Two year anniversary

Two year anniversary


This is the story of what happened on the second anniversary of my marriage to my wife, also about what happened afterward. We'd known each other for less than a year when we got married, I was 24, she was 22. It was about two months after we got married that she got pregnant and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl exactly one month before our one year anniversary.

For our second anniversary, my wife decided to take the reins, and told me not to worry about where we were going, or what we were going to do. She said she had it all under control. She told me we were going to go all out so I should wear one of my "fancy" outfits, which was as close to a tux as you can get without actually being a tux. She was wearing a very low cut black dress, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, and I'd enjoy watching her ass as she walked to figure out if she was wearing panties. I quickly ascertained that either she was wearing a g-string, or she was completely naked beneath that thin dress. We first drove over to her mother's house and dropped off our girl, then she got behind the wheel and took over.

I was pleasantly surprised when we drove into the parking lot of this new restaurant that I'd been wanting to try. My coworkers had been telling me it was like "an upscale/dirty Hooters." I had no idea what they meant by that, but I couldn't wait to find out. I'd been hinting to my wife that I wanted to go there, since we'd gone to strip joints together before, but so far, no luck.

As soon as we walked in, I knew what my buddies meant about "upscale Hooters." The waittresses were all dressed alike in tight button down white shirts, and they were obviously not wearing bras, and short tight black microskirts. My wife had set up a reservation so we didn't have to wait long. I had to keep reminding myself that I was here for a 2 year anniversary to keep my eyes from bulging out of their sockets, especially when I saw our waittress. I couldn't concentrate on the menu, this seemed to amuse my wife and decided to take advantage of my discomfort, and turn it up a notch. The next time the waittress came by, my wife asked her to point out to me what was especially good on the menu. The waittress bent over me so she could point at the menu, her breasts were on my shoulder and pressed against my head. I don't even remember what she pointed to, I just nodded. As she walked away, my wife put her hand on mine and said "It's ok, honey. We wouldn't be here if I didn't want you to look. I want you all worked up for tonight." I'd behaved much the same way when we went to strip joints, tense and not enjoying myself until she told me that it was cool. It's not because I'm whipped or anything, it's just that, I know she's the one I'll be fucking later, rather not piss her off. Dinner passed without incident. I didn't make it a point to hide the fact that I was enamored with our waittress' nipples, which could be seen poking through her shirt, and my wife helped me see her pussy by "accidentally" dropping her fork when the waittress was at our table. When she bent over at the waist to pick it up, I could see right up at the short microskirt and was pleasantly surprised to find a perfect view of her pussy and ass. After dessert, the waittress came over and asked if we'd like the VIP treatment, and said it'd be five hundred to participate, two hundred to watch. I guess that's what my buddies meant by "dirty." Unfortunately, my wife said no, that we had other plans. The waittress pouted prettily, and handed us our check. We paid and left a generous tip (the view was well worth it) and off we went.

I was surprised when my wife took a left out of the parking lot, as we lived in the opposite direction, but this was her deal, so I didn't say anything. We soon pulled into a motel. Apparently she'd checked in earlier, because we didn't have to stop for a room key. As soon as we walked in the room, we started going at each other. I like fucking my wife with her clothes on occassionally, makes it feel riskier somehow, so while we kissed, she was working on getting my clothes off. She had the four top buttons of my shirt undone, I was kind of immobile because she'd also pushed my jacket down both my arms at the same time, and that's when it happened. The door to the motel room, which we'd forgotten to lock in our haste to get at each other, flew open, and there stood a 6'4" black man. He looked to way about 225, and it was obviously muscle. Before I had a chance to react, he swung at me, catching me in that sweet spot on my jaw, and I was out.

When I came to, I was in a sitting position and I could see my wife on the floor, her lower lip looked a little swollen. I didn't see the guy anywhere until I tried to stand up. Then I realized that not only were my hands duct taped together, they were also duct taped to the chair. He came out of the bathroom, a roll of duct tape still in hands. I tried to talk to him.

"Listen, our car is outside, the keys are right there on the table, my wallet's in my pocket, take whatever you want and just go."

He looked at me closely before answering, and I realized he looked slightly familiar, but I couldn't remember from where. "Oh, take whatever I want?"

I nodded.

"Listen here, shit-for-brains. I don't need your permission to take your piece of shit car or anything else, for that matter. Now, unless you wanna leave here in a bodybag, you'll keep your mouth shut unless I ask you a question, got that?"

