Gaze into the eyes of a monster

Gaze into the eyes of a monster

Gaze into the eyes of a monster – Digimon lemon by MISTER BIG T

Aye caramaba, porlo loco i maco?! No doubt my longest story ever.


Biyomon gave a yawn and checked the clock on the wall again. The lights flickered in the nearly abandoned hospital. There was horrible stench in the air, which she could not recognize.

"He's late…." she thought to herself.

Biyomon sat in front of a door, which lead to an operation room. Into the room where her lover Hawkmon was being treated because of what had happened…

"I wonder……If it'll finally come to an end…. I wonder if he'll…. Survive…." she thought to herself.

She cursed herself thinking how this had all began from something so stupid.


Chapter 1: Childish gamble

One day earlier…

The first snow of the year had came. It was already near Christmas, just few more days ‘til the happiest time for most of the mons.

Veemon placed a candle into a Christmas tree, which everyone of the destined Digimon decorated.

"I still think the star should be golden and not silver," Gabumon complained.
"Can you shut up?? It's perfect and it was the only one left. Besides, we'd not be in this situation if YOU would have remembered to do the shopping when there was still more than leftovers of the Christmas decoration!" Gatomon hissed.
"I wonder…If TK and Kari are spending this Christmas together…Holding hands…." Patamon silently thought out loud giving a romantic sigh.
"Hah, you wish. We all know that Kari is going to spend the Christmas with Davis. And holding onto something else than his hand…" Veemon laughed.
"In his dreams perhaps," Patamon said, as he turned to face Veemon.

The tension between the two was thick enough to be cut with a knife. Veemon grit his teeth together and Patamon held his tiny hands closed in a fist. This could have turned into even a fight, unless…

"Guys stop it. You know, how about we make a small gamble instead of this pointless fight?" Palmon suggested.
"And what's that?" Gatomon asked seemingly interested.
"We'll make bets of whom the Kari is going to spend the Christmas Eve with. The losers have to be serving the winners ‘til New Year." Palmon spoke up.

Everyone laughed and agreed to this funny little game.

Little did they know that what was meant to be a friendly contest of fun would turn into something that could very well cause everything they care go down in flames…

Several hours later, Gatomon was at home with Kari with her head in Kari's lap. Kari was gently caressing Gatomon's head and from behind the ears making Gatomon purr.

"So… Kari? Have you got anything planned for the Christmas?" Gatomon asked trying to see if her prediction had went correct.
"Oh I am going to spend time with my family first and later with my friends." Kari spoke up while still stroking Gatomon.
"Do you have any special wishes?" Gatomon asked.
"Not really…. I think it's kind enough if someone gives me a gift…… It doesn't matter how much it costs or what it is. It’s the thought that someone cares for you that is the biggest gift," Kari explained.

Gatomon gave a heavy sigh. It would be impossible to tell whom Kari would choose without directly asking her. And Gatomon didn't want to do that, because she respected Kari too much for that.

"Can you get off for a second Gato? I need to go the toilets." Kari admitted while she blushed slightly.
"Oh! Sorry, yeah." Gatomon gagged as she rose up to sit on the couch again.

Kari went directly to the bathroom down the hallway.

Gatomon leaned even more towards the sofa while shifting her leg position. Just as she did that, she could have sworn something had poked her into her back. She reached behind the pillows and through the cushion over the sofa. What she pulled out was a dual headed dildo.

This shocked Gatomon quite much. Not just because she had never considered Kari to be so…Developed. But much more because of the size of the thing. From the other end to the other it was sporting an impressive twelve inches long and two and half width. It was bigger than most mon members Gatomon had seen and she had seen quite several.

"Kari masturbates with THIS??" she exclaimed in her mind.

Just then she heard the toilet beginning to flush.

Almost having a heartattack, Gatomon threw the dildo back into where she had gotten it just in time before Kari got back.

"Are you okay Gatomon?" Kari asked.
"Y…Yeah. W-why?" Gatomon gagged.
"You seem all red. Are you ill?" Kari pondered out loud.

Gatomon blushed.

"I guess it's just too hot…. Can I go take a bath..?" she asked.
"Umm sure." Kari answered.

As Gatomon walked to the bathroom, Kari pondered why Gatomon would want to have a bath in middle of a day. She usually hated to take baths unless it'd be to make her fur better.

Just as she reached the bathroom, Gatomon resisted the urge to masturbate right that instant. Instead she began to fill the bath with warm water and climbed in. That way she could do it without Kari suspecting anything.

"I wish it would have been real…I've not had anything like that ever inside me…." she murmured in her mind as she slowly began to reach towards her sacred mound.

She gently moved her paw over her already wet vagina. Giving a silent moan, she began to rub it. She took hold of her other tit and brought it into her mouth to lick the nipple, while still continuing to rub harder and faster her pussy. She murmured and inserted one of her fingers into her moist hole, as she began to move the finger in circular movement.

Gatomon began to purr slightly. She always was very vocal during doing it usually, but now she didn’t dare to make any sounds since Kari could hear. She began to pump her finger in and out of her dripping wet cunt, as she moved her other paw into her mouth thus preventing her from making more noise.

Gatomon soon couldn’t take it any longer as she orgasmed near immediately.

