I heard him as he came into the room and closed the door behind him. I heard and felt it when he sat on the edge of the bed and got undressed. I felt him as he got in bed beside me and kissed my shoulder. He traced the rose tattoo on my shoulder with his fingers; the feel of his touch woke me up from my half-sleep state.

I rolled over onto my side so I was facing him and looked into his eyes, not saying anything. I just smiled and kissed him. I reached over and ran my hand through his hair, that color looked so good on him and I love the touch of the spiky hair and the way it felt to my hand.

He put his arm around my back and pulled me closer to him and into a kiss. I could feel his excitement growing as he pushed me onto my back on the bed and got on top of me. His hand traced my shoulder, and the other hand moved down do my breast where he stayed for a little while, rolling my nipple between his fingers. He moved down on me, making a line of kisses from my lips to my breast, where again he stopped for a minute. He started sucking on my left breast. I arched my back underneath him and moaned softly. He didn’t stay there long and continued down to my stomach where he flicked my navel ring around with his tongue, then went back up the other side of my body, and back to my lips where we kissed deeply for a few minutes, our tongues dancing with each other.

"Pauly," I whispered, "Fuck me." I kissed him again, "Now." He didn’t respond. I don’t think any guys need more incentive than that.

I arched my back as he entered me, a soft moan escaping both our lips. I closed my eyes, letting my sense of touch take over. He moved his hands up to rest on either side of my head, kissed my neck and started moving in and out of me. As he started gaining momentum I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was looking down at me. I smiled and giggled a little, the face he was making striking me as funny.

He grinned back at me and whispered, "Oh god I love you." My whole being melted beneath him.

"I… oh fuck. Oh yeah, I… I love you too…. god damn." I responded, digging my nails into his back. I moved my arms up to the headboard of the bed and wrapped my fists around two of the rails, so I wouldn’t scratch up his back completely.

He moved one hand from next to my head down on my waist, and then he slowed his pace. I don’t know how he could have managed it, the look on his face looked like he was on the verge of cumming. He slowed down almost to a stop, driving me absolutely crazy. I tried to change his pace, and found out why he moved his hand to my waist. We kissed, my tongue searching and aching for him. He changed up his pace again, slowly building up speed until I cried out, not able to take it anymore. He wasn’t done though, and kept right on going, sending me beyond ecstasy as another orgasm overtook my body. He finally came, thrusting himself as deep into me as he could, and issuing a guttural moan from his lips.

He collapsed on top of me and rubbed my shoulder lightly with his right hand. After a minute he rolled off me and I moved so I was lying on my stomach next to him, my head on his chest. I fell asleep right there, listening to his heartbeat.

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