Rommel watched her from afar. She was such a pixie, so innocent and all his. He

thought of her grandfather, his life long tutor and how he had entrusted her care to him. He

remembered well.

Rommel had watched her grow up, fall down, lose teeth and at last begin to bloom. Now he

watched as young men slithered around her at gatherings and it began to drive him crazy.

He watched Giselle laugh at the young gentlemen and flirt; she had no idea the depth to her

appeal. How could she be aware of how sexy her her neck looked when her hair was up, or

how edible her breast looked when pushed almost over the top of her gown.

Rommel walked over to Giselle and the young man she danced with, abruptly cutting in,

needing no excuse to do as he pleased. The young man scurried away mumbling under his

breath,"Sorry General…"

Giselle looked up at him suprised and smiled. "Rommel, I am having so much fun tonight."

Rommel stared at her hard. His blue eyes burning holes into her brown ones. Suddenly her

smile faded, "What is it? What have I done? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Rommel held her tighlty as they danced, speaking low,"Your grandfather entrusted your safety

to me, your life… and I'll be damned if I am going to watch you make a fool of yourself, acting like a

tart. This is your last party for a while, until you can learn how to behave yourself in public."

Giselle eye's filled up with tears. "What are you talking about? I have done nothing to be

embarressed of."

" Go to your room Giselle," Rommel ordered hissing between his teeth. " If anyone ask, tell them

you don't feel good. I'll be up to speak to you after awhile."

Giselle stared shocked. Wiping away tears from her eyes, she quickly put a smile on her

face to not cause a scene in front of everyone. She curtied to Rommel, turned around and left.

After the last guest finally departed Rommel walked up to Giselle's room. He rapped at her door

quietly, then entered. Giselle layed on the bed asleep, still dressed in her ball gown. His eyes

drifted over her sleeping figure and rested on her face, then slowly downwards. The dress was

wound around her waist from her movements while asleep, affording him a gracious view of her

calves and soft thighs. Rommel felt himself begin to harden. He gritted his teeth, breathed and


The next morning he sat for breakfast. The servants scuttled around him like mice, sensing his

dark mood. "Where is Giselle?" he asked out. No one answered. "Where is she?" he growled.

"She refuses to come down General," a lone voice whispered from behind Rommel. Rommel

slammed his fist on the table, stood up and marched to Giselle's room.

Rommel threw open the door without knocking. Giselle put the covers over her head. "Get

downstairs now and eat," he commanded.

"No!" she called from under the covers. Rommel walked over to the bed throwing the blankets to

the ground. "No!" she screamed. "I won't. You made a fool out of me last night, for no reason,"

she cried sitting up in bed.

"Get out of this bed right now and come downstairs."

Giselle stared at Rommel in the eyes coldly, "I am not one of your soldiers. You cannot just order

me around."

Rommel clenched his jaw tightly. Her brown hair was down, meeting her waist; waves of it. He

wanted to pull it hard and feel it in his hands.

She had changed into her nightgown sometime during the night and he could see the shadow of

her dark nipples through the thin fine fabric.

"Fine. You don't want to eat downstairs now? You can stay up here then. You are confined to

this room until I say different, indefinitely. I'll have guards posted by your door, around the

clock," he stated meeting Giselle's cool gaze, smiling then turming to leave.

"What's wrong with you?" Giselle screamed leaping from bed. Rommel continued to the door,

closing it behind him. Giselle heard the sound of the lock and began pounding on the door.

Rommel continued to walk, hearing Giselle's screams echoing through out the hollow halls.

No one was allowed to visit Giselle. Food was brought in three times a day, by a silent maid,

too afraid to even meet her eyes.

Giselle paced her room, feeling like a captive animal. After two weeks of confinement she

contimplated jumping out her window, thinking she could land safely in the river.

The next evening when the maid arrived to bring her evening meal. Giselle erupted, throwing

anything she could find at the poor maid. After being hit right in the eye by a mirror, the maid

screamed and ran from the room; Giselle did not hear the door lock.

She walked to the door and knocked softly. No one answered. Quietly she opened the door

and peered her out. Down the hall she saw the guard speaking with the maid and checking

out her wounds. She slid out the door, running down the opposite side of the hall to the main

stairs. Walking up the stairs, she stopped when she reached the room at the top.

