Tutoring Position

Tutoring Position

Rent was coming due and Laura needed some money, fast. She didn't have her
share of the rent and she knew her roommates would not be happy if she
couldn't make the rent. Laura was your typical college student; always
broke. She couldn't manage her money if her life depended on it; and maybe
it did this time. She didn't want to leave college, Mom and Dad had warned
her that if she didn't start managing the money they gave her, she'd have to
quit school and come back home.

Walking to class one day, Laura decided to check the bulletin board to see
if there were any help wanted ads she could apply for. There were a lot of
jobs during the weekend, busboy types, fast food jobs, but she was looking
for something more flexible. Then one ad at the bottom of the board caught
her attention: "Tutor needed for 14 year old, flexible work hours, good
pay," and it was dated today. Wow, she'd lucked out, she was an English
major, in hopes of becoming a teacher. Not only would she be able to make a
few bucks, but also it would look great on her resume when she graduated.

Instead of taking the telephone number down, Laura looked around and
snatched the card off the board; less chance of someone beating her to the
punch. Laura took out her cell phone and dialed the number. A woman
answered the phone, "Hello, this is the Richards residence, may I help you."
They must be rich, thought Laura, they have a maid, "Hello, I'm calling
about the ad posted for a tutor." There was a pause, "Yes, my employer
placed the ad, what would you like to know," asked the maid. "Well, is the
job still available?" Laura held her breath, hoping the position had not
been filled. "Yes, we just placed the ad today; you're the first one to
call," she said. Breathing a sigh of relieve, Laura asked if she could come
by and interview for the position. The maid said her employer would not
return until after 6 o'clock, so would 8 o'clock be ok. Laura agreed, she
didn't care if it was midnight, just as long as she got the job.

Laura dressed in a skirt and white blouse; very preppy outfit, she didn't
want the family to think she was one of those wild girls you hear so much
about at college. Laura was far from that; raised in a very conservative,
catholic family. Her parents had taught her to be a lady and of course, no
sex until she was married, and then only to get pregnant and have as many
children as she could.

Laura caught the bus and got off at the nearest stop to the house, still
leaving several blocks remaining till she reached the address. The house
was very nice, and in a nice neighborhood. Checking the address one more
time, she walked through the gate and knocked on the door. A very
attractive middle-aged woman dressed in a short silk robe with black nylons
and high heel shoes said, "Yes, can I help you young lady?" Laura looked at
her outfit, what a strange way for a maid to dress. Upon closer examination,
Laura thought this was not your typical maid's uniform; the robe was tied
loosely at her waist, leaving a sizable opening which allowed Laura an
unobstructed view of her large cleavage; her breasts looked huge compared to
Laura's; women with big breasts had always intimidated Laura, they made her
feel inferior.

Laura, looking away, said, "Yes, I'm here about the tutoring job." The maid
smiled and stood back, gesturing for her come in. "Mrs. Richard's will be
right with you. Please follow me into the library," said the maid. As she
led the way, Laura's eyes grew big as saucers, from the rear she could
actually see part of the maid's bottom peeking out from beneath her robe.
Laura quickly diverted her eyes, afraid she might turn around and catch her

Entering the library, Laura looked around; impressive, a room full of books
all neatly placed in large mahogany bookshelves. In the center of the room
were two large leather sofas facing one another. Motioning for Laura to
take a seat, the maid left the room. The soft leather felt cool on her
backside as she settled back into the cushion. It wasn't long before the
two large doors opened and a woman dressed in a long silk robe waltzed into
the room. She actually seemed to float across the room, thought Laura, as
she closed the distance between them. She was so pretty, no elegant,
thought Laura; short black hair, neatly cut around her face, a small
upturned nose, full lips, and eyes so blue, they seemed to capture, then
hold your attention. She was a head taller than Laura, so she must be about
five foot six. Even though the robe showed little of her skin, her chest
filled out the upper portion of her robe quite abundantly. Laura
immediately thought of the maid…was every woman in this house so well
endowed? The robe tapered sharply at the waist, accentuating her small
waist flowing outward over her full hips…she was very well proportioned
thought Laura.

