A Teacher's Fantasy: Pt III

A Teacher's Fantasy: Pt III

The pictures Sara sent me were quite graphic. Close up shots of my cock sliding in and
out of Sara’s cunt; my cock spitting its contents on her clit; her face as she was coming. But the worst of all was the picture of me licking the sperm from her slit. There was no mistaking who’s face was in who’s cunt.

After class that day, I asked Sara to stay after class for a moment. I asked if there were some way that the pictures could be destroyed so my career wouldn’t be. She smiled and said I had nothing to fear, as long as she could keep drinking my DnA. Then she suggested an after practice tutoring session. I had no choice but to agree. She said she would be bringing over another friend, as well. As I sank into my chair, she smiled and said, “See ya tonight!”

I heard the dreaded knock on the door, thought briefly of ignoring it, but ultimately opened up to find Sara, Tory and another girl standing there. Sara had on a tube top and daisy dukes that fit so snugly, you could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. Tory had on her tennis skirt and a form fitting tee, camera around her neck. The new girl, Morgan McDonough, by name walked in last. Dressed more conservatively than the other two, her clothes hiding all her assets, she shyly introduced herself.

Once inside the door, Sara sank to her knees, unzipped my fly and freed my already hardening cock. Wrapping her lips around the head, she sucked the flesh pole into her mouth, moaning as she did so.

Morgan stared, open mouthed, first at Sara sucking on my meat, then at the obvious pleasure showing on my face as my tool was expertly sucked on. Sara pulled off leaving my spit soaked cock poking upright out of my pants and said, “Morgan needs to experience this!” Taking my hand, she led me to the bedroom, where she and Tory began a quick striptease. Morgan followed us to the bedroom, but did not disrobe. Tory noticed, and said, “I thought you wanted this, Morgan, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but I’m a little nervous, I guess.”

Sara chimed in, “ it’s OK, Morgan, he’s cool with this, aren’t you?”

Trying to sound convincing, I answered affirmatively, beginning to see what was going on here. “Go ahead” I said, “I promise not to bite!”

She slowly began to pull her sweatshirt over her head, revealing a pair of 36 D breasts

that almost took my breath away. Next came her jeans, which she unzipped and dropped to the floor. She stood there in front of me clad in only bra and panties feeling very self conscious. I offered to unsnap her bra for her, letting her know how eager I was to see what was underneath. I walked behind her, unsnapped the clasps and slid my hands forward, separating the fabric from the flesh until my palms were covering her rising nipples. “Magnificent!” I said as I kissed her neck and massaged her big, beautiful breasts. She blushed momentarily, and went to remove her undies. “Not yet!” I whispered in her ear, “They need to get wet first!” My hands went from her breasts to her crotch rubbing the fabric covering her young pussy.

“Wait a sec, teach!” Tory piped in, “She needs to observe for a while, before you have your way with her. Besides, you owe me a fuck!”

Sitting the teen down on a chair at the foot of the bed, I said, “Finger yourself as you watch your friends in action. Your turn will come soon enough, and I promise to make it as enjoyable as possible. OK?”

Smiling shyly, she said, “Sure” as her left hand slid into her panties.

Tory asked me to lie on my back. She wanted to ride cowgirl style and it gave Morgan a better view. I did as I was told, stretching out with my cock sticking up in the air. Tory mounted me, stuffing her cunt with my cuckold and sitting down hard. “Fuck, that feels soo good!” she said as I slid into her, stretching her cuntlips wide.

As she established a steady rhythm, she leaned over, offering me her tits to suck. First one, then the other, went into my mouth until each nipple hardened under my tongues touch. My hands went to her ass cheeks and I grabbed them. Spreading them wide to allow my cock deeper entry, and Morgan a better view, I kneaded the soft flesh as I thrust upward, meeting her hips with a sharp slap. Tory’s groans were getting louder as she continued to impale herself on my hardness. Chewing on her left nipple, kneading her ass cheeks and bouncing her off the bed, I was determined to have her come first. My fingers crept closer to her ass crack until they were right at the hole. One finger wormed inside as the other fingers massaged the exposed folds of her cunt. She almost lost it! “Ohh yes! Finger my ass! Use two!” she panted, wriggling on the digit being buried in her ass.
The second finger wormed inside. I could feel my cock driving in and out of her through the thin layer of muscle between her cunt and ass. Tory went off like a rocket, howling and thrashing as her twat spasmed on my love muscle, betraying her first come of the evening.

