A Peasant Girl – Chapter 3

A Peasant Girl – Chapter 3

Anna could still taste the salty tang of semen in her mouth as she trudged home. The fair was in the big town several miles from her farm, and her feet hurt already from the day of walking. She wanted nothing more than to collapse into her bed, knowing all too well that morning was far nearer than she wanted.

As she walked she thought back to the afternoon; her pussy still hurt from all the groping, but she barely noticed. Her mind was on the feel of a boy's cock in her mouth, specifically her brother's. She could feel it jammed into her throat, and she almost gagged from the thought of it. And yet as she thought, the images and feelings aroused her, alarmingly so.

She was so preoccupied with these thoughts that she didn't even notice she was being followed. Her brother and Boris were sneaking up behind her, and she only realized they were there when they grabbed her bodily and hauled her off the road. "Come on you pig, careful with her," Vladimir said, but Anna couldn't cry out because his hand was over her mouth, clamping down painfully. "Don't worry bitch, we're just having a lark."

"A lark," echoed Boris, who seemed a little more nervous about the whole thing. "I'm hard just thinking about it."

"You're horny as a priest in a nunnery," laughed Vladimir as the two boys carried Anna off over the fields. "Natalya's back in town." Natalya was the town whore, stout and rough, who spent more time on her knees for the police to keep out of prison than she did on her back to make a living. Boris grimaced at the thought.

"You're keeping your sister all for yourself then?" he asked, almost serious, so worried was he that he might not get another opportunity.

"You pig, that's all you think about," said Vladimir dismissively. "I should start charging you and the boys; I'm not running a charity." Then he laughed, and Boris laughed nervously too.

The place they were going couldn't have been far from the road, but when they dumped Anna to the ground they were both winded. Anna simply lay still, hoping they would not be too long. "Well pig," said Vladimir finally, using his favorite name for everyone, "I'm going first because she's my sister, but maybe if you behave you'll get your turn. If not, you'll just have to get yourself off watching."

Anna didn't know what her brother meant, but as he rolled her over and started hiking her dress up she had a fair idea how it would begin. Sure enough, once her pussy was exposed, glistening with moisture she hardly knew how to explain, Vladimir began to roughly manhandle her, spreading her lips and getting in close for a good look in the dim light. "The bitch is already wet," he laughed, taking one hand from her crotch and eying the sticky fluid on it. Her pussy lips were oozing at the touch.

"Let me touch Vlad, please?" pleaded Boris, and Vlad grudgingly let Boris kneel between Anna's spread legs and gingerly stroke her opening until his fingers glistened. "She's a harlot all right."

"Don't talk about my sister that way," growled Vladimir sharply. "She's a good girl, and keep up that talk about whores and that's what you'll have to find in future." Anna couldn't believe he was saying these things; it was almost as if he was protecting her. "Now back off; you're not getting anything else tonight. You'll just have to wank and watch."

Anna had removed her frock while this conversation was going on, and now she lay back supine on the dirt, her legs spread wide to show off her glistening pubis, lightly fuzzed with hair. Her breasts, small though they were, had become quite firm and the nipples rose like twin strawberries from the center. "Such a good girl, Anna," said Vlad, with a tone in his voice that Anna found kindly. He continued to stroke her pussy slowly for a moment, then rose and pulled off his trousers before returning to her pubic arch. With one hand he stroked himself, while with the other he gathered moisture from her pussy lips and lubricated his stiff cock. She could see out of the corner of her eye the dim shape of Boris, pants down, cock in hand, furiously stroking.

When Vlad had reached whatever point he was waiting for, he moved closer to Anna, directly over her, his cock jutting out and bobbing with each breath. "My God, why did I wait so long," he said, almost to himself. "Anna, you've been a good girl today, and I want you to know that. If you'd like, we can just stop right here and you can take me in your mouth."

Anna couldn't believe her ears. Her brother was asking her for permission, of sorts. She pondered this a moment, but not too long, for fear of angering him. Then she spoke softly, "I want you to be happy with me brother, so what ever I can do to make it so, I will do."