Reaching out to greet the young girl, Mrs Richards said, "welcome to our
home." Laura extended her hand to shake the woman's hand, her grip was
quite strong for such a feminine looking woman; maybe she worked out with
weights thought Laura. "Hi, Mrs Richards, I'm Laura. I saw your ad on the
bulletin board at college for the tutoring position." Sara smiled down at
the young woman standing before her. She was so cute in her white blouse
and skirt, her brown hair cascading onto her shoulders, her face was not
beautiful, but she had potential thought Sara, as she continued to study her
face; letting her eyes travel down over her lean body, noticing she didn't
have big breasts, but they were not small either. Her waist was tiny, and
her little bottom was exquisite; at least from what she could see.

Still holding her hand, Sara said, "So you're interested in tutoring my
little Annie." Laura nodded her head. "What makes you think you're
qualified for the job?" asked Sara. The question caught Laura off guard,
causing her to think for a moment. Having Mrs Richard continue to hold her
hand was distracting to Laura, finding herself at a loss for words. Laura
felt Mrs Richard's hand as it caressed hers, it seemed odd to her why she
hadn't released her hand yet. Finally speaking, Laura said, "Well, I'm an
English major with hopes of becoming an English teacher when I graduate."
Sara, finally releasing her hand, asked her to have a seat on the sofa
opposite her. Looking directly into the young woman's eyes, Sara said,
"Well, I believe you might be just what we're looking for. My little Annie
is struggling in her studies and we're looking for someone who can help her
reverse her downward grade spiral. I'd be agreeable to try you out, say for
a 30-day probation period. If you perform up to my standards, then we'll
see about making the arrangement more permanent. The job pays $50 an hour,
are you interested?"

Laura couldn't believe her ears….$50 an hour! Did she really hear her
right, "Did you really say $50 an hour Mrs Richards," asked a surprised
Laura. "Yes Laura, I did," said Sara. Sara knew quite well how difficult
it was to find a good paying job for a college student. "I'll take it,"
stammered a gleeful Laura.

Sara smiled at her and said, "Laura, before you accept the job, there is one
thing you need to know." Laura looked at her, "what's that Mrs Richards?"
Sara looked her in the eye and said, "You see Laura, Sara is a special
child, she has a rare disease which requires her to be confined to the
house. She's not contagious, but is very susceptible to germs, her
resistance is very low to any viruses or colds; she's prevented from
attending school like a normal child, so you'll be required to teach her in
a special apartment I've designed for her. Oh, and another thing; you may
be wondering why we all wear robes in the house; Annie is so vulnerable to
disease/allergic reactions that when we see her, we do so without any
clothes on, in the nude, no perfumes, nothing artificial. Do you understand
what I'm saying Laura, you'll be required to bathe everyday before entering
her area of the house, and always remain nude when around my daughter. My
maid will tend to your cleansing each day. Do you think you can do that

Laura's mouth must have been hanging open as she listened to Mrs Richards.
Laura's upbringing hadn't prepared her for this last requirement of the
position. She was very shy about her body. It all stemmed from her
upbringing and those mean girls in gym class in high school who used to
tease her when she took a shower. Laura took it personal even though they
teased all the girls, but the scars still remained. Laura's nipples were
what brought on all this kidding. When they became hard from the cold
water, they grew long and pointed, more so than any of the other girls. She
stopped taking showers to get away from their constant teasing. Laura
didn't like the idea of teaching this young girl in the nude, but she
couldn't refuse this kind of money…she had to have the money for the rent.

"Mrs Richards, do I really have to take all of my clothes off?" asked Laura.
Sara looked at her and said, "Yes Laura, that's one of the conditions. If
you come done with a cold or the flu, you can't come to work, so it's very
important for you to take extra good care of yourself. I'm paying you a lot
of money to tutor Annie, but if you feel you can't do it, then I've got
another interview lined up after yours and I won't take anymore of your

Laura thought for moment, a very short moment, then said, "I'll take the
job." Sara smiled and said, "Ok Laura, why don't we start by introducing
you to Annie. Oh, there is one more condition of employment, if Annie
doesn't take to you, then we'll have to let you go. It's important to me
that Annie is happy, so it's your job to keep my little Annie happy while
tutoring her." Laura listened to Mrs Richards demands; what could be so
difficult in keeping a 14 year old happy. It wasn't that long ago, six
years, since she was 14; how hard could it be.