I was too angry to speak, so I nodded again. He then picked up my wife and sat her down in the chair next to me. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he wasn't going to rape her. As he got behind her and started moving her around to get her arms behind her back, I noticed that the dress she was wearing wasn't following her movements very well. I suppressed a gasp when I saw one of her breasts fall out, and prayed that this guy wouldn't get any ideas from seeing it. My prayers went unanswered. He stopped taping her hands together and reached around and started fondling her. She moaned in her unconscious state. She's a very sexual woman and I've woken her up plently of times by playing with her breasts, pussy or ass and had her ready for sex.

"Leave her alone, asshole!"

He backhanded me with his other hand and said, "I think she likes what I'm doing here. Why don't we see what else she likes me to play with, huh?" He then cut off another piece of duct tape and placed it over my mouth. "Now, you'll shut the fuck up whether you want to or not."

With that, he lifted her off the chair and put her on the bed, her hands still taped behind her. He ripped the dress off of her, and my panty question was answered, she wasn't wearing any. He then got on the bed next to her. With her arms tied behind her back, it made her chest stick out which made it easier for him to violate my wife. He continued what he'd started when she was in the chair, playing with both her breasts, then his hand started to move down her body. It didn't take him long to get to her pussy, and she unwittingly spread her legs some, to make room for his hand. Watching this was torture. It felt like someone had dropped hot lead into my stomach. At the same time, I couldn't help but notice that some part of me didn't mind this one bit. Some part of me was actually enjoying this. My dick was getting hard. He then started sucking on one of my wife's nipples while he continued rubbing her pussy. He moved his other hand to her lips and started to slide his thumb into her mouth. Her mouth responded automatically and began to softly suck on his digit. She was moaning some now, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she came. Her eyes flew open, full of terror, his hand clamped down on her mouth, his mouth kept sucking and nibbling on her nipple, his other hand kept up the ministrations on her pussy. She couldn't hold the orgasm back and the terror in her eyes faded and was replaced by lust.

When she was done cumming, he removed his hand from her pussy, and his mouth from her nipple, but kept his other hand on her mouth. He pulled a gun from out of the back of the waistband of his pants and placed it to her head.

"You're going to want to listen very carefully to what I have to say, you little slut. When I remove my hand I don't want to hear you scream, understand?"

She nodded frantically.

He placed the gun on her stomach and viciously twisted one of her nipples, then picked up the gun again.

"I'm not an idiot, lady. I'm going to give you some incentive to keep you from screaming. See, if you scream, I'm going to take this gun and shoot your hubby there. First, I'm going to press right up against his left forearm and pull the trigger, then I'll press right up against his right bicep and again pull the trigger. Then I'll shove your face into his wounds because it'll be YOU that has caused them. With your scream. Then I'll take the gun and place it to his right shin and pull the trigger, POW! Then, his left thigh and KAPOW! And once again, your pretty little face will be rubbed into those wounds until your face is a bloody mess, until you realize that it was YOU that did this to him. You with your scream. Then I'll hold the gun to his belly and once again pull the trigger. Then you will sit in front of him, see the pain in his eyes, the fear, the accusation in his eyes. And once you both know that it's your fault this is happening, then I'll take this gun, shove it in his mouth, and pull the trigger one last time. Now, I only have six bullets, and if you've been keeping count, you'll already know that that's all six of them, so for you, I've got a special treat. I'll shove this whole goddamn gun up your ass before I twist your fool head off. Now. Can I remove my hand and trust that you won't scream?"

She nodded slowly this time, with tears in her eyes.

"Good. This is what we're going to do. Me and you, we're gonna have some fun tonight. If you want to get out of this motel room alive, you're going to make me believe that you're having fun. You're going to do everything I say without a moment's hesitation and you're going to act like I'm the greatest thing on God's green earth and I better believe it, or that little scenario I just layed out for you…it'll seem like a walk in the park compared to what I'll do to both of you. Understood?"

She nodded softly again. He turned her over and took the duct tape off her wrists. It's sort of funny. Now that he had her complete acquiesence, he seemed almost gentle with her. He tried very hard not to hurt her when he was taking the duct tape off. Guess he didn't want to accidentally break his new toy. He then put the gun down and began to get undressed. I gestured frantically to my wife, trying to urge her to get the gun and take this fucker down, but she just shook her head with tears in her eyes.