Vlad smiled, a genuine smile, with none of his usual cruelty. "Then I'm going to fuck you tonight," he said slowly. "I've… I've never done it with anyone, so you'd better not laugh." This was directed at both Anna and Boris, in the background. "I've only watched once. But you'd never even seen a girl naked until I let you look at her." This was directed solely at Boris, in a derisive tone that invited comment. Boris didn't rise to the bait.

Vladimir returned his gaze to Anna's face, then he ran it slowly down her body, sighing with satisfaction as he reached her privates. "I… I'll try to be gentle," he whispered, then he grasped his hard cock in one hand and positioned himself before her spread opening.

Anna was caught between two powerful forces: she really did want to please her brother, plus she was secretly aroused by the thought, but at the same time, she was terrified. She kept her eyes on his cock as it pressed against her lips, spreading them but unable to enter. She could feel the size of it before her, and she stiffened with fright at the thought that it might tear her in two.

And then he thrust forward and speared her clumsily, only an inch or so into her passage. The tightness was painful, but what hurt worse was when he thrust again and pressed against an unseen barrier within her. He swore quietly, his concentration on penetrating her. She wept silently, her jaw clenched. After a few more abortive thrusts he jammed into her so hard that she felt a tearing and a blinding pain struck her, making her cry out, high and weak. Her brother kept pressing in, now that the obstacle to his entry had been removed, and when the pain finally eased and she could see again, she found his hard manhood buried in her juvenile passage.

Her brother seemed possessed, and without waiting for her to grow used to him, he began wildly thrusting with the jerky roughness of someone new to physical love. Wet as she was, his thrusts abraded her and his forceful entry spread her violently, far too quickly to grow used to. The area between her thighs was a searing mass of pain which spiked at his every thrust, and despite all her efforts she moaned and her buttocks gyrated in the dirt, trying to escape the fierce pain.

She barely noticed when Boris came closer and came all over her face, so terrified was she. Her brother was so intent on his movements that he didn't notice at all. His hands were gripping her waist as he penetrated her roughly time and time again. Through the haze of pain, Anna realized that, though the stabbing was almost overwhelming, with each thrust his entrance seemed to grow easier, and gradually, over the course of five minutes, the pain subsided to a dull ache and she began to feel another sensation as her loins finally began to accept her brother's deep penetration.

Just as she was beginning to wonder if perhaps the pain might leave entirely, Vladimir above her sucked in his breath and stiffened, then began to gasp and groan, pressing himself deep within her. The pain in her hole masked most feeling, but still she could feel, deep inside her, her brother's jism jetting forcefully from his throbbing cock into her womb. It was repulsive, feeling her own brother violating her in this most intimate way, and yet Anna also felt exhilarated by it, knowing that she had made her brother very happy.

When he had finished Vladimir collapsed onto her, and Anna heard Boris and dimly saw the splashing of white, signaling his second orgasm. But what she felt was her brother growing soft within her, and her breasts pressing against his chest, hot and sweaty. When he finally rolled off of her and his softened cock slipped from her, there was nothing audible but the sounds of heavy breathing. Then Vlad spoke, hoarsely. "Why did I wait so long?" he asked no one in particular.

As he and Boris slowly dressed, Anna sat up slowly, feeling the burning in her pussy subside to a dull ache that intensified when she moved her legs. From her opening, she could dimly see dripping her brother's sperm mingled with what must be blood. Gently she strained to expel the remainder of the liquid, which spurted out with a sick oozing sound.

"Come on Boris, go home," said Vlad when he was fully clothed. "I think that's enough for one night." Anna sat quietly, naked in the dirt, her eyes staring sightlessly into the gloom, her mind turning over and over without thinking about anything. She only barely noticed her brother gently pulling her to her feet, which made her pussy hurt worse. He dressed her wordlessly, like one would a doll, and then led her home through the failing moonlight.

Anna slept through the next day without waking, and strangely, she was undisturbed. Her father was away and her mother simply let her sleep. Vladimir looked in on her from time to time, but he spent most of the day doing her chores.

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