Giselle turned the door handle silently and opened the door wide. Rommel sat in a large chair,

his back to her, staring into the fire. Giselle opened the door wider, staring at Rommel. In her

action the door squeeked suddenly.

Rommel turned around and stared at her silently. She met his gaze evenly walking over to him.

She tried to be calm, but erupted. "How dare you lock me away like I am some animal!" she

cried tears flowing down her face. "You think I don't see the way you stare at me? You think

you can keep me away from everyone…i'm all yours. Do you think I'm stupid?" she whispered

beginning to cry harder.

Giselle stood inches from Rommel. Though he was at least a foot taller, Giselle suddenly felt like

a giant. She grabbed him and pushed her lips to his. " Is this what you want?" she asked in

gasps kissing him hard. "Is this what you want?" she said again tearing at her nightgown. Giselle

crazily tore at her gown, ripping it down the front, exposing her firm breast, her eyes wide and


"You think you can lock me away. If you don't see me, then you won't want me. So you lock

me away!" Giselle by now was almost pychotic.

Rommel slapped Giselle hard across the face, sending her flying onto the floor landing on her

stomach. Giselle lay there paralyzed her face burrowed in the carpet.

Rommel was silent. For the first time in his life he was speachless, but on the surface he

remained steadily calm. He had not meant for this to happen. Or maybe he had. Though it pained

his heart to see Giselle so broken, somewhere deep down he enjoyed this he knew. She was

his, at his mercy and he did love her. He had never had any difficulty with women, they flocked

to him, but after they had pleasured him he had always seen them as a hindrance more than

anything else. He had always believed a General best served his country alone.

Gieslle picked her head off the floor looking around dazed. She shook her head then quickly got

up and ran from Rommel's room. He followed her slowly.

Giselle ran past the stunned guard who had been posted at her door. Rommel followed close


She threw herself on to the bed and wept loudly, stopping when she heard her door slam loud.

Rommel stood in front of her bed. He walked over to her and grabbed each side of her head. He

stared at her then kissed her hard and long. She gasped as she felt his tongue part her lips and

touch hers.

Giselle shook, in fear and in desire. Rommel continued kissing her, his hands exploring her body,

brushing the delicate fabric of her gown and her hot silky skin. She gasped as she heard fabric

begin to tear.

Rommel ripped at her already torn nightgown, long strips of delicate fabric. Giselle tried to cover

her body with her hands, but Rommel grabbed her right hand and held it over her headd. Her

strenghth was no match for his. She felt thin fabric around her wrist, then realized- he was

tying her up.

Kicking, Giselle was helpless. Rommel sat on her stomach now as he tied the other wrist. This

time, Giselle did not cry.

Once done Rommel got up and stood by the bed looking at her body. The nightgown was now

completely off exposing her gorgeous petite frame. He now got to see her body that had so long

been enticing him. "She had known." he realized to himself. She had admitted that she knew he

had wanted her. She had been playing with him this whole time. Now she was getting what she

had asked for.

Rommel looked around the room and walked to her vanity table. He finally saw the objects

thrown all around the room by Giselle in her rage. He grabbed two things off her vanity, and

walked back to her. Giselle watched Rommel the entire time, but she could not see what Rommel

had brought with him.

Giselle breathed heavily. Rommel was by her side again. She stared at him to stunned to speak

and she knew better now. She had always loved Rommel, he had been like her older brother and

best friend. She had known when her grandfather died that she would be his entirely. He was all

she had ever known and she realized now how much he had loved her all this time too. It had

driven him mad.

Rommel placed one of the objects on the bed, keeping one still in his hand. It was her bath oil.

Romell opened the jar and poured the oil over Giselle's breast. She gasped loud.

Rommel watched oil run over her breast and nipples. He brought his head down and

suckled one as he rubbed the other. Giselle shook. No man had ever kissed her, let alone

touched her.

Her inexperienced mind could not grasp the entire experience at all at once.

Rommel poured more oil, silently up her calves, to her thighs, staring at her the entire time. He

brought his head to her thigh kissing it, then licking the oil upward. Giselle twitched her leg, his

lips feeling like fire.

His tongue continued till it reached her pink, pussy lips. He turned looked at her then parted her

lips with his hands. Rommel stared at her pink pussy and clit. Giselle closed her eyes

embarressed to be looked at so intimately.

