Granpa's punishment

Granpa's punishment

I was 18 yrs. Old. My mom and I lived with my Grandpa, as times were hard and Grandpa was getting older and living on his own. Mom had a a traveling job and this way Grandpa could help her out by keeping an eye on me. But this time he kept more then a eye on me.

It was getting going on Midnight when I came home from work as I thought Grandpa was in bed sleeping the night away. When he acutally was not even home yet. For some odd reason he had gone to the bar with his buddy for a change.

Thinking I was to myself with no worries, I turned my computer on and headed to the porn site. I was still yet a virgin, wondering what it would be like to suck a cock, or have a cock in me..Read the porn sities and looking at the pictures was a big turn on for me. As Id go to bed and rub my clit unti Id cum hard but never put anything in my pussy as I was just not sure about it yet.

I guess I left my door open thinking Grandpa was in bed, and my computer screen faces the bedroom door as well as my back. I was sitting there minding my own business, drinking a beer or two feel a little buz and reading porn stories, looking at pics. Thinking how nice some of those tits really looked..

I am not sure how long he was standing there at the door way watching what I was doing but after about 20 min. I heard this noise at my door. It startled me so I jumped and turned around. There stood Grandpa and his freind. You stratled me Grandpa! I thought you were in bed! No my dear I just got home, we came to check on you to make sure you made it home ok, as I see you did. But I am very disapointed in you! Your mother was blaming me for going onto those porn sites and this whole time it has been you!! What would your mother say!!! I am here to keep an eye on you and this is what i come home to??

OH Grandpa Please dont tell on me!! I would be in so much trouble. You know mom disaporves of things like this!! I will do anything just PLEASE dont tell on me!!

You could see Grandpa thinking a min. staring at me, he looked up at his freind and said. Well your mother did leave me to keep an eye on you and I soppose if I take care of the punishment there would be no need for her to know about this. Go on continue what you are doing, I will get you another beer. As odd as i thought it was i continued what i was doing as be brought me another beer he told me to hurry up and drink it. What i didnt know what he had slipped something into it to make me even hornier then I already was and something to help me relax so I could not fight had I tried! He left my room and I drank the beer quickly as he instucted me to do so, not thinking much as i was young and nieve.

When the beer was about gone, I felt something touch around my waste, before I could realize what was going on, Grandpa had strapped a belt around my waist and to the chair to strap me in. I asked him, Grandpa what are you doing? He said never you mind. As he moved a chair up behind my back he said, now lets see what you have been looking at. So my dear he said those breats on those girls are beautiful arnt they?? They stand at attention just makes you want to reach out and touch them! Does reading this stuff and looking at the pictures make you all horny and wet? I didnt say much.

He proceeded to ask me, so dear have you ever had anyone touch your breasts? No! Grandpa! Are you telling me you are a virging inside and out? No one has ever touched you anywhere? No! No one has even seen those breasts and young pussy of yours? No Grandpa! I felt my face turn red.

Hummmm he said. Well thats good to know my dear. But I think for your punishment tonight would be a good night to teach you how to treat a man, Among how it feels to be man handled. Since you are getting close to finding out on your own and Jake is here to help me I feel thats just what the punishment will be. NO please Grandpa! Yes my dear tonight is the night for exposing your breasts, pussy, to a couple of old men who can teach you more than any young man could. Most of it you will totally enjoy, some will be a little uncomfortable for a few min. Some you will not like but you have to deal with it. If you tell your mother, then we can just tell your mother everything about who's been on the porn site. Got it??

Now, You never had a man put his hands over your breasts even clothed? I said nothing he said you start answering me little girl! I said no Grandpa. Have you ever thought about an old man touching your breasts? Maybe once in awhile. Well thats what we are going to do right now. I am going to take both my hands and place them on your breasts through your clothes..As he said that he place both hands on my breasts, gently squeezing them saying ohhh yessss very firm, very soft! Now, lets see if we can find those nipples of yours, circling to find them with both thumbs at the same time. Mmmmm he said, oh yes there they are! As he took his fingernails flicking both of them at the same time..he said to me..My dear when your nipples get hard that tells me you are enjoying this and pussy juice is in that pussy of yours..he continued to play wiht my nipples taking his thumb and for finger on both nipple at the same time saying to me..ohh yes..have you ever been nipple teased before. I said no
Ohhhhh your going to love it my dear..

Grandpa can we Please stop this!! I moved his hands off my breasts. NO he snapped! Saying Jake get those hands out of my way. Jake moved in front of me as Grandpa had my hands clasped together Jake put the hand cuffs on me.

