’t feel that way herself right now. In fact, she
felt no regret whatsoever.

“Well, we’re gonna keep this secret, right?” Michelle
said nervously.

“Definitely!” Tina nodded, a tad disappointed that
that was her friend’s biggest concern.

“Okay,” Michelle said, looking relieved.

Another awkward moment passed between the two teenage
girls. Finally Michelle smiled again, and said, “Well,
we better go…”

“Yeah,” Tina said. Then, realizing that she was
clutching her panties in her hands again she said,
“Oh, don’t forget these! You won…”

Michelle took the panties, shoved them in her purse
quickly, and nodded. As she turned to leave Tina said,
“I’ll see you on the bus!” It was almost a question.

Her friend turned, smiled, and then exited the

When she was gone, Tina sighed loudly. She was sure
she felt no regret about what had happened, but didn’t
feel elated by it, either. After all, her friend might
not be feeling the same way.

Michelle had started it, Tina thought to herself. But,
after a week of extreme sexual encounters, the girl
now knew that just because her friend had started it
didn’t mean she didn’t now regret it.


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