Victor, Lisa And The Master

Victor, Lisa And The Master

Victor sat on the Saturday morning train north, reading his Victor Bruno novel. He was returning for his second visit to his Master. The first visit had been a great success and he was eagerly anticipating this weekend's activities. As he read he had noticed a girl, perhaps about 18 or 19, passing up and down the corridor to the buffet. She was about his height and had a dark page boy hairstyle, neatly shaved at the neck which was long and slender. She wore a white blouse and dark grey cardigan, neither of which disguised the fact that she had a well developed pair of firm breasts; a slim waist held up a pleated skirt ending just above her knee and she had on black tights. As she passed each time Victor was aware that she glanced at his book and then gave him an interested look, just holding his eye long enough to indicate she was interested before passing on along the aisle. The second time she had just let herself smile briefly and there had been a twinkle in her eye, Victor thought. At an intermediate stop, most people got out and Victor had the four seats round the table to himself. Not long afterwards the girl reappeared and seeing him sitting now by himself asked if she could join him. Now Victor was a shy young man, not particularly forward with the girls, but he was not going to turn this young minx away. He laid his book down and turned towards her as she sat herself down in the seat opposite him across the table. She smiled and said,

"I couldn't help noticing you were reading a Victor Bruno novel. Which one is it? "

As she said this, to Victor's embarrassment, she leaned across and picked it up. Seeing his uncertainty, she continued,

"You see, I have read quite a few of them as my brother has quite a collection. I really enjoy reading them though I got found out by my brother and he exacted due retribution if you get my meaning. Mind you I like those where the women have the whiphand too and my brother's crowd are great. There are blokes and girls and once my brother knew I was interested there was no end to the fun I could have."

She thumbed through the novel for a few moments obviously searching out well remembered favourite passages before addressing Victor again.

"Have you ever done anything like this for real? Got into the S&M scene, or the doms and subs?"

Victor had to make a quick decision. She seemed genuine enough and there was no doubt she was young and very attractive. Victor knew that compared to the bored housewife he had had sex with in the motel while her husband looked on, this young girl would be fresh and fun, no inhibitions and maybe she actually fancied him as well. But she knew he was interested enough in the scene to be reading a Victor Bruno novel, so there seemed little point in trying to pretend he was not into S&M. After all from what she had just said she seemed to be into it herself.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am into the scene. I was just getting myself into the mood as I am going north for a scene weekend with a friend of mine."

Her eyes lit up and her tongue licked her lips in an innocent but suggestive gesture as she leant forward towards Victor across the table.

"Tell me more, is your friend male or female? Are you dom or sub? Have you got all the gear?"

"Well," Victor started to reply, "my friend is male, actually, but both of us are really interested in trying to find females into the scene. You mustn't think I am not interested in girls. I am submissive though and I am into horse riding and fantasize about being dominated by young horsewomen. But we have not been able to get any female contacts who are willing to take part in our scene so we make do with each other. My Master is a lot older, and is dominant but he can enjoy being submissive also so we change roles from time to time. He has a lot of videos and computer stories and graphics. A weekend there is a lot of fun."

"Oh, you lucky person," she said, her eyes full of envy. " I am just coming north for an afternoon's Christmas shopping. I thought it would be fun to have a long ride on the train and return home this evening. But I could stay all weekend. I would just have to phone my brother, he would understand. Do you think your friend would mind if I gatecrashed your weekend? I would be very obedient if he was my Master too, and I could be very dominant over you and if he wanted over your friend. What do you think? I can phone him on my mobile."

Victor was beside himself. What could he say? It was like a dream come true and he was sure Master would not mind, in fact he would positively jump at it. He nodded enthusiastically and Lisa rang Master. Of course Master was delighted and the Christmas shopping was abandoned. He would pick up Victor and Lisa, for that was her name, at the station on their arrival in just under an hour's time.

At the station Master was waiting to meet them and Victor could see he was impressed as Lisa shyly introduced herself. On the short drive home Lisa again repeated for Master's sake a very sketchy outline of her experience in the scene. Master made it clear that the two of them were his slaves unless and until he let either of them play the dominant role. When they got to Master's flat he showed Victor into the spare bedroom and told him to get stripped, showered, then to put on his latex briefs, leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. Meantime he took Lisa away to the lounge. Victor did as he was told, his excitement rising, wondering about being dominated by Master in front of this teenager, and even dominated by her herself.