Rommel kissed her pussy softly and licked at her clit. Giselles eye's opened with a start and

rolled upwards in fear and pleasure. Rommel licked harder, inserting his tongue inside her, orally

fucking her.

He then inserted two fingers inside her tight pussy. They easily went in due his saliva, the oil

and her juices that now heavily flowed. He felt her hymen, like a thin wall. Giselle winced in pain

as Rommel broke her virginity roughly with his fingers. He withdrew his fingers and saw tiny

drops of blood. She knew she was helpless. She knew Rommel had gone mad and that she

was at the mercy of his actions.

Rommel continued licking her pussy and fucking her with his fingers. Giselle began moving her

hips starting to realize the sexual pleasure of his actions.

Rommel reached down and grabbed the other item he had brought; her silver brush. Rommel

poured oil over the long handle and put the tip of it to the opening of Giselle's pussy.

"No Rommel. Please don't do this. Not like this."

Rommel ignored her and inserted the brush handle deep inside her. Giselle cried out in pain.

Rommel brought his mouth once again to Giselle's pussy and licked. He slowed the pace of the

brush and increased the speed of his tongue. He now felt her clit begin to swell and her hips

begin to grind.

Giselle felt the handle fuck her pussy slowly. That, with Rommel's tongue, began to give her

warm feelings she had never experienced before. She moved her hips harder, showing her

growing desire.

Rommel watched the brush fuck GIselle slowly. He watched it go in and out her sweet

cunt. Her legs wide and her arms tied tightly was almost too much for him. He rubbed his

swollen cock, it needed release. Leaving the brush inserted in her pussy, he freed his hands

and took off his pants. Giselle, now in a daze, stared at his huge cock. Rommel crawled over her

body till his cock was in her face.

"Suck it," he ordered speaking for the first time since coming in her room.

Giselle opened her mouth, taking in part of Rommel's cock. Rommel slid more in, then slid out. He

began fucking her mouth slowly. Giselle gargled slighlty, unacustomed to having anything so

large in her mouth. Rommel pushed his cock in even deeper, causing Giselle to slightly choke, her

eyes turning red.

Rommel untied her hands, as he continued to fuck her mouth. He watched her sweet lips take

in his cock and almost came at the sight. She looked so sweet and innocent.

Rommel brought her hands to his chest, showing her where to touch him, all the while fucking

her delicate mouth. He was gentle, yet so sadistic.

When he felt on the verge of cumming he took his cock out of her mouth, and rubbed it over her

lips and face; Giselle was hazy from lust and abuse.

Giselle felt the brush being pulled out of her cunt and her being turned over on her stomach.

Rommell grabbed the oil beside her and poured it over her back and buttocks. He ordered her get

on her knees. He took her arms and forcefully put them on the bed, leaving her in a dog


Giselle quivered as she felt more oil poured over her back, running down the backs of her legs

and down the crack of her round cheeks.

She cried out in pain as she felt the first smack hit her bottom. Rommel looked at her ass already

becoming pink and gave it another hard slap. He rubbed Giselle's ass, parted her cheeks and

poured more oil within the crack.

Giselle was shaking and crying. When she felt the next smack, a river of tears flowed. Shame,

lust and humiliation poured from her virginal body.

"Are you going to behave?" he asked spanking her. Giselle was to upset to answer. Rommel

responded to her silence with yet another hard slap.

She then felt Rommel spread her cheeks again. Her tight hole puckered instinctively as she felt

the cool tip of the brush.

"Oh God Rommel, please don't. Please don't do this. I'm so sorry," Giselle cried heaving with


Rommel spoke almost tenderly,"It won't hurt. You'll enjoy this. I've dreamed of doing this to you

a million times. You should know that."

Giselle wanted to see his face. She wanted to look into his eye's, but she knew in her heart she

would not recognize him.

Rommel slowly inserted the silver handle into her ass, then pulled out. He then inserted it further

and left it there for a moment. He tapped the end to vibrate the handle inside her. Rommel saw

her muscles relax.

Slowly, he slid the handle out again and rubbed it around her pink little hole. Rommel then slid the

handle into her pussy. When he pulled it out, he could see it was slick from her juices.