As he pulled down his pants, I could see my wife's eyes widen when she saw his cock. It was only semi-hard but was already at least 8 inches and thick.

"I think she likes what she sees, what do you think?"

He then stood at the side of the bed and told her to come sit in front of him. She did as she was told and looked up expectantly at him. He grabbed his cock and started smacking her face with it. She quickly got the hint and held his cock in both of her hands and started to stroke him. As her hands worked up and down his cock, he finally hardened to his full length which looked to be about 11 inches. It was then that my wife leaned forward, at the urging of his hand at the back of her head and took his cock head into her mouth. He muttered something about not really believing this and my wife started to moan on his cock. She looked and sounded like such a wanton slut, her moans muffled by his big cock going in and out of her mouth. The lead in my belly got bigger, my dick got harder. Then my wife really surprised me. She got up from her sitting position some, never removing the dick from her mouth, then she bent over even more, taking more and more of his fat cock into her. She pulled back, and took his dick out of her mouth, took a deep breath and then plunged her mouth right back onto his cock. This time, she didn't stop until her chin was resting against his balls. Her throat was bulging, bigger, smaller, bigger. It took me a second to realize she was massaging his cock by swallowing. When she finally released his cock, she sat back down and gasped as she stroked him. When she'd recovered, she again took his cock in her mouth, not the whole thing this time, mostly the head, really working at making him cum. I could see his balls tense up, I knew he was going to cum any minute, my wife could sense it, too. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, not far enough to remove his cock from her mouth but far enough so that she was looking up at him.

"I'm not cumming in your mouth. If I see one drop of cum in there, you're both finished. And don't you dare stop sucking."

Though she never stopped sucking, I saw the look of fear flit across her face, followed by a look of…I couldn't place it. She grabbed the base of his cock with her fist and continued to suck on his fat cock head. I could tell when it happened, and I wondered if her grip was strong enough to hold his cum back. After he'd finished, he pulled out of her mouth and made her hold it open, making sure there was no cum in there. Satisfied, he ordered my wife to get on the bed. Her performance was beyond what I thought her capable as she laid down on the bed, spread her legs and begged him to fuck her. He grabbed me and the chair and positioned me so that I would have the clearest possible view of what he was about to do to my wife. I was shocked to see that her pussy lips were glistening. Then he climbed onto the bed with her and started rubbing his cock on her pussy lips. He shoved the head of his cock into her, her pussy lips spread farther than I'd ever seen, she let out a gasp that quickly turned into a moan. He then started to slide into her, and me with a front row view. He slid about 7 inches inside her, then rammed the rest of himself into her. She didn't scream, she moaned even louder.

"Your husband can't compare, can he? He can't even come close to fucking you like this, can he?"

"No, he can't. Please, fuck me with your horse cock. Don't stop. Fill my pussy with your cum."

Hearing her say those words almost killed me. I knew why she was doing it, but rational thought is no match compared to jealous rage. I sat there, watching him slide his cock all the way in, then almost all the way out. Watching the way her pussy lips clung to his huge cock when he pulled out, as if begging him not to leave. He began to really fuck her. His big balls slapping against her ass. A loud squelching sound coming from between their legs. Her moans. His grunts. And I couldn't look away. After fucking her hard like that for about ten minutes, he had her on the verge of cumming again. He pulled out most of the way, then tilted his dick inside her. He started to take short thrusts inside her. Quick short jabs and she came like a hurricane. She was thrashing on the bed. I knew my wife, I knew she wasn't faking this orgasm. He continued to fuck her like that, she continued to come. He turned his upper body to face me and said.

"Hey chief, did you know your girl's a squirter? She soaking my balls with her juices, wanna see? Hahaha!"

He didn't have to tell me. I knew. I could see his balls, literally, dripping with her juices. Once her orgasms had subsided to tremors, he told her to get on her knees. She rolled over and lifted her ass to him. If he'd tried to stick his dick in her ass, I probably could've torn that room apart. Instead, he slid his dick back into her pussy. I could tell from the way he was positioned that he was leaning forward, playing with her tits. He kept fucking her like an animal. After a few minutes, he grabbed her hips and his rhythm increased. He started to fuck her harder and harder until he tensed up and held her hips against him. I could already see his cum dripping out of her pussy. He continued fucking her doggy style until they both collapsed. He then got up and started getting dressed. He tucked the gun back into the waistband of his pants. He rolled my wife over, whispered something in her ear, and gave her a gentle kiss, punched me again in the face, and left, I could hear him mumble outstide.