In the lounge, Master was getting to know Lisa, exploring how far she was prepared to go in any action before he put her through her paces too. When Victor was ready he brought him through to the lounge and put the leg-spreader on him and buckled his wrist cuffs to the side of his collar. He then invited Lisa to explore Victor's near naked body. She caressed his bare chest, playing with his small nipples, then more firmly felt his muscular back. She then knelt and caressed his legs from ankle to thigh while Victor stood, obviously aroused at this examination of his body. She then looked at Master, who nodded his approval, and she trailed her fingers up over the front of Victor's latex briefs, tickling his erection, as he gave a sharp intake of breath. She smiled and started to knead the front of his briefs more firmly before leaving him gasping. Master undid the spreader bar and took Victor back to the spare bedroom. He took Lisa through to the en suite shower off the main bedroom and left her to strip in turn and shower. He told her when she was finished to put back on her knickers and blouse but nothing else, and then to come out into the main bedroom. He then stripped himself and put on his leather briefs with the studded codpiece, his prick and balls through the small circular hole in the briefs and temporarily contained inside the codpiece. He then fetched Victor, brought him through to the master bedroom, laid him down on his back on the bed and fastened chains from the upper corners of the bed to his wrist cuffs, stretching his arms above shoulder level. He did the same with his ankle cuffs, leaving him spreadeagled.

Lisa came out of the en suite shower room when she was ready to see Victor lying there, defenceless and now blindfolded, his excitement again obvious in the firmness of his erection beneath his latex briefs. She had undone the bottom buttons on the front of her blouse and tied the two sides together in a simple knot, leaving her midriff bare. The upper buttons of her blouse were also undone and Master was in no doubt about the firmness of her breasts. Master took Lisa's hands behind her and fastened wrist cuffs to her wrists. These wrist cuffs had a chain holding them no more than a few inches apart. He also put a collar on her. She was not blindfolded and Master now moved in front of her and took her face in his hands, drawing her lips to his in a deep and passionate kiss. By so doing he was signalling to her his mastery over her. He let his hands move from her face down onto her shoulders and on down her arms, then held her slender naked waist firmly as he broke the kiss. She was blushing but he knew by the look in her eyes she was aroused and eager to progress the afternoon's proceedings.