There now, thats better. Now we shall continue. You are going to learn so many things tonight.
He moved off the chair and told jake to have a seat, as Jake did he said go on Jake a feel of those hard nipples. This ant more then a scared horny girl wanting to learn and we are going to teach it to her. As both hands of Jakes were on my breasts, Grandpa stood in front of me..rubbing his cock. Nice breasts Jake said, oh yes! Havent felt breasts this firm in years.
While rubbing his cock in front of me, he told Jake..Go on nipple tease her just a little bit, lets see the look on her face, as Jake started flicking my nipples, then barley ever so lightly pinching them, grandpa noticed the look on my face..Yes my dear its ok, you love it dont you..Your pussy is filling up getting good and lubercated for some penis, something you have never had. Its normal so enjoy it!

Grandpa started to unbuckle his pants slowly, then proceeded to unzip them as he dropped them to the floor he started to rub his cock in front of me..saying..have you ever seen a real penis dear? Have you ever seen one this big? No grandpa..Well like I said tonight you are going to learn how to please your man. You see that precum on the tip of my penis? Go on lick it off with your tounge. I wouldnt budge so he took the back on my head and said Go on lick it off young girl NOW..he forced my lips to his penis as I stuck my tounge out and licked it off..ohhhhh ya thats a good girl, now you do what say from now on or I am going to have to lean you over my lap and spank that sweet virgin ass of yours!!! Now start licking my cock like its a lolly pop, as I stuck my tounge out licking it up and down his shaft, oh ya thats it little girl that feels sooooooo good..He lifted his cock up and told me to gently put his balls in my mouth. I did as he said as i didnt want him to spank me as well..ohhhhh sure you havent donet his before? Yes Grandpa! Shut girl and get my cock soon as you get it all good and wet I am going to teach you how to please a man and give him a good mouth fucking..His cock was good wet, hard and ready as he told me..ok girl open that mouth of yours and take my penis in your mouth, slowly take as much as you can in your mouth then slowly suck it back out..I did as he he took the back of my head guiding me..each time going deeper and deeper..thats it little girl please this old pervert grandpa of yours, suck him real good..hummmmmm thats it..mouth fuck your grandpa like a good girl..You like being a nasty girl for Grandpa dont you? After a little bit of this, he then told me to show jake what i just learned about pleasing a man..After pleasing Jake for a little bit he pulled his penis out of my mouth..Damn Shes good, you sure shes a virgin??

Ok my dear, I think its time for you to show us some breasts..I want you to stand up now..As I stood up, Grandpa took my hand cuffs and hooked them to a hook in the cieling that was meant for plants. Once he had me chained up there..

He took a pair of sissors and started to cut my shirt off (it was just on old tshirt thankgoodness) once he cut it off, he pulled it he was facing my breasts in a bra but he was totally excited it clasped in the front.

Now lets see if we can feel those nipples through that bra of he again stood behind me gently squeezing my breasts proceeding to try to find my nipples, circling them they were not hard to find as they kept getting harder and harder..mmmmmmmm An old man just gotta love a young virgin as yourself..Who would have ever thought. He then placed a mirror in front of me so he could see me in the mirror..I want to see your face reactions..I dont want to miss one thing as this old man explores and fucks a young virgin as yourself!

He told Jake to go have a feel as he left the room a min. I begged Jake to stop and he said honey this is better then any punishment your mama would give you. Trust me I know. You would loose your computer and everything you have..this way at least most your punishment is going to feel he gently kissed my neck and flicked my nipples..I shivered as he said yaaaa thats it get that pussy as lubercated as you can..

I saw Grandpa come back in the room as he had a box..he took a pair of red heels out of it and slipped them on my feet. There you go now you are looking like the nasty girl ready to please an old man like me that i want you to look like..

He once again got behind me and said now sweetie its time for Grandpa to slip those pants off you have on..As he slowly pulled them down watching every movement in the mirror..I was really getting scared and nervus once he got them off i was in nothing but my panites and bra..standing handcuffs above my head staring in a mirror as i was a free for all for two old men..
Oh sweetie you look so fine..I am so glad Grandpa is the first to get this virgin body of yours..

I felt him run his hand over my he said lets see what that young pussy and ass looks like he slipped my panties the step out of them my i stepped out he took them off and threw them on the floor. He gasped for air telling me what a sweet looking body I had..again running his hand over my ass. I felt his finger run up the crack of my ass as I jumped he said now now my girl calm down I am not going to hurt you..not yet anyway..

As he then said..ok, Jake are you ready to see some fine, firm, soft breasts that we havent seen in yrs..Bring it on said jake..he reached up and unclasped my bra..he just let my bra hang there still covering my nipples..ohhhh this is so sweet grandpa said..I hope i dont cum as soon as i see those breasts and nipples of yours..

Are you ready my he removed the bra from my breasts and nipples once again he grasped …ohhhhh how sweet and beautiful those are..standing there at attention nipples hard..meaning your pussy is filling up with lub for my penis to emerge in..

Ummmm so you have never been nipple teased? I shook my head face was so red, from the thought of it being grandpa/and two old men..but not wanting him to stop at the moment..This was all new to me but I didnt want them to stop..

