Alfie & Blatt's weekend away

Alfie & Blatt's weekend away

Alfie couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it was drugs; well, they had consumed a lot. Or maybe it was the suspense of the next few days before school started again. Who knows but Alfie couldn't stop laughing. Blatt, his obese friend was leaning back in his chair, his waist spilling over the sides, continuing his friend's parental abuse.

"I tell you Alfie, your Pa must be the dumbest fuck I know. I mean to give you the keys again, especially after what happened last time."

Alfie felt the engine roar as he increased speed, way over the legal limit.

"Yeah," he chuckled. "But Pa likes bailing me out. It gives him a purpose in life."

His big friend nodded, looking a little more serious. "Yeah man, well just make sure we don't get caught this time. You know this place is supposed to be out of bounds."

Alfie took another intoxicating swig. "Yeah man, but the girls here are so cool, don't you think?"

Blatt shrugged in resigned agreement; "hmmm? OK, but they definitely don't dig us."

Alfie looked over to his slimy friend, shaking his head in disapproval.

"Maybe if you got a wash once in a while," he commented in a matter-of-fact way, and then ducked as a thrown bottle just missed him.

The pair of high school jocks then laughed again, their cabin already full of empty bottles.

Yeah, two days till the new semester, his fathers ride and that devil-may-care attitude so prevalent in the young; Alfie had only one thing on his mind. Girls.

"How much longer is it going to be man?" Blatt cussed, pulling his belly up, trying to stand.

Alfie checked the gas; he didn't want to be stranded a million miles from anywhere; not again. No, he had loads of fuel this time. These sports roadsters not only looked the part, red with gold fairings, they could really shift too. You had to watch your pedal or you could end up splattered against a rock in a blink of an eye. However, Alfie was taking it nice and easy. They'd left the highway ages ago and out here you took it slow even with veins full of testosterone.

"Patience man," he said, tired of Blatt's constant griping. "You want to get there in one piece don't you?" Then he pointed. "There! Look; it won't be long now."

Alfie could see it in the distant darkness, through the windscreen. They wouldn't waste any time; the first babe they found, they'd pull.

That evening the mid west night sky felt like a comforting blanket. The quite farm road was miles from the closest house, but Becky didn't care. She'd had enough if she had to walk she would. The blonde high school babe pushed her groping date away from her for the fifth time and climbed out of his car.

"Fuck you Billy Thomas," she said, slamming the door and making the boy cringe.

The young man leaned out, calling her name but to no effect. Becky was striding up the deserted night-time road, the evening warm; the cloudless sky bristling with stars. She held her arms across her chest, a trait many busty teens do while still coming to terms with their bodies. She stumbled, wishing she hadn't worn heels with these jeans.

Behind her she heard the spinning of wheels on gravel and turned to see her ride careening off the other way, the young mans ego having had enough bruising for one night.

"Jerk!" she shouted. Then she suddenly felt a little foolish. "It is a long walk home," she mused, "especially in pink high heels."

It was at this point she saw the light. It was quickly growing brighter and larger out of the corner of her eye. "What's that?" She couldn't make it out at this distance but it was definitely getting closer and closer.

Billy saw it too, in his rear view mirror. He slammed on the brakes, concerned for his ex-date. Becky was now over the brow of the hill, out of sight. He spun the car around, roaring back up the narrow road.

The sexy teen was stood arms still folded mouth open. Her long curly locks framing her face as she watched in awe and confusion. The light was almost on top of her now.

"What is it? What…"

Billy reached the brow of the hill, the fields ahead amazingly lit like day. An object as big as a bus hung over the treetops, its red and gold piping giving it a 30's comic book rocket ship appearance. Almost instantly it rose at a tremendous speed. Billy was momentarily blinded by the brilliant light it emitted.

Then the night was black again, the road silent and to Billy's horror along with the UFO, Becky was no where to be seen.

Now already miles above her date the blonde's body was tingling, her senses slowly recovering. The alien craft hummed a slow comforting noise, the incredible G-forces as it cleared the atmosphere not transmitted to the inside of its hull.

Alfie and Blatt steadied the ship in a lazy orbit around the out-of-bounds planet. There were laws regarding under-developed worlds; however there were laws about a lot of dumb-ass things. Alfie took yet another snort of his pleasure dust, Blatt burping from hours of drinking beer after beer.

