Evening With Mother

Evening With Mother

One evening several years ago I was home with my mother. Dad was working nights and my sister was staying over at friends. We were sat on the sofa watching late TV. I was in my PJs and she was in her dressing gown. My mother asked if I was alright as I was quiet. I said I was just a bit tense, I had a tough day at college. My mother got up and went to the kitchen and brought back bottle of wine and 2 glasses. We had a glass of wine and my mother said when I was little and restless she used to gently stroke the inside of my arm to soothe me."Do yo want me to do it now" she said half joking. "Go on then" I said.

I had forgotten how nice it was as her fingers lightly brushed my arm moving slowly from the palm of my hand to the inside of my elbow and then just lightly tickling under my arm. By this time the bottle of wine was empty and she went for another. We had some more wine and my mother said that I could tickle her arm now. I pushed up the sleeve of her dressing gown and began stroking her arm gently, as she had done to me. "I can't do this properly with your sleeve in the way" I said so she opened the dressing gown and pulled her arm out of the sleeve. I began stoking her agian concentrating on the upper part of the inside of her arm. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying it. Her nightdress was not particularly sexy but I could see he nipples errect through the cloth.

As I stroked her arm my knuckles brushed her nipple and she gave a little gasp. Emboldened by the wine I did it again this time deliberatly, again the gasp. I repeated this a few times until it was obvious to her that it wasn't accidental. "you shouldn't do that she said" "Why not, you like it" "its wrong" she said. "Mum, I have rubbed a bit of your skin with a bit of my skin. You like it, I like it and it doesn't hurt anyone so where's the problem?" She didn't say anything and I resummed stroking her arm. She closed her eyes and sort of slumped down so she was half lying on the sofa. As she had not withdrawn I chanced touching her breast through her nightdress, she just lay there so I began to cup her breast in my hand and gently knead it. Her eyes remained closed though her lips parted and she was breathing a little faster.

I continued to play with her breast with one hand and I put my other hand on her knee. Again no withdrawl, so I began to rub her leg just above her knee, each rub pushing the hem of her night dress furter up her thigh. Her legs were together and I tried to put my hand between here thighs. She clamped tight. "no" she said. "Its only skin I said its no different to stroking your arm" For a short while I thought the moment was lost but then she sighed, closed her eyes and opened her legs. Not just so I could touch her inner thigh but full access to her fanny. With a trembling hand I began stoking her pubic hair and gradually let my fingers explore. She was soaking wet and she gave a slight "uhh" as I gently probed her vagina with my fingers. I would have liked to play some more but I was hard as a rock by this time so I manoeuvred myself between her legs and guided the tip of my cock between her labia. Then I was on her, thrusting in and out. Her fanny was lovely and tight and I could feel every delicious movement of my glans againt her vaginal wall. She still had her eyes closed, and said nothing but her arms were around my back holding and stroking me.

I kept on thrusting, my orgasm building and building until I came. It was glorius, I sent spurt after spurt of semen into her. As I came to the end of my orgasm and the urgency of my thrusts diminished, my mother spoke quietly "don't stop". Realising now she wasn't just letting me do it, but was close to coming her self and wanting to come I increased the pace of my thrusts and she began to thrust back, not hard but small upward movements with her hips. I could hear and feel her breathing getting faster. Her body tensed and she held me a little tighter. Her body become stiffer and stiffer as I thrust in and out of her. Then she went softer and let out a quiet "uuuhhh" "uuuuhhhh" "oooh". I continued to thrust until she said "oh … thats enough, it was lovely".

Afterwards we lay together and she said "you were right, it is only skin, and we haven' hurt anyone." "talking of skin on skin" I said "there are other bits of skin we could try ……"

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