Degrees of Attraction

Degrees of Attraction

There have been fantasies for hundreds of years about what can be done through hypnosis – especially erotic fantasies, especially of a man taking absolute control of the minds of dozens of young and nubile women.
This is nonsense.
And yet…
The modern belief is that a person cannot be hypnotized into doing a thing which they would object to doing if not hypnotized. There are three problems with that; first is the possibility that someone could be gradually conditioned into doing a thing which they would not do if presented with it as an immediate order. Second is that there is evidence it is not true at all, but a superstition put forward as self-serving propaganda by hypnotic practitioners. Third is the question of just what a particular person would do…


I had been getting to know Tina Reilly for some time now. Not by talking to her as much as asking about her, and asking the women in my office who knew and gossiped about everybody. If those women took from that the idea that is was interested in getting to know Tina better, and dating her, well, that was the truth as far as it went. The girl was not much younger than I, so the women got the added thrill of maybe being matchmakers.

I knew that she was not attached, or not very. She had not long ago broken up with a boyfriend (and had not really been serious with him) and dated a couple of men off and on. She was Irish Catholic, and was brought up north of here, staying after going to school in the city.

As with most offices, the place is fairly empty just before and after holidays, with people taking long weekends. Our computers are networked in such a way that everyone can see when anyone will be taking leave. So when I saw that Tina was going to be there the Friday before Columbus Day, I did not put in for it.

That meant that of the twelve or so of us, only three were there that day. The third was an older man who left his desk a lot for bathroom breaks but not much otherwise.

I had noted that Tina went to the breakroom for coffee around ten, so after walking by her desk to see that she was there, I went in five minutes before ten. As she walked in, I was standing by the coffeepot.

I asked if I could fix her a cup, and she hesitated, then said yes. I handed it to her with a mild hypnotic added, obtained through a chemist I knew of who dealt in such things under the table. I tried to talk to her pleasantly, but in general acted no differently than usual.

At lunchtime, I stopped her and spoke to her as she came back, walking her to my cubicle on the pretext of discussing a problem. (Hers was near that of Martinson, the older man.)

When she sat in my extra chair, I put her under.

"On a scale of zero to ten, with zero being having no particular reaction to me and with ten being that you regard any of my words or wishes as equivalent to direct messages from God Almighty, you will, beginning next Monday go one number higher each week in your attitude to me and attraction to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"If at any time in the future I say to you "miraculous" three times in a row, you will maintain whatever level of affection you have reached. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

Then I told her that if at any time I said to her a certain other word three times she would go back to whatever level of affection she had toward me before that day, and regard any change there had been as a passing phase. I asked her if she understood.

"Yes, I understand."

"That's great Tina. That's all I needed."

"Sure," she said. She smiled and went back to her cube.

I spent the next two weeks being conspicuously nice to Tina, and on the next Friday I asked her for a date. She smiled nicely, but said that she was busy.

"Ask me next week," the tall redhead said. "I do kind of like you."

The third week I acted the same way, and on Thursday I asked her again. She said, "I am busy on Friday, but maybe Saturday?"

That was fine with me, and I tried my best to make Saturday evening fine for her. I made a point of not trying to kiss her, but I did ask about a date next Friday.

She agreed. The next Wednesday, I mentioned to her an art exhibit which I had been told would interest her, and asked if she wanted to go on Saturday afternoon with me. She was enthusiastic. Tina shyly added that if I was willing and available, she would like to fix dinner for the two of us and sit and talk in her apartment that evening.

I don't think I need to say that I liked the idea.

That day and the next and Friday Tina found an amazing number of reasons to stop by my desk. The movie on Friday evening was so-so, but the dinner before was very good and when we stopped at the door of her place she turned her face with its bright brown eyes up to me for a goodnight kiss and I bent down. It was nice, and better still was the fact that her lips trembled to show that she was on the edge of opening her mouth. I think if I had tried to, I could have tipped her over easily, but I did not. I think that women are much happier if such decisions are all their own – as far as they know.

The exhibit was one that Tina enjoyed thoroughly, the dinner was one I that I liked just as much, and afterward… The conversation was bright and lively, we learned a great deal about each other, and we shared our first kiss of the evening only a few minutes after sitting on her couch. Her mouth trembled even more, but I made no move to open it.