"Nice catch," Alfie said, patting his friend on the back. "Let's take a look at her."

It wasn't until Becky raised her head and saw Alfie and Blatt standing over her, that she really started to lose it.

"Oh my God! This can't be happening!"

She suddenly felt detached from the real world. Becky had always had the measure of things; school, boys, life in general. She wasn't a nasty person but neither was she genuinely nice. She just breezed through the days with no real worries. Even this evening, her only problem had been keeping the high school dreamboat off her. Most girls in her year wouldn't have been so unappreciative.

But like I said she had few problems and if she did have any they definitely weren't lack of young male admirers.

She tried to push herself backwards along the metal floor, all the while shaking her head in horrific denial.

Alfie shrugged his shoulders. These Earth girls really didn't dig them, but his friend had made a great choice. She was almost his height, but only half that of Blatt's. She was curvaceous, firm rounded butt straining in her jeans, shapely legs and a fine full bust. Alfie could never get over how pale and soft their skin was compared to his. Dry as well, not like his slimy friends.

Becky felt spine tingling vulnerable. Her eyes couldn't stop staring. She wanted to look away, but her body refused.

"No, no, I, I, you, uhhhh!" Becky ranted to herself. Were her eyes deceiving her?

One of the aliens was massive, like a huge green maggot rising up to over 10 feet. Its segmented belly glistened with slime, its head a narrowing taper of wiggling stalks, like on a slug. Its four arms, if you could call them that, were squid-like tentacles, its tapered head finishing in ruby red lips. It literally spoke out of the top of its head.

The other was like a pig-shaped humanoid. It wore a flight-suit, had two stumpy legs and strong muscular arms. Its snout took up most of its face, its eyes close together, geek-like. Both had a bottle of foaming liquid in their grip, both creatures swaying as if intoxicated.

Alfie gave a burp then took charge. "She is fucking gorgeous Blatt. Let's get on with it man, it's been a long journey."

Alfie had come prepared. Sure, Blatt had brought the beer, the dust and enough munchies for the trip, but he'd prepared in a little more detail than that. First the universal translator his teacher had been looking weeks for, to his increasing annoyance, and everyone else's increasing amusement. Also an anatomy text book on primitive races, and finally the bag of tricks his big bro had smuggled into their home after his trip to that sex planet.

Becky was still curled on the metal floor looking hot and terrified. The big slug was sliding towards her, towering over her buxom frame.

"Ohhh, shiitttttttt!"

The smaller alien was making snorting noises the lager emitting a rattlesnake noise from its red lipped mouth. She felt like closing her eyes and eventually she'd wake up. But she gave a moan of despair as her eyes opened the aliens still there, but now only closer to her.

Blatt moved to grab the Earth girl. His tentacles were secreting a clear controlled fluid. Becky gasped in amazement as the fabric of her jumper and denim jeans began to melt from her body.

He gripped her wrist, lifting her, the legs of her jeans falling to the floor, fizzing into nothing. Now naked down to her briefs and strong bra, she kicked her pink heeled legs. As Blatt held her dangling from his squid arm, Alfie began to remove his dark space suit.

Becky's eyes danced from one to the other. The big green one had wet tentacles around both her wrists, another curling up the inside of her thigh and another gripping a heeled cute ankle.

Then she looked to the snout-faced one. Its suit appeared to mechanically shrink in on itself, revealing blubbery pink-haired skin beneath, its two legs apart in a Mexican stance, the groin piece retracting revealing its genitals.

Now she understood. Oh she understood too well.

"Ohhhhhh jezzzzzz, oh no oohhhh!"

Becky couldn't look away from Alfie's bizarre cock. It was like a tightly coiled spring, the end a dripping abomination of a human cock head. As Alfie grunted, the spring cock expanded in width and length. He stamped a hoofed foot like a racehorse about to perform, his cock flexing as if it was pumping itself up for action.

"Oh God, it's going to fuck me!" Her mind screamed, the hairs on her neck standing on end.

