Using Natalie

Using Natalie

Using Natalie

I pushed open the lounge door and flicked on the light. That`s when I saw her…… Natalie, my twin-brother`s ex-girlfriend. His ex after a big bust-up last weekend. What she was doing here was anyone`s guess. But here she was…….. flaked out on his sofa, a now empty bottle of cheap, supermarket wine still clutched in her hand. Obviously she`d drunk far too much of it and she`d simply crashed out on the sofa to sleep it off.

I took in the situation. Simon, my brother had been in the nightclub with me just an hour ago and, as 2am approached and the nightclub prepared to close, we`d departed. Simon had met a stunning blonde at the club and had left with her saying something about "getting to know her better". He`d tossed me the keys to his tiny little flat knowing that getting a taxi to take me home was nigh on impossible at that time of night. So I was going to kip at his place whilst he accompanied his new lady to her house. The last thing I expected to see was his ex-girlfriend sprawled out on his sofa. I didn`t even realise that she even had a key.

But here she was…….. drunk was an understatement. Lying on her belly, her short denim skirt hiked up round her waist, her tiny, red G-string doing nothing to hide her full ass-cheeks, her long, slender legs sheathed in dark stockings. And her high-heels still on her feet. The contents of her handbag strewn across the laminated wooden floor as though she`d struggled to find her mobile phone or something in her drunken haze.

I stepped across to the sofa, kneeling down to see if she was okay. She opened her eyes briefly. "Simon", she slurred, "I came over to pack a few of my things and then waited to talk to you. I found a bottle of wine in the fridge. I hope you don`t mind".

She thought I was Simon! Well……. we are twins and, although not identical, we do look very similar. And, after all, this is Simon`s flat. With that, together with her drunken stupor, I suppose she could be forgiven for making a error of identification.

"Simon", she went on, "I want to us to make up. I`m sorry about last weekend"

I didn`t answer. I knew that Simon had no intentions of getting back with Natalie but a wicked thought was developing in my mind. After all…….. she thought that I was Simon. And……. she might do *anything* to get back with him. ANYTHING!!

I sat beside her on Simon`s sofa and placed my hand on her exposed ass-cheeks. She sighed as my hand caressed her nakedness. She opened her thighs a little wider and I could see the outline of her pussy lips through the gossamer thin material of her panties.

"You do still love me, don`t you Simon?", she slurred, her eyes closed again now.

"Of course I do", I reassured her. I grinned. Was I the first bloke to lie through his teeth in order to get laid? Somehow I doubt it.

I turned towards her and gently pulled the gusset of her G-string to one side to see her pink slit. I wet the fingers of my other hand with my own saliva and gently touched her pussy lips. She murmured and lifted her hips slightly.

"That`s nice she whispered, "I`ve missed the way you touch me".

I laughed silently to myself, the thought going through my head that she can`t possibly have missed the way I touch here at all…… `because, up until then, I`d never touched her. Slowly I slid my index finger inside her. She purred and squeezed my finger with her pussy muscles as it slowly worked it`s way inside her.

She was drunk AND horny! A dangerous combination!

Sliding my hands up her hips I grasped the waistband of her tiny G-string and tugged them down her legs. She wriggled her hips a little to assist in their removal and, once they`d slipped over her high heels, I cast them aside on the sofa. As she once more opened her thighs wide, I went back to slowly and gently finger-fucking her tight pussy. She moaned with pleasure, thinking that once more she`d got her beloved Simon back.

Just briefly I stopped. Just long enough to slip out of my sweater and tug my trousers and boxers down. After all…… fingering her juicy snatch was good but…..


I grasped her wrist…… her arm limp and bade her turn over onto her back. She took a moment to grasp what `her Simon` wanted but after a moment or two`s hesitation she willingly rolled over. I helped guide her hips just where I wanted her. She got herself comfortable, spreading her thighs for me to slide deep inside. My cock was stiff and angry, waiting to plunge inside her drunk pussy.

"Take me…… take me, Simon. I`m yours", she offered. "I wanted you back so badly!"

And who was I to refuse a warm, wet, welcoming pussy?

I leant forward, raised her right leg high onto my shoulder…. my stiff cock nudging against her opening just once before sliding inside her pink sheath. Fucking HELL!! She was so fucking wet and sooooo tight!!

I didn`t employ any finesse. I just set a good, steady rhythm, plundering her wet cunt. I wanted to make sure I shot my spunk in her before she realised that I wasn`t Simon. So I just fucked her……. our bodies slapping together with each thrust. As I fucked her the silk of her stockings rubbed against me turning me on still further GOD! This felt good, her pussy muscles squeezing me as I hammered away at her pussy.

"I love you so much, Simon", she murmured as I buried my cock inside her. She looked at me with her soft brown eyes and I was sure she`d twig that I wasn`t Simon. But she didn`t…… and I just carried on ploughing her slopping wet cunt. Faster now…… my need becoming more urgent.

"We are still going steady aren`t we Simon", she suddenly blurted out, as I buried myself to the hilt in her warm snatch.

I had to stifle a laugh. My cock was slamming in`n`out of her hot slit. Faster now. Pistoning in and out of her soft folds. The very last word I would have used to describe our fucking was `steady`"! I thought that perhaps the words `steam train` or `jackhammer` might of suited the situation far better.

But discretion being the better part of valour I replied, "Of course, Natalie…… of course we are".

I felt my climax approaching fast. I didn`t bother trying to hold back. I didn`t bother to wait for her to reach her peak. I didn`t even know if I couldn`t bring her off and, quite frankly….. I didn`t care. I just fucked her harder……. my balls tightened and I flooded her cunt with my cum. Splashing fuck-juice deep inside the stupid bitch. Filling her…. my breathing harsh and heavy as I unloaded deep inside her.

I smiled wickedly to myself as I my waning cock slipped from her used pussy. I stood up and hurriedly began to get dressed once more. Yes…… Natalie certainly had a nice tight pussy.

"I do love you", she murmured…… the rest of her sentence was lost in her drunken incoherent babble then she dropped off to sleep.

I just left her there to sleep the alcohol off, , her skirt up round her midriff showing off her well-fucked pussy, my spunk trickling from her pink gash to dribble onto the sofa. A warm smile on her face as she dreamed that she`d got `her Simon` back.

I decided to walk home. It was a six mile walk…… but at least I wouldn`t have to explain to Natalie in the morning that `her Simon` hadn`t come home at all last night!!

Yes….. perhaps I`m a coward……..

……. but I aint bloody stupid!!

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