"You're enjoying this you little slut. i knew you would," he said forcing the brush hard up her


Rommel climbed behind Giselle and brought his cock to her tight pussy lips. He slid it in her a little,

then slammed inside her. Rommel groaned in pleasure. Her virgin cunt was so tight, it seemed to

suck his throbbing cock. Grabbing her arms he sat her on his cock, her back still to him, fucking

her harder.

Giselle felt his huge cock fill her tight. At first it was a searing pain, but now it was pure


Rommel continued fucking Giselle hard, causing her breast to dance wildly. He reached around

her and grabbed ner nipples tight, pulling them taught; Giselle screamed with lust. He gave a final

thrust of his cock then put her back in her original position.

Rommel grabbed the oil again and poured it between her firm cheeks. He then placed the tip of

his dick between them and pushed till he felt a slight give. Rommel pushed in hard, having no care

for resistance from Giselle's reluctant hole.

Giselle screamed as Rommel's cock impaled her sensitive ass. The pain was almost to

much and Giselle gasped for air almost passing out. Rommel continued to fuck her tight ass

watching Giselle's tiny hole take in the entire length of his cock.

Rommel once again grabbed Giselle's arms sitting her hard upon him, allowing him to fuck her

ass deeper with each thrust.

Giselle frantically tried to move her ass from Rommel's merciless invasion, but to no avail; GIselle

could not get away. Rommel kissed her neck at the base, being almost tender for once. He

brushed her hair with one of his hands, pulling it, lengthening her neck as he kissed and bit at it.

Rommel slowed his thrust to almost a stop, feeling every movement inside Giselle. He felt her

inner walls twitch and the entrance throb. Giselle's ass loosened up and began to accept the

large intruder inside.

Rommel grabbed one nipple and with his other hand began to rub her clit.

Giselle needed no guidance now; she freely rode his cock. She spread her legs further

accepting more of his pulsating cock deep within her ass. Rommel rubbed her clit harder feeling

it grow larger. Juices now freely oozed from her onto his legs.

Rommel freed her nipple, grabbing her around the waist forcing her even deeper on to him as he

continued his assalt on her engorged clit. He felt her ass now fully enjoying his cock accepting

more and more.

Giselle was now in an erotic trance, her eyes closed, her hips moving to the same movement as


Her first orgasm hit her hard. Liquid dripped from her pussy as she continued riding Rommel.

He rubbed her clit harder and another violent orgasm erupted from her. He could feel her ass

tighten with every wave. He inserted his fingers inside her, while massaging her clit allowing for

another orgasm.

Giselle fell forward, her face on the bed, limp from sexual pleasure. Rommel pulled his cock

from Giselle's ass and placed it deep in her swollen pussy. Laying on her back he thrust deep

into her shuddering at the feel of her wet, puffed up pussy.

He turned her over staring into her eyes. Giselle's eyes were half open. Her usual pale cheeks

were bright pink with exhaustion and exhaltation.

Giselle stared at him no longer feeling fear. " What more could be done to me," she wondered to


She loved him and was sorry he had been brought to this. She had wanted to make him jealous

at the party. She talked with that nameless boy at the party, flirted and danced knowing Rommel

watched her the entire time.

He always acted so cold and distant, but she grew to love it and was delighted that she alone

could make him laugh. It was she that knew him better than anyone else.

Rommel ordered her to put his cock in her mouth. She looked in his blue eyes, reading his soul

and obeyed.

Giselle knelt beside Rommel and placed his now red and swollen cock in her mouth. She licked

the tip and sides, stroking it slowly with her tiny hands.

Rommel closed his eyes and breathed deep. He was so close. Giselle began stroking harder,

taking his cock deeper into her mouth. Rommel placed his hands gently on her head controlling

the speed.

Giselle hungrily swallowed Rommel's hot liquid as he came. Her pussy began throbbing again

and she licked it and swallowed until every last drop was gone.

Rommel groaned with relief, he rubbed his balls as he shot his creamy load in Giselle's sweet

mouth. He watched her suck and lick every bit and shuddered in satisfaction.

Rommel lay there for a moment. The room was silent as a midnight cemetery.

Rommel rose from the bed and put his clothes on never looking at Giselle. As he tied his last

shoe lace he turned to look at Giselle. "I'll expect you for breakfast in the morning as usual," and

then he turned and left.

Giselle stared at the closed door. She looked out the balcony and wondered again if the river

was deep enough to catch her fall.

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