The slimy coils tightened on her limbs. She looked around in desperation making a long pitiful whimper as she saw the glowing curved of the earth from the cockpit window. She was very much alone. She thought of her boyfriend looking for her in the dark fields. How she had teased him that night by acting so coy. Now she stood sexy legs apart, arms above her head, splayed eagle by alien tentacles, stripped like a whore.

"Aggg please, you're hurting me. No, no I won't I won't let you!"

Blatt had all four of his tentacle-arms pinning and lifting Becky. He writhed with the blonde, calling for some help. "The switch man, loose the gravity!"

Becky suddenly felt her body become weightless. Without the aid of gravity, she struggled to pull against the huge slug. She felt him release all but one of his tentacles, the one around her ankle, and she spun in the air, her head now facing downwards, hands trying to grip a chair or strut. Blatt's slime trailing body gripped the floor easily, and the densely packed molecules of his friend meant that Alfie also moved with ease.

Becky felt her knickers being tugged, then ripped from her thighs; a slimy tentacle trailing goo between her legs and across her snatch.


His tentacle tip made her pussy shiver. She gulped and groaned in embarrassment.

Her bra strap snapped and the black-laced support drifted away. Her tits hung erect and firm in the zero gravity, although even in class they seemed to point straight ahead out of her sweater. She reached up with her hand to cover them. Too late, another wet tentacle trailed across both nipples, the moist surfaces rough with small hard hairs teasing her tender ends.

"Oooohhhh nnnnnnnoooooooo!"

The sensation was electric. Her body shook and she gasped and spluttered in disgust.

The cabin temperature must have been in the nineties, the humidity too. Already she was glistening with sweat, her teased nipples firm to the pressure of tentacle. The pig like one was raising its groping hands, its eyes fixed on her tits. She looked down a sensation on her pussy slit. The wet tip of a tentacle was pressing gently at her entrance.

Alfie's three-fingered hands gripped her domes, squeezing them in lust. One big breast coiled with Blatt's tentacle was bulging. Becky gave a long moan, her mouth open wide in horror. She could feel the inexorable penetration of one of the slug’s tentacle-arms into her pussy. The wet flipper-type end had easily forced her open, the slime acting as an excellent lubricant. Her back arched, tits thrusting out to her captor's delight, Blatt's tentacle-arm slowly entering deep her pussy.

"Uggg, I think I'm going to be sick."

She'd never felt anything like it. Was this how sex felt? Her walls were forced open the eel like limb easing up inside, further than any jocks fingers had ever gone. Her mind was in overload.

"The tentacle! Its long; too long uggg! It's going to go tooo ugggggggg…"

She gagged as its tip touched her cervix, the hard hairs caressing her hot insides.

"Ugggggggggg! Ohhhhhhh that’s toooooo ugggggg!"

Suddenly she heard human voices. They sounded slightly metallic but the grunts and slurps of the creatures had disappeared. Alfie had started the universal translator, the machine allowing all languages to instantly be understood.

"How deep can you go, man?" Alfie asked, his hand pulling her thighs open, looking at the green snake-like arm wriggling in her twat. He looked down into the girl's eyes.

"Hi Earth girl. I'm Alfie and this is Blatt. What's your name?" They both chuckled and belched.

The sound of English made her freeze. They sounded so rational. Mindless slobbering creatures didn't sound like this. She'd wished they'd go back to their alien tongue. Their voices told her more than she needed to know. This wasn't scientific curiosity. These creatures were enjoying this!

Becky gave another terrified groan and then a high pitch yelp as the tentacle coiled back on itself inside her twat, forcing her pussy shaft ever so wide.

"Aieeeeee stop, stop, awwwww please, please, no don't, you can't, no, no!"

She thought she might split, but the alien juices had loosened her beyond any experience. She gave a sensation filled grunt biting her lip in embarrassment.

"Ugggg nooo this is wrong!"

Blatt flicked a switch and she heard the desperate recorded shouts of Billy Thomas calling her name moments before their ship had leapt back into orbit.

"Sounds like Becky?" Blatt grunted, enjoying his exploration of her hot pussy void.

"This Earth bitch is nearly ready for your cock!" He announced to his friend, his secreted juices making her as slippery as if she had come a hundred times that hour.

"Oh no please I've never done, I mean…" she pleaded, feeling the tentacle slide from her hole. But she knew they didn't care. Becky felt herself been turned upright, her thighs pulled apart by tentacles, two more hooking her arms then coiling around her impressive hard tits.