“Incredible…I came so fast…” she thought to herself.


Biyomon rose up as the doctor opened the swing door.

“I…. Is he alright doctor?” she silently asked.
The doctor took off his glasses and said, “We’re doing all we can, but…. I doubt he can ever walk again…”
“No….. No!!” Biyomon cried out.

Biyomon fell on her knees and began to weep.

“I am sorry Biyomon…. I am so… So sorry,” the doctor spoke.


Chapter 2: The vicious plan

Davis gave a smirk and brought a glass of Pepsi to his lips “I don’t understand Veemon. You told me that you’ve realized how I can become Kari’s boyfriend.”
“Yes. For this we’ll both get what we want. I’ll get Gatomon and you’ll get Kari. But I’ll need your help to do it…” Veemon mumbled as he sat next to Davis.
“So what’s the plan? “ Davis asked as he placed the glass back on a table.
A grin formed on the face of Veemon as he began to speak “It is simple. I’ll take care of TK if you take care of Patamon. All we need is lie to them. When they’re gone you’ve got a free working field with Kari and I will have with Gatomon. All we need is few mistletoes and the girls are ours.”

Davis began to laugh. He liked the idea of getting a kiss from Kari during Christmas. The thought of Kari’s lips taste, the smell of her perfume, and the softness of her skin were alone enough to get Davis aroused.

Just then he noticed Veemon’s hand rub on his growing erection through the pants and he exclaimed “Veemon? What are you doing??”
“Come on Davis… This is not the first time we’re doing this,” Veemon laughed.

Davis smiled. That was true. For ages the two had released the pressure of not having the ones they wanted by settling with each other.

Davis moved his hands down to stroke on the pouch of Veemon and rubbing on his stealth. The blue dragon’s cock began to come into sight and Davis began to jerk it as Veemon returned the favor as well after unzipping and pulling the pants of Davis down. The two rubbed their erect organs masturbating each other off.

“Can I do you today?” Davis asked.
Veemon pondered for a second but then said “Sure. Just be gentle okay?”

Davis gave a nod and spat at his hand rubbing his saliva around his cock. Veemon put his hands to floor and he raised his tail up as he laid down on all fours. Davis rubbed his erection against the tail hole of Veemon and slowly pushed in. Veemon moaned as his ass was filled and Davis began to pump in and out of his ass.

“Mmmm…Kari…” Davis moaned as he imagined doing it with Kari.

Veemon took offence in this but did not say anything but instead scowled, clenching his teeth as he grasped the bright red base of his cock and started jerking it up and down with one hand, the other hand clawing at the carpeted floor. Pre cum began to trickle down the head of his penis, rolling in pearly white beads across his genitalia. Meanwhile, the continuous pumping in his rear only increased his pleasure, especially when the head of Davis's cock smacked against his prostate.

Another staggering thrust made Veemon lose his grip on the ground, making him sprawl out, chest first, on the carpet. He gasped, panting and moaning, each bump against his prostate sending him further into pleasure. Each of Davis's thrusts were punctuated by a harsh gasp that was torn from his throat.

Davis suddenly came into the ass of Veemon without a warning and before Veemon was even done. He gave a soft moan, as he remained his still erect cock in couple of seconds, before pulling out making some of his sperm drip down from Veemon’s butt. Davis leaned back into the chair and smiled, as he was satisfied.

Veemon seemed angry and said “Davis. Ever since meeting you, you’ve been more than my trainer. You’ve been my close friend. However when we began to have sex I wondered if you had more feelings for me than that. But now I’m finally beginning to realize that I was nothing but a substitute for Kari all this time.”
Davis gave a laugh “Come on. Don’t tell me I meant more to you than a substitute of Gatomon?”

Long silence passed between the two.

Finally Veemon turned around and stormed out as he mumbled “Asshole.”
Davis seemed shocked and could only mutter silent “Veemon…”

Veemon walked out away from Davis. He was not sure where he’d go. Would he do as he had originally planned to do to get Gatomon? Or would he forget about it to make up for how Davis acted?

Veemon closed his eyes and gave a sigh. No matter how much he tried, he could not hate the boy. He cared for him and did want nothing but best for him.

“He loves Kari so much… If it really makes him happy, I’ll make sure he’ll have her…..” he thought as he kept walking.

Veemon suddenly realized he was in middle of the center of the city near the huge clock. Christmas carols were singing about Christmas. It was a cold and dark night. Night, you’d not want to spend out alone.


Biyomon was finally let into the room. Hawkmon was in a pretty bad shape, he had machines helping him breath and he was lying on a bed. There were several bloody bandages in trashcan probably from Hawkmon.

“Hawkmon… It is me, Biyomon.” she spoke to him.
Hawkmon painfully opened his eyes and muttered “B…Biyomon? W…. What happened? Why am I…. Like this?”
Biyomon gave a heavy sigh “It’s a long story…. Do you really want to know?”
“Yes…Please tell.” he replied.


Chapter 3: The fun ends

Patamon took a sip from a hot chocolate and shivered some more.