Master picked up a small multi-thonged whip and started to trail it across Victor's chest as Lisa watched. Then suddenly, without Victor able to see what was happening, he raised it and brought it cracking down across the left side of his chest, biting the nipple, to be quickly followed by a similar crack across the other side of his chest. Other strokes followed, slightly lower, then Master let it trail over Victor's bare feet and up his thighs, avoiding his crotch for the moment. After teasing him, Master gave him several strokes across his thighs, then one surprise stroke laid vertically over his latex briefs and striking his erection. Victor gasped and Lisa moved involuntarily forward as if to get closer and see better. For several minutes, Master kept up the teasing and tormenting of the whip, before changing it for the riding crop. Victor lay there, spreadeagled, not knowing what would happen, till Master drew the business end from Victor's collar down the centre of his chest and firmly over his erection. He then prodded his crotch with it and inserted it beneath the latex at the crotch to tease Victor by running it up either side of his erect prick. Master then withdrew it and started administering hard strokes on Victor's inner thighs. A stroke across the front of his briefs then several over his nipples followed. Then Master laid down the crop and walked over to Lisa. He guided her to Victor's side and made her bend over so she could kiss and lick his red nipples. Victor sighed with pleasure as Master now picked up a small paddle and started to apply strokes to Lisa's thighs below her neat white knickers. As each stroke fell, Victor could both hear it and feel Lisa react as she sucked his nipples. Master then moved Lisa away and used the paddle on Victor's nipples again. He then made Lisa kneel between Victor's outstretched legs and lie forward, her hands still shackled behind her, so her full weight lay along Victor's body. She could feel his erect manhood pressing into her belly and he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest through the material of her blouse. As Lisa adjusted herself under Master's direction to kiss Victor full on the mouth Master pulled her knickers up tight to reveal most of her delightful buttock cheeks and again picked up the multi-tailed whip. This time it was Lisa who felt it and was excited by it, as Victor realised by the passion of her kissing him. The kiss of the whip visited her half naked bottom and the backs of her thighs and unrestrained as she was Master was pleased to see her lift her buttocks and spread her thighs in response, inviting the whip to crack down on her flesh. After a few minutes, Master helped her get up off Victor and resume her watching position as Master unshackled Victor and turned him over before again shackling him spreadeagled. He now removed the cuffs and shackles from Lisa's wrists and as he took up the riding crop, he handed Lisa the cat of nine tails. Master and Lisa stood side by side at the foot of the bed and as Master traced along Victor's thighs with the crop, Lisa let the long tails of the cat brush gently down Victor's back, causing his muscles to ripple sensuously. Master again prodded the latex covered crotch with the crop, poking Victor's balls, and running up his crease, before once more insinuating the crop beneath the latex and under Victor's body as he lifted his buttocks to allow Master to stroke his prick with the crop. Lisa smiled and increased the weight of her strokes of the cat on his back as Master withdrew the crop and started seriously to strike the tender inside upper thighs. Lisa now put the full power of her stroke into the cat which cracked down across his back, leaving long red lash marks. Master then changed to bring the crop across the soles of Victor's shackled feet to bring muffled groans from him. Then at Master's signal they both stopped and Master unshackled his feet. At a sign from him, Lisa stepped forward and slowly and carefully peeled off Victor's latex briefs, leaving his buttocks naked. He was then told to move his knees up so that his buttocks were up in the air, offered for punishment, his prick and balls dangling below. His knees were spread as far apart as they would go but no shackles were put on him this time. Master got Lisa to play with his prick and balls from in front of his thighs while he now laid on the multi-tailed whip across his naked buttocks. Victor was beside himself, with the delicious pain in his backside and the exquisite caresses of Lisa on his sexual organs. She was careful not to bring him near orgasm, of course, and after another few minutes, both Master and Lisa again left Victor's body. His prick was now long and very hard and his full balls dangled heavy in their sac. Master gave Lisa a condom which she placed on Victor's erect member, then Master took some thin leather cord and tied it around the base of the condom and Victor's prick, and around the top of his balls to separate them from his prick and maintain his erection. Master then put on a thin rubber glove and with some lubricant opened Victor's arsehole, before inserting a butt-plug. Victor moaned but the butt-plug sunk home and stayed, filling him and putting pressure on his prostate. Lisa was then manoeuvred into position on her back beneath Victor so that she could take his erection into her mouth and suck him, which she started to do with enthusiasm. Master stood between Lisa's spread thighs and started again with the cat of nine tails to lash Victor's back, following that with the multi-tailed whip on his buttocks as Victor fought the myriad of sensations on his body, the long lashes on his rippling back, the smarting on his clenched buttocks, the fullness of his arsehole and the delightful lips and tongue on his prick with Lisa's fingers on his stem and balls, willing him to come. From time to time Master moved the butt plug in and out of his arsehole, and Victor could feel his climax rising. Lisa increased the pace of her fingers and tongue as Master increased the severity of his whipping and suddenly Victor felt his spunk rise and shoot copiously into the condom in Lisa's mouth. Master could see this by the clenching of his buttock muscles and stopped the whipping but Lisa continued sucking until Victor was drained of every drop. As they unscrambled themselves and Victor had the butt plug, leather cord and condom removed before being unshackled he collapsed exhausted on the bed. But this was only the beginning of a busy weekend.

