Vicky in the Pool

Vicky in the Pool

Vicky is a hot Asian sweetie that has a horny attitude. Because of that, my story is about how I get this slut to fuck me. Anyway, I had my eye on Vicky for a long while now; walking at school and swimming in the pool. She was medium sized; about 5’8’’ but she had a sweet ass and beautiful tits. She had the sort of ‘fuck me’ wiggle to her body when she walked and I have even seen her brush up against other guys to help her horny body cope. Well here is my true story on how she was fucked by me.

It was ten minutes before I had to get out of the pool and get changed. Vicky was the manager of the pool and she let me in time to time to have the pool to myself and workout. I was sitting in the hot tub, soaking up the last of the warm water when Vicky slid in beside me. She was wearing a two piece suit that really showed off her cleavage and her wet rounded ass that gave pleasure to my mind every time I saw it. I swam over to Vicky and sat right next to her, feeling her bare thigh through my bathing suit shorts. I really started to get an erection so I struck up a conversation. After our long talk about almost nothing, Vicky stood up to leave and accidentally brushed my erect cock. I stuttered, wondering what to say but I noticed that her eyes were burning fire behind them.

She slowly walked over to me with a sexy look in her eyes. “Oh Brad, do you find me attractive?” asked Vicky in an extremely sexy voice. I was really turned on by that point. “Fuck yes Vicky, ever since you came to this school I’ve been watching your ass wiggle down the halls. Fuck you’re hot!” I replied. “Well then,” said Vicky, “I think its time to stop looking and start touching.” I nodded, dumbfounded that she was saying this to my. I had no idea that Vicky had the hot’s for me. I looked around the pool, making sure that no one was watching.

I was still sitting on the edge of the hot tub seat. She wadded the rest of the way over to me and straddled my waist, her crotch touching my erect member. My dick gave a slight twinge. My dick was pressing against her bathing suit bottoms, feeling her pussy through the cloths. I imagined that I just pulled off her bathing suit and mine and then shoved my dick right up into her. “Ohh Brad, your dick must be rock hard because I can feel it. Do you want to finger me and get me wet so you can pound me?” asked Vicky. I almost came just because she said that; I’ve never had a girl say things like that to me! “Oh God yess Vicky, I want to fuck your pussy with my hand.”

I reached around her body, feeling her ass. I felt her tight Asian mounds and then felt her ass crack. I drew a finger all the way from the top of her ass crack top her pussy. As I rubbed her pussy, she twitched and groaned a little. I must turn Vicky on too! “My god Brad, stop torturing me and finger me already. Pull my bathing suit off and finger me as far up into my pussy as you can. I pulled back her bathing suit, revealing a shaved pussy. I slowly pulled Vicky’s bottoms off, her pussy lips were protruding a bit and ready for action. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this as I reached down and touched her pussy under the water. She groaned a little so I put my finger at the middle of her cunt and pushed up into her pussy. It was amazing; her walls gripped my finger and were wet and squishy. I kept pushing and pushing until my finger was all the way inside of Vicky’s hot pussy. When my finger stopped going in Vicky screamed “Ohhh fuck Brad that is nice, don’t stop, finger fuck my pussy.” I pulled my finger out and then pushed it back in, getting a loud groan for more from Vicky. I started fingering her faster and then adding more and more fingers inside her pussy until I had my entire hand inside. All I heard from Vicky was “Shit Brad, that’s sooo nice. Fuck my pussy, fuck it, harder harder. Yesss yesss FUCK ME.” I gave one last shove into her pussy going right to the back and bottoming out; that brought Vicky over the edge. “Ohh my god your hand is all the way inside of me. Yess I’m cumming Brad, I’m cumming to your hand. FUCK YES BRAD YESSS FUCK MEEEEEE.” Vicky was grinding her hips down onto my hand, trying to make her orgasm last.

I pulled my hand out of her pussy with a quiet slop. Her pussy was defiantly wet and ready for fucking. We got out of the pool and onto the deck. “Fuck Brad that was the best orgasm that I’ve ever had. Now my pussy is ready for a good hard fuck.” Vicky lay down on her back, her black hair all over the floor and her face. “All right Vicky, I’m not about to object to that” I replied. I took off my bathing suit shorts, my dick spring out to attention. Vicky took off her top, revealing her beautiful medium sized boobs. They were very firm and hard to the touch.

I got on top of her, giving her a very deep and long kiss. My tongue entered her mouth and hers in mine. We were exploring each others mouths when Vicky reached down and guided my dick to her pussy. She put it on her lips and then stopped kissing me. “Brad, Fuck me. Put that rock hard tool into my pussy and fuck my brains out!” screamed Vicky. I slowly pushed into Vicky’s small hot sexy Asian body. My head passed her pussy lips and into her pussy, feeling the walls close in on it. I kept pushing all the way in until my balls were against her asshole. “Ohhh my god Brad, I feel so full. Fuck me Brad, Fuck me hard!” groaned Vicky. I pulled out and shoved my dick back in, getting Vicky to scream my name. I got faster and faster, feeling the extremely hot tight slippery walls close in on my pussy.

I fucked Vicky for a couple minutes and then switched positions, her on top and me on the floor. She bounced up and down on my dick, watching it as it disappeared inside her pussy and then came back out on each bounce. I was trying to hold back my orgasm but gust looking at Vicky bouncing on my dick and screaming my name and fuck me would make any man cum. I grabbed onto her waist, forcing her cunt down harder onto my dick. Her hair was flying up and down and she had an extreme pleasure expression on her face. I could feel my cum bubbling up in my balls and said to Vicky “Im gonna cum!” Vicky pounded herself faster on my dick screaming, “Brad, I want to feel you cum all the way up inside my pussy. I want to feel the squirts hit the back of my snatch.” This just put me over the edge, “Im CUMMING VICKY, IM GOING TO FILL YOU WITH MY SPUNK!” I screamed. I gave one big shove with my dick and forced Vicky’s ass down on it as I shot my load all the way inside of Vicky. “OHHH BRAD I FEEL IT SQUIRTING UP INTO ME. ITS SOOOOO NICE. FUCK ME HARDER!!!!” replied Vicky, cumming with me. I kept squirting my cum until it subsided. Vicky bent down and kissed me hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth. She said, “Fuck me again Brad.”

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