“Why did you go outside alone anyway?” TK scolded him.
“I was gonna get a present for you and Kari,” Patamon defended himself.
TK seemed taken by surprise from the gesture but then got back to scolding Patamon “I appreciate that. But you could have gotten yourself God knows what disease. Not to mention it being dangerous.”
Hawkmon smiled as Biyomon cuddled close to him and said “I’m so glad you let us join you two TK. Sora is too busy to help look after us and Yolei is spending the Christmas at her grandparents.”
“Hey that is what friends are for,” TK replied.

Just then the doorbell rang. As TK went to open it he saw a nearly frozen Veemon.

“Veemon! Why are you out at this hour?” he asked being shocked from this surprise.
Veemon shivered a bit as he tried to remember how he was supposed to lie “Ummm, there’s something out at the town I want to show you.”
“Out at the town? It can wait then. It’s too bad weather to go outside,” TK replied as he turned to walk away.
“Listen, I…” Veemon began to say as he moved his hand towards him.

Just then TK turned around. There came a horrible sounding crunch. For awhile no one dared to even move. Then, TK let out a cry of pain as he fell on his back holding his chest. Veemon had accidentally cut at the boy’s chest.

“TK!!!” Patamon exclaimed running towards his partner.
“Oh no!!” Biyomon screamed.
Veemon not knowing what to say or do, backed against the door and ran out while in his mind he thought “Oh God this can’t be real…I…I didn’t mean to harm him….”

Hawkmon saw Veemon run in panic out. The only thing he thought was that Veemon had done it on a purpose. He began to flap his wings fast as he flew out from the door after him.

“Hawkmon!! Come back!” Biyomon screamed, as Patamon was busy tending on TK’s wound.

Veemon ran as fast as he could along the snow to a park, which was the closest road to home. He did not know what to say or do.

“Oh God what have I done??” he exclaimed in his mind as he tripped and fell down on the frozen lake.

Just then he heard flapping wings and as he turned he saw Hawkmon who landed next to Veemon.

“It was an accident!! I never would have wanted to do it!” Veemon exclaimed.
“Oh yeah? Then why did you run?” Hawkmon asked.
“Because I went into panic! You have to bel…” Veemon spoke as suddenly a loud cracking sound of breaking ice alerted the two Digimon.

Before either of them could react, the weak ice broke and they both fell into icy water. Veemon screamed and tried to climb on the ice but when he did it only broke down under his weight. Hawkmon tried to flap his wings to get to flight but he couldn’t.

“We’re gonna die!!” Veemon screamed as he gasped for air and tried to struggle somewhere in the icy water.

Just then Hawkmon gave Veemon a lift by swimming underneath the icy water and pushing him on to the surface.

Veemon turned back trying to pull Hawkmon but he quickly sank deeper into water and disappeared from his sight “HAWKMON!!!!!”


Hawkmon blinked after hearing the story “And then I was pulled from the lake? But what happened to TK?”
“TK was in more of a luck than you. The wound was a mere scratch.” Biyomon responded.
“Veemon…. What happened to him?” Hawkmon asked.
Biyomon looked away and said “Patamon went after him…. I tried to stop him but….. Veemon is in a bad shape after being in the water too and he’s unable to defend himself if Patamon tries anything.…”

Hawkmon gasped and tried to rise up only to fall back into the bed.


Patamon flew in circles around the hospital before he finally discovered a window where he saw Veemon.

“Payback time…” he thought.

But as Patamon opened the window and flew in he was shocked to see Gatomon stand next to Veemon holding his hand.

“Gatomon!!” he exclaimed.
Gatomon slowly gazed towards the direction of Patamon “What are you going to do? Kill him? Patamon… He is your friend. He is my friend too.”
“He hurt TK!!” Patamon yelled.
“I know he probably didn’t mean that….” Gatomon spoke in softening tone.

Patamon gave a heavy sigh and turned his back.

“You have a point….” he replied.

Before Gatomon could respond Patamon suddenly began to sing.

I’m in love with you…And there’s a crush in my heart…All I want is you…To take me into your arms…

Gatomon fell silent and looked to her right side. Patamon turned to face Gatomon.

“I shouldn’t have ever done that… I’ll leave now…” he said as he flew off.

Gatomon ran towards the window trying to stop him but was too late. Patamon had flown away.

“Please come back… Patamon…..” she silently cried after him.


Chapter 4: Glory glory hallelujah

Kari walked to her couch and pulled her dildo out.

“Ah, there you are,” she thought.

She carried it with her and went to one of the tables as she began to put it into a Christmas package.

“I’m glad I found you. Otherwise Sora would have been left without her present,” she giggled.

Just then her phone rang.

“Kari Kamiya,” she answered.
“Hello miss Kari this is Dr June. A person named TK was in an accident and was hospitalized. He wanted to call you,” a voice spoke to her.
“Hey Kari,” TK’s voice spoke to her.
Kari’s heart raced like a car and she said “TK! What happened to you?”
“Oh it’s nothing…. Listen, I don’t think I can get there this year to eat the cookies you bake every year….” he replied.
Kari nearly bit on the phone as he said “Who cares of those stupid cookies?? All I want to know is if you’re safe?”
“Yes… I am…. I’m sorry if I made you worry about me for not arriving yet,” TK stated.

Kari gave a heavy sigh and tried to calm down.

“Look. I’ll come into the hospital. I’ll even bring those cookies for you. Where is it?” she asked.
The doctor gave the address where she could reach him but told she’d have to wait at least a day so he could rest.

