Good Guy

Good Guy

Sam felt the wetness growing between her legs as she clicked from one web site to the next. Jon wasn’t due home for two hours, so she could sit and look at lezzy sites. Sam loved tits and had since she was a kid. She used to sneak into her parents’ room and look through her dad’s stack of girlie magazines. This started when she was about 9 or 10. The pictures of big round tits gave her a feeling between her legs she didn’t understand at the time. She would rub herself to orgasm looking at the pictures. It never occurred to Sam she was a lesbian or even bi. Her first experience with a man proved one thing to her…….she loved to have her tits sucked more than her pussy eaten or fucked.

Sam was getting hornier than usual today and she reached for her hairbrush. While looking at the models suck and fuck each other, she began to fuck herself with the handle. After she’d cum, she’d go to another site and look at pictures or videos, driving herself crazy.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Sam was leaned back in her chair, fucking herself with a lezzy video playing. She didn’t hear Jon come in. “Sam! What in the hell is going on here?”, he demanded again. Sam knew she was caught. “So, what are you doing? What the hell are you, a lesbo?”

Surprisingly, Sam did not begin to cry or get defensive. She calmly answered, “Honey, I love you. But, since I was a little girl, I’ve loved titties. You know how sensitive mine are. I’ve always been curious how it would feel to have another woman touch and suck them. I’ve wanted to play with someone’s tits.”

Jon looked at his wife long and hard. “You like titties? How long has this been going on? You been eatin’ pussy, too?”

“No Jon! I’ve never been with a woman! I just love tits! Don’t ask me why! I don’t have any idea. I just find them gorgeous…….”, Sam’s words trailed off as Jon stormed out of the house. What Sam didn’t know was her husband left not angry but horny. His cock was rock hard. His wife liked tits, fine! He would find her a nice set to play with. Jon knew just the person, too.

“Hey, Sexy! What brings you to my neck of the woods?”, said Chloe opening the kitchen door.

Chloe was Jon’s best friend’s sister. She was two years older than him and had taught him all a 15 year old boy could have asked for the summer of ‘78. Most of his friends were bragging that they got to suck a tit or two. Jon was not only sucking on the best set of tits in town, he was eating and fucking the pussy, too. The first time was at a group camping trip. He would never forget it. Everyone was passed out around the fire from drinking bottles of Boone’s Farm. Chloe passed out next to him. Sometime during the night, he rolled over and felt her next to him. She was laying on her back, arms over her head and legs slightly spread. Looking around, he saw that everyone was asleep. Gently, he unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her well rounded tits. She didn’t move. He began to knead them, rolling the nipples between his fingers. Leaning down, he took one his mouth and began sucking. Jon didn’t know it, but Chloe awoke to this, yet pretended to sleep. She lay there, feeling her pussy getting hot and wet. It was time for this boy to learn more. She grabbed his hips and pulled him down on top of her. She started rubbing her pussy against his rock hard cock. Knowing he had never fucked, Chloe didn’t want him cumming in his pants. She pulled his shorts down and began to gently stroke his cock. Jon shuddered when she pulled on his balls. “Take my shorts off”, she whispered. Fumbling at the button and zipper, Jon removed her shorts and panties. Her pussy wasn’t full of hair like his sister’s; it was neatly shaven, almost clean. He had seen pussy eating in porn movies he and his buddies watched and had to try it. Stretching out between her legs, Jon put his tongue on her clit. When he heard a quiet moan, he knew he was doing something right. Like a kid with an ice cream cone, he began to lick. He shoved a finger up her cunt. Chloe reached down and put 3 more of his fingers in as well. He licked and fucked her until his face was covered in her cum. His cock was leaking now. Jon was going to cum soon. Chloe rolled him on his back and straddled him. His cock easily slid into her soaking wet pussy and she began to slowly fuck. She knew to take it slowly or he would cum too soon. Gradually picking up her pace, Chloe rode him like a pro. She had to put her hands over his mouth when he came! She didn’t think she had ever heard anyone moan that loudly. Looking around, they noticed no one had woken up. This began a summer of sucking and fucking Jon would never forget! He and Chloe eventually went their own ways, but remained special friends. He continued to fuck her until Sam entered his life. As much as he loved Chloe and enjoyed her, Sam was his soul mate…..or at least that is what he thought the past 3 years.