After a short break it was Lisa's turn to be shackled spreadeagled on the bed. She was blindfolded and her arms and legs were cuffed and held by the chains. Master had not done anything with her clothing so she still wore the blouse and knickers though the material of her knickers was pulled up tight into her crease and the chubby flesh of her buttock cheeks was clearly exposed. Victor was naked but unrestrained and stood to watch as Master started on Lisa. He took the small multi-tailed whip and let it trail over her knickers and down the crease, then down one long slender thigh and over her shapely calf to her ankles. Tickling the soles of each foot he then ran the fronds of the whip up the other leg to her plump buttock. Then without any warning he lifted the whip and brought it down with medium force on her smooth white flesh. Another quick flick of the wrist and a similar stroke fell on the other cheek. Two more followed, harder this time and Victor was amazed to see her arch her back and thrust her buttocks up towards the kisses of the whip, straining to push her legs further apart as she did so. The whip continued its trail, down over one thigh and calf then up the other, leaving red weals in its path. Then Master dropped the whip and picked up the crop. He insinuated it beneath the waistline of her blouse and ran it up the centre of her spine. She wriggled with sheer pleasure as the leather ran up and down the flesh of her back beneath the blouse. When he withdrew it he exchanged it for the tawse and proceeded to give her ten medium strokes square across the seat of her knickers. He then quickly eased down her knickers to the top of her outspread thighs and signalled Victor to cover her naked and now quite red flesh with his lips and tongue. As she wriggled under the soothing ministrations of Victor's licking Master undid her ankle shackles and slipped the knickers off altogether. He got Victor to stand clear, and undid her arms to free her. He then made her kneel on the middle of the bed, feet under her naked buttocks, legs spread, body upright, hands at her side. Master knelt behind her and held again her naked midriff below the tied blouse. He started to blow gently into her ear then kissed her neck as Victor looked on. Her breathing deepened and she was clearly enjoying herself. Master signalled to Victor to come and kneel at her side and indicated he should caress her thighs allowing him to go as far as her tender inner thigh but not to touch her sex lips, barely disguised under a wispy triangle of neatly trimmed black pubic down. As Victor enthusiastically got into this teasing of her ripe teenage body Master gently undid the ties that held the two sides of her blouse and opened it to reveal her firm round pomegranites, their nipples full, dark, and erect, surrounded by full aureoli. The blouse was slipped down and off her shoulders and she was naked. Master made no attempt to touch or caress her breasts but instead started to caress her bare back from her neck down her spine to the deep cleft of her full womanly buttocks. After a few moments he shifted his position slightly and eased the top half of her body back so that she was lying once again on the bed. Her calves were still beneath her thighs and her buttocks rested on her upturned feet, forcing her sex into prominent display, the lips parted, her clitoris now evident and engorged, drops of fluid starting to moisten her vaginal entrance. He took her wrists and again shackled them to the chains either side of the bed so she was held immobile by these and the weight and position of her own body. Her breasts were thrust into prominence on the top half of her body as her sex was below. She was still blindfolded and could not see that both her tormentors had full hard pricks, so sexy a picture she made.

Master now got Victor to kneel astride her, facing her head and with his erect prick lying in the cleavage between her breasts though he did not allow him to touch her breasts nor to move his prick between them. It was sufficient for her to sense that his prick lay there, pointing at her face, and for Victor it was a torment to be allowed such contact but no more. Lisa's ankle cuffs were removed and transferred to Victor's wrists and his arms were taken and his wrists shackled to her outspread wrists. He was slightly up on his knees so that his weight was not borne by her flat trim stomach and so that in leaning slightly forward his prick lay firmly along her breastbone. His naked buttocks hovered above her moist inviting pussy. Master picked up the cat of nine tails. He stood well back and even though Victor was not blindfolded he had closed his eyes and the whistle of the cat was instantaneously followed for him by the nine leather tails cutting across his bare back. He surged forward, his prick frictioning across Lisa's chest. Several more cuts followed and a drop of fluid appeared on the tip of his prick, showing how aroused he was. Master then let the tails gently tease down over the base of his spine, onto his buttocks and then in turn onto the exposed sex lips of the girl beneath him. She bucked and despite Victor half astride her, made a valiant effort to raise her hips, and spread her thighs even more obscenely, craving the touch. Her inner thigh muscles rippled with lust and Master rewarded her by trailing the cat over her sensitive inner thighs and over the moist vulva and prominent clitoris as she squirmed and wriggled with pleasure. He quickly swopped the cat for the short multi-tailed whip and changed his stroke from one of teasing to brisk strokes from one side and the other on her inner thighs, gradually creeping up towards her open sex before rewarding her with two hard strokes right down the centre of her sex crack. She squealed and leapt with joy, again frictioning Victor's prick, before Master pushed Victor down to kiss her on the lips. He then untied Victor and removed him from her body. Her upper torso was now unprotected and with a small tit-paddle Master started to warm up her breasts, starting with strokes from below on the firm underflesh, then from above over the top of each breast before concentrating on each of her splendid nipples. Then he changed the small paddle for the multi-tailed whip again and started teasing her, delighting at the way she arched her back to thrust her breasts up, begging for the touch of the whip. Master did not whip her breasts just yet, though, but started to her blindfold surprise with strokes across her midriff and belly. He then aimed several down onto her clitoris and sex lips before getting Victor on his knees again, this time to suck her pussy. Master then got the whip tails rotating fast with flicks of his wrist and brought them down until they were just in contact with Lisa's nipples, first on one breast then the other. Her nipples were now huge, and the twin sensations of Victor's lips and tongue on her clitoris and in her pussy, and the burning pain in her nipples, spreading over her ultra-sensitive breasts, was bringing her very near to orgasm. Master watched her reactions till he thought she was nearly there then he stopped and pushed Victor away from her soaking sex.