Just then there came a knock on the door. As Kari walked to open it, Davis who was still going by the plan greeted her.

“Surprise Kari!!” he laughed and held a mistletoe above her head.
“Davis? What are you doing here?” Kari questioned him.
Davis smirked and held his lips in kissing position “I came to wish you merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”
Kari rolled her eyes but thought it’d be rude to turn him away without even offering him something to eat “Come inside. And no funny business, okay?”

Davis gave a nod and followed her inside to the kitchen where Kari was baking food and preparing gifts.

“Mmm, what’s this wonderful smell?” Davis asked.
“I’m baking a pie,” she answered.
“Wow I sure would like to eat your cherry pie,” he replied.
Kari gave a painful groan “Look, if you’re here make yourself useful. Help me wrap up the gifts and make some Christmas food.”

Davis gave a nod again and began to wrap one package. Davis tried hard to make the wrapping as pretty as Kari had done but all this caused was him tearing up the paper.

“Look Davis… Lots of things are going on at the moment. I know what you’re trying and I’m not in the mood,” she spoke with stern voice.
Davis tried to look innocent and replied “What do you mean? I just came to wish you merry Christmas.”
“Davis…. Just… Leave… Okay?” Kari asked as nicely as she could.
Davis finally understood he had blown his chances “Can I take one cookie though?”

Small silence passed between the two.

“Sure,” she finally said.
Davis took the cookie and bit on it “It tastes wonderful.”
“I made them for TK,” Kari admitted.
Davis nearly choked on the cookie’s crumbs “TK? What do you see in that dork anyway?”

Kari blushed a bit and turned away from Davis.

“His compassion…” she finally admitted.

Davis didn’t understand so he just nodded and left eating the cookie.


The next day, Kari entered TK's room in the hospital, holding a jar full of the finished cookies.

Before looking around the stark white room, she tentatively called out, "TK?" Softly, of course, so that way if TK were asleep, he wouldn’t wake up.
"I'm here," a voice responded to her.

She saw TK smiling on the bed. She felt relieved to see him in a good condition since she really hadn't known how badly he had been wounded from the phone call.

"TK!" Kari sighed in relief, walking over to her friend. "Oh my God, I heard the news last night… are you okay?"

She gave him a quick once-over, inspecting him for any bandages or bruises.

The blonde boy reached his hand to rub on Kari's arm "Yes I am. I'm sorry if I made you worried."

Kari smiled, giving a curt nod as she finished looking him over. Despite any reassurance, she still felt a little worried about him.

"I'm just glad you're okay," she said sweetly. She reached over and set the jar of cookies on the end table beside him. "Oh, I baked these for you!"

TK reached his hand and took one of them. He took several bits on it and smiled. The taste was wonderful as always.

"If possible, you have gotten even better," he said as he ate on one of them.
The smile on Kari's face grew even wider. "Thank you!" she said happily, "I'm glad I'm not losing my touch."

TK playfully inserted one into Kari's mouth and fed it to her. This girl was the most important person in his life and the fact that she cared him this much warmed his heart.

Kari nibbled on the cookie and swallowed it, holding a cookie up to TK's lips in return. "Open wide," she sang.

TK opened his mouth as he grinned and Kari gently laid the cookie against TK's tongue and released it, smiling as she did so.

TK gladly ate it and then said, "Thank you very much Kari."

He then looked to his left and saw mistletoe hanging above the hospital ceiling. He then looked back at Kari as if asking permission. Kari blinked, turning her head to look at the mistletoe dangling right above them. Glancing back at TK, blushing slightly, she nodded.

TK leaned forward and rubbed on Kari's back as he prepared for his first kiss. Kari leaned in as well, her face centimeters from TK's. Puckering her lips, she pressed them against his.

TK gave a sweet yet passionate kiss to Kari. As they finally backed away a little he suddenly blushed and admitted "I…. I…..I love you Kari…… Ever since we've been kids….."
Kari felt like crying, as she was just so happy. The tears welling up in her eyes proved it. "TK…" she murmured, "I love you too…"
TK leaned for an another kiss as he gently hugged on Kari "I'm so happy Kari…."

Kari wrapped her arms around TK's shoulders, gently kissing him on the forehead.

TK moved Kari to sit on his lap and smiled at her, "Was my kiss…Bad? I have never done it before."
Kari smiled weakly, "No it wasn't, TK," she said sincerely, "But… was mine bad?"
"No it wasn't…" TK laughed but then he fell silent and asked "You mean it was your first time too?"

Kari nodded.

"I'm….. I'm honored to be your first then…" TK spoke with soothing tone as he rubbed on the back of Kari gently.

Kari rested her head against TK's shoulder, nuzzling the nape of his neck. Suddenly Kari let out a small eep as he felt something poke against her side. She didn't even have to look down to realize what it was.

Kari blushed deeply, eyes wide. "TK?" she exclaimed, glancing down at the denim-incased tent poking at her side.
"I… I'm sorry,“ he said blushing even harder than Kari did and bowing his head in a shame.
Kari, who was still blushing, tried to reassure TK. "It's alright," she said quietly, folding her legs. "You don't need to feel ashamed…"
"But I got so excited over something so sweet and innocent… I'm so low,“ TK said to her trying to avoid looking her into her eyes.
Kari frowned. "TK, you didn't mean to…"
TK gave a smile "I didn't mean to?"

