Fishing for my booty

Fishing for my booty

I remember clearly the first time I got my asshole fucked by another man. it happened at the same time his buddy fucked my mouth for the first time. the two of them double tagged me right out in the open. it happened when I first moved to Colorado. being a big fisherman, I began to explore all the different lakes and streams searching for that perfect fishing hole. it was at one of those lakes that I met the men who ended up popping my anal and deep throat cherries. and man! did they pop them good. my butthole got the shit stretched out of it by a very big and thick ass mule dick, while the other man shoved his dick all the way down my whole throat.

it happened like this. I had set up camp at one of the camp sites at Rifle Reservoir, a site that was located in a pretty secluded area. if it had been summer time, I’m sure the camp ground would have been full. but since it was the end of the summer right when fall was starting, the site was empty except me and one other tent 3 sites down from me. during the entire first day I was there, I hadn't seen any movement from that site. people, cars, boat, nothing. I just figured they was out all day, boating or hiking or something.

when the next day rolled around, I still didn't see any movement. I figured they came back late the night before, and left early that morning. I just thought I missed them as I went to bed pretty early the night before. I fished a few hours that day and the fishing wasn't that good so I decided to hang out at the camp site and bbq or whatever. after a couple of beers, I ended up going skinny dipping in the lake. while I was swimming, I saw an old pick up truck pull into the other campsite. two men got out of the truck and looked over at my site and noticed me in the lake. they waved, so I waved back and kept swimming.

about 10 minutes later, I noticed they were at my campsite standing there looking at me. one of them was holding my clothes. I swam up to shore as close as I could get without exposing myself and said, "could you please put my clothes down?" the guy holding my clothes responded and said, "your clothes are damp, I’m going to put them by my fire to dry out and warm up. when your done, come over to our site." then they walked away with my clothes.

I didn't know what to think. both of them were a couple of good ole boys. white guy's in there 30's I would guess, and the usual ball caps and so forth, local's. myself being a white male in my 30's, I figured I was ok as far as whatever. I never had anybody steal my clothes before. anyway, after a bit, I got out and walked over to there campsite completely naked and I noticed they were staring at me as I walked up. when I got there, I noticed that the both of them were naked as well. I felt uncomfortable about that and asked right away for them to give me my clothes back. one of them told me that their clothes were warming up as well and that I should relax and join them in some drinking while we all waited for our clothes to warm up.

I guess I was nieve because I went with it and sat down with them and began to drink what they offered me. the fact that all of us were naked made me a bit uncomfortable, but the more I drank, the more I relaxed about it. they noticed I was getting relaxed, and that is when they broke out the whiskey. personally, I love whiskey and coke, but they were drinking it straight. well, it didn't take long before I was drinking it straight myself. I was getting so buzzed, not to mention how good of a time I was having, that I forgot we were all naked even though I could see both of their dicks. I guess I really wasn't paying attention to that.

the sex started when I went to take another piss. I was standing at a tree pissing when the guy with the big ass dick came up behind me and surprised the heck out me. he crept up and said, "I have been looking at your ass all night tonight and I think it is very sexy. I would love to fuck you in your asshole." I said, "man! I don't do that"

he said, "hey look! I promise you'll like it. trust me. just let me fuck your asshole, and suck my friends dick, and we'll have a great night. what do you say." I don't know why I was even thinking about it. I wasn't attracted to men and I never done nothing like that or even had the desire to do that kind of thing. but when he put his hand in the crack of my ass and started rubbing my butthole, it felt good. for some reason, maybe it was the booze, I stood there and continued to let him feel my asshole up. after a bit he said, "so what do you say? you going to give up the booty or what?"

I couldn't believe what I was about to say to the guy, but I was buzzed and horny. I said, "I tell you what. give me some more whiskey and I’ll do whatever you guys want." he had a very pleasant reaction to that statement. we walked back to the site with him behind me checking out my ass, and he said to his friend, "hey Earl! get out another bottle of whiskey, this boy is will to be our "Peggy Sue" tonight." Earl reaction was, "Hot Damn! we are going to have some fun tonight."

Earl came back with the whiskey and I started drinking it. during the next half hour, I drank, felt up their dicks, they felt up my ass, and I played with their balls, they told me how they were going to shove their dicks up my ass and down my throat. maybe it was the booze, but I liked it. I was getting turned on by the way they were telling me how they were going to dominate me. I felt like I had no choice in being their little sex toy. maybe it was that idea that turned me on, I don't know.

so there I was, standing there, bottle in one hand, tipped to my mouth as I was drinking, and my other hand was holding Earl's dick, when Robert (with the big fat dick) grabbed my ass again and slid his finger in my butthole and said, "I’m ready to fuck your asshole now." I was so buzzed, that I was like, "ok! how do you want me" but inside, I was scared. I was thinking how bad it might hurt.

he told me to bend over the bench, which I did, then Earl stepped up in my face and grabbed my head and stuck his cock in my mouth and held it there. then Robert got up behind me, and with some kind of lube, which I have no idea what it was, he thrust his fat fucking cock all the way in my asshole in one push. my butthole stretched so far open it felt like a baseball bat or something similar. I never felt that kind of pressure before. I just let out a loud moan, as loud as I could with a dick in my mouth anyway. now I know why he put his cock in my mouth before the dick went up my ass.

as Earl began to slide his dick in and out of my mouth, Robert began to deep fuck my asshole with long and steady strokes. the pressure was intense as well as the pain, but for some reason, I liked the way it felt anyway. I also liked the way the dick felt in my mouth as well. even though I was seriously distracted by the huge cock stretching my butthole out of shape, I was horny, so I tried to suck the man's dick the best I could. I submitted to everything they wanted me to. I was their "Peggy Sue".

all of us were drunk, and they took turns between the two of them, fucking my asshole and my mouth. I was having a great time. this went on for a couple of hours before they decided it was time to shoot their loads. Robert was in my asshole again and Earl was going to town on my mouth. the both of them were fucking me hard and fast. I was almost numb from it all. then all of a sudden I felt hot liquid shoot into my asshole. it hit my prostate and made my body tingle so much that I shot a load right there. that was followed by some very hot and thick cum shooting into my mouth. what a treat, I swallowed all of it.

I don't remember what happened after that. I do know that when I woke up the next day naked, my face had a lot of sticky stuff on it and my asshole hurt like a bitch. those two worked me over pretty good sex wise. but after that, I knew I had to have more. so thus, the beginning of my bi-sexuality.

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