Following Mrs Richards out of the room, they walked down a long hall; before
entering, Mrs Richards pressed a button and a strong blast of air blew
across them. Turning, Mrs Richards said, "the air helps blow the dust and
loose hairs off of our clothing before we enter her outer area. You'll not
be able to enter the sanitized area today…you'll first need to be prepared
by Lilly the maid. Prepared….what did she mean by that, thought Laura.
Opening the door, Laura saw a large glass wall surrounding them, separating
Annie's area from where they stood. Pressing the intercom button, Sara
said, "Annie, are you there? Your new tutor is here to meet you." A door
opened in the back and Annie stepped into the room. My God, she was
completely naked, and she had NO HAIR…anywhere!

Sara looked at Laura, immediately noticing her reaction to Annie. As Annie
approached, Laura was immediately struck by her completely hairless
body….from head-to-toe, she was completely bald. Laura, after the initial
shock wore off, Laura's eyes took in the total Annie and how developed this
young girl was for her age. Her breasts were out of proportion to her small
frame. Each breast surpassed the width of her chest, each globe easily
extending past her body. Annie seemed oblivious to her nakedness. Laura
wasn't so accepting as she eyed Annie's small, cherry red nipples nestled
atop each large globe. As she approached Laura noticed how firm they were,
they hardly jiggled with each step. Annie's stomach was also hard as a
washboard. Looking lower, Annie's pubic hair had been shaved; but it was
the size of her vulva that captured Laura's attention; they were so full
compared to hers. Breaking her stare, Laura finally looked up and saw how
beautiful little Annie was, even without hair, her large eyes and full lips
were striking.

When Annie saw the admiration in Laura's eyes, she smiled her approval,
looking Laura directly in the eyes. Laura noticed the look, just like her
Mother had given her when she first me her, and here again, was another full
breasted woman/girl, just like the other women in the house. Breaking the
silence, Annie spoke to her through the intercom, "Hi Laura, so you're going
to be my new tutor?" Laura could only shake her head in the affirmative.
"What's the matter, cat got your tongue," laughed Annie. Laura still felt
uncomfortable with the naked teenager before her. "Uh, hi Annie, glad to
meet you," smiled Laura. Sara spoke up, "Annie, Laura is going to come back
tomorrow and begin your tutoring. I want you to be extra nice to her, ok,"
asked Mrs Richards. Annie just cocked her head and said, "Oh Mother, you
know I always treat my tutors "extra" nice," smiled Annie. With that, Annie
merely turned and walked away. Laura's eyes drifted down to her firm
bottom, the cheeks separated by a long cleft, swayed as she walked away. If
one didn't know better, Laura would have thought she was putting on a show
for her.

Sara looked at her daughter, that little brat was swaying her hips to put on
a show for her new tutor. Looking back at Laura, Sara noticed Annie's
little show had not gone unnoticed; Laura's eyes were focused on her little
girl's naked bottom. Maybe Laura might work out after all.

That night, Laura sat in her room thinking about what had transpired.
Several times that evening she'd thought about calling and turning down the
position. She didn't know if she could really go through with it, the
nakedness and all. She was quickly reminded that the rent was due and she
needed money, fast.

When she showed up for work the next, she was nervous as heck. With a shaky
hand, she knocked on the door. Lilly, the maid, answered the door and let
her in. "Mrs Richards asked that I prepare you to meet Ms Annie so if
you'll follow me, I'll get you ready," said Lilly. Laura noticed Ms Lilly
was dressed just like yesterday. As they proceeded down the same long hall,
Laura again was treated to the view of her firm buttocks. All this nudity
around the house was so foreign to her. Stopping at a door just prior to
Annie's area, the maid unlocked the door and held it open so Laura could go
in. Inside, Laura immediately noticed how white and shiny everything was,
the Laura noticed something which almost made her eyes pop out; there in
the middle of the floor was a gynecologists table complete with stirrups.
"What's that for?" asked Laura. Lilly turned in the direction of Laura's
question and said, "Laura, we need to make sure you don't have any
infections and we also need to get rid of your body hair before you meet
Annie. We must do everything we can to prevent exposing Ms Annie to any

What kept Laura from bolting that very moment would always puzzle her as she
thought about it in the future; it must have been the money. "Laura, let's
get started. I need you to undress so we can get rid of all that hair."
Laura still couldn't believe she was going to go through with this. Lilly,
noticing her hesitation, went over to her and as she began to unbutton her
blouse Laura pulled back and held up her hands. Lilly spoke, "Laura, if you
feel this is too difficult for you to continue, just say so now and you can
leave. I'm sure Mrs Richards won't have a problem finding a new tutor."

