Wife's Reluctance/Acceptance!

Wife's Reluctance/Acceptance!

Wife’s Reluctance & Acceptance

I had been married for years before I developed a bi-interest, and my wife recently learned that I have developed a taste for cock. Without her knowing, I had had a few experiences sucking cock during the past few years, but I unfortunately always had to keep it secret and to myself. Upon learning of my bi-interest, she definitely was not supportive of this at first, but eventually accepted my fantasies and just recently decided to surprise me by hooking me up with one of her best girl friend Pam and her husband, Roger, who she knew were “swingers.” She didn’t necessarily approve of such a life style but at the same time, thought it would be nice for me. She would just not participate, that’s all!

My wife was never into anything real kinky. She just enjoyed straight-up sex, never did anal, and when she did “blow” me she never allowed me to cum in her mouth, etc. I had hinted and told her my fantasy towards three-ways, either MMF or MFF, but she was never interested.

Well, one night, we scheduled baby sitters and got together with Barbara
and Roger for an adult night together. I had thought this only meant "no kids", but turned out to be very pleasantly surprised at what happened. As soon as we were all alone, my wife told me that she understood my cock hunger and was willing to indulge me for one night only. After a nice diner out we ended up back at Roger and Barbara’s house. As arranged by my wife, I looked at Barbara and Roger and with little or no preliminaries they lead me to their bedroom……..

They started to undress and I finally started to believe this was for real. Barbara walked over to me, reached down, and freed my cock from my pants. Before I knew it, she was down on her knees sucking both my cock and her husband's cock. I was pretty nervous at first, but looked over toward my wife and saw that she was watching Barbara and she had her panties off, her legs spread, and was starting to finger her clit. I got rock hard and could feel my cock continue to swell in Barbara's warm, sweet mouth. I was hot and ready to do my thing even though I was enjoying the blow job immensely.

I couldn't wait any longer, I pulled away from Barbara, got down on my knees, and took Roger's cock in my mouth. It was semi-hard and looked to be about 7" but getting harder and bigger quickly. I licked his cock head and took as much as his shaft as was possible in my mouth. I had sucked cock a few times before, but this was the first time I had done it in front of my wife, or even with her knowledge for that matter. She must have enjoyed what she was witnessing, because she yelled at me to swallow or take as much of Roger’s cock in my mouth as possible.

I must have sucked and licked Roger’s cock for a few minutes or more until Barbara took his cock back and started sucking him again. After another minute Roger blew a load of warm creamy cum right into his wife's mouth. She lapped it up and started to lick his cock clean. I had never yet taken a load of cum in my mouth and I knew I had just missed my chance this time. So, I reached out for his cock and Barbara realized I wanted to share this moment and allowed me to licked the rest of his cum coated cock clean. While I was doing this, Barbara went back to work on my cock for a few minutes. Damn, she could suck cock. Eventually. Roger moved over and started sucking my cock too. I couldn't hold back any longer. I warned Roger, but he sucked my cock even harder as I launched a heavy load of fresh cum right down his throat, which he swallowed it all except what was oozing around the corners of his mouth.

By then, Roger's cock was fully hard at 8" and he began to fuck his wife. After a few minutes of hearing Barbara moan from her husband's thrusts, I got in front of her and she began to suck my cock again – – it was hard again very quickly. We kept that going for a while until Roger told me he wanted to see me fuck her. I looked over at my wife and she started working her pussy even harder with a dildo that Barbara had given to her. My wife’s face was a picture of lust as she moved that black dildo in and out of her wet pussy. As I entered Barbara's hot pussy and starting fucking her hard, Roger got down and licked her pussy and my balls while I fucked her. Once I started moaning a little, Barbara turned around, sat on her husband's cock and took mine back into her mouth. Within a few seconds, I let go of a load bigger than the first time and right into Barbara's sucking mouth, and she took it all.

I watched Barbara as she got to her feet and walked over to my wife Mary, who was still fucking herself with the dildo. Barbara leaned over, placed her hands on each side of her head and kissed my wife on the lips. I could tell my wife was resisting her but Barbara held her tight and was pushing some of my cum into Mary’s mouth. Some of the goo leaked out and was covering their faces as the “Frenched-kissed” each other. As the girls kissed each other savoring my cum, I reached out, took Roger's cock in my hand and sucked him again. I took his cock as deep as I could into my mouth, licked the head of his cock, and jacked him off with my hand as I sucked him. He started to squirm and I decided this was my time! Roger’s cock recoiled and pulsated at least 4 or 5 fresh squirts of cum right into my mouth. I gagged for a few seconds, but swallowed hard and took his sweet load down to my stomach. I looked over at Mary and our eyes met and she winked at me, licked her lips as to say she knew I was doing what I wanted to do and she was happy with it.

Just the feel of that hot creamy load in my mouth began to get my dick hard
again. Roger told me he wanted me to fuck him up the ass while he fucked Mary. I wasn't sure “if” Mary would go along with Roger’s wishes but Barbara pulled her toward the bed and told her to lie back and spread her legs. Barbara got to her knees and moved her head between Mary’s thighs and began to lick her pussy as the “guys” rested up for more play. Mary seemed to enjoy a woman licking her cunt for the first time and watched appreciatively as Barbara’s tongue worked wonders on her clit. Seeing that scene and the fact that they seemed to be enjoying it so much, got both Roger and me excited again and Roger told Barbara to move aside. It was Barbara who guided Roger’s beautiful 8" cock into my wife’s pussy and Mary was feeling another man’s cock in her cunt for the first time since her marriage to me. Roger is certainly bigger and thicker than me and Mary was moaning with pleasure at the difference. The smile on her face was pure and I think she realized what she had been missing by not playing with another couple or another man occasionally.

Barbara positioned herself up on the bed and straddled Mary’s head and lowered her wet cunt down on her face and told her to lick her pussy as she had licked hers. I watched as Mary’s tongue probed the tender flesh of Barbara’s gash and then disappear between the lips of her pussy. She was eating pussy and getting fucked as never before and was soon in the throws of a massive orgasm. Roger too was getting close and it looked as though Barbara was on the edge of a cum as well. I told Barbara to move off and for Roger to roll over and bring Mary with him so that he was on the bottom and Mary on top but to keep on fucking her. After they did as I suggested, Mary was humping Roger like a jockey riding horse and I slipped up behind Mary and inserted my cock gently against her asshole. She tensed and I told her to just relax and enjoy the moment. I pushed against her sphincter and eased slowly and gently into ass. I could feel Roger’;s cock moving in and out, just a thin membrane between us and soon we were both pumping in alternate tempo deep in Mary’s cunt and ass. Mary was double fucked! It was a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic feeling and Roger and I busted our “nut” about the same time, filling Mary with a double load of hot cum.

We all lay on the bed, breathing heavily, sighing, laughing, caressing, and touching each other and talking about all of the feelings we had just experienced. It was a special moment and I knew Mary wold never be, or feel, the same again! She had crossed the line about sex and only time would tell what was to be in the months to follow. I think she was more comfortable about my craving for cock and in fact, had enjoyed seeing me suck Roger off and swallow his load right in front of her. I know I enjoyed seeing her lick a pussy, who wouldn’t!

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