Our second one was over an hour later, after nine at night, and this time I saw her teeth and tongue before our lips touched. Her tongue was agile at wrapping around mine, and I explored the inside of her mouth for a long time, until we broke away breathless. I held her for a while, and our conversation was interrupted frequently thereafter by kisses and caresses and times when she got up to let her passions cool.

It was eleven when I left, with promises of next Friday and Saturday evenings together.

This week she was at a level of four in affection, or perhaps five, depending on how her mind interpreted my instructions. She found even more opportunities to talk to me at work, and when I was alone with her in the supply room and kissed her on the forehead, she pulled my head down to touch our lips.

She called me at home that night, and we talked for a while.

On Friday night she invited me into her apartment for coffee at the end, and our goodnight kiss was a long one, with my hands kneading her back and the heels of my hands lifting the sides of her breasts and rubbing them a little. I could see in her brown eyes that she would not have minded going further, but I decided to let her desire build more for a while.

At the end of Saturday, we went into my apartment together for the first time. I felt that since she would be less comfortable here than in her own place, doing no more than last week would be a major step onward, but she actually asked me to kiss her neck; by the end I had opened her blouse and caressed her belly with my tongue and lips. When I dropped her at her apartment door, I slipped my hand down the back of her panties and cupped her cute little rear, though not using a finger on either of the obvious places.

Her mouth was open now for all our kisses, and I began to picture it open as her red hair bobbed up and down over my lap, her mouth taking long strokes over my erection. But that would come, at this rate…
Both next Friday and Saturday were guaranteed, of course.

She kissed me at work three times that week, and called me to chat twice. On Friday in her apartment I saw her naked breasts for the first time and she was most reluctant to let me go home.

On Saturday we went together to an indoor swimming pool in the afternoon. I got a good look at her bare legs for the first time and fantasized them wrapped around me; not for the first time, but now with a better idea of how they would look there. I also got the opportunity to feel them surreptitiously in the pool, almost to the point where they met. She saw my bare chest for the first time and felt my chest-hair, though what she thought I could only guess. Our play was almost too erotic to be allowed there

We separated to change, and she met me at a restaurant near my apartment, and we never did go to the planned movie. We spent the evening in my place. By ten-thirty I had her leaning against me, naked to the waist, with my tongue in her mouth and my fingers in her panties, bringing her to orgasm.

She did not go home that night. I suggested to her that I could open my couch to a bed and either she or I could use it, with the other of us in the bedroom. I gave her my bathrobe to use. She picked the couch.

But after I first drifted off to sleep, I woke again. I opened my eyes slightly to see Tina standing in my bedroom door, wearing my bathrobe and perhaps nothing else, staring in at my nude body (for that was how I slept). I am sure that she was struggling within herself on whether to come in. But she closed the door and went away.

The next weekend was a long one. It was Thanksgiving, and she was expected to be at her parents' for Thursday and Friday and Saturday, coming back to town on Sunday night. In the middle of the day on Saturday my answering machine got a long-distance call from Tina, asking me to meet her on Sunday evening for dinner.

"I can't believe how much I miss you," she said. "I know that I will see you during the week, but I want so much to talk to you. No, I'll be honest; I want to kiss you and to feel your hands on me. I've never know anyone like you before."

That Sunday ended in her apartment with my hands moving under her blouse from back to front, for she had not worn a bra when she met me for dinner. She was half ecstatic to see me and half frightened at how she felt about me and how much she wanted me.

Tina was now at level seven or eight out of ten now. Friday night I kept us talking at a diner after the movie until after midnight, and when I took her to her door she said, "I really don't want to let you go home. That last night, when I stayed on your couch, I…." She could not quite bring herself to say it, but I knew what she thought. "I want to spend a lot more time with you," she ended lamely.

She grabbed me and pulled my head down, and what we did that night differed mainly from full physical intercourse in that our clothes stayed on, I used only my fingers, and that we were standing in the hall outside her apartment door.