"She's ready to mount!" Blatt cried in a callous tone.

"Oh no don't, please, why? Why are you doing this?" Becky asked, her blonde mane flowing in zero-G as if under water.

Alfie was moving between her legs, his snout sniffing then licking the bulging ends of her breasts, slurping on her pink nipples. He answered her question.

"Because Becky, back home me and Blatt here aren't what you'd call popular. No cheerleaders for us. And since we can't afford to pay for it, well here we are."

He chuckled again, his eyes glazed from the pleasure dust.

"Oh God, you monsters," Becky wailed, her thighs now pulled at almost 90 degrees to each other. "Awwwwwwwww."

Alfie tensed his body. "Listen you backward tart, you don't think we'd do this back home, do you? Fuck, you're the savages, not us. All we're doing is fucking an Earth girl, it's not like we're destroying your stupid planet."

Blatt nodded with his tapered head. "Man; now that really would take some quick talking to get out off."

Alfie saw Becky's eyes widen in awe. He wasn't going to tell her he'd need a federation ship with a crew of a few hundred to do it. Like he was going to be able to pull that one off! Fuck, these earthlings were stupid.

She was still wriggling and he was getting tired of conversation. "Hold her still," he said, swaying a little himself. Becky screamed as her legs were pulled wider, her tits coiled tighter and the filthy pig alien licked her nipples as its revolting cock searched for her hole. Once again her mind tried to refuse but unsuccessfully.

This is not how she'd imagined her first time would be.

"Oh this is it,” her thoughts screamed sensing the inevitable, “its too late ohhhhh, ohhhhhh uggkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Becky was foaming at the mouth after only a few minutes of fucking.

Alfie's spring-like cock pounded up inside her. The misshaped bulbous head was dripping lubricant, the coiled dick seeming to stretch or expand at will. Each time it stretched, the eye hole pressed against her cervix, filling her fully. Each time it expanded her pussy walls groaned, and she felt like she was giving birth. Blatt still held her thighs fully open, his other tentacles teasing her hardening nipples.

The beautiful soft skinned blonde was been fucked for the first time in her life. She groaned with disgust and sensation her inside feeling like they were been tunnelled through.

Stretch, expand, stretch, expand and along with this the pig-like alien rutted in her hole back and forth like a farmyard animal, snorting and slavering.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, guh, ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh ugggggggggggg!"

Becky's hands were free to hit and swipe at the creature's rock-hard body but the blows seemed to have no effect at all. She'd bit her nails into his snout-filled head, again with no reaction.

"The fucking thing was enjoying every minute of it!" She realized in despair.

This was no detached clinical experiment; the monster lust filled, drooling, as its cock made her convulse. The slug holding her legs and squeezing her tits revelled in humiliating her.

"You dirty earth bitch. This is what a real fuck feels like. Wait till it's my turn. Do I get you horny? I bet you can't wait to get me up inside you!"

She arched her back tits squeezed even more. "Ooohhh Heavens stop it's toooo uggghhhhhhh!"

Blatt told her to, "sssssshhh;" in his snake like voice. "Stop fighting Becky you know its no use. Just let my friend pump away and it'll be all over soon."

Now her hands hung limp; Becky was coughing with each thrust, her mouth opening and closing, her groans getting fainter and fainter.

"Uhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhh!"

She felt one of the slug's tentacles release her breast, Alfie instantly sucking on the tender teat. The flipper-ended arm trailed down her back, her hips bouncing with each alien cock thrust. It traced the crack of her ass, and then began to push at her sphincter, opening up her anal hole.

"Good girl, now relax while show you what we have in store."

Becky gave a howl, but then nothing, her will was virtually broken. The expanding cock was making her pussy numb; the sensation of a tentacle crawling up her ass was secondary to the cervix-pounding she was getting. Each hit smearing another glob of alien pre-come deep inside her body.

Blatt's arm slid inch by inch into her ass, twisting and lifting her mound higher onto Alfie's cock. Her anal passage was tight and so hot. He gave a rattling groan of pleasure his limb twisting deeper and deeper. She also groaned and gasped; her nipples sore now, her head dizzy with the orifice attention and the effects of no gravity.