“Hi there, Sweet thing.” Jon said, leaning in to kiss her. He grabbed her left tit and gave it a squeeze. “Perfect.” “What the fuck are you talking about, Jon Dello?” Jon ignored the question and lifted her tank top to a braless chest. Burying his face between these two friends, Jon kneaded and sucked the luscious 38D’s. “Yes, Sam would love these”, he thought. He also felt his cock about to explode.

Pulling away, Jon told Chloe what he caught Sam doing earlier. Chloe was one of the most open minded women he had ever known, so he asked outright, “Would you be willing to help Sam out?”

“Just me and your wife or will you join us?”

Jon hadn’t considered this. Chloe and her college roommate fucked Jon together a few times the summer after high school. Recalling Chloe riding his cock with Jayne on his face, he said, “I hope I can join, but guess it’s up to Sam.”

“I know you love Sam, Jon, but I’ve missed this”, Chloe said, pulling his cock free. “Lean back and enjoy.” Dropping to her knees, she sucked Jon dry in the open kitchen door.

Sam walked the floor wondering if she had just ruined her new marriage. She knew he had run to Chloe. She tried to understand their bond and had never been bothered by it until now. “Please, I know my husband will fuck her, but send him home to me!” she prayed. Sam and Jon had only been married 6 weeks. They had been together for 3 years, though. As part of a college internship, she was working as a camp counselor for a summer. On her first day of orientation; a tall, tanned man with the body of a construction worker came in. He was introduced as Jon Dello, a maintenance technician for the camp. All of the female counselors were in awe of him, but it was Sam who caught his eye. Her long tan legs and 38C chest immediately caught his eye. Tits not as big as Chloe’s, but he could wrap those legs around him 3 times! Jon had no intentions of getting into a relationship with anyone. A summer fling would satisfy his needs. All he needed was to find a way to get Sam alone.
Jon’s mind went back to ‘78, the fire, his first fuck, and he recalled how drunk all of them had been. Approaching Sam, he asked, “How does an evening walk around the lake sound tonight? We can take a bottle of wine and get to know one another.” Sam readily accepted!
She met Jon on the east coast of the lake at 9:00. He was carrying a blanket and the wine bottle. “I hope you don’t mind drinking from the bottle. I forgot cups for the wine.” They strolled around the lake making small talk. On the northwest bank, Jon stopped and spread out the blanket. “Let’s stop here for awhile.” As the wine bottle emptied, comfort set in. Jon gently eased Sam onto her back and kissed her. Their tongues played games as the heat between them rose. Jon’s hands began to explore the young body laying next to him. Initially, he wanted to bring her to the lake, get her drunk and fuck the shit out of her. However, there was something about this young woman that told him to take things slowly……enjoy her and satisfy her. Other than Chloe, he had never truly taken the time to give a shit how he had made a woman feel. Jon’s hands went under her shirt, to the small of her back. Sam moved closer to him as he did this. Slowly running his hands along her skin, he found a thin bra covering swollen tits. Squeezing her nipples through the fabric, he quickly realized she loved what he was doing. Pulling the bra down to expose her pink nipples, his tongue began to run circles around them…..teasing her. He put the left tit in his mouth, while squeezing the right one and sucked gently. His tongue played with her nipple as he sucked. Sam put her hands on his face and held it buried in her chest. She had always loved having her titties sucked and could let this go on for hours. As Jon licked and sucked her round tits, Sam took her hands from his face and moved them to his crotch. Undoing his pants, she pulled out a nice 8” cock. Not huge, but very nice. She stroked it and tugged his balls as his tit sucking made her cum. Sam slid out of Jon’s arms and put his cock in her mouth. Her tongue flicked the head while she gently played with his balls. Slowly, she began licking the shaft and sucking his balls. Jon laid back in pleasure as Sam masterfully worked his cock. She then did something no one, not even Chloe had done. Putting her hands under his hips, she lifted them off the ground. Her tongue went down to the crack of his ass. She began slowly at first, running her tongue along his ass crack, going a little deeper each time. She finally started licking his asshole, trying to stick her tongue deep into it. “FUCK ME!”, Jon thought! It was a sensation unlike any he had experienced before. Pulling away from his ass, Sam gently slid a finger up his ass. At the same time, she put his cock back into her mouth. Jon knew he would cum hard if she kept that up. Pulling her away, breathless, he said, “Your turn now.” Jon began sucking her clit and fingering her. He saw that she was pulling at her tits as he did this. After she had cum a few times, he mounted her. Damn, her pussy felt good! Only Chloe had ever been this wet before. Putting her long legs over his shoulders, he fucked her hard, both of them crying out in pleasure. As he exploded deep inside her, something told Jon this wasn’t the only time he would fuck her.
Jon wasn’t looking for a relationship that summer, but that was exactly what he found. Not only was Sam a helluva lover, she was witty and very intelligent. He was falling in love. They found a small loft apartment off campus in the fall. Sam went back to school while Jon found steady work. She was his soul mate and he never wanted to lose her.
“You want me to have sex with your wife?”, Chloe asked. “I had no idea Sam was bi. The two of you have had a great sex life. I know because this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of sucking your cock in over 3 years!”