Kari herself suddenly realized how stupid that had sounded and they both began to laugh. When the laughter finally died down, Kari wiped a tear away from her eye and chuckled.

A small moment of silence passed between the two as TK's mind had literally locked and he didn't know what to say or do.

Kari shuffled nervously; staring shyly at TK's still rock hard erection. Having never seen a real penis before, Kari suddenly felt the embarrassment and awkwardness subside into curiosity and, well, even more awkwardness. "…Can I touch it?"
TK blushed and his jaw nearly hit the floor from surprise "S-Sure…."

Kari tentatively reached out and unbuttoned TK's pants, letting the hardened penis free. Kari felt tingly down between her legs. This was not the first time she had seen a penis; she had sometimes read on Tai's porno magazines in secret. However this was the first real one she was actually holding on. And that thought turned her on. Dampness began to spread through Kari's thighs, making the space between her legs slightly wet, just barely enough for TK to see.

"C…. Can you rub it a bit?" TK finally dared to ask.

Kari blushed, but nodded. Gently holding TK's penis in her hands, she began to run her fingers over the head, around the base, and across the veins that throbbed on its surface. TK gave a moan as he moved his hand to gently stroke the hair of Kari. He felt himself become even more aroused from the thought of Kari actually touching him down there.

Kari sniffled. The smell of pre-cum bubbling at the tip of TK's cock reached her nostrils. After a moment of fondling TK's penis, she decided to try something she saw in one of Tai's porno magazines. Leaning forward, she began to draw the head into her mouth, licking the entrance to the urethra.

"Kari…" TK murmured as he moved his hand to gently rub on Kari's hair even more.

Kari drew more of the erection into her mouth, suckling on it and bobbing her head on it. The steady flow of pre trickled down her throat.

"Kari… I want to taste you too…" TK finally moaned.
Kari blinked, removing her lips from TK's cock. "TK?"
"I…. I…. I want to lick your pussy…." TK admitted, as he blushed extremely hard.

Kari blushed a little, but nodded, gesturing for TK to lay on his back. TK leaned backwards just as he had been when Kari first had arrived. The girl turned around, brushing a few strands of brown hair out from her eyes, and spread her legs. Pulling down her pants and slowly taking off her underwear, she discarded them nearby and rested her pussy on TK's nose, her own nose next to his penis.

TK began to hungrily lap at Kari's pussy, as he could smell her sweet aromas. His tongue danced around her genitals before he probed the tongue inside. It didn't take too long for Kari to reach orgasm, seeing as she was a virgin and all. However, she wasn't going to cum without letting TK do so as well, so she returned to furiously licking TK's penis and caressing it gently in her hands. Finally, she completely engulfed it in her mouth and began to suck on it. TK began to breathe harder and faster. With the speed Kari was going on at he couldn't last long either and he came into her mouth.


Chapter 5: Last hurrah

Patamon rocked back and forth on a bed. He held his head low between his knees as he was nearly curled in a ball. Despite being so lost in his own thoughts, he could hear the window open.

"Who is it?" he asked without even turning to look.
Gatomon leapt down from the windowsill, watching him with a concerned expression on her face. "It's me," she said softly.
Patamon slowly moved his head upwards and faced Gatomon "G…Gatomon? Wh…Why did you come here? Don't you want to stay with Veemon?"
Gatomon slinked toward him, her tail swishing behind her. "Someone else came to look after him while I'm gone."

She sat down on the edge of her bed, resting her paws in between her legs.

Patamon gave a smile and moved closer to Gatomon "But… Why did you come see me?"

Not that he would mind seeing Gatomon, it just felt so…Unexpected for her to show up.

Gatomon looked at the floor, swinging her feet. "You were upset…" she trailed off, "Because of me."
"I… I had no right to get upset…. I was being stupid," Patamon spoke as he looked at the swinging legs of Gatomon.
"You were really shaken up after what happened… you know, to TK, and then to Hawkmon…" she purposely left out Veemon's name, worried that mentioning him would upset Patamon again. "…you know, I wasn't upset with you."

Patamon was silent. Then suddenly he gave Gatomon a sweet hug. It was much more like a friendly one than lovers one.

"I am sorry…. It just that when I saw you with Veemon and that you defended him………I don't know why but….. I felt jealous….." he admitted as he blushed.
Gatomon nodded her head and she spoke for him “I know why. You’ve loved me for ages. And you were heart broken when you thought I’d love Veemon and not you…. I’m going to be honest with you because you deserve to know the truth…. I consider Veemon only an ally and nothing more. Seriously speaking, when have you seen me talking to him about anything romantic?”

Patamon was silent. Then a small smile came upon his face. Gatomon moved closer to him and gently caressed his shoulders with her paws.

“When you sang to me in there hospital…. I was dumb founded. I hope you know that I have spent entire night thinking of my feelings for you…….” Gatomon spoke in softening tone.
Patamon rested his head against Gatomon’s chest and he replied “I hope Veemon gets better….. He is not a bad Digimon……”

Gatomon moved her paws to gently rub Patamon’s headwings as she caressed him gently. Patamon turned to face Gatomon and the two embraced in a sweet hug. They both wished this moment could last forever.