"Oh, no, please don't stop now, I'm almost cumming, please let me cum, I'll do anything for you, Master, I promise."

"Well, now, Lisa, I think we are ready to start your interrogation. I want to hear all about your adventures from the point your brother discovered you reading his Victor Bruno books. And just to show that we mean business, I am going to put some nipple clips on these gorgeous big nipples of yours. As your interrogation progresses we may think of other subtle tortures for you."

And so saying Master placed the clips on her large engorged nipples and she grimaced in pain. He gently pulled the little chain that joined the two clips together and her nipples were tautened pulling her breasts up as well. He handed the riding crop to Victor and indicated that the soft inner thighs should be his target as he lay alongside Lisa and playing gently with her chained nipples kissed her passionately on the mouth. When Master broke the kiss, he asked the first question.

"You said your brother exacted due retribution. What exactly happened?"

"Well, I was in his bedroom reading it and he had obviously come in very quietly as I hadn't heard him, nor did I expect him to be back home then. I had a loose top on and nothing underneath it and I only had my knickers on below the waist. I was reading it with one hand and the other hand had been inside my knickers but when he caught me it was inside my top, feeling my breasts and playing with my nipples which were quite large.. I knew it was a fair cop, So did he! I could see his eyes light up, both catching me but knowing what I was reading and obviously enjoying. He came over to sit beside me, and he let me keep on reading, but he took my hands out from under my top and I felt his hands slide up from my waist and take hold of my breasts. At 15, as I then was, nobody had ever seen or touched me bare, and here was my brother and he was driving me wild! He really worked me up and my nipples felt incredible and I knew I was damp down there too, but he started to ask me what excited me about the books and how many I'd read. When I answered about the girls being helpless at the hands of the men, and also about the women having men helpless in their control, he smiled a knowing smile and said he'd strike a bargain with me. If I agreed to let him take me along to his teenage gang and if I allowed myself to be initiated there into the gang, I could take part in the kind of things I'd read about and he would allow me to read all his books anyway. Without much hesitation I agreed."

Master then undid the clover clips on her nipples which brought a groan of anguish from the pretty teenager's lips as the metal parted from the tender flesh, and the nipples resumed their normal, though prominently erect shape. Victor stopped his cropping of her thighs, and Master started to gently massage her full breasts, tweaking her tender nipples, as he asked her to continue. Victor now just teasingly caressed her thighs with his bare hands.