"Like I need his piece of shit Toyota, I got three BMWs."

I sat in the chair, staring at my wife, speechless. She was still on her back, a ghost of a smile on her lips. I'd been working on getting my hands free since the minute he'd turned his attention to my wife, and I had succeeded. I stood up, bolted the door, then went and stood by the bed. It was that kiss. That damn kiss at the end. It was that kiss that finally made everything click for me. She jumped when she heard my voice.

"That was pretty convincing."

She rolled over, and tried to keep playing me. "I had to honey, I had to do what he said, or he'd kill us both."

"Somehow, I don't think so."

I slapped her hard across the face. "How long?"

She looked at me tearfully, "How long what?"

"How long have you been planning this?" I slapped her again.

She held out for as long as she could, but I wouldn't let up. I kept slapping her, harder and harder until she just sat there and told me the whole story in a flat monotone. Six months before we'd met, she'd gone out with that guy. He'd been the best lover she'd ever had. The rougher he got with her, the more she'd wanted him. They'd gone out for seven months when one day, after another round of rough sex, he'd told her that he'd be leaving the next day. He said he was going to LA, a friend of his had a few connections and he might be able to help him get started with his acting career. He'd gotten a job acting in a soap opera, that's why he vaguely looked familiar to me, I must've seen his face on the cover of those Soap Opera Digest magazines dozens of times. She hadn't heard from him until two weeks ago. Somehow, he'd managed to track her down, said he was coming to visit and would like to get together with her. He'd told her that all those little LA sluts were too concerned with the auditions or the commercials they had to shoot the next day to get really rough, and he missed it. I made her tell me every sordid detail, she was so far gone, she didn't even question why I wanted to know in which hotel he was staying. After she finished telling me how she'd planned it all out, and everything else I wanted to know, I went into the bathroom with my cell phone. I called an old high school buddy of mine. He's 6'7", 300 lbs of pure muscle. We'd played football together throughout high school and he'd kept his physique. I remembered him telling me how he loved rough sex, but that because of his size, partners that could go the distance with him were few and far between. He also happened to be gay. I told him that I had a friend in town for the night, and that he was looking for a playmate, someone who'd let him stay in character the whole time and not stop, no matter what.. I told him which hotel, and what room, then I hung up and dialed another number, talked for a few minutes, then walked back into the bedroom.

I grabbed the bitch by her hair, then spun her around, made her get on her knees, in the same position he'd had her. Instead of entering her pussy though, I slammed my cock into her virgin ass. She'd told me many times how she wasn't into anal. That she'd never tried it and never would. That's just too damn bad. I was kind of sorry that she'd cum so much, her ass was a little wet when I entered her, that little wetness prevented me from doing what I really wanted to do. After what she'd done to me, I'd wanted to rip her open with that thrust. I continued to fuck her tight ass, not caring whether the wetness I was feeling was her pussy juices, blood, or shit. She screamed as I rammed myself repeatedly into her ass, gradually, they died away. What a shame. As I continued to fuck her, in a way that no one had ever fucked her, I started talking to her. I talked in rhythm to my fucking. I chided her, telling her that had she just been up front with me about it, I might have been all for it. It'd certainly turned me on enough. Then I told her that as soon as I was done, I was going to call the cops and we were going to report this. While I didn't really want this all over the news, I knew I had to do it, in case he decided to report what was probably already happening to him (which, come to think of it, was pretty much what was happening to my darling wife). The only thing he'd be charged with would be assault, anyway, since my wife was in on the whole rape thing, but it would make him look like a liar if he tried to file charges against my friend. I kept fucking her as I told her that if she tried to report me, I'd make bail fairly quickly, had, in fact, called another buddy of mine, a lawyer, just in case, and would then kill her. She'd stopped whimpering by that point, and I knew I didn't have to worry about that aspect of things. As I continued to fuck her ass, and continued talking, I started to feel my cum getting ready to shoot out, and as my cock finally got it's release, I could only yell out five words.


I got the divorce I wanted, it was finalized two weeks before what would have been our third anniversary. I got our daughter, the house, the cars, pretty much everything. My wife got the bare minimum of visitation rights. My friend had his fun that night, too. Left the other guy blubbering like a baby. At least, that's how the police found him when they arrested him for assault. He got a slap on the wrist for the few times he hit me, which was about what I expected. Last I heard, neither he nor my ex wife have any desire for rough sex anymore.

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