Sara instructed Morgan to get a closer look. The brown haired girl complied, getting very close to my honey soaked prick as I pulled it from Tory’s ravaged cunt. “Go ahead and kiss it!” Morgan was told. Very tentatively, she brushed her lips against the purple head.
“No silly! Put it in your mouth!” Again, she tentatively complied. “that’s it! Now suck on it.

“God, That feels good!” I told the shy teen, trying to make her feel more at ease. The other girls told her to take more in and rub the shaft with her free hand. (the other still in her panties) She smiled, in spite of having my meat in her mouth, and started sliding her face up and down, making me groan some more.

Give him a taste of your fingers, Morg!” Tory said. The young girl did as she was told, extracting her hand from her panties, holding the wet digits under my nose before sticking them in my mouth.

“Mmmm! You taste good, Morgan. Can I have some more?”

Eagerly, she shoved her finger back into her snatch, brought them out again, covered with more of her juices and fed me again. Sucking on each finger with great relish, I asked if I could eat her out.

“Of course you can, right Morg?” Sara answered for her friend.

“Mmmm Hmmm!” she answered, her lips still wrapped tightly on my cock.

“Sit on my face while you suck me.” I suggested.

“How do I do that?” the inexperienced teen asked.

“Take off your panties, swing around so your looking at his cock and sit down so your cunt is over his mouth.”

Morgan complied, asking if she was too heavy. I told her no, and get comfy. As her cuntlips got closer, I stuck out my tongue and licked around her virgin slit before sliding my tongue inside.

“Ooooh, that feels nice!” she cooed as my tongue explored the moist folds of her sex. She went back to sucking my cock as I delved deeper into her. I began rocking my hips, hoping to get more cock into her face while sucking the honey from her sweet hole.
When I felt she was getting comfortable, I sought out her burgeoning clit, first rasping it with my tongue, then sucking on it. Her hips began to move and her groans became more audible. She was wiping my face with her leaking cunt when she suddenly stopped, letting out a wail as she came. The noise was quickly followed by a flood of her juices, which I lapped up as quickly as it was issued. Pulling away for a moment I told her how delicious her cunt tasted and how much I loved the scent of her. Then I asked if she was ready for me to cum in her mouth..

Her response was to suck and frig harder. Burying my face back into the folds of her slit I grunted as my cock twitched and spat a wad of cum directly onto the back of young Morgan’s throat. Not being ready for it, she gagged on it, and opened her mouth to breathe. The second shot landed on her tongue and drooled out of her open mouth onto my nut sac.

“Swallow it Morg!” both of her friends said, almost in unison.

She lowered her face back onto the still spitting cock, swallowing the warm white liquid as it left my piss slit. Pulled off my cock by an eager Sara, the two shared a spermy tongue kiss while Tory licked the leftovers from my balls and deflating cock.

While the girls were enjoying themselves, I was content to suck on Morgan’s clit until she came again, louder and longer this time. I got to swallow more of her cunt honey before she pulled off, still moaning and massaging her ravished pussy lips.

“I want some of that tongue!” Tory said eagerly as she sat on my puss juice soaked face. I licked her like an ice cream cone as she rocked back and forth, smearing her honey with the leftovers from her friend. “Ohhh! Yeahh! Tongue fuck me!” she moaned as I stabbed my tongue inside her moistening lips. “”Fuckin’ make me cum!” She ground her pussy into my face as I spread her pussy open and chewed on her clit. Moaning into her pussy was the final straw. With a long wail she came on my face before collapsing on the bed babbling about what good face I gave.

Sara whispered something to Morgan, who crawled up to my limp dick, kissed the head and began licking the shaft, then the balls, taking each one in her mouth and sucking gently, then working her way back up toward the head. My sleeping penis began to wake up as she bobbed her head up and down as she wrapped some of her hair around the shaft and stroked me. I felt her tongue sliding up and down my piss slit and complimented her on her abilities as a natural born cock sucker. With her face full of my meat she smiled and continued hardening my pecker.