We met at six on Saturday for dinner; the movie ended at nine. We entered her door at nine-thirty and kissed deeply before she went to make coffee for the two of us. I was just beginning to think to myself that she was gone longer than I expected when she returned. She had a little tray in her hands with two cups of coffee on it. But Tina also had changed – she now had on a filmy nightgown through which plainly peeped the two round erect circles of her nipples and the graceful triangle of her pubic hair.

"I want you to stay longer tonight," she whispered.

The coffee, I am afraid, went to waste.

I took her into my arms; she took me into her bedroom and into her bed; I took her. But no, that deserves a longer telling.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, bending to kiss her. Her mouth was open to receive my tongue as I stood. Her eagerness to accept my deep kiss was greater than ever before. My hands touched the bottom of her breasts, then the nipples. Then they returned to her back, to run down her shoulder-blades and the small of her back, to cup her buttocks. I lifted her a bit and her legs went around me; I rubbed the juncture of her legs against my erection until she whimpered in my ear.

"I want you so much," she said.

We must have moved from there, though I have no memory of it at all. We were standing by her bed and she was unbuttoning my shirt. She explored my chest with her hands and lips, sucking on my nipples. When she had removed my shirt and slacks and I was standing there clad only in shorts, Tina became a bit more hesitant. But when I kissed her again and lifted her to rub against my erection, her hand crept out and in and held that cylinder timidly.

She pulled it through the opening in the front of my shorts and kissed me again. She stood on her toes in the openest of invitations, and I let my shaft lie across the place where she was asking my to enter, moving slowly back and forth.

I broke away, saying, "There is something in my slacks I should get out soon."

"A condom?" she asked. "Don't bother. I went on the pill a couple of weeks back, and this would be about the point when I would be safe anyhow.

"I knew that this might happen, though I would never have believed it could happen so quickly. I want you so much that I – I want to feel all of you. I want to feel you explode inside me and feel what you will give me, to know that you have claimed me and feel the proof inside of me."

I dropped my shorts then lay her on her bed and joined her.

Then I joined with her, and jointly we enjoyed each other. But no, that deserves a longer telling.

I lifted the top of her nightdress to run my fingers over her hard nipples while I bent over her to kiss her mouth, then dropped down to take first one, then the other between my lips, until she moaned and shivered in pleasure.

Then I pushed Tina back on the bed and lifted her legs into the air. I reached up and slowly pulled her panties down her long legs. Pushing her thighs apart, I revealed her swollen pubes. Her hair was darker there, though still reddish. I used my fingers to spread the lips, opening her to my eyes. Her fluids covered the labia and my fingers.

After playing with her pulsing opening for a long time, I finally dropped my head and opened my mouth. She cried out at the first touch.

"I've never done that, I mean had someone do it! I've heard of it, but… Doesn't it taste, well, awful?" she gasped.

"A lot less so than some wines, at least to me," I replied. "And it will bring you great pleasure, and that I will do quite a lot for."

I continued and progressed and soon she strongly pulled my head into her groin.

"Ohhhhhh yes, suck me!!!" she moaned as her hips bounced on the bed. "Suck me, suck me!"

Her fluids were seeping more quickly into my mouth. My lips and tongue worked on her, bringing groans of pleasure from her.

"I'm going to…to…oh yes, suck me!!!" Tina moaned again and became tense. Suddenly her body stiffened and she moaned as if in pain. "Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh lord, ohhh yes," she groaned as wave after wave of ecstasy raced through her body.

Her climax went on and on before she released my head, letting me sit up. I had never seen a girl produce so much liquid before. I wiped my mouth on her sheet and moved back to lie beside her. Tina rolled over into my body, her mouth buried in my neck.

"Thank you, that was wonderful," she whispered as she kissed my neck.

After a rest of moments, I began to touch her nipples again, then moved on to her pubic hair.

"While I was away at my parents', over Thanksgiving," Tina said softly, "I kept thinking about you. I wished that I could talk to you, and when I was alone at night, in my bed in my old room, I, well, I used my fingers on myself and wished that you were there with me in my bed and in me, as deep in me as you could get and I could take you.

"I felt like I just wanted to devour you. It felt like kissing you was not enough any more, and cuddling was much too weak, and just being with you was not enough if that was where we stopped. I wanted to open my legs and feel your weight on me and have you enter me and take me and claim me and make me yours forever, and ohhh….

