I was babysitting a friend's daughter.
I felt sorry for her, her mom was a coke-head and had a habit of leaving her places.
I knew she was somewhat of a "bad girl", but I agreed to watch her anyway.
She was a seductive little thing, and cute, too.

Anyway, the wife didn't like her and went to her cousin's for the night.
We watched a little TV and then she wanted to play dolls with me.
The dolls were play-like kissing, believe it or not – it was her idea!
As we scooted the dolls closer and closer together, she'd reach over and tickle me and I tickled her back.
She oozed out a sexy little smile and looked right in my eyes, then played like the doll said, "You like that, don't you?"

Right out of the blue she said, "Look what I can do."
She stood up and pulled her little panties off right in front of me.
Right in front of my eyes was the sweetest little-girl pussy I had ever seen.
She did the smile again and said, "It makes yours get big", then pointed to the bulge in my pants.
I knew there was a tent there, it was raging!
She grabbed her doll and knelt down on top of it.
Lying face down and drawing up her knees, she pushed the doll's head between her legs.
I knew what she was doing and wanted to stop her, but turned me on something fierce!
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Then she looked right in my eyes and gave me the most desperate look I have ever seen.
With our eyes locked onto one another, she started light rhythmic thrusts, about a second or so apart.
Her thrusts were primarily pelvic, with her legs tensed in a fixed position.
As her thrusts became harder, she developed a smooth and perfect rhythm which was unbroken, except for momentarily pauses during which she moved her hips around to readjust her little pussy against the doll.
Returning from each thrust, her body was convulsive and jerky.
I could hear her breathing getting deeper and deeper.
She thrusted in an unbroken rhythm for a few minutes, then stopped for a slight momentary pause while breathing heavily.
After her breath caught up, she began thrusting again followed by another slight momentary pause, then more thrusting.
She kept this up for a little while.
I was still looking back into her glassy-eyed stare and I could tell that she was concentrating as her breathing got intense and ragged.
I couldn't believe that this little girl was staring at me while she was masturbating herself with a baby doll.
She curled her toes up and clenched her teeth and I could hear her trying to whisper something to me, but I couldn't tell what it was.
I would have never thought that a girl this young could cum, but there I was – watching her climax building up.
She closed her eyes while she pushed her pussy into the doll's face faster and her movements got real jerky.
My dick was rock-hard and my heart was beating so hard I thought I'd have a heart attack.
I watched in amazement as her whole body tensed up and she began panting.
She moaned somewhat loudly and her little legs spread wide over the doll, while she pushed with all she had.
The little girl stayed like that for a moment, shivering as if on the brink of a seizure and making little grunting noises that were driving me crazy.
Then she sighed real loud, relaxed completely and rolled off onto her back.

She spread her legs open wide, smiled up at me and asked if I had ever seen a girl's "thingie" before.
I told her I had to go use the bathroom.
I was really going to go jerk myself off, but she said, "You're gonna' go do it too, aren't you? You're not gonna' let me watch?"
I couldn't resist and pulled it out , then began masturbating for her.
When I came on the carpet, she watched intently.

I couldn't believe what had just happened.
I didn't touch her, nor did I let her touch me.
Every time I see her now, she does that sexy smile and looks at my crotch.

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