Curiosity In The Classroom – Part 1

Curiosity In The Classroom – Part 1

does he notice me? when i sit at the back of the class gazing into his eyes. does he notice me? when i answer every question he asks. does he notice me? when i secretly eye him up in lesson. he is tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. he speaks with a pure, sexy, seductive voice that penetrates my inner most lust. my english teacher.

another tuesday. great. one of those days you just hate. the only thing that was going to get me through the day was the thought of seeing my english teacher. he was my perfect guy. the kind you dream about. well, i certainly dreamed about him quite often! i always thought he liked me too. i hoped he liked me too. when our eyes met across the classroom i looked away with shyness.

When i walked into english that tuesday i saw him. there, right in front of me, legs crossed, his body spread over some marking and his head down. busy. i strutted in as usual. trying to stick my arse out to catch his attention but being subtle enough that no-one else would notice. I sat opposite his desk. carefully i opened my legs and let my skirt ride up over my knees to give him the perfect view of my cat. layered in black lacy material. he stood up and addressed the class.

his eyes met mine at first. i gave him a flash of my smile and then looked away. as he looked around the classroom i saw his eyes glance down at the table and then abruptly focused on something else. he knew what i was doing. i crossed my legs to tease him abd leant forward to give him a perfect view of my breasts, my nipples were hard enough to make a point on my lacy black bra. he looked down at my bosom and abruptly looked away again as if he had seen something he shouldnt. There was a connection, some kind of electric magnetism between us. I knew what i wanted. i only hoped he knew too.

all throughout class i teased him and showed him what he couldnt have but what i wanted to give him. Every time he turned to write on the board i eyed up his firm buttocks. and when he turned back i eyed up the slight bulge in his trousers. in curiosity about what was hidden underneath.
"alaina" i heard his deep voice penetrate the air. i froze stopped from walking out the room.
"i want to discuss this paper with you after class" he said.
i knew exactly what he meant as i sauntered off into the corridor. this would be some paper! i swung my head back sexily and flashed him a smile i heard him breathe loudly and turn away.

Oh how i couldnt wait until 3:30pm. Paper discussing time.

Part 2 coming soon!

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