Wrong Team

Wrong Team

I was on my way to pick my son up from his little league game, just after I’d finished work at the office, when I got stuck in a traffic jam. I must have been waiting for about five minutes before I got frustrated and tried to get off the main road at the earliest opportunity. My son’s school was using a different field this day, and I wasn’t really sure where it was. I guess I should have stayed on the main road because I was soon really lost and had no idea where the hell I was.

After driving around for a bit I finally found a playing field, and I drove up to take a closer look. It seemed as if a game has just finished, there were a whole bunch of people getting in cars and driving off….maybe too many for a school game, but the field didn’t look too busy. I asked a guy where the players were. He looked at me a bit strangely and said I’d missed the game but if I still wanted to talk to the other team, they were loitering in the shower rooms.

The shower rooms were in a long concrete building on the other side of the field. As I went in, I noticed cans of drink and rubbish all over the field and I heard some adults having a heated discussion inside. Going into the shower rooms, I had to go around a corner to the main room where all the benches and lockers were.

I knew instantly when I went inside that I’d picked the wrong field, since there was a bunch of adult players, a coach and some other guys in there looking pretty pissed off about something. There were about fifteen or twenty guys in there, some in their team uniforms, some in towels, and others completely naked. When I was coming in I could hear them telling each other about how the local crowd was so rude, but it didn’t matter, because they’d kicked their asses anyway. They all went silent when they saw me.

“Who the hell are you?” One of them said.

“Ahhh….I think I came into the wrong place…”

“Are you a local?”

“Umm, yeah, I think so…”

Shit, lady, then you definitely came in the wrong place”.

They started bitching at me like I’d never been spoken to before. I tried to tell them that I’d just made a mistake, but my voice was drowned out by all the guys yelling and swearing. They’d won the game, but the local crowd had thrown their rubbish and sworn at them. They swore they’d never been so disrespected, and wanted me to apologise.

I tried to tell them that I knew nothing about it, but they just weren’t listening. I finally got sick of all their swearing and nasty looks so I tried to leave. One of them grabbed my arm and told me, “No fuckin’ way, bitch! Not without an apology!”

They started crowding around me, grabbing my arms and shoving me by the shoulders. I started to call for help but one of them put his hand over my mouth. Someone said, “Let’s fuckin’ do her boys” and then the guys started tugging at my skirt. Before I knew it, my skirt and panties were around my knees. I felt there strong hands all over my ass, and some feeling my pussy. When my mouth was free, I tried to tell them no again, but they just started passing me around. Most of them started to kiss me, putting their tongues in my mouth, and feeling my breasts through my blouse. They hiked my shirt and bra up so my tits were exposed, though they left my suit jacket on. I could feel their dicks getting hard as rocks as they kissed me, rubbing their cocks against my crotch and belly.

Before I knew it, most of the guys had their clothes off and they were forcing me down to my knees. I was about to beg them to stop, but one of the players shoved his throbbing dick in my face. It felt so warm as it brushed up against my cheek, and then he got it into my mouth. “Fuckin’ suck it, bitch!” the guy said.

They had my hands on their cocks, making me jack away, and my face was crowded with dick. They called me all sorts of names, insulted me, made me suck their balls or put two cocks in my mouth at once. This was getting way out of hand. I tried to tell them I was married and I didn’t want them to do this, so one of them got down behind me and shoved his cock right up my pussy. I’d never felt a cock so big, and I hadn’t realized I’d gotten so wet, but his dick slid into with ease. It felt fucking fantastic.

He grabbed my ass and started thrusting away, while the rest of them still kept cramming their cocks in my face.

One of them lay down on a bench and told the others to “get the cunt up here”. His friends pulled me up over him and the guy rammed his shaft right up my pussy. I was lying on top of him, my pussy wetter than it had ever been, and the guys started putting their dicks in my mouth again. I felt one of them spread my ass, and then he thrust his cock right into it. I’d never been fucked in the ass before and here were all of my holes being filled at once. I was cumming so much I was shaking allover. I felt humiliated and didn’t want to like it, but I know my pussy and ass really did. My husband’s dick was much smaller than all these guys. They were really giving my holes a punishment.

They flipped me over so the guy on the bottom could fuck my ass, and then the others took turns fucking my pussy. They didn’t have their cocks in my mouth anymore, so I was telling them to stop. But even as I was begging them to stop, I noticed I had a hand rubbing the guy’s ass who was fucking my pussy, and I was gyrating my hips back forth, grinding their massive cocks into my holes. The feeling of being totally filled was amazing. I had never cummed so many times, and deep down I just wanted them fuck me for hours. None of them had cum yet, they just kept tag teaming me and calling me all sorts of names.

One the guys withdraw from my pussy just before I was about to cum again, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him “stick your fucking cock back in there and make me cum, you mother fucker”. That was too much for him, they all started cheering and calling me a “fucking whore”, while this guy shoved his cock back in. I grabbed his ass as hard as a I could and got him in as deep as he could go. I felt the two dick rubbing away inside me, and then the guy came. His hot cum filled me up, and the feeling of it set me off to a mind-blowing orgasm.

One after the other, they started ramming their dicks in and fucking away, this time not finishing until they’d shot their loads. After about the eighth load, the guy fucking my ass rammed his dick in my pussy and was soon joined by another. I couldn’t believe it! Two rock hard cocks were thrusting away in cum-soaked pussy at once! They were joking about how they were getting me pregnant. When I could tell they were both gonna cum I told them “oh, yeah, knock me up”, and they flooded my cunt with jizz.

After that, I slid to the floor, too exhausted to take much more fucking. The other guys crowded around me again and started jacking off, shooting their loads on my face. By the time they were done, I’d had about twenty loads shot up my pussy or on my face.

I thought it was all over, so I started to slowly pull my blouse down. Just as I was ready to get off my knees, I was hit square in the face by a blast of hot piss. One of the guys was pissing right into my face, making sure he sprayed me all over. Before he was done, two other guys joined in, dousing me in their steamy piss. I felt another stream running up and down my back and soon they were all crowding around me to soak me in urine.

“Open your mouth, bitch!” One guy demanded. I opened my mouth more to get my breath than anything, but straight away he and another guy were filling my mouth with their salty streams. As one would empty their bladder on me, another one or two would come and take his place. They were washing all that cum right off me, and I my clothes were hanging wet on me.

So much started to hang my blouse and jacket off, and the piss was glistening off my tits. I’d never felt so humiliated in my life, but I couldn’t get enough of their piss. It was so nice and hot, like taking a shower.

By the time they had all emptied their bladders over me, I was absolutely soaked. My hair was matted down with piss, and my clothes were completely drenched. The musky odour of their urine was all over me. All around me on the floor was a huge puddle of piss which I was sitting in.

One of the guys pushed my head down to the ground and told me to “drink some, you whore!”. With my lips submerged in urine, I started drinking some up. The piss was warm and salty, and I felt like a complete slut taking it in my mouth. The first mouthful was the toughest, but then it got easier. I must’ve drunk about a litre of it, before I just lay down in the piss and sighed.

Soon enough, the guys left with their stuff, joking about what a fucking whore and a piss slut I was. I lay their for a little while, running my fingers over my urine soaked tits, though eventually I had to leave. One thing I wondered….how was I gonna pick my son up from his little league game

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