"And while what we did a few minutes ago was wonderful, it is still not that. Please, make love to me all the way. I want you to so much."

My fingers, while she spoke, had made sure that she was still ready for me. I lifted off the blue nightgown so that her body, long legs leading to a triangle of dark hair, passionate brown eyes staring at me, and with a red cloud on her pillow at the top, was completely naked to me.

As my body drew up to cover hers, her knees drew up to place her legs beside and outside mine. I used my hand to bring the head of my erection in contact with her outer labia. Tina jerked in reaction and gasped.

"Please," she said. "I want you to do it, but remember that I have never done this before either."

This I had not expected, but perhaps I should have – a good Catholic girl, not long away from home, nor even far from it now.

I gave her only an inch, then withdrew slightly, then a little more, until I was moving easily within her. When I met resistance, it was so slight that I could not be sure then whether it were not just a dry place, a tighter place, and when I felt release and she opened her mouth in what could have been passing pain or suddenly greater pleasure, I was deep in.

When I was at my limit, I began to give her faster strokes, and after only a few of those I could feel her internal muscles clamping down, to show that she had reached an orgasm. I slowed now for a while, to let her recover and to let myself last. Her long legs had now crept around me, to hold me in and spread herself more open for me. After an eternity of heavenly pleasure, I found myself speeding up again, and just as her back arched up I exploded into her clinging tunnel with what seemed to be half my vital fluids.

If I seemed to go on forever, she went on longer; her heart was pounding still when I had withdrawn and lay beside her. Yes, there had been a membrane; I had a trace of blood on the head of my penis.

When I woke, I turned to her and kissed her cheek. She woke halfway, and I said, "Miraculous, miraculous, miraculous."

She opened her brown eyes and replied, "And so are you, my love."

We fell asleep holding each other, and woke during the night to enjoy each other's bodies once again, until we joined in a wonderful long orgasm. On Sunday morning we did it again, and on Sunday afternoon. She wanted very much to catch up on years of abstinence, and I could not resist her, nor had I any reason to. Quite the opposite.

We showered together on Sunday not long before I went home. She found new things to do with my body, and I found how much natural talent she had at them. But I did go home.

Perhaps surprisingly, but perhaps not, she spent less time at my desk than in recent weeks, but seemed much happier when she did – and at other times, I heard from co-workers. Tina called me on Wednesday, and broke off the conversation to hurry over and knock on my door and spend the night. I met her on Friday night as we had agreed, and did not leave her apartment, at least to go home, until Sunday night. I rode her time after time, until we both sweetly ached.

Her supervisor commented on how much better her attitude had become and how she could concentrate more fully now. What he did not know was that we were meeting every night after work, eating dinner together in her place or mine, and improving each other's attitudes in a direct physical fashion.

That lasted three weeks.

At the end of that time, we were walking down the street together when I felt a sharp pain and woke up in the hospital with Tina leaning over me.

A man a few stories above me, it seems, had picked a warm day in January to finally take his air conditioner out of the window. He made it, but in the process dropped the screwdriver he had been using, and it gave me an almost glancing blow on the way down. The blade hit my head and slid into my shoulder. I was unconscious for two days.

I was going to be all right, but I could not go back to work for a few more weeks. I needed some help during that time, and of course Tina volunteered to move in with me. I had to avoid doing much that might strain my shoulder so – let's say that I had many interesting times lying still while Tina found out how much her mouth and throat could take of me. And after a bit, another portion of her anatomy came in for heavy use.

When I was back at work and in fact on Valentine's Day, Tina asked me to marry her. I had always felt that I was not ready to settle down, but then I had always been unwilling to settle down to the point of living with someone, and I was doing that now.

I pondered chasing another woman who had begun working in the office. But if I wanted to do that, I needed to use the word to make Tina fall out of love with me, to write me off to experience. And then I realized that all memory of what it might be had gone.

I pondered whether the feelings that Tina had for me were real, and realized that I had no way to tell the difference. She had shown that she was willing to care for me when I was sick, she certainly thought that she loved me (and, yes, I guess I loved her), she was damn good in bed… And there was no easy way out. It took me a day, but I said yes.

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