Educating Bobby and Debbie

Educating Bobby and Debbie

Educating Bobby And Debbie

Chapter ONE

My fourteen year old son Bobby has been seeing a fourteen year old girl named Debbie, for the last few months. One night I was getting a light bulb from the closet in the hall outside his bedroom door. I heard Bobby and Debbie talking about trying sex, but they were both virgins, and didn't know how to begin or what to do. I knocked on his door and stepped in. I told them I had over heard their conversation. I told them I was not angry with the and they were not in any trouble, in fact I told them it was all right for lovers to have sex, I was just going to give them the kind of sex education that the schools won't give. I told them they would have to do this, or I would not allow them to have sex in this house. if they did, they could have sex here any time they wanted. They both agreed.

This is how it went. I told them how important it is to take care of each others wants and needs. I asked both of them to get completely undressed. I couldn't help but drink in Debbie's beautiful body, she is about 5'4" tall with smooth, firm, curvy legs, firm perky breasts, with pert pink nipples, a smooth firm round ass and perfect proportions Then I had Debbie lay back on the bed, I ask her if she has ever masturbated. She said no. I said. "Then you have never had an orgasm." She said no.

I asked Bobby if he had ever masturbated, he said he does several times a week. I told Bobby that it is important to get her turned on and aroused. Bobby asked. "How do I do that." You begin by gently kissing her. Bobby leans over and they kiss for a few minutes, then break the kiss."That was excellent." I told him. Then you begin working on her body. I begin caressing one of her soft smooth legs as he caresses the other. "Feel how soft and smooth her skin is, caress her gently, start with her hips and outside her legs, then come up her inner thighs, like this." I said, as I caressed her inner thighs a few times. "See how she reacts to this touch? her inner thigh are more sensitive." I said to Bobby.

"Then when she is breathing a little more heavy like she is now, you can move to her breast. You begin softly, and gently caressing them like this." I say as I begin caressing her soft firm peach sized breast. Bobby begins caressing the other the same way. After a few minutes of this Debbie is moaning softly. Then I tell Bobby to gently pinch and roll her nipples between his thumb and fingers, not to hard, because most girls have tender, sensitive nipples, and you want to excite her not hurt her. He does a few times, and she moans a little louder and says. "That feels nice."

Then I Tell Debbie to spread her legs wide. She is hesitant, but I tell her we wont hurt her we want to pleasure her. Debbie spreads her legs wide. I tell Bobby to slowly kiss his way down her chest and belly, while caressing her hips and legs, until he reaches the top of her pussy slit. Debbie moans softly as Bobby kisses his way down the front of her while caressing her legs. When he reaches the top of her pussy I ask him to stop and move down a little. I have him take the first two fingers of each hand and wet them with his saliva. Telling him to never touch a girls pussy with dry fingers. After he licks his fingers, I have him pull her outer lips wide open, exposing her pink innards. "Oh what a beautiful pink pussy." I say to Debbie. This makes her blush a little, and relax a little at the same time.

I tell Bobby he is holding her outer labia, or lips open. I lick my finger and run it around inside her inner labia, explaining them to Bobby. I tell him they are sensitive, they swell with blood, and get moist when she is aroused like she is now. Then I gently press my finger into her entrance, causing her to gasp and jump slightly. I tell Bobby that this is the entrance to her vaginal tunnel, which is where babies come out, and he will insert his cock when he has sex with her. I say to Bobby "As you could see by the way she reacted to my touch, this area is quite sensitive."

I have Bobby move his fingers to the top of her pussy and raise up the little hood of flesh. Then I say to him. "You see that hard looking little nub there? That is her clitoris, or clit, it is very sensitive, like the head of your cock, only more consentreated." After the pussy education I have Bobby move his face to her pussy and have him begin licking around the lower parts of her outer, then inner lips. I ask Debbie how she likes this. She groans out that it feels incredible and she loves it. I have Bobby continue licking her like this until she begins rocking her hips and breathing hard. Then I ask Bobby if he is noticing the way she is breathing and moving. He says. "Um huh. "That means she is loving what you are doing to her and she is getting highly aroused. She is now ready for the next step." I say.