Patamon then finally found enough courage to move closer to Gatomon for a kiss on her lips. Gatomon did not reject it but instead returned it back as a passionate kiss, which was again returned. The two began to make out as Patamon leaned down with Gatomon leaning on her.

Gatomon smiled as she purred softly and moved her left paw to gently massage on the pouch of Patamon. Soon she could feel the tip of his cock coming to sight so she began to caress its length.

“So hard so soon?” she murmured into his ear as she gently licked on his left cheek.

Patamon began to breathe harder as he could suddenly feel Gatomon wiggle her behind on the cock. She grinned and teased the tip of his erect member.

“Oh Gatomon….” he moaned as he could feel her pussy rubbed against his cock.
Gatomon grinned and then she teasingly said “Come on, beg for it.”
Patamon blushed and mumbled “P…Please let me…. Let me inside of you.”
“Sure since you asked so nicely,” Gatomon replied as she giggled.

Gatomon rubbed Patamon's erection as she moved it into her pussy while she licked Patamon's neck and chest. Patamon then moved his hands across her sides, gently massaging them as he began to move himself making his cock go in and out of her cunt.

"You are so tight Gatomon…." Patamon moaned as he continued to push his member into her pussy.
Gatomon gently bit on her glove as she whimpered “Pata…”

Gatomon forced herself down impaling herself on Patamon's hard erection; she winced a little as her cum leaked from her pussy. Patamon leaned forward and began to kiss and lick on the marvelous nipples of Gatomon's tits. He panted as he felt her tighten her pussy each time she lowered herself into his hard dick. Patamon then began to move Gatomon up and down as he gently caressed her back during the progress. Gatomon moaned loudly as she held onto Patamon. her juices started to flow out faster from her pussy

Patamon moved his hand to rub on the entrance to her vagina and brought his hand back up for her to see "Look how wet you are…."
“Going to do anything about it?” Gatomon asked as she smirked.
"Yeah. Get on your back." Patamon instructed as he removed his erect cock giving it few strokes.

Gatomon gave a nod and layed on her back. Patamon got on top of her as he spread her legs allowing him to better penetrate her cunt with his cock. He buried himself deep into her with one thrust before he pulled out and pushed back in. Patamon moved himself lower as he gave passionate tongue kiss to Gatomon as he began to pump in and out of her pussy.

“Mmm you’re so good…” Gatomon murmured as she moved her paws to rub his back.

Patamon began to pump deeper and faster into Gatomon. He began to pant harder and Gatomon knew he was closing for his orgasm. She rolled her paws across his back as she gently scratched it.

“Mmm cum into me… I want to feel your hot, sticky cum deep inside my pussy…” she purred into his ear.

Patamon moaned, as the dirty talk was the final straw. He pushed deep into her and emptied a huge load from his balls into her pussy and womb. And an another one. And an another. It seemed as Patamon had multiple orgasms at once and Gatomon was in awe with an incredible amount of his sperm in her. The feeling was so extra ordinary it made Gatomon reach her own orgasm and she came against his cock.

“Ooo Patamon… You came really hard……” she moaned as she moved her paw to gently caress his head.

As Gatomon crawled away from his penis she suddenly noticed something she couldn’t believe her eyes for. He was still all erect and ready to go.

“Impossible!! You can NOT be hard still after what amount you just gave out!” she exclaimed as he looked at it with an amazed expression.
Patamon panted and began to stroke his cock “G…Gatomon…I want to feel your…. Your ass too..”

Gatomon blushed and to Patamon’s surprise, shook her head.

“Why not?” he asked.
“I…. Never have done it in there before…” she admitted as she blushed.
Patamon was silent but said “It will not hurt, I promise.”
“I don't know if I could do it right,“ Gatomon said as she blushed even harder.
"It's okay Gato… I'll show you…. Get on all fours first… I promise I'll be gentle…" Patamon assured her.

Gatomon finally nodded as she got on all fours, her tail swished back and forth. Patamon moved his head close towards her tail hole and gave it a kiss. He probed his tongue into her ass, lubing it ready for his member.

"Your ass tastes so sweet Gatomon…." he spoke as he tried to make her relax and ease her tension.
“Oooo…. Pata….” Gatomon moaned as she felt his tongue dance at the place where no one else had ever touched her before.

Patamon then moved a bit away as he rubbed his erect cock against her butt. Lubed with his and her cum and her ass with his saliva, Patamon was sure it wouldn't be a painful experience. He gently began to move some of his length into her butt.

"Does it hurt Gatomon?" he asked as he stopped his movement to let Gatomon get used to the new sensation.
She moaned loudly feeling Patamon probe her analy “No, keep going!”

Hearing this permission he pushed more of his length in, working his way forward slowly 'til he was all the way in. He then gently pulled it out and gently pushed it back in as he began to move in and out in a slow pace allowing Gatomon to get used to it. He then moved his arms to rub on the sides of Gatomon as he slowly moved in and out of her tail hole.

"Gatomon…. Mmm… Gatomon….." he murmured as the idea of her letting him take her anal virginity aroused him.

Gatomon moaned loudly as her juices started to spray from her pussy. She knew she would come soon again.