The thought of losing this position frightened her; but if she stayed, that
frightened her as well. She had nothing to fall back on for income.
Standing with her hands at her side, Laura sort of went numb to what was
about to happen to her. She kept telling herself it was no big deal, having
her body hair shaved off, it would grow back when the job was over, and no
one but Annie, and Lilly would see her naked. Before she knew it, Lilly had
unbuttoned all but one button on her blouse. Standing before her, Lilly
reached out and slowly unbuttoned that last button, looking up at Laura's
face, she noticed her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, she was as tense as a
board. Opening the blouse, she held the blouse open as she openly admired
the simple cotton bra Laura wore. What impressed her most were those sharp
points of her nipples poking through the material. After what seemed like an
eternity, Lilly slipped the blouse off her shoulders.

Laying the blouse across a nearby chair, Lilly reached around Laura and
unsnapped her skirt. Laura heard the zipper being slid down, but she stood
there and let it happen. Laura hadn't been undressed like this since she
was a child. This time, Lilly stepped behind Laura, reaching out to unsnap
her bra, she felt her shiver when her fingers made contact with the hook on
her bra. Pausing, she held the hook to her bra in her fingertips; she
wanted to prolong what had to be a very embarrassing moment for Laura.
After a few seconds, she finally unhooked her bra and let the garment slide
off her arms. Laura watched as her bra slid off over her arms, her breasts,
now fully exposed to the cool air in the room, responded as she felt her
nipples harden. Damn, she thought, I wish I could control those things.
Laura didn't have time to focus that long on her nipples, when she felt the
maid's fingers slip inside the waistband of her panties…Lilly again held the
waistband in her fingers, torturing her, the slowly sliding them down her
supple thighs exposing the cutest little bottom she'd seen in sometime.
Lilly said, "Laura, lift your legs so I can slip your panties off." Laura
did as she was told; her actions continuing to surprise herself. Laura was
now completely naked and feeling very vulnerable.

"Ok Ms Laura, why don't you step up on the table and put your feet into the
stirrups. I need to shave all that pubic hair off," said Lilly. Laura
still couldn't believe she was going to cooperate and let this woman shave
her, but what choice did she have. Laura proceeded to lie down on the table,
just like she did when she went in for her exam. Lilly was pleased with how
cooperative the new tutor was being. Standing between her leg, Lilly
admired the sight before her; a sparsely covered mons, with a small vulva.
Laura looked like a little girl. Her lips were almost pink. Reaching out,
Lilly placed her hands on the inside of Laura's knees and gently pushed
outward, exposing more of her sex and her little puckered rosebud to her
appreciative eyes. Laura had a very pretty flower, her lips were long and
thin, but her inner labia were bright red, contrasting nicely with her tuft
of brown pubic hair.

"I'm going to shave off your hair now Laura," said Lilly. Laura heard the
sound of a shaver, looking down she noticed how her sex was prominently
displayed to the maid; she immediately blushed at being so exposed to this
stranger she'd just met. Lilly had shaved many a pubic area and it didn't
take but a second to rid her of her bush. "Now Ms Laura, let's get rid of
the stubble so you'll be completely smooth and free of that dirty hair."
Laura felt the warm shaving cream being spread over her mons and gasped when
she felt the warm cream being spread over her labia. Sensing her fear,
Lilly said, "It's okay Ms Laura, the cream will make the razor glide over
those pretty lips of your and it'll feel really nice?"

Laura could only nod her head, she was afraid her voice might crack if she
spoke. Laura felt the razor glide across her sex as the maid shaved the
remaining stubble off. She felt the maid apply a very warm, damp towel to
her sex when she had finished, wiping off any remaining cream. "Ms Laura,
you look just like a new-born baby, take a look," said Lilly. Raising her
head off the table, Laura looked down between her legs; the maid was holding
a large hand mirror up for her to see her sex. She was right, Laura had
never seen her labia so clearly before. "Now Laura, I'm going to spread
this lotion over the area to reduce the feeling of razor burn; you'll love
the feeling it will produce, just wait." Spreading the lotion on her hand,
Lilly began to apply it slowly to her mons, with each stroke she slide her
fingers a little lower between Laura's legs. Laura caught her breath when
she felt the maid's hand sweep across her sex.

Lilly loved this part of her job. She was a master when it came to
lotioning up these young girls. Her fingers danced across Laura's labia,
occasionally allowing a finger to slip `accidently' between her labia as she
applied the lotion. Lilly application of the lotion had its desired
effects; Laura's labia began to separate on their own, yes, she was becoming
aroused from her lotion massage. Even with all her hang-ups, Lilly knew
she'd get her to come around.