I tell Bobby to work his tongue up her pussy and begin gently licking around her clit. I watch as Bobby slowly moved his head up to the top of her pussy and begins licking around her clit. Debbie cries out softly when Bobby's tongue begins to hit around her clit. She says. "Oh my god what is happening to me. I have never felt anything like this."
I tell her to enjoy it and not to fight the feelings, just let them flow. Then I tell Bobby to lick her clit a little harder. When he licks her clit harder, Debbie's hips begin to buck and she moans loudly for a few more seconds. before she tensed up hard and then cries out as her body begins to tremble as she cums. I tell Bobby to keep going until she calms down, then lick her lower pussy only for a few more minutes.

When Debbie's first ever orgasm subsided, Bobby moves down and licks her pussy lips and entrance for a while, until she sits up and looks at him, then looking at me and asks. "Did I just have an orgasm?" I said. "Oh yes you certainly did, how did you like it?" Debbie just sighed and said. "That was unlike anything I could have ever imagined, it was absolutely incredible, can I have another one?" I look her in the eyes and said. "Oh you certainly can, and will before the night is over."

"Ok Bobby your turn to lay back and get some pleasuring." I said. Then I asked Debbie to kneel between his legs. I looked at Bobby and asked. When you masturbate, how do you do it, show me quickly." He grips his cock in his right hand and begins stroking it. I said. "Ok that's what I thought, while your stroking your cock do you notice any particular area of your cock that is more sensitive." Bobby says. "Not when I stroke it, but when I let the shower hit it this area here feels the best." I tell Debbie to take note of that. Then I ask Bobby. "On average, how long does it take you to cum." Bobby says. Do you mean to the first one." I ask. "How many times do you cum?" He says. " Most times my cock goes soft after only one cum, but some times it takes two cums before if goes soft." I ask. "When you cum does you cock get extremely sensitive, causing you to stop most of your stroking movement.?" Bobby says. "yes, most of the time, but sometimes It dosn't, and I can keep stroking my cock while I cum, and then cum again, until my cock finally goes soft, then I stop." I look at Debbie and instructed her to take Bobby's cock in her mouth and lick and suck in it like it was a popsicle, but absolutely no teeth, as that will hurt, also to pay special attention to that sensitive area, which will help make him cum.

Debbie starts to lick and suck on Bobby's cock, slowly at first, but as she gets more comfortable with doing it, and Bobby gets hotter, she starts really going at his cock.
After a few minutes Bobby asks Debbie to lick his spot hard. and she does. Less than a minute later he says. "Oh baby, I'm about to cum." I tell her to try and swallow it if she can. I no sooner say that when Bobby grunts hard and begins to cum in her mouth as she swallows it. Debbie keeps sucking and swallowing his cum until he has stopped cumming, and keeps going, until I tell her to stop.

I have them trade places, having her lay on her back on the bed with her legs spread. "Now I'm going to show you how to have a form of sex, with out having actual intercourse, and with no chance of her getting pregnant." I tell them. I have Bobby kneel between her legs and lean down, placing his cock between her pussy lips. then I have him drop down onto his elbows, and place his hands under her shoulders. Then I had Bobby move back and forth, humping his cock over her pussy. They naturally began kissing as they got hotter.
After several minutes Debbie was moaning and rocking her hips hard. She came a few seconds later, crying out as she was rocked by a powerful orgasm. Then Bobby looked at me and said. "That felt fantastic, so how much longer should I go?" "I said. Well usually as long as you two want to, but this time, stop now. It's time to change positions.

I ask Bobby to get up and trade places with Debbie. They kiss briefly before he gets up. I pat him on the back and say. Nice job, but don't forget to tell her you love her."
Bobby Gets up and helps Debbie up, then lays on his back. I ask Debbie when her last period was, and she said it was four days ago. I tell her that is good, they can have the full sexual experience.