“Sam says she’s not bi or lesbo. She says she just loves tits. I know that she has always loved me playing with hers. Sometimes she’ll straddle me and remove her top just so I can suck on them for awhile. Never seen a woman get off that way before.”

“Sweetie, I’d do anything for you. You want me to let your wife play with my tits…..and anything else that might happen… know I’ll do it. You go home, talk to her about this. Find out what she wants. I’d prefer it be a threesome, but it can be just the two of us if that’s what she wants.”

Jon looked at his old friend/lover. He remembered why he loved her so much. Apart from teaching him all he needed to know about sex, she had always been his friend. Chloe saw an old familiar lust in Jon’s eyes and said, “No. I was wrong to suck you earlier, but gave in. You aren’t giving in now.” Realizing she was probably right, he rose to leave.

“I’m going home now. I’ve got a wife with a special request and I want to fulfill it for her. One favor before I go. Let me play with your tits just for a second. Let me take the memory of how they feel back to Sam.”

Chloe removed her shirt and walked to Jon. She let him fondle and suck her tits as long as he needed.

Slowly pulling his mouth off her nipple, Jon said, “You’ll hear from me. Thank you. I knew you would understand my situation.”
Sam was sitting quietly in a recliner when Jon came home. She was wearing his old terry cloth bathrobe, one he wanted to throw out. Jon approached her silently and untied the robe. He stared at her chest. Her tits looked like little melons. Staying silent, he began to knead them, pulling on her nipples as she liked. He reclined the chair back, leaned in and took one his mouth. Sam’s body quivered as he brought to her orgasm.

“Did you fuck her”

“No. She blew me, but we didn’t fuck.”

”Guess I’m lucky that’s all that happened. Did you play with her tits?”

“Well, that’s what I need to discuss with you. Chloe’s tits, that, it.”

Sam gave him a puzzled look. What did Chloe’s tits have to do with anything? Other than the fact they were bigger than hers and she knew how much Jon enjoyed them.

“You love tits, right?”

“I can stop if you want!”

“Answer me. You love tits, right?”

Embarrassed, Sam nodded a yes.

“You’ve always wanted to play with a nice set and maybe have a woman touch your’s?”

Another nod.

“Chloe is willing to offer herself to you. It can be no more than some titty sucking or she’s willing to have full blown sex with you. She’s not bi, but knows how important this is for you.”

Sam closed her eyes and pictured Chloe’s 38D’s. She pictured them swinging in her face, while her tongue flicked the nipples. She could see herself sucking the huge melons for hours.

“No. Chloe has much nicer tits than me and I would be embarrassed.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?! Yeah, hers are bigger, but you have great looking, perky tits!”

With this, Jon squeezed them hard. “I love these tits! I love you! I want your dream to fucking come true!”

“Is it just me and her or will you join us?”

“That’s up to you. I can sit and watch or join in and help out. Chloe and a friend of hers teamed up on me when she was in college. Frankly, I enjoyed watching them as much as I loved fucking them both.”

“You can’t fuck her! You can touch her and eat her, but your cock is only for me.”

Sam was terrified that she was going to lose Jon. She couldn’t see what he was offering her.

“Honey, I’ll do whatever you are comfortable with. Your pussy is all I need. You are all I need. This is for you, not me.”


“Whenever and wherever you want. Remember, this is for you.”

“Next Saturday night. We’ll get a room……..a nice room. Lots of wine. I may chicken out without it.”

“The two of you or the three of us?”

“As long as you don’t fuck her, you can join. But let me have fun first.”

Playing with her pussy, Jon asked, “But I can fuck you…..right here and now?”
“We’ve reserved a room at the Derby downtown. Be there around 8:00.”

