Your Trip – (For Women)

Your Trip – (For Women)

"God what to pack?" You ware in a muddle, as you looked at all your clothes, You were so excited as you were finally going to take a trip to England and meet up with me.

I am 20, and live in Barnsley a small town in Yorkshire, near the North of England. You had to look at all sorts of maps but finally found me. We had met on the web on a site that you put your picture and rated others on how sexy you thought they were, you had seen my pic on there and instantly hit 'contact me'

I had looked at your picture and instantly hit it too, you were very attractive and there was no way I wasn't going to click back to you and rate you a perfect 10

Finally we began to send e-mails to each other and then both having Yahoo messenger we began to use that to instant chat both of us saying how attractive we though the other was and getting to know each other

It all escalated one day when I came online and you were on a web cam, it all started innocently enough, all you were doing was laid typing but as the conversation went on things went further, you lifted your shirt and showed your breasts covered by a cream coloured bra, flashing me and making me very excited to see the magnificent breasts you had been concealing from my view for so long.

We carried on talking and soon you were rubbing your breasts with me watching, the top pulled up as you pulled back the bra and played with what was under it. My eyes were glued to the screen as I watched you, I started to write thing to you, how sexy you are, how much I loved your breasts things like that and you began to moan a little as your fingers rubbed your breasts, reading what I was saying to you. Things went further and you pulled your top off and finally off came the bra too, your naked breasts looking like perfect orbs of flesh to my hungry eyes, my cock hard as I watched your fingers play with the hard nipples, then you told me to tell you what he'd do.

I started to say how I'd lick the nipples, my hands rubbing your breasts as my tongue worked over the hard nubs, slowly working down towards your pussy my fingers would touch your clit and rub it a little as my lips continued to suck and play with the nipples, pulling with my teeth lightly and gently.

You moaned as you pulled your bare breasts, licking your fingers you used them on your nipples, My cock was so hard and throbbing as I watched you, my free hand the one not used to type with was wrapped around it stroking it up and down the shaft as I watched you and imagined I was there where I wanted to be, with you right then.

I went on watching and describing what I would do, how my fingers would slide into your pussy and back out, my thumb rubbing your clit as I fingered your pussy, my lips still sucking before I moved up and kissed your lips, my tongue moving into your mouth as we kissed hard.

You moaned your approval and rubbed your breasts harder as you read what I wrote and imagined me doing it, your pussy getting wet as I told you how my cock would be rubbing on your skin, moving it to your clit I'd rub the head against it before sinking the head inside your tight hole, kissing your lips still before moving back to your breasts sucking the nipples again as my cock would slide into your pussy the full depth, my pelvis hitting your clit as I thrust hard in and out of your tight hole, my cock throbbing as I did so.

I was rubbing my cock as I watched you play with your breasts, my cock was throbbing as my hand ran its length, in my mind it was your pussy not my hand and it was my mouth on your breasts not your hands.

You had your eyes closed as you imagined me with you, you opened them to see what I had wrote next, how my cock was buried deep inside you thrusting hard as I kissed your breasts and sucked the nipples, my hands squeezing your breasts as I did it, my tongue flicking your breasts as my cock slid in deeply and back out again.

You felt your pussy getting wet as you got more and more turned on as you rubbed your breasts and read what I would be doing to you, I myself watching was rubbing my cock hard and fast, I was so turned on by how sexy you were, and what you were doing was the thing of my dreams, my hand was a blur as I rubbed my cock watching you and typing with the other, all the things I'd like to do to you just then.

That was when you had decided you had to take a trip to see me, you were so turned on by me that day and was so very disappointed when you had to go and stop doing what we were doing.

It was a few weeks later when you told work you was having a week off holiday time, you'd asked me if I'd like to meet up with you of course I said yes, I wasn't going to say not to a sexy woman like you, not one I really liked

You had bought your tickets and things were set, now all you had to do was decide what to pack, a week of being in England, a week to see me for real in the flesh, you couldn't wait to get on the plane.