When Bobby is laying on the bed, I have Debbie kneel over his waist. I ask her to sit back, and as she does I help Bobby guide his cock to the entrance to her vagina. Debbie stops moving and looks at me when Bobby's cock is pressing at her entrance. I tell her to continue moving back slowly, and allow his cock to enter her, until she feels her hymen tear, which may or may not hurt. If it hurts, just stop moving until the pain goes away, then continue on down. Debbie moves back some more, and then gasps as his head penetrates her opening. Debbie looks at me and says. "Oh man that feels fantastic." Debbie continues to move back, taking his cock into her pussy until she suddenly cries out in pain and stops moving. She sits there for a few minutes as Bobby caresses her legs softly, waiting for her. Then She lets out a whew, as she begins moving the rest of the way down onto his cock, then lays down on Bobby. Bobby caresses her back as I ask her how she feels. Debbie says. "Well that did hurt a lot when his cock went through my hymen. But now I just feel full of cock, and it feels so fantastic, I just want to enjoy this for a minute.

She lays there for a minute then raises up and asks what should she do now. I tell her to begin moving back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her pussy. Bobby looks at me and says. The feel of her hot, wet, throbbing pussy on my cock is so amazing, I just love it. Then when Debbie begins moving on his cock they both look at me and tell me that this feels more incredible, than anything they have ever felt. After a few minutes Debbie begins to move faster as she is moaning and breathing heavy. Soon she tenses up and begins to shudder and tremble as she cums again. Debbie continues fucking Bobby and soon he tenses and bucks his hips as he cums inside Debbie as she continues to fuck him. She looks at me and says. "Do I have to stop now." I say. "No, just slow to just moving your hips, until you come down from your orgasm."

I Tell Bobby that it's very important to stay with your girl after sex, especially if she has just cum, because girls don't come down any where as fast as guys do. They stay high, kind of like you dothose times when your cock dosen't go down after your first orgasm. You need to stay with her, preferably in her or gently rubbing her pussy while holding her, kissing her or caressing her until she's sufficiently down. If you don't she will feel empty, high and alone, and that is not a good feeling.

They laid their caressing and kissing while she moved slower and slower until they were rested and down. Then Debbie got up off him and, helped Bobby up. They stood and held each other kissing and telling each other they loved them. I sent them to the shower to clean up. When they returned thirty minutes later, I told them that I would show them some more positions when they get together again in a few days.

Chapter Two

I arrived home last night, and when I passed by Bobby's open bedroom door, I looked in to see him over Debbie, on his bed, fucking her with a nice moderate pace. As I watched them, Debbie soon tensed up and began to shudder as she came. Bobby continued to fuck her for another minute, before pulling out of her pussy, and getting up off her. Bobby turned and saw me standing in the doorway. I said. "Hi guys, looks your having fun, how long have you been at that."
Bobby says. "For a while, that was her first orgasm, I haven't had one yet." Debbie looks at me and says. "Are you going to show us some more stuff?"
"I can." I said.

I had Bobby lay on his back, then had Debbie lay on top of him in a sixty nine position. I instructed her to suck his cock, while he licked her pussy. They liked this, as Debbie came in three and a half minutes.
I had them get up and stand in the middle of the room, I had Debbie spread her legs, then I had Bobby move behind her and enter her pussy. I had him fuck her slowly, while caressing her breasts, for a minute. Then I had him pull out of her.

I had Debbie turn around, facing Bobby. I had him reenter her pussy, and begin fucking her again. They fucked slowly for a minute. Then I had them stop.

I had Debbie get on her hands and knees. I had Bobby kneel behind her, and entering her pussy, fuck her slowly again. While they were fucking I went to my closet where I keep my magazines, and grabbed a few which had many positions and methods, as well as a chart of kama sutra positions. I got back just in time to see them having a mutual orgasm, as Bobby came in Debbie's pulsing shuddering body.

When their orgasms were over Bobby rested on her back, moving slowly as they talked for a minute. Then he pulled out of her and got up helping her to her feet. They embraced and kissed for a few minutes.

Then I gave them the magazines and charts, saying to them. "These magazines should give you plenty of ideas to keep things exciting." Bobby took the magazines as they both thanked me. I said. "Well I think I have taught you well enough, I think your ready to carry on by your selves." They thanked me and excused themselves as they wanted to take a shower.

I leave them at this point as this is were this story concludes.


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