“So, is it going to be 2 or 3 of us?”

“Sam wants time with you alone. She says I can join, just keep my cock out of you.”

Laughing, Chloe, said, “I understand. A man’s cock is sacred to his woman.”

Chloe looked at Jon and had a rush of past emotions hit her. He was no longer the 15 year old boy who clumsily fondled and fucked her. No, as robust 23 year stood in front of her and she wanted to fuck.

“Jon, Sweetheart, all you have to say is no.”

Reading her eyes, Jon kissed her long and hard. As he ran his tongue over his neck and fingered her pussy, he pictured Sam. Her innocence at not wanting him to fuck Chloe was almost comical. But, she was sincere. Yet, he stood with his fingers up Chloe’s pussy, sucking her tits and getting ready to fuck her. Shame began to set in.

“Jon…….what’s wrong?”

”I’ve never cheated on her before. But I fucking want you right here and now!”

“Dello…..go home to your wife. Our time is history. I shouldn’t have suggested it. 8:00 on Saturday. Looking forward to it.”

Saturday arrived before Sam felt she was ready. She had looked at all her favorite titty and lezzy sites all week. If Chloe wanted to do more than suck tits, Sam didn’t want to look like an amateur.

Jon came in with a clothing bag. “I thought this would great for you to wear tonight.” Inside was a short halter dress, cut very low in the front. It exposed a large part of her tits and when she moved just right, you could almost see her nipples. Jon slid his hands in the front of the dress, cupping her tits and said, “See why I chose this one?”

Chloe arrived a little after 8:00. She was wearing a short skirt and halter top. Sam could easily tell that Chloe’s chest was larger and began to feel intimidated again. Jon immediately began pouring wine. He wanted to see this more than his wife wanted to experience it!

Two bottles of wine later, Chloe slides her hand inside Sam’s dress. The soft feel of a woman’s hand against her skin made Sam moan. Chloe gently untied the top of the dress, allowing Sam’s tits to fall free.

“They’re beautiful! Let me taste test, though.”

Chloe began to gently kiss each tit. As Sam relaxed, she felt Chloe’s tongue running around each full one as she pinched Sam’s nipples. Jon saw his wife shudder in that familiar way that told him she was cumming.

“Want to see mine?” Chloe asked?

Feeling like a kid at Christmas, Sam quickly removed Chloe’s top. What she saw sent juices flowing down her legs. She took one and immediately started sucking. The softness was exactly as she imagined. Raising up, she cupped Chloe’s tits and bounced them, as Jon did hers. Her face went back down and she hungarily sucked. Sam was in heaven!

Chloe decided to give Sam more than a quick tit suck. While Sam was working her tit, Chloe put her hand up Sam’s skirt and began playing with her clit. When all was good and wet, she slid two fingers in her pussy and one up her ass. Sam came immediately. She slid away from Chloe’s tits, down her flat belly to the skirt. Removing the skirt, she saw Chloe was wearing no panties. That was fine! One less obstacle to get through. Just like the models she had been watching for years, Sam began to lick and suck Chloe’s pussy. It tasted so damn good! She tongue fucked her, then began to lick Chloe’s ass. Chloe had never had anyone leave her so unable to move before. This woman was a master! She felt a huge orgasm build and then did something she had never done before…..she squirted across the bed.

Jon sat off to the side, stroking his cock. His two favorite women having sex! What a fucking dream come true! Getting up from the chair, Jon moved toward the women. He ran his hard cock over Chloe’s back to let them know he was ready. As she turned toward him, he took a tit and sucked it. Sam reached up and sucked the other one. Chloe put Jon on his back and said, “You know the routine. Let’s show Sam now.” She directed Sam to sit on the cock while she climbed on his face. Jon slurped and licked Chloe’s dripping pussy, while his wife fucked his cock. He couldn’t see the girls sucking each other’s tits as this was going one. Chloe felt Jon’s breathing change and she knew he was about to cum. She slowly climbed off so his wife could enjoy it alone. Jon pounded his cock as hard as he could inside Sam. Cum ran down her legs. She had never seen him cum so violently before.
Sam had lived her dream. But it was a dream she had to relive over and over. She, Jon and Chloe decided to live together. Sam gave in and said Jon could fuck his old friend as long as she got to watch. The best part of the arrangement was Sam got to fondle a set of tits every night as she went to sleep.

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