Finally the day arrived and you took your suit case to the airport, this was it you were going to come see me for real, not just on a web cam or in an instant message picture, but in the flesh and we had a week to stay and do all the things you had wanted to for so long.

Arriving in England, you woke on the plane; you had fallen asleep on route and had been dreaming about what would happen when you saw me for real, you felt a little moisture in your panties, you must been thinking of me in your sleep or more to the point what we would be doing when you arrived at the hotel with me.

Getting off the plane you could feel the moisture in your panties grow as you thought about me, pulling your luggage off the conveyor belt you made your way to get a taxi and meet up with me for the first time.

I watched every taxi go past my heart beat up as I wondered when you would arrive; we were going to stay at a hotel near my home, one called Ardsley House Hotel I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity when I saw a taxi pull up and the door open.

You stepped out of the back and I saw the smile I had loved so much in your pictures, quickly we hugged and our tongues met, my hands wrapped around your tummy as I pulled your body against mine, your hands going to my face you held me close as our kiss continued and my hand moved down and rubbed your ass through your pants squeezing the cheeks as you giggled into my mouth as we kissed harder, the taxi driver watching as this older woman and younger guy kissed like nothing he'd ever seen.

You and I were oblivious to what was happening around us, all we could concentrate on was each other as we kissed and my hands rubbed your ass cheeks and pulled you closer to my body, my hard cock a bulge in my pants as I felt your body hit against mine, our lips still pushed together and tongue exploring each other mouths as we did.

The kiss was finally broken when the driver coughed and we realised we had an audience, I smiled as you grabbed your cases and paid the driver, I took them off you as we went into the hotel smiling all the way as we looked at each other and knew the first thing that was gonna happen was straight to bed.

Signing in I had his hands on your ass again, the person on reception could not see it but you could feel my hand slipping down into your pants and panties rubbing your bare, naked cheeks close to your asshole, you smiled and tried your hardest not to giggle as you felt my hands on your naked skin rubbing close to your little ring.

My fingers rubbed into your skin and you gave a little moan hoping the receptionist didn't notice, by the way she looked at you she had heard something, you just smiled and blushed a little as you were given the keys to a room and felt my hand move out of your panties giving one final squeeze of your asscheeks and rub up them as I moved them out.

"You creep" you said laughing as we were in the hotel room before kissing me deeply, my arms wrapped around your stomach and my hands going down to your ass, pulling you closer to my body as your arms went around my neck, our tongue invading one another mouths again, slowly I pushed you back onto on to the bed getting pulled with you so I was laid on top, your legs opened with me nestled nicely in-between them, my crotch pushed up against yours, You could feel the dampness in your panties as you felt my cock begin to bulge.

You moan as I kiss your neck and slide down your body a little reaching up to pull your top off you help me get it over your head before I lean down and suck your nipples properly for the first time, my hands squeezing them I act out what we had written to each other the night you first showed me your naked breasts on web cam, my tongue flicking the hard nubs before my teeth take over and I bite them slowly pulling each in turn before my lips suck again and I kiss around the sensitive area's.

You hands go through my hair and you moaned out as I slowly lick down to your tummy and around your belly button flicking it as I move back up to your breasts teasing you knowing what you want but making you wait for it, my hand slowly slips down your body from your breasts and into your pants and panties slowly sliding my fingers over your clit I bite the left nipple

My fingers rub over the hard clit and I feel you shudder as you get wetter and wetter, my fingers sliding down I let one slip into your pussy but make sure to keep my thumb on your clit still pressing and rubbing on it making your moan and arch your back a little as my fingers press in deeper, I smile as I lick and suck your nipples, my lips being gentle to start with then sucking harder before letting up