"Oooh Gatomon it's so tight… I'm gonna come again…." Patamon moaned as he kept pushing into her ass.
“Oh yes! Yes!!” she moaned almost meowing from the pleasure, as her juices gushed from her pussy.

They both moaned as they reached their orgasm at the exact same time, making Patamon shoot yet an another massive load that went all the way into Gatomon’s stomach.

Gatomon purred happily as she snuggled Patamon, wrapping her arms around him.

“I love you Gatomon…” Patamon said as he returned the nice gesture.
“I love you too Patamon,” she replied as he rested her head on his chest.

Gatomon cuddled Patamon and fell asleep exhausted. He looked at her sleep admiring her beauty before he too decided to sleep. He then pulled a sheet over to Gato and made sure she was sleeping comfortably.

“Sweet dreams my love…” he said before he closed his eyes.



Veemon suddenly woke up and he saw a person standing beside his bed.

"W…. Who are you?" he weakly asks too tired to look better.
Agumon moved his claw to take hold of Veemon’s hand as he said, “It is me, Agumon.”
"Agumon? Why…..Why are you here?" Veemon asked as he weakly looked into the direction of the orange dinosaur.
“Well to answer your question I got concerned, maybe you might be depressed since Gatomon loves Patamon more than you.” Agumon spoke to him as he broke down the news of Gatomon’s decision.
Veemon gave a heavy sigh and he replied "I lost everything. Not only does Gatomon choose an another man….. Everyone…..Everyone hates me now for a stupid mistake I made….."
“Well… You did make it out of jealousy and rage…” Agumon tried to speak but Veemon shook his head.
"No… For love…" Veemon said, as he looked into Agumon's eyes with his own filled with tears.

Silence passed between the two.

Suddenly, Agumon gave him a hug. Veemon was surprised from this but returned the hug anyway. He wanted comfort and he needed a shoulder to cry on…. Agumon was more than fitting as Veemon finally bursted into tears. Agumon gently patted his back.

"I…I'm sorry……. Everything's just…… Everything is breaking apart around me." Veemon spoke as he rubbed some of his tears away.
“I understand. But it's time you move on…You should be happy Gatomon's with somebody that will make her happy,” Agumon said as he gently caressed Veemon’s back.
Veemon was silent but finally replied "I…Suppose…. But it is hard to be joyous of other ones happiness when it is something I now lack……"
Agumon looked at Veemon "I think it's time you moved on" Agumon told him before kissing him on the lips
"A…Agumon??" Veemon exclaimed as Agumon's lips contacted with his own.

Veemon did not hate this kiss but it was just so out of a sudden that he couldn't enjoy it but instead pushed Agumon back a bit.

"S…Stop Agumon…." he told him as he tried to avoid looking into his eyes.
What's wrong?" Agumon asked as he tried to look into eyes of Veemon
"It… It's just so sudden…." Veemon replied as he looked at Agumon and admired his body "I mean…..I have never even thought of you that way…"
“Neither did Gabumon,” was the reply that came from Agumon’s mouth.
Veemon's jaw literally fell to floor from amazement as he said, "You…Slept with Gabumon?"

Agumon just replied with a nod. Veemon gave a slow nod and the kissed Agumon this time again and moved his hand to rub his neck. Agumon moved his hands down Veemon's body as he rubbed him. Veemon moved his hands down Agumon's neck towards his tail hole, rubbing his buttocks and feeling them around. He could feel himself getting stiffer.

Agumon could feel his erection forming; he motioned his hands around Veemon's sack area fondling him. Veemon leaned backward, allowing Agumon perfect view for his growing erection and good "working" space. Veemon then moved his hand to rub on the pouch of Agumon and the tip of his cock 'til it was in its full size. Agumon moaned a little, as he moved down and started to suck on Veemon's erection.

"Mmm, you're good at this…." Veemon murmured as he gently caressed Agumon's head.
"Thanks" Agumon tried to say but it was muffled as he sucked Veemon harder.

Veemon then began to jerk Agumon's cock, moving his hand back and forth along its length. Agumon moaned loudly spurting a bit of precum.Veemon moved his hand back to his head and licked the precum.

"Mmmm…You taste excellent… I wanna suck you too…" he moaned as he felt Agumon suck on him harder.

Agumon moved around allowing Veemon acess to his erection which was dripping with precum as he sucked on Veemon harder. Veemon took the dick of Agumon as deep into his mouth as he could before he began to circle around it with his tongue. At the same time he began to jerk on its length and play with Agumon's balls. Agumon moaned as he shot some cum into Veemon's mouth. Veemon swallowed each and last drop of Agumon’s cum as he licked his lips clean.

"Mmm, that was nice… Now show me your ass," he said as he pulled off from Agumon's mouth.

Agumon gave a nod as he turned and showed his fine ass.

"Damn Agumon you've got a nice ass… How many guys have been inside of you?" Veemon asked as he rubbed his throbbing member against the entrance to his ass.

Agumon just moaned as Veemon's member rub over his anus.

