A Little Romance

A Little Romance

Ali smiled as she felt Jason's lips on the back of her neck. It was their one year anniversary and Jason had set out candles and put red rose petals on the soft silk purple sheets. Ali was a virgin and had never been with anyone before, Jason was actually her first real boyfriend. Ali was 18 and Jason was 21, he was much more experience in sexual matters but he was kind enough to wait until she was ready. Ali figured she was 18 and it was time to give up her innocence and there wasnt anyone she would rather give it to then Jason.

Jason kept on kissing the back of her neck moving slowly to her ear and Ali closed her eyes letting him do as he pleased. Jason reached around the front of Ali and started massaging her B cup breasts. "She's so perfect and she's going to be mine…" he thought to himself as he slowly slid his hand under her shirt to undo her bra. Jason came around front of Ali and lifted off her shirt throwing it aside. ALi just let her bra fall down to the ground standing half naked in front of the man she loved. Jason backed up for a minute to savor the beauty of her soft pale flesh and her platnum blonde hair that matched her blue eyes so well. Jason took one of Ali's nipples into his mouth suckling it softly before biting down on it slightly making her cry out in pleasure. He did the same to her other nipple as Ali lifted his shirt over his head running her hands through his jet black hair. Jason unbottoned her tight jeans and slowly slid them down to her ankles teasing her a little bit. He was surprised to see that Ali was completely shaved, this fact made him very happy as well as very hard. Jason looked up into his Ali's eyes "Babe spread your legs so i can loosen you up a bit."

Ali moved her legs apart and Jason moved up into her hot pussy flicking his tongue back and fourth over Ali's clit causing her to moan loudly and pull tightly on his hair. Jason slid one finger inside of her soaking pussy and started working it back and fourth pressing his finger up against her g-spot but still flicking his tongue around her clit.

"Jason I need you please stop teasing me" Ali pleaded.

Jason lifted Ali up and layed her down on the bed taking her legs and pushing them up against her chest he licked his finger and rubbed it around her entrance before sliding in the head of his 7 1/2 inch cock. Ali whimpered and pulled tightly on his hair again. Jason just looked into her eyes and rubbed her sweet face smiled and said "You pull as hard as you want to baby." Ali nodded her head and wrapped her arms tightly around the back of Jason's neck as he slowly slid his cock deep inside her inch by inch. Finally he was all the way in as he started thrusting in an out slowly feeling her pussy contracting to fit his cock. Jason started to pick up the pace when he saw Ali start to loosen up. Soon he was thrusting in and out like there was no tomorrow. Ali moaned screamed and writhed around beneath him just turning him on even more as he pounded her no longer virgin pussy. Ali was on the verge of an orgasm as she screamed out his name and came hard on his cock. Jason came just as hard about two minutes later before collapsing down on top of her.

Jason held Ali tight in his arms and kissed her all over her face as she smiled up and held onto him just as tight not wanting to let go.

"I love you Ali."
"I love you too Jason."
"Hey Ali can I ask you a question?"
"Are you bi??"
"Yeah actually I am…"

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