I feel your hands on my head pushing a little wanting me to go lower but I don't I just smile and rub the fingers in your pussy deeper until they are fully inside you, once there I pull them ever so slowly back and then once only the tips are in they are pushed deep again, my thumb all the time teasing your clit,

I continue to do it for what seems like hours but its only minuets really, slowly as your moans become louder and you start to push your hips to meet me I remove my hand and bring it up to your breasts rubbing the fluid form your dripping pussy onto the nipples before I look at you and smile, my tongue flicking it off of the hard nubs and I get my first test of your sweet juice

My lips enclose on your nipple and I suck off the beautiful juice, savouring its smell and flavour as my eyes look into yours a dreamy look coming back at me as my hands run down your body and I begin to pull your pants and panties down your legs, you help me lifting your ass off the bed so I can get them down and as you settle back down you are naked with me over your body.

I smile and begin to lift my t-shirt over my head you grab it and pull it off as I move down your body, my face just over your dripping wet, hot pussy as the t-shirt is fully off me and I immediately push my tongue against your hard clit, the tip touching it first before I pull the whole wet organ over it, you moan out to me as I do it again and move lower until my tongue is art the warm entrance of your pussy, but I stop and tease you more first.

With my tongue just millimetres away I slowly lick the lips of your pink pussy, not very hard just enough so you can feel the wetness of my tongue on them, I hear you moan and your legs close on my shoulders you begging me to lick you now, but I don't, I slowly continue to tease your pussy by only licking the lips to it, I rub my nose against your clit and get a smell of your arousal, wanting to just fuck you hard I resist and carry on teasing, knowing you will thank me later even if now you are frustrated by what I am doing.

Your hands go to my hair again as you run them though I slip my tongue a little into your pussy, opening the lips as it slips past I use a finger to rub your clit hard as my tongue presses ever deeper into your pussy, flicking at the inner walls at it goes, touching every nerve ending inside as you moan loudly for me to lick you hard, I smile to myself as I rub my tongue around the inside of your beautiful pussy, the juice washing into my mouth as I swallow every bit and go back for more, my tongue begins to thrust back and forth in and out of you as I feel your hands grab my head and your back arch in pleasure

"Play with your nipple for me as I lick you" I say before pressing my tongue back into your pussy licking every bit I can get my tongue to as you moaned your approval and began to pull your nipples with both hands, squeezing your breasts as you feel an orgasm rise from my licking, your nipples are hard and you pull them to get them harder, all the time wanting this orgasm to wash over you faster, your mind telling you this will be it but it never comes soon enough for you.

I rub my tongue deeply into you once more and flick your clit with my finger, the heat and tightness on my tongue rising as you prepare for a massive orgasm, I smile as I get more juice to swallow and gasp as you arch high and push your hips forwards my mouth suddenly overflowing with your juice as your orgasm explodes, you pull your sensitive nipples hard and twist them as you loose control my hands holding your ass giving you support as I lick continually through your orgasm until you finally come down from it.

Slowly and steadily I reach down and begin to pull my pants down and kick them off, both of us now naked you all flushed from your orgasm I kiss back up your body, lingering on your breasts again as you moan and I see a hand go down to your pussy rubbing your clit again but I stop you, kissing up your neck I whisper in your ear that you have to wait

You smile and bring your hand back as I lick your ear and get between your legs again, my cock rubbing up against your thigh close to your pussy I smile and run myself up against your skin, my body on yours I press my chest again your beautiful breasts, your nipples rubbing on me as my cock moves closer to your pussy.

"Put me inside you" I moan as I kiss you, I feel your hand run down my side and under me grabbing my cock you moan and rub it a little up and down with your hand, feeling every inch form the tip down to my balls you slowly move it towards your pussy and rest the head inside, moving your hands back to my ass you squeeze the cheeks and kiss me back breathing heavy as I begin to slide my hard cock into you for the first time, you are so wet it easy for my cock to enter.