Laura lay back on the table. As much as she hated to admit it, the maid was
starting to coax emotions that had lied dormant for some time now; that
disturbed Laura. Could she really be experiencing sexual feelings from what
the maid was doing to her? The lotion she was applying between her legs was
causing a strange reaction to occur within her; she didn't know for sure,
but she thought she was becoming sexually aroused. That confused her; she'd
never reacted like this with a woman; sure, she'd messed around with boys
before, but never went as far as to let them take her clothes off. Laying
on the table with her legs spread, completely naked, made her feel
completely helpless.

Lilly, sensing her vulnerability, applied more lotion to her hands and said,
"Ms Laura, I'm almost done. Are you ok?" Laura couldn't look at her as she
felt those warm, wet fingers touching her again, "Yes Lilly, I'm, uh, ok,"
said Laura. Lilly smiled, she knew the effect she was having on Laura;
especially when her legs were spread and her sex elevated so far up in the
air…it was just as if she was asking for her to caress her. Lilly looked
between Laura's legs, her thin hairless labia had now become filled with
blood, causing them to swell under her touch. With the palm of her hand,
Lilly placed it directly over Laura's sex and began to rub in a slow
circular motion. The motion had an immediate effect; Laura felt

Laura thought she'd actually heard a squishing sound as Lilly continued to
palm her sex. Was she really that wet; surely it must be the lotion she was
using making that sound, yet the feeling radiating from between her legs was
a clear signal she was becoming sexually aroused, yes, she thought she might
be nearing what felt like an orgasm. The feeling spread through her tummy
and up to her breasts…her nipples were pulsing; she had guessed right, she
was becoming sexually aroused by this woman. The more she felt Lilly apply
pressure to the sex, the stronger the feelings became. In an attempt to
block out these feelings, Laura tried to squeeze her knees shut, she tried
to block these feelings, but the maid noticed the natural reaction of a
woman to squeeze her thighs together, and told Laura, "it's important to
keep your legs spread as far as possible…we're almost done.

Lilly knew she had the young teetering on the brink of a powerful orgasm.
By relaxing her fingers, Lilly was able to cover her entire mons, the heel
of her hand pressed tightly against her orifice, her fingers now poised over
the cleft of her sex. Lilly let her fingers slowly slip into the young
girl's sex. Laura jumped when she felt the maid's fingers slip into her
slit; the tips of her fingers making direct contact with her swollen clit.
Laura's response was immediate; her legs extending straight up into the air,
her toes turned up and back. Laura let out a loud moan as her orgasm
consumed her entire body. Laura's whole body pulsed as that wonderful
tinkling sensation spread throughout her. The feeling seemed to last
forever; Laura was a novice when it came to experiencing strong orgasms.

Lilly continued to lightly pat her clit while still applying direct pressure
to the opening of her sex. Lilly's palm was now covered in Laura's juices;
the palm easily slipping into her canal; Lilly continued to apply just the
right amount of pressure so Laura was able to enjoy the full force of her

Finally, Lilly let the young girl come down from her orgasmic bliss; she'd
counted at least three rapid fire orgasms Laura had experienced. She
watched as Laura's body quivered almost uncontrollably as her orgasm began
to subside. This little one really came hard, thought Lilly. She'd be sure
to share her discovery with Mrs Richards later tonight.

Noticing Laura had recovered enough to continue her treatment, and without
making any mention of Laura's orgasm, Lilly said, "Ms Laura, let's sit up
and take you to the shower so we can finish up with the removal of your body
hair." Laura, still somewhat woozy from her orgasm, allowed Lilly to help
her off the table and lead her to the shower. Standing, Laura watched as
Lilly applied the depilatory to her entire body. After she had completed
the application, Laura was led into the shower. To her surprise, she watched
the maid loosen the belt on her robe and let it slide down her body; she was
completely naked beneath the robe. Lilly noticed Laura turn away as she
stood naked outside the shower. "Ms Laura, don't be shy. I've seen you
naked, now I need to be naked just like you so I can finish the treatment,"
said Lilly. Laura, standing with her profile to the maid, looked back at
her over her shoulder. My GOD, what a chest Lilly had. Her breasts were
large, her nipples huge, they looked very swollen to Laura. Lilly's breast,
for their size, only sagged just the slightest. She was quite attractive
for a middle-aged woman. Her tummy pouched out just a little and her hips
were small compared to the size of her chest. Her thighs were firm and like
Annie, she was shaved between her legs. Her labia were full, just like
Annie's had looked.