Ok, dear I will nipple tease you just a little bit as I am saving most of it for when my penis goes in your virgin pussy..He had his eyes glued to the mirror as he reached around to my nipple..take both at the same time..he started to slowly flick them at the same time, then both his thumbs making circles on them at the same time..he said now look in the mirror and watch me..dont take your eyes off the mirror do you understand me?

He then took his thumb and index finger on each nipple and pinched them ever so softly..once was nice, the second time was even better but the third time he pinched them just a little harder i couldnt help from closing my eyes as my head fell back words and a moan came out of my mouth..ohhhhh thats it young girl you love it dont love your punishment..Now spread those legs for he took his foot and guided each one as far apart as he could get them..he said to Jake, Jake come over here and slip your finger in her pussy and check her pussy juice like you check oil on a car..Jake came over and iserted his finger in my pussy..This pussy is so wet its almost sloppy wet! He was careful not to go in very far knowing i was a virgin and grandpa wanted to pop that cherry of mine..he pulled his finger out and run it up my clit..I cant remember ever feeling that good before..I wanted more..Or did i???

I think she is good and ready for your penis Jake said..Ahhhhh finally ready for Grandpas penis are you?
He then said ok little girl as he unhooked the chain from the ceiling and said..I want you to go get on your bed, lay on your back for me..I did as he told I want you to take Jakes penis in your hands When I tell you to I want you to slowling start hand fucking him just like you just mouth fucked us..

He then said ok young virgin grandaughter of mine. I am going to spread your legs wide apart, I want to see this virgin pussy of yours..As he then spread my legs apart, ohhhh what a sweet fresh looking pussy in front of me..I cant wait to get this old penis of mine in that young pussy of yours..

Are you ready he asked? I am going to place the head of my penis in your virgin pussy..My penis is so big to be going into a tight virgin hole like yours but thats right where its going..Its going to hurt at first. Once I get the head of my penis in there I will stop for a few seconds and let you get use to it..then I am going to strech you a little farther apart going in a little deeper, the third time i go in, i am going to pop your virgin cherry which will hurt more then the first two times..Are you ready? I was scared shitless but i was helpless..

Grandpa put the head of his penis in my virgin pussy streching it, it hurt like hell, ouuuuuuuuu please grandpa can we stop now..Id rather mom know about this..NO! It does not work that way..once I settled down a bit he said ok I am going to enter your virgin pussy a little deeper again its going to hurt when this big penis stretches you out..are you ready? As he pushes in a little deeper..owwwwwwwweeeeeee no please no more hurts please stop! Grandpa stopped but only for a few say..ok my young virgin Grandaughter..I am going to pop your virgin Cherry now..Its going to hurt like hell but it has to be done, as he went in even deeper and a little faster to break my cherry, i cried out loud this time even louder..That hurt bad didnt it dear..yes can we please stop its going to be you fucking me..NO Im not..I wont..we shall see..

I am going to stand right here, as Jake nipple teases you, you are going enjoy it so much that you are going to start wiggling those hips of yours to fuck my cock..once you are fucking me good I will join in and fuck you as well. When you get ready to cum I want you to say Im cumming grandpa..

Ok now start to hand fuck Jakes penis..thats it..Now Jake is going to nipple tease you are you ready? Then Jake took both nipples between his fingers at the same time and started gently move my nipples in circles back and forth, I have to say it did feel good but i was fighting to keep from moving my hips on Grandpas penis, as the nipple teasing felt so good I ended up closing my eyes and relaxing as Grandpa was right i started to fuck his penis..moaning..ummmmmm slowly grinding my hips as Grandpas penis felt so good with all that nipple teasing going on..The more I did it the better it felt, more moans came frm my mouth..Ya thats it my little virgin fuck grandpas penis..feels good dont it..You like being a nasty girl for grandpa, showing him your pussy, letting his penis in your virgin hole..letting Jake play with those nipples while you hand fuck him..thats it..fuck my penis good..Grandpa started to rub my clit as now all this was taking me over the I blurted out..Im going to cum on your penis grandpa. Ya thats it virgin girl cum on grandpas penis, cum good and hard..ohhhh wanna cum on grandpas penis..Yes..then say so..I want to cum all over your I started to quivver and cum it felt so damn cummmmmmmminggggg grandpa!! As Grandpa came at the same time..just about that time i felt this warm stuff hit my face as it was Jake cumming as well…

Once we were all calmed down and relaxed Grandpa said..Now my non virgin little girl..The next time I catch you watching porn, you are going to get the same punishment, but you will learn more things as well..

Needlesss to say, the next time mom was out of town, i let Grandpa catch me watching porn videos on tv this this time he taught me a thing or two about a virgin ass, as Jake got my pussy this time and Grandpa got my virgin ass..

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