She glanced over at the gray man. She thought to herself that Washington, DC was a town full of gray men. He dressed like thousands of others, a gray suit with a red tie. They rode an elevator up to rooms at the Crystal City Marriott. When they arrived on the 10th floor, he waved her ahead of him.

The bellboy then proceeded to crash into her. A glass of water spilled drops of chilled water on her silk blouse.

"You idiot! Look at what you've done. If you have ruined this blouse, I will make sure that you get the sack. Of all…"

The gray man stepped past her and gave her a look. He was not surprised by the British accent. She turned on him next.

"What are you looking at?"

She was not ready for those startling blue eyes. "I'm looking at a woman being unkind for no good reason."

"No good reason." She tried to whirl and find the target once more. The bellboy had already used the distraction to enter the elevator. "This idiot may have ruined my silk blouse."

"So? Buy another. By definition, an accident is an accident. I'm sure he had no intention of hurting your precious blouse. I certainly don't think he would give up his job for that."

With the ringing of a bell, the elevator begins to descend. The bellboy made good his escape. The gray man also turned and walked to his room.

"So, what would you do?"

The gray man turned his head and paused. He said, "I would spank you and make you go apologize to that poor man."

With that said, he slipped into his room. He left her standing in the hallway and closed his door. Once alone, he laughed lightly to himself. That last comment was worth the look on her face.

An hour later, the man heard a light tapping at his door. Groaning, he got up from the bed and wondered who could be at the door. He was barefoot now, but still wore his gray suit pants and dress shirt. He switched off the TV and went to the door. Perhaps housekeeping wanted to offer up the towels they promised.

There she was, gray flannel skirt and white silk blouse. He was actually stunned into silence.

"May I come in?" she said rather breathlessly.

"Uhhhh. Sure," he said with a puzzled look. Brilliant conversationalist, he thought.

"I wanted to explain," she continued. "I was wrong. He really was not trying to harm me. I went downstairs and found him. I gave him a $20 tip. He said he understood. His manager heard us and offered to have the blouse professional cleaned. I said that wasn't necessary. I was sorry that I was so rude. I was more than happy with my stay."

As he followed her into the room, he couldn't help but wonder when she was going to come up for air. Finally, she stood by the end of the king bed and hung her head. He looked at her.

"Sir, I think you should spank me," she said in a soft voice.

"What?" he said.

"Sir, I should be spanked for yelling at that poor man."

There was a moment he couldn't seem to connect with what she said. He looked at the nice looking British woman before him and made up his mind.


He walked around the bed and turned off the light. He looked out the window at the view of the Potomac passing below and the lighted monuments across the way. He moved over to the bed and sat facing the window. He waited.

She slowly walked over. Reluctant. She started to lower herself over his knees.


"Sir?" she said.

"I'm right handed. You shall place your head to my left and your bottom to my right hand."

"Yes, sir." She recovered and walked slowly in front of him. He used the moment to glance at her from top to bottom.

"Sir, do you wish me to prepare first?"


She reached down and undid her skirt. She kicked off her flat shoes. She caught the skirt and lightly tossed to the chair in the corner. She had removed her pantyhose earlier. She then reached down to remove her panties. Although the lights were out, she knew he could see by the lights from the city. The panties joined the skirt on the chair.

She covered what she could and came to him. He looked away and she gratefully lowered herself over his lap. She tried to stay on her feet, but he moved her. She soon found her hands flat on the floor. Her toes could barely touch the ground. He bottom was up. She was helpless and apprehensive. She felt his hand on her bottom, a brief touch.


She started. She had forgotten how much being spanked stung. She had not been spanked in the last 25 years.


She stayed still. 18 more times his heavy hand fell on her bottom.

There was a moment of silence, a pause. Each spank seemed to go straight between her legs. She couldn't believe how impossibly horny she felt. She spread her legs a bit wider.

"Sir?" she couldn't believe that she spoke.