Lilly smiled as she watched the young girl admire her body. Lilly was an
exhibitionist. "Laura, now we're just alike, both naked. What do you
think? Not bad for an old woman," said Lilly as she struck a few
provocative poses. Laura chose not to respond, what would she say anyway to
a question like that. Laura couldn't believe she was about to take a shower
with the maid, but hearing the door click shut, she knew the maid had in
fact joined her in the shower.

"Now Ms Laura, let me wash this cream off your body," said Lilly. Laura
felt those now familiar fingers being used like a washcloth as they rubbed
the cream away. Laura had never known her body to be so sensitive to
another's touch, especially from a member of the same sex. Each time she
felt Lilly's fingers move across her skin, she felt as if she was becoming
sexually excited. She'd just had one, if not the best orgasms of her life,
yet she was again becoming excited by her touch. "Lilly, please stop, my
body is just too sensitive to your touch," she begged. Lilly ignored her
request as she continued to caress her body in all the right places. Again
Laura begged her, "Lilly, please, you must stop or I'm going toooo" Lilly
was surprised by her strong response to her advances. She'd already managed
to squeeze three orgasms from her….and now another in just the last 30

"Ms Laura, you know we have to get you as hair free as possible. It'll be
just a little longer and we'll be done," smiled Lilly. She knew Laura might
not be able to hold out that long. "Lilly, God if you don't stop this
instant, I'm afraid that I'llllll……..Laura wasn't able to finish her
sentence as she succumbed to the pleasure being generated from the maid's
skillful hands. Lilly smiled as she watched Laura being consumed by the
force of her orgasm; Laura began to sink to her knees, weakened by the
force of her orgasm. Lilly caught the young girl by holding her under her
arms, supporting her weight against her naked body.

Laura felt as if she was suspended in mid-air; the last hour had been the
most eye opening experience of her entire life. The power of her orgasms
had taken her totally by surprise. Lilly, knowing she couldn't continue to
hold the girl indefinitely, managed to turn Laura around so as to face her;
what a beautiful sight seeing this young girl in the throes of her orgasm.
Lilly managed to maneuver her knee between Laura's legs. As she let her
slip down, Laura was being suspended across her knee in a sitting position.
As she slowly lowered her, Lilly felt Laura's cheeks separate and come to
rest on each side of her thigh. Lilly balanced the young girl on her thigh.
She slipped her hands around the girl and drew her into a close embrace,
their breasts pushed tightly together. Lilly instantly felt the sharp
points of Laura's nipples as they pierced her breasts. Using the excuse of
washing the cream off of her body, Lilly began a slow massage of her back,
taking the liberty of slipping her hands further down her until she was able
to cup that firm little bottom she'd admired earlier. Lilly began to knead
each cheek for what seemed like an eternity to Laura; she was barely able to
do anything but moan as she sat astride Lilly's knee, too weak to protest
any more.

Lilly, using Laura's bottom as leverage, brought her other leg under the
girl, and began to stand with her still in her arms. "Wrap your legs around
my waist, Ms Laura," instructed Lilly. Laura obeyed without question. As
Lilly stood, Laura was being lifted as her legs gripped tightly around the
maid's waist. Continuing to hold Laura by her bottom, Lilly walked out of
the shower carrying her like a child. The only difference was Laura wasn't
a child. In this position, Laura's breasts were resting directly on top of
Lilly's larger breasts. If the maid lowered her head, she'd be able to take
one of those long, hard nipples in her mouth. Laura was well aware of the
location of her nipples that were dangerously close to the maid's lips.

Lilly was tempted to draw that long nipple into her warm mouth, but decided
against it, setting Laura down on the tile floor. Taking a large towel, she
dried her young body as if she was a baby. Once finished, Lilly stepped
back and admired her; she really was beautiful. Not one hair could be seen
on her now baby smooth body. "Ok Laura, you've been great. Let's pull your
hair up into this skull cap and you'll be ready to meet Annie," said Lilly.
Standing Laura in front of a large mirror, Laura, for the first time, saw
her now denuded body. Not a hair could be seen, even her eye brows had been
shaved. Laura just stared at her reflection in the mirror. Was this job
really worth all of this? Yet, as she studied herself, the pleasure she'd
experienced at the hands of the maid had been like none other…her body had
responded to the touch of another woman…she'd completely given herself to
her. Why??

