Fantasy about my girlfriend

Fantasy about my girlfriend

It was one of those boring, unexciting days in his 3rd period class. Rick was waiting patiently for the bell to ring as he was staring helplessly at the beauty before him. Stephanie had the smoothest black hair, the softest long legs, and 17 year old tits at just the right size. A nice ass and flat stomach accompanied her as well. She knew he was gawking at her but did nothing to stop at, Her face occasionally turned red a little after she found him staring at her again, most likely because of her daydreams of sex with him.

Finally the bell rang signaling that they could get up to go to lunch. He did not immediately leave, as he enjoyed staring at her pretty face and nice curves. She got up, and so did he, making sure to get up a little after her to ensure he could stare at her ass on the way out. He lost her almost immediately after getting out of class because of the lunch time crowd. He could always find her again, as she was literally the girl next door.

He sat down on a lunch bench in the corner of the courtyard, as he remembered the first time he saw her. It was about 11:00pm and the house next to them had been bought a few days earlier, the buyers were just getting in. Her room was right across from his, so he could see her window perfectly. She quickly got her room set up, with T.V, shades, and everything else. He saw her silhouette turn on the T.V, and push something into a box on the dresser. It was a movie, as the color of the T.V quickly changed to a soft pink, with some changes every now and then. He then got the pleasure of watching her undress, his heart raced as he watched her outline masturbate oh her bed.

The annoying bell rang, and he was forced to stop his daydream, fix the huge boner in his pants, and walk to his last class of the day. He would easily endure an hour and a half of english to masturbate to her masturbating again.

As he got home, he quickly thought of her again, but he looked in the window and she was not there. She had masturbated every day after school ended sense the beginning of the year now. He also noticed that her T.V was missing. He was slightly annoyed because he too was accustomed to masturbating to her image several times in the 2 hours before his mother came home.

He heard a knock on his front door and was forced to stop wondering about where she was, to answer it. He got to the door to find Stephanie, still in her striped blue cheerleaders uniform from school, at his door, She asked "May I come in", He responded with a "yes" almost before she asked. They quickly found themselves talking on the couch.

She finally asked "Why are you always staring at me during class".

He got a little embarrassed but responded with the truthful answer "Because you are beautiful".

She blushed a little, He hoped it was from the same thoughts as in class, and decided to start to flirt with her a little but.

He asked her "You like it, don't you".

She hesitated for a moment before opening up, and responding with a giggle and a "yes."

She then uncrossed her legs letting him get a good look at her black lace panties, showing through the cheerleaders skirt. Trying not to make it too obvious, closed her legs again, not entirely closing them though, allowing him to take a peek when he felt like it, and he could hardly take his eyes off her.

There was a silent, but not uncomfortable moment where she had a small daydream about fucking him, while he had a daydream about fucking her.

She eventually let her daydream get the best of her as she moaned with so much pleasure, that the sound broke free from her dream and made its way into the air, free for him to hear it. Having this sound been released, he decided to not wait anymore, and finally make his move. He got up from his couch and walked a little to hers, where he slid his hand on the outside of her leg as he went in for a passionate kiss.

The kiss quickly turned into something more as she walked him to a bedroom, put her arms around him and gently slid into a laying position, pulling him with her.

After several minutes of kissing, she decided to start to unzip his pants, as soon as she got them off, he decided to take off her cheerleaders top. It slid off, he found that no bra on, and this made him slightly disappointed that she wasn't wearing anything else as nice as the cheerleaders uniform, or the panties. Her breasts were far too beautiful to make this small disappointment noticeable though. He kissed her chest, and then decided to pull down her cheerleaders skirt, softly.

She tilted her head back some and moaned as the feeling of his hands gliding her skirt down her long, beautiful legs, got her pussy wet.

She then bit her lips softly as she lay on a boy's bed, topless with only panties on. He continued to kiss her, as he made his way from her face down to her panties, where he started to take them off with his teeth, but then slid them from her knee with his hand, so he could continue to eat her out freely.

He took off his boxers when her stomach started to spasm, grabbed a condom out of his wallet, and entered her swollen pussy with just enough force to make her scream with the pleasure of being fucked in the middle of an already going orgasm.

She could not contain her screaming as his throbbing, 8 inch dick stole two more orgasms from her wet, previously virgin pussy. She was on her way to the third orgasm when he came. The warmth easily went through the rubber, instantly triggering the orgasm while leaving the cum inside.

They had sex again, half an hour later, It felt even more phenomenal as he went faster this time, lasting slightly longer. He then laid down against her on the bed, and just spooned with her, talking to her about when he first saw her, masturbating. She then told him that her mom caught her masturbating and took her T.V away, forcing her to do something else with her afternoon.

Her body was warm against his, as they laid in bed. He rubbed her stomach and enjoyed its warmth as he wanted to go again, but his parents would be home soon, which made this third time much more erotic to him.

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