Alfie's head was overloaded with sensations from the booze; the dust; the feeling of his tender cock head about to erupt inside this earth woman’s firm cavity. But most of all it was the sensation of pure power. Her eyes were still wide in disbelief. Her own little world had suddenly expanded like he had expanded her tight virginal hole. He could see she still almost couldn't believe it was happening to her. Back home he was a dork but here he was master. These earthlings were savages, under developed race they said. Looking at the bouncing domed tits of his female captive he decided underdeveloped was probably not the best word.

He looked back into her terrified eyes.

"Ugggggghhhhhh yessss that it ohhhh baby, ohhhhh baby."

Becky made a cute oval with her lips her thoughts despairing "Oh God he's going to come! Alien spunk; up inside me!"

Her body tensed in anticipation."Babies! Alien babies oh shit, shit no, no, nooooooo!"

She felt Alfie's cock expand fully, hold, then shoot.


She screamed as thick chunky alien come filled her hole, the flexing of the cock having widened her pussy a little to take the huge torrent.


Alfie howled and snorted, his load spurting into her.

"Aggggggggg yesssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhh fuck she's full now!"

For a second they were frozen together their eyes locked. Her face had changed, her skin less vibrant, her mouth quivering in dismay. Some of his come spilled from her as he withdrew, and began to curl up into the weightless air.

"Aggg for fucks sake!" cussed Blatt, reeling back his tentacle and searching for the switch.


The gravity kicked back in, come and juices dropping to the meshed floor. Splat!

Becky also fell; Blatt's tentacles dropping her like a piece of meat. She gave a yelp snapping out of her come filled trance as his ass-arm slid out of her rectum like a fleeing snake.


She coughed and groaned, her hair bedraggled, her lips pink and quivering. "Ohh heavens, this can't be happening!"

Alfie was reaching for a beer, exhausted by his efforts. "Your turn man," he gasped.

As Becky sobbed, Blatt examing his prey; opening her thighs the thick come drooling from her slit.

"Fuck you've filled her up! I'm not going in there."

Alfie was bringing up 3 D images of human forms, highlighting spots of interest.

"Use the anal cavity man; it's big enough."

Blatt nodded; a wicked glint in his stalk-eyes. "I already know that!"

Alfie looked under the flight console for his brother's bag of tricks.

He produced two ice-cream-cone devices. They were glass and metal, the cone end appearing to be thick-rimmed suckers.

"These are Acturian milking pods," he explained to the panting blonde as he pushed her shoulders back, breasts bouncing to attention. "They come in packs of six but you Earth girls are just a bit short in the titty department."

Becky tried to stop him as he attached each gripping slurping end to an erect pink nipple. She rolled away trying to remove them, the things already sucking hard, secreting a resin which was seeping onto her nipples and their surroundings.

"Ugggggggg, ahhhhhhhhhh awwww ugh, ugh, ughhhhhhh!" She tried again to tug the cones off her breasts.

"The resin will make your breasts full and ready for milking in a very short time. The creatures buried in the cones will feed from this and they haven't eaten for ages."

Becky could already feel hot sucking lips inside the cones, her nipples growing harder and harder, her breasts tingling. The cones pointed straight out like some Madonna bra and she couldn't help but moan as her nipples were stretched, firm alien lips and tiny teeth gripping and pulling them outwards.

She'd had boys suck on her tits before, but never both at the same time! And now this, such a constant unyielding action; as if the creatures never stopped to take a breath. It was one long deep suck, her nipple and mound around it swelling to a vacuum seal inside the cone end.

She had fallen on all fours her tits hanging down like some human cow, her udders hardening beginning to produce.

"Oh God, there're beginning to leak!"

She could sense her tits spurt as if she had a newborn to feed. Her melons were still swelling as hormone and other accelerants were fed into her by the cones. The sensation was warm, the sucking slightly rough but filling her with arousing feelings.

"Uggggggggg I can feel them… Ugggggg," she moaned, the flowing milk been sucked from her.

"Oh heavens, they're feeding off meeee."