Lilly slipped the white silk robe over her shoulders. The robe was even
shorter than Lilly's, barely covering the cheeks of her bottom. "Ms Laura,
let's go meet Ms Annie," said Lilly. "Oh, I almost forgot, said Lilly, in
the pocket of your robe is the key to your desk in the apartment. You'll
need that to help keep Annie in line during class or whenever you decide
it's necessary." Laura reached into the pocket of her robe and sure enough,
there was a key. Before she could ask her what it was for, Lilly took her
hand and led Laura to the door. Pressing the button, she felt the blast of
air blow across her body. The air immediately brought out a reaction in her
body, blowing sweetly across her sensitive nipples and unobstructed sex.
The air seemed to blow right up into her sex, causing Laura again to shiver.
Her body seemed like it was one big sexual nerve ending.

The door opened and Laura walked into the foyer, just outside the
glass-enclosed apartment. Laura turned to ask the maid a question and
discovered she was alone. Laura was on her own. Stepping forward, Laura
pressed the button on the intercom. A response came back, "Yes," said the
voice. "Annie, is that you, I'm here to begin our lesson," said Laura.
"Uh, ok, I'll be right there," said Annie. Within a minute, Laura saw Annie
appear from behind the door, naked as usual. Annie opened the door and
motioned for her to come in; always keeping clear of the door. Laura
attributed her actions to her fear of the air from the foyer. Just before
she stepped into the germ free zone, Annie said, "Wait Laura, you have to
take that robe off before entering." Laura remembered and slowly slipped
off the robe. She immediately felt Annie's eyes caress her body. Was Laura
still aroused from her session with the maid or was she misinterpreting
Annie stares. Once the robe was left outside the room and Laura heard the
door close, Annie stepped forward and hugged her tightly. Her large, firm
breasts now caressing Laura's.

"Wow Laura, you look great!" smiled Annie. Anna smiled as felt Laura's
nipples harden as their breasts kissed. "Well Laura, I see you're glad to
see me too," smiled Annie. Laura blushed at the youngster's comment; could
she be referring to the condition of her nipples? Or was she just excited
about her being there to see her? Pulling back, Laura just smiled and said,
"I'm glad to see you too Annie, why don't you show me around your place."
Annie took her on a tour. As Annie led the way, Laura fought the urge to
look at her bottom, as it swayed to and fro in front of her. Not able to
resist the temptation, she took short glimpses down at her bottom, the skin
was flawless and tight. No matter how hard she tried to break her stare,
she was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the tour. Laura
thought Annie might be putting on a little show for her as her bottom
wiggled about before her.

The place was setup just like an apartment, only this apartment was very
lavish; hot tub, large king size bed, mirrors covering every wall in her
bedroom, a fully furnished kitchen, and an exercise room. It even had a
medical suite. "Annie, this is really quite a place you have," said Laura.
Annie turned and smiled, "Yeah, it's ok, but it gets pretty lonely in here
without having any friends." Laura immediately felt sorry for her. Here
she was at a time in her life when a girl was supposed to be sharing secrets
with her friends, having sleepovers, and dating boys, not relegated to a
life of solitude. "It must really be tough, being alone all the time," said

Annie didn't like the direction this conversation was taking, so she said,
"Ok teach, what are you going to teach me today?" Laura realized it was
time to earn her $50 an hour. "Annie, where did your other tutors conduct
your lessons?" asked Laura. Annie said for her to come with her, leading
her to an area she hadn't shown her before. As Laura stepped into the room,
she found herself in what looked like a regular classroom, except there were
only two desks, a teacher's desk and a student's desk; both facing each
other, only her desk was positioned on a raised platform type area and was
missing the front panel normally found on a desk of this type. That was
strange, thought Laura.

"Laura, your desk is up there," said Annie. Taking her seat, Annie waited
for her new teacher to begin. Laura stepped up on the platform and took her
seat behind the desk. She immediately felt like she was on display for her
student and she'd have to be careful about how she sat at her desk.
Crossing her legs, Laura searched the desk and found her textbooks and
teaching aids in the drawers of the desk. There was one drawer that
appeared to be stuck; no it was locked. Laura then remembered what the maid
had told her, she had a key in her pocket that went to the drawer. Reaching
into her pocket, she retrieved the key and opened the drawer. What Laura
found caused her to gasp at what she discovered. The drawer was full of sex
toys! She'd heard about things like this but never saw them other than in
magazines. What in the world were these doing here? Quickly shutting the
drawer, Laura looked directly over at Annie. She felt the blood rush to her
face, her chest felt hot. Annie was staring at her; did she know what was
in the drawer?