While Morgan worked on me Sara was flicking her fingers across her friends still puffy clit, making her very hot. Morgan squirmed as she moaned on my cock, having her third orgasm.

“It’s time Morg” Sara said, licking the juice from her fingers.

Morgan pulled off my cock, lay down on her back, her legs dangling off the edge of the bed. “Will you please fuck me?” she asked in a whisper.

“You’ve never done this before, have you, Morgan?” I asked

“No, sir!” she replied, “But I want you to take my cherry.”

“I’ll be as gentle as possible.” I sais, smiling at the innocent ten .

I leaned over, placing a gentle kiss on her outer lips, stood up and placed the engorged head of my cock at the entrance to her moiost cunt. I leaned over, grabbing her large tits,
and pressed them together until her nipples touched. Placing my mouth over both,I sucked them into my mouth, running my tongue over both tips, feeling them harden as I licked. Morgan moaned from the attention, relaxing slightly. That’s when I thrust my hips forward, met some resistance, felt something tear inside her, and shoved my cock in as far as it would go. Morgan’s moan turned to a scream as she felt her maidenhead tear and my cock invade her womb.

Fully embedded in the teen’s cunt, I left her tits and started kissing away the tears and talking softly to her. As the initial pain subsided I moved a hand down past her belly and lightly massaged her clit. Still whispering how much I appreciated her doing this for me and how wonderful it felt to be inside her. She began to relax, her cunt moistened, and her hips began to move. We started to fuck, slowly at first. I withdrew my cock until only the head was lodged between her puffy cuntlips. The shaft was slick with her honey and a hint of blood. As I pushed back in she groaned, “Ohh God! It’s soo big! It feels sooo good!” Still toying with her clit, I established a slow, deep rhythm, sighing with satisfaction each time our hips met. The slow slapping of our thighs was interrupted by her moans of pleasure as I stretched her cooze with my man meat. Rocking her hips as we fucked she closed her eyes and smiled between pleasure moans. Lookig up at Sara, I mouthed silently, “Do I cum inside her?” Sara smiled and nodded her approval.

By now Morgan’s cunt was leaking copious amounts of her love juice as she rocked in time with my thrusts. “Mmmmm! Ahhhh! Ohhhh!” she moaned as I stepped up the pace, feeling the friction my cock exreted on the walls of her snatch. She was getting close. Her moans got louder and less coherent. “Mmmmm! Oooooh! Nnnnngggh! Aaaahh! Yesss! OhFuck! Feels! Sooo! Good! Uunnngg! Ahhh! Ahhhh! I’m Cummmmiiiinnnggg!”

I felt her cunt muscles contracting on my pistonning cock, trying to milk the sperm out. Resisting as long as I could, I slowed the pace down, waiting until the contractions stopped. I looked down at the sweet girl, a sheen of sweat on her breasts, and a look of pure lust on her face. “Cum inside me!” she whispered hoarsely. “ I want to feel your cum inside me.”

I started thrusting in and out, banging my balls against her ass cheeks. Grabbing her legs and pulling them wide apart so I could watch my cock as it disappeared inside and pulled out, covered in her honey. I let out a grunt as my prick twitched and spat a gob of semen deep in her ravished pussy. Another grunt, another gob, washing the walls of her cunt with my seed. A final grunt, another jet of cum, filling her to overflow. I watched as a some of my sperm, tinged pink leaked out around my shaft, dribbling down her ass crack.

I pulled my deflating cock out, coated with a mixture of cum, honey and blood. Morgan smiled up at me and whispered. “ thank you” I leaned over and gave her a kiss and told her that it was I who should thank her, as she had fulfilled a fantasy of mine.

In the meantime, Sara had positioned herself to lick my cock clean and Tory had sucked the excess fluid from Morgan’s deflowered cunt.

As the evenings activities drew to a close, Sara informed me that the team was having a pool party at her parents house. Wouldn’t I like to be a chaperone, keeping tabs on all those hot horny girls?

What could I say, but yeas. I asked Tory how many girls knew about our arrangement.
Her answer was, “Come to the party and find out!”

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