"There were 16 members in all. There were both boys and girls in the club. The oldest was 18 and the youngest was 15. They had all, said their leader George, been through the initiation that I was about to experience. I wanted to be a member of the club more than anything. I was only 15 and despite my womanly body, I was very shy. Now, I stood alone outside the closed door to the basement of George's parent's house. I had just been 'interviewed' in front of all the members of the club and now I waited for their decision about whether or not I would be accepted. I had been told, in no uncertain terms, that if I was accepted I would have to go through the "Initiation". I hadn't been told what the initiation included but I had been told that I would probably find it embarrassing. If I wasn't willing to do the initiation, said George, then I could back down now. "No.", I had said, "I'll do whatever you say." Now I waited patiently wondering what would happen next. The door opened suddenly and I jumped at the sound. "Come in.", said Susan and I followed her into the room. My palms were moist. The other members of the group had moved their chairs into a semi circle around a low table about a foot high that had been placed in the middle of the room. Susan led me into the center of the room and had me stand on the table. George spoke to me first, "You have been accepted into the club Lisa, but first you must complete your initiation. Are you ready?" I nodded my head nervously. "Yes.", I said in a little-girl voice. George sat down and Valerie stood up beside me. She took a polaroid camera and took a shot of me standing on the table looking very nervous. She put down the camera and faced me. "Take off your shoes", she said clearly. I reached down and untied my Raeboks and then pulled them off. Valerie held out her hand and I gave her the running shoes. "The socks too Lisa", said Valerie and I pulled them off and handed them over. The table felt cool under my bare feet. It was strange to be standing there barefoot and I felt oddly embarrassed. Valerie moved to the side of the room and put the shoes and socks neatly on a table. She returned to the center and looked up at me again. "Give me your blouse now Lisa", she said. My eyes flew open. I felt a hot rush as a blush hit my cheeks. No one had ever seen my breasts and I was embarrassed that everyone would see my flimsy bra. I hesitated a moment longer before reaching up to undo the buttons on my blouse. My fingers trembled slightly as I did so. I removed the blouse carefully, making sure that a hand was always protecting my breasts. I was now wearing only a scanty bra that was almost see through. I watched as Valerie carefully folded the blouse and put it on the table beside my shoes. My skirt was next and I felt my face turn hot and red as the garment tumbled to the floor. My white cotton panties were also very high cut and very revealing and I kept telling myself that it was just like at the beach. Somehow that thought didn't seem of much comfort. "Clasp your hands behind your head", said George and I closed my eyes for a second as I did so. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Even worse, to my mortification, my nipples decided that now would be a good time to get hard and I could feel them start to stick out against the fabric of my bra. I could just feel the eyes of everyone watching me. I felt Valerie move up onto the table behind me and hold my wrists for a moment. Suddenly I felt my wrists being pulled upward. Valerie had attached leather cuffs to them and I was now helplessly attached to the rope that went to the ceiling. Valerie pulled up one strap of my bra and I watched as she cut it with scissors. The second strap was next and then, as I knew it would, the bra was undone and removed all together. My breasts sprang into view. I was close to tears I was so embarrassed. I saw everyone looking at them. I was proud of my breasts but I never thought that they would be put on display for everyone. My firm breasts were topped with very long pink nipples that were fat and right then, very hard and tingling. Valerie moved around to in front of me and put her hands up on my shoulders. I felt her cool soft hands slide down my front. They moved down over my taut breasts first and lingered there for a moment. I jumped slightly as Valerie pinched the tight nipples hard. Then Valerie stepped down and continued to glide her hands over my body. They slid down over my tight belly and as they came into contact with the panties I felt Valerie hook her fingers into them and the flimsy garment was slid smoothly all the way down my legs. I was now completely naked and Valerie now sat down. George stood up and took another Polaroid of me and then turned to face me. "Your initiation is just starting", he said, "You are now going to receive phase 2. Your bottom is about to be spanked with the initiation paddle and then we will continue. George picked up a ping pong paddle and moved around to behind me. I heard the whistle of air as the paddle swung toward me and then felt the searing pain of the paddle as it landed! It took my breath away and before I could even cry out, a second stroke landed. Each member of the group gave me 2 spanks making 32 in all. My bottom was on fire when it ended and there were tears on my cheeks. I felt my hands being untied and I thought that the initiation was over but I was only having my position changed. Now I was tied on my back on the table. My hands were tied to the top of the table and my feet were attached so that my legs were spread wide apart. I could feel everyone's gaze on my virginal pussy and I was mortified to feel that I was moist down there! In fact the whole stripping and spanking had been a turn on! Now Susan stood up. She knelt down between my legs and I looked down to see that she was clipping my pubic hair with small scissors. When the hair was cropped very close, Susan took out a small razor and started to shave. "Oh no!", I thought, but it was too late. In a few short minutes, my bush was completely removed. I was now just like a little girl. The juices on my pussy were now evident to everyone. Each member of the group got a chance to participate in my initiation. The next was a young boy who, to my horror lubricated my bottom and inserted a tiny plastic dildo. Two twin girls teased my nipples and attached silver pinching clips to them. The sensation was not very painful but it was an incredible turn on. One person began playing with my pussy and I began squirming my hips despite myself. I had often played with myself but nothing I had done had ever been like this. The hand at my pussy was covered in oil and I heard myself moan as it started playing with my clit. Whenever I felt I was close to coming, everyone would stop and I was soon pleading with them to giver me some relief. The teasing continued. Finally I looked up and promised I would do ANYTHING if only they would let me come. Valerie stood up again and I watched, fascinated, as in one motion, Valerie pulled her dress over her head leaving her completely naked. My eyes widened as I saw that Val's bush was shaved too! Valerie stood up on the table and before I knew what was happening, she was kneeling over me with her shaved pussy lips right in my face! "If you want relief", she said, "you'll have to lick me!" I didn't even hesitate. I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and Valerie lowered herself on it. Her taste was not unpleasant. It was a little salty and I kind of liked it. Valerie was soaking wet and she started to moan almost immediately. I felt the attentions of everyone else on my body start again and I licked harder. It didn't take long. Valerie's tummy started to tighten up and Val threw her head back as she started to come. I could feel my own body writhing in its bonds as I got closer and closer to a peak. All of a sudden the dildo in my bottom started moving in and out slowly as someone started to play with it. It was the final straw. I cried out and tugged at my bonds as my orgasm hit me. My hands curled into fists as I pulled with all of my might and I felt my tummy tie itself in a knot and I cried out again and again as I hit my peak. The stimulation of my over-excited body didn't stop and I felt myself have wave after wave of orgasm. Finally, it was over. I opened my eyes, exhausted. All around me were naked bodies. They were all hugging me and kissing me. The biggest smile of all was George's. "Welcome to the club", he said.”