I sink my cock deeply into you; the head pressing against your walls as it slides into you, the heat overwhelming, as is the tightness as my hips press forwards and the inches slowly disappear inside your sexy body

You grip my neck kissing me and pulling my body to yours as I press the last inches of my cock into you, resting it there I let it pulse and you moaned to me as you felt it too, the soft throbbing of the flesh that's pushed inside your tight pussy, the wetness washing over it as I slowly pull my hips back the cock moving out of you with a deep moan from us both

I don't leave it out for long, quickly I feel your hands on my asscheeks try to push my hips forwards, I oblige and thrust hard into you with my cock, my pelvic bone hitting your clit making you scream out in pleasure as my throbbing cock invades you deep again, hitting hard as the last bit forces its way in and you wrap your legs around my back holding me as I begin to thrust in an even pace and depth.

You moan and call my name while screaming as I thrust hard into you, my cock throbbing still inside you as I lean down and kiss your lips hard, my tongue in your mouth wrestling with yours as your arms wrap around my neck and hold me against you, I feel your breasts pushed up against my chest and use my hands to play with them, squeezing and playing with the hard nipples making you groan into my mouth and gasp as my cock slows down its hard thrusts and just sits in your warm hole pulsing

I rotate my hips a little as you do to get my cock to move inside you, the kiss stops and you look up at me begging with your eyes to fuck you hard but I just smile and kiss you again, I feel your legs move down my back and on my ass, pulling me into you I smile and pull my hips back before thrusting my cock deep into you again, I feel your muscles tighten around my cock as you arch up and pull my cock into you as an orgasm washes over your body, the heat riding inside your pussy and the tightness like nothing my cock has felt before, I moan as I feel the juice wash over my cock and start to thrust into you despite the tightness

You moan and scream so loud I think the whole hotel will hear us but we don't care, I thrust hard into you as your orgasm begins to subside and that provides you with enough to start again, hitting against your sensitive clit does it for you and you pull me against you as I thrust deep

You moan out to fuck you harder as I push my cock deep into you and try to make my hips move faster, my cock getting sensitive as I do and as I get closer to orgasm myself, the sweat on our bodies showing just how turned on and active we are as my cock pushes deep and pulls back, your hips thrusting forwards to meet me and get me in as far as possible, your legs holding me against you as I say I'm so close to Cumming

"Do it" you moan out hard "Fill me with your hot cum!"

I moan and fuck you hard with my thick cock, hitting as deep as it will go as you clutch me against your body leaving only my hips to move, I keep thrusting my cock getting ever more sensitive as I feel the heat and wetness in your pussy clutch onto the skin, not wanting to let go but I thrust harder and harder, the tell tale feeling hitting me as I gasp out and arch my back my cock pressed deeply in to your tight pussy as my balls tighten and a torrent of cum shoots up and squirts out into you, filling your pussy as you gasp and moan

"Oh god!" you moan as more of my cum shoots out into you, washing over the walls of your pussy your legs still gripping me tightly against your body my chest pressed up against your breasts as the last few drops of my thick white cum leak into you, our breathing heavy as I lay on your body and you kiss me deeply before I move to the die of you and a trace of my cum leaks out of your pussy, and down towards your ass, you smile and giggle before scooping it up and licking it off your fingers

I watch and my cock gets a little hard again as I see you lick the thick liquid off your fingers your tongue wiping over them before you put each in turn into your mouth and suck it pulling it out of your mouth you moan and look at me with a smile before seeing my glistening cock, getting down on the bed you lick the underside and hold it in your hands before putting the head into your mouth and sucking my cock clean, licking it and sucking making sure not to miss a single spot, you swallow every bit you get off me and moan as you rub my cock with your hands as you concentrate on the head, I reach down and rub my hands into your hair as you lick and suck my hard cock

When finished you smile and move back up the bed resting against my body both of us naked as we take a rest and just look at each other, knowing we have a whole week to enjoy ourselves.

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