"I asked you… How many guys?" Veemon teased him as he continued to rub against the entrance yet not inserting it inside.
“J…Just Gabumon…” Agumon finally replied as he blushed.
"Liar." Veemon said as he pulled his cock away from Agumon. "I can tell you've gotten it way more times than once…. Who all have been in you?"
Agumon laughed "Alright I… Also slept with Gomamon and Hawkmon, don't tell Biyomon or else she'd kill me. She doesn't know I made Hawkmon bi.”
Veemon laughed and said, "It's okay. Your secret is safe with me."

Veemon then pushed his cock deep into Agumon as he grabbed onto his buttocks. He began to fuck him fast and hard. As Veemon was ramming into Agumon, he slapped on his buttocks. This made Agumon let out a loud moan almost like a roar. Veemon began to pant with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, as he raised his other leg up while he began to pull and push Agumon towards his cock instead of himself moving his body. Agumon moaned louder as his cum sprayed all over the floor. Veemon gave a loud roar as he came deep into Veemon's ass. Some of his cum dripped down to the hospital sheets forming small pools of his sperm. Agumon also unleashed his climax making a huge puddle on the sheets. When Veemon pulled his cock out, Agumon rolled on his back and began to catch his breath. Just as he opened his eyes again, Veemon sat on his face.

Agumon panted a bit exhausted "Hey you’re great.”
"Thanks. If you warm me with your tongue, you can feel my ass too." Veemon replied as he licked his lips.
" I……. I never fucked anybody's ass before…" Agumon finally admitted as he blushed.
"You want to try it now?" Veemon asked as he wiggled his butt over Agumon's face.

Veemon did not wait Agumon's answer as he sat down, making Veemon's balls and ass get over Agumon's face. Agumon decided to try it and started rubbing his member getting it hard again; he started to probe Veemon's anus with his tongue. Veemon moaned as Agumon licked him down there and over his balls too.

"Mmm, that's good… Suck on my balls as you lick me too…" Veemon moaned as he began to stroke his cock again.

Agumon started licking Veemon's balls as he rammed him hard. Veemon moaned and spread his cheeks for Agumon to better work at it. Agumon started taking longer licks on Veemon's sack with his tongue.

"Mmmm, I'm ready… Give it to me…" Veemon whimpered as he moved his hands to finger his ass.

He pushed in two of his fingers and spread his ass wide for Agumon's view before he grabbed his own buttocks and got into ready position. Agumon smirked and stuck his hard member into Veemon. Veemon let out a moan as Agumon's huge member went into his tail hole. It had been bigger than Veemon had imagined.

"How does my ass compare with female pussy?" Veemon asked as he panted.
"Well… I….I wouldn't know I never did a girl before," Agumon replied as he blushed.
“You mean my ass is your first? …. I'm glad… " Veemon said as he got even more aroused from this idea and he began to jerk his own cock.
Agumon smiled and thought in his mind "Wow it pays to say how you feel," as he continued to thrust in harder.

Veemon moaned as he moved his rear towards Agumon's cock as if wanting to get it deeper into himself. He leaned his head backwards and gave a passionate tongue kiss to Agumon as his was being filled with Agumon's leaking pre cum. Agumon thrusted harder and faster as his cum started to coat the walls of Veemon's anus.

"Are you gonna come? I want you to come… I want you to come deep into my ass with that massive cock of yours…." Veemon murmured as he gave a soft moan.
Agumon grunted as he reached his climax "I'm gonna come!!!" he yelled as he came hard
"Me too!!" Veemon grunted as he too came hard and sent his sperm flying all over the sheets.

Agumon kept cumming till his semen was literally overflowing in Veemon's ass.

Veemon smiled and he moved over Agumon's face and said, "Open wide…."

Agumon did not know what was going to happen but opened his mouth nevertheless. Veemon took hold of his buttocks and squeezed so Agumon's cum began to dribble down from Veemon's ass into his mouth. After he squeezed last drop he placed his now soft cock into Agumon's mouth which was now full of cum.

"Clean my dick Agumon…" Veemon said, as he rubbed on Agumon's head.

And so Agumon did lick Veemon's crotch clean.

"Now let me see you swallow that monster load of yours…" Veemon said as he rubbed on Agumon's neck.

Agumon started to but gagged a little. He then shook his head unable to do it. Veemon suddenly kissed Agumon and began to make out with him, sharing himself with some of the cum as they tongue kissed. Agumon smirked and tongue wrestled Veemon during the long kiss. Finally the two departed and Veemon swallowed his share and he waited to see if Agumon could his own. Agumon was able to swallow it this time.

"Good…… My little pet…." Veemon said as he rubbed on Agumon's neck.



After this TK and Kari got together as lovers. Their bond was strengthened and they were blessed with a great luck in their relationship.

Hawkmon was in more of luck than originally predicted. After several months, he learnt to walk. Slowly but surely, he was making progress to become better.

Gatomon and Patamon got married in a secret place. They are spending their honeymoon somewhere in Caribean or somewhere else.

Agumon became Veemon’s personal “helper”. Veemon after being submissive partly against his will for ages was eager to become the dominant member. One day there would come a day when Veemon would put Agumon’s loyalty into a test…

As for Davis, do not feel sad for his fate. His family and he moved to an another town and he met a girl much like himself.

But these…Are other tales for other times… ‘til those times, my friends.

I’d like to thank these following people for helping in making this lemon as good as possible

Keaton the Black Jackal
Lord Patamon
Vicious Zen

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