Before she had time to think about her question, Annie said, "Laura, I see
you've found the teacher's aids." Laura just sat there, how was she going
to respond? "Annie, what are these doing in the classroom?" asked a shocked
Laura. "Well, sometimes I'm a handful for my tutors and Mom insists they
maintain discipline in the classroom. Do you have a problem with the aids?"
smiled Annie. Laura couldn't believe Mrs Richards actually required she use
them on her own daughter; she wouldn't know what to do with them if she had
to use them. "Annie, you aren't really serious are you? I don't believe
your Mother really expects me to use these on you as a means of controlling
your behavior; you must be kidding me?" said a stunned Laura. Annie smiled
and said, "Well, maybe you should ask her yourself."

After they got past this awkward moment, the next couple hours passed very
quickly. Laura learned from Annie what areas she'd need to focus on in her
studies when she came back tomorrow. When her time was up, Annie walked her
to the door. "I really think this is going to work," said Annie. Leaning
forward, Annie pressed her lips to Laura's cheek. Laura froze as Annie
pressed her lips lovingly against her cheek. Annie's lips felt warm on her
cheek as she kissed her; all the time her breasts pressed firmly into
Laura's arm and the side of her right breast. Immediately, her body reacted
in the wrong way; this was a young girl just saying goodbye, not making a
pass at her!. No matter how hard she tried to rationalize the kiss, her
nipples instantly hardened to her touch; and her knees began to shake, all
signs that she was becoming aroused.

Before this reached a point where she would be unable to control the
situation, Laura moved her cheek out of the reach of the kiss and said
goodbye. As she exited the room, she was surprised to see Mrs Richards
standing there with her robe in her hand. Laura blushed profusely as she
walked up to her; Mrs Richards seemed to tower over her. This was the first
time she'd seen Laura naked. "Well Laura, don't you look lovely. Lilly
really did a thorough job getting rid of all that ugly hair. You look
great!" Laura was very self-conscious standing naked before a clothed Mrs
Richards. "Uh, thank you Mrs Richards, can I have my robe?" asked Laura.

Holding the robe out, she said, "Sure Laura, here let me help you with it."
Standing behind the young girl, Sara held the robe as Laura slipped her arms
into the robe. Sara, pretending to help the young girl, really wanted to
get a look at the firm little bottom. Slipping the robe over her shoulders,
both proceeded to exit the foyer. Sara led Laura back to the Library. Both
sat in the same spots as when Laura first arrived.

Laura just had to ask Mrs Richards about what she found in her desk. She
was so embarrassed asking her about it, but she just had too, "Mrs Richards,
when Annie showed me my desk, I found some things in one of the drawers
which Annie described as `teacher's aids'. She said that you required the
tutors to use them to keep Annie in line. Is that really true?" Sara looked
right into Laura's eyes and said, "Laura, you'll find that my Annie is quite
a handful and I've found the only way to get her attention and keep her in
line is through the use of those aids. You also need to understand that the
aids are to be used as a "positive" reinforcement tool as well Laura. Annie
does have personal needs and with her having to life the live of a celibate,
she needs that part of her life satisfied as well. Do you understand what
I'm saying, Laura?" The long and short of your answer is, YES Laura, it's a
condition of employment."

Laura sank back in the sofa, she'd come so far today and now this. How many
more of these conditions existed she wondered. Did she really just hear Mrs
Richards say she was to become not only Annie's disciplinarian, but tend to
her sexual needs as well? Then, the thought occurred to her, maybe she'd
never need to use those aids; Annie and her seemed to get along great.
Looking back at her Mother, she said, "Mrs Richards, having met Annie and
after just spending two hours with her, I'm sure we won't need those
things." Sara smiled at her and said, "Oh Laura, believe me, you'll need
them and if you choose not to use them, don't bother coming back tomorrow.
I insist upon a well disciplined classroom; understand Laura?" asked Mrs

Laura needed the money…."Yes Mrs Richards, I understand." After dressing,
Laura left with a lot to think about.

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