With Victor's hands on her thighs and Master's on her breasts she was very excited and telling the story had really turned her on. Master decided to release her from this position and tie her face down on the bed. Her wrists were shackled at the top corners but he did not shackle her ankles to the bed but fixing the spreader bar to them to keep them well apart. He then made her walk her knees up the bed so her thighs were vertical and her buttocks were the highest part of her body. Her head and shoulders were on the bed but her back sloped up to her prominent backside and her full breasts hung beneath her. Between her outspread thighs the fig of her juicy cunt-lips was plainly evident to Master and Victor. She made an erotic and deliciously tempting sight, awaiting the next part of her ordeal at Master's hands. Blindfolded she could only guess what may now happen.

Master had kept her on the verge of orgasm for quite a while and he wasn't going to bring her to a climax just yet. He got the riding crop and as Victor watched, his prick at full attention, Master teased Lisa with the head of the crop, passing it firmly across her buttocks, brushing her moist pussy lips, letting it travel up beneath her naked body to jiggle her down-hanging breasts. Then he let it run up her back, watching her muscles ripple, seeing her trying to thrust her back and buttocks up to crave contact with the crop, straining to force her thighs even wider apart, obscenely exposing the fig of her sex, the lips puffed, open, the clitoris prominently erect, her juices flowing with her excitement. Then Master stood to one side, lifted the crop, and started to really warm up her teenage buttocks. She wriggled and squirmed but Master and Victor knew she was a true masochist and really enjoying herself. The crop was exchanged for the multi-tailed whip and her buttocks stung as Master let the leather fronds splay out over her reddening flesh. He spread the strokes from her bottom down her widely parted thighs, nipping at her tender sensitive inner thighs. Then again the whip was changed for the cat of nine tails and Master lashed it down across her long svelte back. By the time he was finished there was not a part of the back view of her naked body that had not felt the sting of the crop or whips. She was now ready for more erotic stimulation. Master got the vibrating ass dildo and after lubricating her anus he eased it fully into her and gave Victor the controls to start the vibrator pulsing inside her tender asshole. Then he got a condom, stripped himself completely, put on the condom, and got up on his knees behind Lisa. She was so well lubricated that his penis slipped easily into her spread vagina and she gasped as she realised that there were no more sex toys, this was the real thing. Master felt her vaginal muscles grip him and knew she was in her own way welcoming him inside her body. He started a steady rhythm fucking this gorgeous teenager, revelling in the way she thrust her red buttocks back at him, knowing his prickly pubic hair must scratch and irritate her sensitive buttock flesh, but knowing too that that was exactly what the fiery little vixen intended. Even as she was being screwed, she wished to lace the pleasure with pain in a delightful cocktail, literally! Victor looked on in increasing excitement, controlling the vibrator which was also arousing Lisa's sexual nerve centre. Master leant forward and reached beneath her, grasping her breasts, twisting and turning on the erect burgeoning nipples, and signalled Victor to put a condom on his own erect manhood. Victor did so and was delighted to be signalled to kneel at Lisa's head and turn her blindfolded face so that her lips could surround his erection and once she realised what was happening she eagerly started to pull Victor's penis into her mouth and he could feel the exquisite sensation of her tongue and cheeks frictioning against his mounting orgasm. She sucked and licked as Master thrust to and fro and in no time at all it was clear all three were inevitably heading for a fantastic orgasmic triple coming.

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