Two tentacle-arms wrapped around her wrists, pulling her arms back. She was forced to kneel upright, her coned breasts pointing forward, shoulders tensed as her hands were pulled behind her. She shook her head as she felt something flick between her ass-crack across her anus. It was a snake-like tongue, similar to the stem of a flower. She looked over her shoulder. The big green underbelly of the slug-like alien was almost touching her shoulder blades.

Blatt pushed his cock closer to her ass hole. His genitals were indeed plant like. His cock shaft when aroused appeared from a vertical slit in his underbelly. It was firm and green, looking like a slimy vegetable tube. Its tip was the flower petal bud, emitting a twisting narrow tip like a snake's forked tongue.

"Uggggggggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Becky felt the wet petal head, darting tongue and all press against her anus.

She began to flip, screaming in horror. "What was it doing? No not up there, no doesn't it understand, that's not the… uggggggggg!"

The snake tip was already inside her rim twisting and darting but the flower pod type head was too big. Blatt and Becky both gave different types of grunts the flesh not yielding. Blatt two free tentacle arms hugged her again, coiling around her rock hard milked tits. She grimaced as the coils tightened, the milk been pressed through her nipple holes at a faster rate the cone suckers struggling to swallow in time.


The indignity and humiliation of it was unbearable; the alien slug now squeezing her tits filling the cones by its own hands. These things were treating her like an animal, and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop them. She bit her lip as Blatt tried to penetrate her again.

"Awwwwwwwwwwww!!" Her ring hot and greased gave way the pear drop shape of the cock head making entry finally, and slowly possible.


The bud head was inside her ass, her tight walls gripping onto it sucking it further in her rectum struggling to bend to the slight curve of the long greasy shaft.

Blatt pulled her arms tighter behind her back her tits rising more. His other two tentacles in turn also squeezed her mounds helping fill the hungry cones.

"Fuckkkkkk her cavity is soooooo tights man." He groaned his conical head flipped back in pleasure, mouth pointing to the roof. Her butt was glistening with sweat, almost as wet and slippery as his own gel type body. The earth girl felt warm and inviting as his long green cock slid deeper and deeper; he felt her ass jerk and listened to her grunts and pleas.

"Ugggh oh, oh shit, shit no, no, ahhhhhhhhh"

Becky wished she'd never looked back. Now not only could she feel the bud like head deep in her gut, she could also imagine it, like a green log with a probing tongue seeking to go further. Her groin tingled at the sensation her slit and own bud hot and wanton. The creature was slowly withdrawing then pushing back up her again; a slow deliberate fucking motion. Each forward thrust she gave a high pitched moan almost a scream, then a gasp of sensation as he withdrew. But just as she thought she would be free of it he stopped and eased back in.


Her mind was jumping all over the place "Ohhhhhhh it feels like a huge shit! What's are they going to do with me when they're finished? The pig one looks so mean. Ohhhhh nnnnn I'm feeling strange, my pelvis is burning up!"

Becky hadn't noticed the tone of her yelps and screams had softened. Now they were more passionate, fuller as they had risen from deep inside her. But the aliens had.

”Hmmmmmmm she's aroused!" Blatt announced triumphantly." I can feel her body tightening around me." He was still sliding in and out at a slow rate aware his monster length could do her some damage.

"Ohhhhhhhh shittttttt ahhhhhhhhhh!" Becky gave an embarrassed groan and cuss as the pleasure began to rise.

"Oh God it's turning me on, no its can't it shouldn't!"

She was disgusted with her self but the penetration was now taking over all her senses. The ship was shrinking; even the tit suckers sensation was overshadowed by her hot stuffed rectum, the cock pressing onto her clit from the inside.

Alfie lifted her head by her flowing blonde locks. His other hand gripped each tit cone in turn pressing in such a way as the creatures inside squeaked in pain releasing her engorged sore nipples.


Becky gave a small gasp of relief but the anal pounding still grew and grew in power and pleasure. She looked down at her inch long wet nipples still trickling milk as Blatt continued to squeeze her tits with his coils. Alfie pushed his snout down to suck and slurp for a moment or so then picked his little cone friends up. The metal ends were awash with white fluid and Becky could see the red lips and tiny teeth of the well fed little fellows.

Suddenly Blatt let her arms go and she fell onto all fours her ass canal straightening making it easier if you could call it that to accept the pumping vegi-cock.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!"