"Sir, thank you. Sir, I think you should levy additional punishment. I was very wrong to hurt that poor man."

There was another moment of silence while a decision was made.

"Your right. Get up now."

He helped her once more to her feet. He looked at her.

"Remove all your clothes."

She trembled slightly. Her hands went to the offending silk blouse. She unbuttoned the blouse and removed it. She did not hide. Her hands found the front clasp of her bra. Soon, the bra joined the pile. She watched as he stood. He pulled the coverlet off the bed. He pulled the other coverings back and left a sheet covered mattress. He retrieved the pillows. He stood up straight and removed his belt. At that moment, she understood what would happen.

He placed one pillow near the top of the bed. The other two pillows went to the center of the bed. She slowly approached the bed and crawled on. She looked over at him as he folded the belt in half. She settled her middle on the two pillows and made sure her red bottom was presented correctly.

"Sir? Why do I need the third pillow?"

"You may place your face into that third pillow. No use waking up the whole floor."

She placed her shoulders on the third pillow and lowered her head till her mouth was in the pillow. She lifted her head and looked at him standing by the bed with his belt in his hand.

"I'm ready, Sir."

As she lowered her head, he moved slightly closer to the bed. She closed her eyes. She heard the belt move through the air.

swwwwwwiiiiishhhhhh KRACK

The noise was incredible to her. The pain was worse. She cried into the pillow and felt the tears rolled down her face. The next 19 reduced her. She lost the will to resist. At the same time, she wanted to shove her own fingers deep inside her. Finally, silence took over the room. She slowly raised her head and looked over. She could see the bulge in his pant. Without a word, she rolled onto her back. She winced as her abused bottom touched the sheets.

She could see him silhouetted against the bright lights across the river. She propped her head up on the tear soaked pillow. She opened her legs as wide as possible. He stood perfectly still. Belt held forgotten in his hand. She slowly reached down between her legs. A finger found her clit while he watched.

"Sir, can I offer you a reward?"

She stopped.

He looked down at her, "Continue playing with your self."

With that, the belt was placed on the bed. She watched him with bright eyes while he unbuttoned his shirt. The t-shirt followed the white, dress shirt.

"Sir, may I stop." She could tell she would not last till he finished undressing.

"No. Continue. Cum for me before I take you. That's an order."

"Yes, Sir." Her hand worked furiously between her legs while she watched his pants and underpants came down.

Her back arched and she let out a loud moan. Her excited breathing and furious activity indicated that his orders were fulfilled. She closed her eyes and pressed her thighs together. She couldn't remember the last time she had such an orgasm.

The next moment she felt hands on her knees and her legs forced apart. She looked up at him and smiled. He guided his cock to her slit. He teased her clit with the head of his cock. She gave him a look of mock distress. He found the opening and started to enter her. Each stroke worked his cock slightly deeper in her pussy.

She watched him carefully. She felt his arms slip under her thighs. She felt him slowly lift her legs till her heels rested on his shoulder. He continued to stroke slowly in her. She so wanted him to take her fast and furious.

"Now, reach down between your legs. Play with your clit."

Her eyes opened wider, but she obeyed. Her hand stole down her stomach. Her other hand played with her breast. She watched as he slowly brought his legs together. Her finger found her clit.

He pounded his cock into her. Each time he thrust, he hit her bottom. The constant jolts of pain, the hard cock, and her finger on her clit sent her over the top. She had no idea. Her head twisted back and forth. The tightening of her orgasm started his orgasm. She felt him pump his seed into her. He didn't stop thrusting. He finally slowed and lowered her legs. He stayed inside of her.

He looked deep in her eyes. He slowly withdrew from her. He rolled over to his back and closed his eyes. He felt her roll over and into his side. He felt her nipples brush across his chest, but did not open his eyes. He felt her lips on his. He kissed back. He felt her settle into his shoulder.

"Thank you, Sir."

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