She had stopped screaming now all she could do was take it as best she could. Her pussy was on fire her clit feeling the rubbing pressure all the while her mind thinking of her ass hole stretched so wide to take this green arm like thing.

"Oh man, oh man!" Blatt was growing in arousal his friend holding his clenched fist in front of Becky's face. She gave a horrified look of understanding as he slowly opened his palm like a flower would open.

"Ohhhhhhh no, no, uggggggggggggg!!"

She could already feel what he meant. Blatt's cock end was flowering, the bud opening into petals the burning twitching storks inside making her deep anal flesh yelp with sensation.


How wide could she go? The petal opened like a hand. Becky was screaming again but more from horror than pain. She began to cough, nearly choke, her own body shuddering in ecstasy.

She knew she was coming.

Her ass was tightening trying to crushed the hand size petal. Her body wanted to explode and her mind was carnal and raw."Yesss ugggg a bit more uggh yes, yes oh my aching tits."

As if he could read her mind she felt his tit coiling tentacles tighten another few notches' making her melons bulge out of shape, this sending her over the edge.


She screamed in orgasm her whole body quivering as she bucked and gasped. She was a moaning whore but she didn't care; her butt so full, her muscles trying unsuccessfully to shit his cock out and she spasmed over and over.

"Awww, awwwww, awwwwwwwwww!"

Then she was shocked back into the real world. Blatt's cock was discharging, the petal head releasing a thick slime like ejaculation. It was better she could not see the clear slug-come filled with caviar like eggs deposited deep into her large intestine.

However she did feel it.

"Ugggggg ohh. Jezzz ugggggggg oh oh ohhhhhhhh!"

Her mind pleaded for it to stop emptying into her. "No more, no more oh ohhhhhhh!"

After six powerful spurts it did stop.

As the slug withdrew, his diminished cock trailed the disgusting slime from its end to her pouting goo bunged ass hole.

Becky felt her ass spit and tremble, the slime running down her legs, her body exhausted. And as the slug uncoiled her tits she collapsed onto the fluid splattered deck of the alien ship.

"Man I need a beer!" Declared Blatt as he stretched and slid through his own dirty come trail.

Alfie was already at the flight seat making adjustments to his controls. The ravished blonde looked up; surprised at how quickly they seemed to have forgotten her.

"What about me?" She said nervously, still breathless from the out of this world experience.

The complex laws of time and space meant even at that very moment far below on the lonely road the evening of the next day was already upon them. A local TV news wagon was parked with a group of enthusiastic on lookers; their eyes peeling the sky. Billy Thomas, Becky's evening date was at present in the county jail, the law convinced his amazing story was a lie.

"Dumb jerk couldn't think of a better excuse could he? So now I've got to spend all God damn evening covering this crap. Jezz!"

Her camera man just smiled back at the frustrated TV reporter’s opinion not wanting to provoke her any more. He wondered why she complained so much. After all Tiffany Meadows had made a name covering the cat up a tree, heart of gold, amazing but true type of crap. It seemed ironic that now she was a household name she expected to be above this type of nonsense.

Tiff straightened her tight fitting suit and adjusted her hair. The camera man focused in on the tall elegant woman. He did enjoy working with her. She was gorgeous, long legs and tight waist, waif slim with long straight claret red hair and sparkling blue eyes.

The daylight was gone as she started another attempt at a news take. In fifteen minutes she'd be live on air to round off the evening news show. She had spent the last three hours hanging round this field with only cranks to interview.

She was beginning to feel nervous with the lack of story. "What the hell was she going to talk about?"

The camera man blinked down the view finder; someone was shinning a torch over his framed colleagues shoulder. A second later the whole road lit up like flood lights at the super bowl.

Alfie and Blatt were back!

There were a few seconds of screams and panic the brilliant light and resonating hum over powering the senses. Then as suddenly as it had happened, the night turned pitch silent black again.

“Over here!”

The camera man was drawn to a huddle of people. Something was on the floor.

In seconds he saw what the commotion was about. Lying in the corn was a naked slime coated young blonde. It was the missing high school chick.

“Jez Tiff what do you think..?”

He turned to get his newscasters thoughts. She was nowhere to be seen.

He looked to the smoking spot where she had been standing; then nervously up into the night sky.


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